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Rights For People With Disability

Why do people with disabilities get treated differently. I don't think it's fair. People should treat an person with a disability like everyone else they need to be treated with respect. A person with a disability should have rights just like everyone should.

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 ---julie on 4/4/05
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Yes... you are right. But always remember...not all people are considerate...kind...good natured and Godly...if you know what I mean.
---jeanette on 4/24/07

Those with a disability, physical or mental, should be treated fairly and sensitively. But we cannot always be treated equally. I have little vision so I'd be turned down for a driving job - quite fairly. My son works with an adult with serious mental health issues which cause him to be fascinated with seeing fires start. He is not allowed to have a toaster in his room because he once used one to start a fire - that's fair but not equal because others CAN have toasters. We are all individual and so are our needs. The only fair way is to accept that we are all different and so are our needs.
---F.F. on 4/13/05

Before I myself was disabled, I admit I talked down to people in wheelchairs. Then God allowed me to go through the fire myself for two years and that also happened to me. Just because a person is in a wheelchair does not mean they are not competent people. God taught me much during that time, to respect and treat people with disabilties as one would want to be treated themselves.
---Vicky on 4/10/05

jeannett you are right,well my diability is Learning,I am a slow learner and one of my co workers says to me you have been here a while you should know all the isles like one of the other girls that have a disability she compares me to the other employee.from julie
---julie on 4/5/05

yes i think there should be rights for psyically challenged people in this country, there should be acesss for serverely psyically challenged people in work, churches, recreational activties
---michelle on 4/5/05

It is written, 'Be afflicted and mourn.' There are laws, such as, the Americans with Disabilities Act established recently that deal with discrimination against disabled persons in such things as hiring, promotions within a company, accessability to businesss, bathrooms, etc.
---gkroo on 4/5/05

I share your sentiments. I would like to encourage you to understand as the scripture says you are fearfully and wonderfully made. people need to understand that disability is not by choice it could happen to anyone. so we all must learn to treat each other with respect and leaders must put the right structures in place to facilitate their movement.
---yvonne on 4/5/05

It is discrimination, and the disabled person can sue the discriminator if they don't knock it off. Also God takes good care of his kids, and he can and often does punish people who harass the disabled by giving them the same disability. He who made the eye, will he not see? and the ear, will he not hear? What goes around, comes around; what you give is what you get; and what you sow is what you reap.
---Eloy on 4/5/05

Can you give some examples I am not sure if you are talking about goverment/ job/ family or church situations.
---dolores_kulik on 4/5/05

I agree, I work with young adults with learning disibilities and they should have the same rights as you and me.
---Lorna on 4/5/05

I totally agree.
---a_friend on 4/5/05

Julie;I guess it depends on where you live.Where I am all public buildings are "handicaped accessable" all sidewalks are dished to meet the road, one phone call brings a van (wheelchair transporter) for the same price as a bus ride etc. No disrespect to the disabled here!
---cliff on 4/4/05

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