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Dad Died Of Aids And I Am Mad

My Dad recently died of Aids. I find it hard to forgive him and accept his death. We suffer alot because of his death. Am not sure if my mum is infected. My question is why did he do this to us? Am not sure we will have money to finish our education.

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 ---maureen on 4/5/05
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Maureen ... what actualy are you angry with you Dad for?
I'm sure he did not want to die, nor leave you in difficulty.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 5/13/08

I do understand what it's like to lose family members to death my last 2 grandparents are both gone on to be with the Lord in heaven & i find it really hard to forgive either of them for leaving me & the rest of my family but i have a feeling that i'll find a way to forgive them both.
well at any rate there's one good thing about this sad time in my life my 2 grandma's aren't suffering anymore.
but i ask that yall pray for me & my family to get through this rough time in our lives.
---howard on 7/11/07

Dear child,
I am so sorry for your loss. But you must know that you are not alone or forsaken. Jesus loves you and is near at all times. He is friend that sticks closer than a brother. Your family will become closer too, even as a result of this. You will begin to express care for each other in ways that you had not done previously. Your prayers for each other will open up new doors of hope and opportunity. Wait on the Lord and He will strengthen your heart.- Michael in Saginaw, MI
---Michael on 4/22/05

are you angrey he had aids, or angry he died,or angry he has died and left you no money to finance you,
---mary on 4/16/05

Maureen,T alk to Jesus about everything, small and great. Jesus, will supply His grace to forgive and move forward. Ask for the Comforter, the Holy Spirit to guide you and teach you all things. You are not alone.
---Barbara on 4/16/05

You must not look at what is past now,no matter how it hurt you, you must fix your mind on Christ for the strength you need to forget.There isn't anything to forgive.What happened to your Dad wasn't because he tried to hurt you,but through infection with a terrible disease.Anger comes from a feeling of helplessness.You couldn't change the awful thing he was going through,or keep him alive so anger helps cover the pain.Blame gives an excuse for anger.Be strong for the future when your Mom may need you to lean on.I pray she is free from infection.You can always work to earn money for education.
---Darlene_1 on 4/15/05

My dear Maureens, just forgive your late dad, we are all sinners. He had just bad luck and landed into that mess which put him 6 feet under. You never know, the same thing could happen to you. Without Christ we are nothing. By forgiving your late Dad and moving on with the care for your Mum and yourself, with total surrender to God, you will make it. In fact you forgive yourself too. Read Mat 6:12-15 and read of God's promise in Isaiah 41:10. May God bless you and your beloved Mum along with sisters and brothers if any.
---Jimmy on 4/9/05

Let me ask one question, if your dad died with an accident or any other conditions what will u said?everything happen for a reason,when one door is close the other door is open,Just have a look on cross, where have u put your faith?Is yr faith in yrparents?Is your faith in your Pastor?God is asking you where is your faith? if your faith is on other things God said he will shake them,God loves you so much,Read Proverbs 3:5-, please don't condemn your farther forgive him&love him.nothing is impossible with God, pray for yourfamily May the Lord restore your joy of salvation.
---Silvia on 4/6/05

Adel ... How do yuo say God punished Maureens father? You do not know how he contracted AIDS.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/5/05

Dear child, to be angry is the nature of man. But don't be angry with him. God punished him. You could be a big help for your mother who might need you. Pray and ask God to help you to handle your anger. I am shure God will help you to finish your school. May God be with you.
---Adel on 4/5/05

God does not want you to blame your father, and he wants you to have a good life. Try to recall the good moments you had with him before he died, and pray to God that he will help you to accept it. As for college, perhaps you can find a parttime job doing something you like to save up for your schooling.
---Eloy on 4/5/05

Dear Maureen
I am so sorry for your loss. I also lost my husband to Aids almost 14 years ago. He left me with two beautiful children. I can understand your concerns for your Mom and yourself but I have found that looking toward God for guidence has helped very much all these years. God has great plans for you Maureen, and your family and you have to just Trust in Him.
---Diane on 4/5/05

I recently lost a brother to aids...I feel your pain, and I'm sorry for your loss. I was angry and embarressed and for a long time I wouldn't tell anyone why he died. God used his death in some great positive ways. He did come to know the Lord before he died...was your father saved? You'll go through a lot of emotions...but love him for who he was....your father.
---Pardoned_2 on 4/5/05

Maureen, I lost my daughter to cancer l year ago. She smoked a lot and didn't take care of herself. She had no medical insurance and Dr's refuse to see her because she couldn't pay. She lived below poverty and I begged her to come live with us, but she refused. Who am I angry at? No one. She made choices that hurt us all. I miss her and love her so much I can't wait to see her again. I want to see her so bad, I just sit and cry because I can't. Don't be angry with anyone, just be thankful you had your time with him.
---shira_5965 on 4/5/05

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