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Will A Rude Man Marry Me

I have a man who promised to marry me but some times when I chat with him on the net he looks to be rude. Will he marry me?

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 ---Sylvia on 4/5/05
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I don't know. Is he so desperate that he will marry someone who he has no respect for? Will he marry someone who will marry anyone who will accept him? It looks like this could go on forever. I don't personally enjoy such games.
---frances008 on 3/6/08

Sylvia, Please be more specific. You didn't give us enough information.
---John on 2/29/08

Have you ever met him?
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/16/07

That will be totally up to you.Are you going to marry him? You should be sure about what you want. I would say take some more time to get to know him better. You will see when you find out how well his patience is.
---Harold on 7/20/05

I speak from experience here. The internet is a great place to make acquaintances, but the COURTSHIP part MUST be done in person. There is no substitute for personal contact, and if it is a distance romance, it will take longer. You can't rush, no matter how you meet. If he is rude already, politely say goodbye.
---Kelly on 7/20/05

It is said that in the beginning we tend to be the best we can to attract a mate. If this is his best, then what does that tell you? If he is rude to you, perhaps he is testing you to see just how much abuse you will take. These are not the actions of a man who loves a woman. You deserve better. You deserve to be loved. While we can offer you advice, it is you who will make the decision. Ask God, he has the answer. Look deep down inside. See that spark? That is what makes you special. Do not waste it on someone who can't appreciate you for you.
---Dee on 4/10/05

Forget it, Sylvia, don't take a chance on the "unknown." This guy does not sound like a good choice. Wait upon the Lord. Do a lot of praying about this.
---Judith on 4/8/05

I kind of backed away from this one at first because it was unclear to me at first just what you were trying to say, but Terri has the best advice on this one. God bless you.
---John on 4/6/05

Marriage is serious, take the time to know this person (in person). He is showing you who he is......take a hard look. Count yourself lucky, some people don't reveal themselves until later. Pray for wisdom and thank God that this has been revealed. When in doubt..don't.
---irene on 4/6/05

Yes, Julie, what an answer!

But Sylvia, you say in yuor question that soemtimes when you chat to him on the net he looks to be rude. How is that. Is it the words he writes? By rude do you mean disrespectful? or inconsiderate? or indecent? or forthright?

You get quite a different view of people when you actually meet them.

Has he suggested meeting? If not, why not?

He could be "rude" because he is shy, and afraid of going further, or he could just be playing with you.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/6/05

Why would you marry someone from the net? You need to meet and be around a person before I would take that step. If you have to question yourself about this person, then if you marry this person you probably will not be marrying the person that God has for you. Don't be in a hurry to marry sight unseen and not know his background. (Are there any mental, emotional or financial issues ????)
---Terri on 4/5/05

you should know that many polite people become totally different when in chatrooms. however, i would strongly advise you not to consider marrying him. you seem to have never even met him in person, and i would not even advise that.
---curt on 4/5/05

AMEN Julie. That's the best answer I've seen on the new blogs so far!!!!!!!!!
---becky on 4/5/05

Not if you say no.
---Julie on 4/5/05

Please ask God to help you in relationships. You can't be so desparate that you would marry him just because you want to have somebody. If God is with you, you are never alone. Wait and pray, don't marry this guy. If he is rude now, how is he going to be later, how is he going to be with your children? Does he realy know Jesus?
---Adel on 4/5/05

The better question is why would you want to marry a rude man or even be in any relationship with a rude man? Is your only contact via the net? That is not a relationship leading to marriage anyhow.
---becky on 4/5/05

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