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I Pray Everynight After My Divorce

I pray every night that I would meet someone after my divorce. I thought we would be together forever. I mean I gave her kids and I really loved her, but know I can't even see my kids and it really hurts me alot. But with Gods help just maybe I will meet someone.

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 ---Robert on 4/5/05
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Robert: from your post you sound like a very nice man. But something went terribly wrong in your marriage. But there is someone else, out there for you. It takes time after a relationship ends. Being the right person is also important in a relationship. I read your post and you said: you gave her kids and really loved her. Love is no guarantee your marriage is going to work. Kids cannot hold it together either. You need to find out where the problem(s) really were. Until then you need to stay as you are.
Are you saved? Attend church. Be bold. Invite a nice lady over for coffee,sometimes. Nothing serious. Just let things develop on its own.
---Robyn on 11/6/10

I'm also in the same boat, divorced, being a single mom. I often feel suffering these days. What we could do is just pray to God. He sure has a special plan for us. There will be a time when God will bring her to you. Blessings to you.
---anna on 9/1/07

I know how much it hurts. Begin to go out and meet Christian women. You need to take action. Remember "this too shall pass". It will. Some woman will love you and help erase that human loneliness!
---Laura on 8/30/07

I don't know the cause of the divorce, if spouse a believer, why you do not see the children,or if you pay child-support. As a parent you share a God-commanded responsability for the children, which are a blessing to enrich your life. Please do not abandon them even if they don't live with you; or you do not have your ex-spouse. It wasn't their fault and they still need both parents love, attention and training them up in the Lord. Meanwhile, submit yourself to God and seek Him all the more.Ask him to mold you into the image of Jesus,so that you don't repeat the same mistakes that
---Eloisa on 4/22/05

I had this same situation 3 years ago, be careful, you will end up terribly depressed, been there. It was terrible not seeing my kids. Get involved in activites, occupy your mind.

Remember, it's about the kids. You should have visitation rights, exercise them. Try activities with them whenever they visit, your make lasting memories, plus women notice. Pray often with the kids for understanding, by helping them, you help yourself.

I sympathize with you, society forgets men during divorces, left alone and lonely, no one seems to care. My prayers go out to you brother.
---Ricky on 4/6/05

Hi Robert-
I too thought my near 20 year marriage was supposed to never end, but like you, I was also wrong, even though I was faithful and kept all my vows to him. But through prayer, God has brought good people across my path, some of which are very good friends which I desperately needed, and others whom I might consider having a close relationship with some day when I'm ready for another one. God knows your heart and the desires of it, so be open to His guidance, and you will find another love.
---Sarah on 4/6/05

Good Evening... I too thought I would live happily ever after with my husband.. My marriage of 17 yrs ended Last May. Separated since 03..Yes I still hurt from him cheating but I have to remember my God shall supply all of my needs according to his riches in glory.. yes I get very lonely but I have to remember God loves me and him.. I am learning to have a life.. put your mind on things above. I have to keep living for my 2 teenage children. All so seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these other things shall be added to you.. you have to heal in order to be ready for the next..
---Denise on 4/5/05

What do your kids have to do with your divorce. My Ex and I are barely civil, but we both spend time with the kids. I thought that my 20+year marrage would last forever, Things change. Look forward, not back. be happy to wake every day. Happy people attract happy people. Thank God for what you have, things will turn out OK. Be ready for oppportunities to meet people. Don't expect God to drop a new wife on your doorstep. Keep yourself clean & presentable at all times, as if you may meet that someone any minute. The little things you do for yourself will help keep your spirits up too.<
---Audrey on 4/5/05

Pray to God, regularly, just pray. In time, Gods will can open a door. He has someon for you, or he is preparing someone for you - it's something you cannot rush, or hunt for. God will bring you to her when it's time.
---Chrissy on 4/5/05

Have Faith and believe... God knows your heart. There IS life after divorce!
---margaret on 4/5/05

Robert, Hang right in there, because you don't even have a clue how God is going to deliver you. His WORD says that He is FAITHFUL! God is not only GREAT, but He is GOOD. HE knows your situation more than all of us put together. I'll pray, you trust. The Lord bless you abundantly! Your prayerbud, John
---John on 4/5/05

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