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Move In With Husband's ExWife

How can a christian wife accept the relationship that his husband has with his ex? Talking on phone with her, and even expecting from me and my daughter to move in with her because when we move to the States we don't have another place to go to.

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 ---Adel on 4/5/05
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Who says you have to accept it? I sure as heck wouldn't. If he were a good Christian husband, who cared about your feelings, as well as your marriage , he wouldn't subject you to such arrangements and treatment. Try harder to find somewhere to stay. How would he feel if you talked to your ex all the time on the phone and arranged to stay with him??
---Chrissy on 10/2/08

Where will your husband live when you move to the States? Will he move in with his ex-wife, along with you?

If so, it does seem a bit unusual to say the least, and I am not surprised that you are upset about it.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 10/12/07

Don't do it! My ex is now married to the person that helped ruin our marriage and the 2 of them live with her ex husband. I have to tell you this really affects the kids. I have 2 that are disgusted and embarressed by this arrangement & he doesn't realize the distance he is putting between his and my kids relationship. Don't do it! Especially for the kids sake. It scars them, no matter how old they are.
---Dawna on 4/7/05

It would also be wrong in both Christian and secular culture in the United Kingdom
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/7/05

Adel I hope from our answers you have learned it is NOT common nor appropriate in the US and you are not old fashioned and there is something wrong in this. and where are you and what nationality are you. I do not care if he is 19 DAYS older or younger than you. What he asks is wrong.Is he a US citizen.Why are you coming here? Is she a US citizen?
---becky on 4/7/05

Thank you all for the answers. I have forgotten to tell you that he is 19 yearsolder than me, and we have just one kid, she is ours. I wanted to know whether that is common in the States and I am a little bit old fashioned or there is something wrong in this.
---adel on 4/6/05

If there are children involved with that past marriage/relationship then it is normal to speak to the ex regarding the childrens upbringing which should be a combined effort of the parents, but other than that it is not appropriate to keep in that kind of contact. Before you move to the states you and your husband need to find a place to stay. Your relationship/marriage should take priority over any other relationship. Look before you leap, not the other way around.
---irene on 4/6/05

An ex is ex'd for a reason. Does he want to remarry her? The ex chose to be against their marriage, so they should not be entertaining each other at all.
---Eloy on 4/6/05

ask your husband would he move in with a ex b-friend or a online man friend, and ask him if you can call them and just be friends. isnt that what he SAYS he is doing with his wife? why does HE have to talk to her, why cant YOU? if its for the info on the kids. I sure dont like talking to my ex. he has a g-friend and I sure wouldnt want to move in with them, why cant the kids live with her and you and he go to a YMCA until you can find a place. most churches will help you out too. get online and find friends from that town, to help you find a place.
---jan on 4/6/05

Good question alan. Where will your husband be? You didn't say how old you both are and how many children he has with the EX. I know it is good to relate well due to children but living in the same home again is a little out there!He is married to you now and he is to make you feel honored and cherished and loved. Can you speak to him with someone like a pastor to get him to understand how much you do not like this arrangement?
---becky on 4/5/05

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