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Anger Toward A Two Year Old

How do you handle your anger towards a two years old, and how do you handle her anger?

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 ---Adel on 4/5/05
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Hey Rhonda, maybe if the father taught the two year old to read some hindu material or maybe the book of mormon, she will stop been angry, so that her dad won't be angry anymore, after all, poor dad.
---Adam on 10/20/11

This puts it on a higher level of inspiration than the Bible, because it makes the Bible a legitimate subject of textual criticism, while the Book of Mormon is not.
---StrongAxe on 10/15/11 on What Do Mormons Believe
More subtle distortion. They do consider the Book of Mormon more accurate, but that is a far cry from saying "a higher level of inspiration". Mormon's consider the Book of Mormon a second witness to Jesus Christ, with the Bible being the first witness. Its disgusting to see so many playing semantic games.
---Rocky on 10/18/11

Rhonda, guess what? I completely agree with you. Wow, I didn't think that could be possible but your are right. Something is really very wrong with the person who posted the blog 5 years ago. I hope he or her has gotten some help. Been always at a two year show the adult has something very seriously wrong with himself not the child. I can see been angry at someone older then ten sometimes because as they begin to grow they become rebellious, and that is their nature, and our duty is to teach them how to be good. Been angry at a two year old should raise some flags that the adult has a big problem. I hope he or she took care of it by now after 5 years. I hope the child is still alive.
---Mark_V. on 10/18/11

---Rhonda on 10/17/11
poster "ADMITED she had anger issues
Yes, but how did you make the jump from her simply asking others for better ways to handle her own anger towards a two year old to your stating that "this shows that you are angry most of the time with your child" and "your anger is so out of control". Like I said before there was absolutely no evidence to make that jump. Now for you to again defend those misstatements and attack me for pointing out your error only doubles your error and destroys your credibility.
---Rocky on 10/17/11

---Rhonda on 10/17/11 (continued)
you are the one stalking ME across multiple topics NOTING every last word I write,
What lies. Because we happen to go to some of the same blogs is not evidence of stalking. Many others go to the same blogs. And stating that I note every last word you write is an obvious exaggeration and lie, just proving your penchant for distortion and making untrue statements.
---Rocky on 10/17/11

Good Question,
You bite your tongue,grow-up and realize,She/He is a 2 yr.old.I was 1 once and I'm sure you were.Remember to put yourself in their shoes.Look at the world thru those little eyes.
---Dave8607593335 on 10/17/11

---Rhonda on 10/17/11 (continued)
I am puzzled how so many DEFEND irresponsible parenting<,/b>
That statement is stupid. No one, least of all me, defended any irresponsible parenting and I challenge you to show one place anyone did. Defending Adel against your obviously outrageous attack is not defending any bad parentling. This again proves your distortion.
Actually the contrary is true. While you stated "nobody here will be able to offer any kind of advise to help you" (another very stupid comment), I offered eight different suggestions to help her improve parenting and deal with the issue.
---Rocky on 10/17/11

Pray, pray and pray some more.

You must understand that this is a child which does not have the capacity to reason as you do.

And understand that you are the one who must be the leader and set the mood for the relationship.

If you have resentment towards the other parent of this child you could be telescoping it onto this child.

If it is as simple as just an anger issue you can take time out for yourself to reason innerperspectively and find the best and calmest method of correction and guidance.

If you absolutely cant handle it seek out professional counseling.
---paul on 10/17/11

There is ABSOLUTELY NO evidence that Adels rage is out of control. Rhonda, I have seen you repeatedly and wrongly attack women in different threads, what is your problem?

there isn't any evidence? funny the "six year ago poster" ADMITED she had anger issues LOL did YOU even READ the post?

REAL question is what is YOUR problem are the one stalking ME across multiple topics NOTING every last word I write then ASSIGNING your opinion of me based upon a 125 word post!!!

although I must admit I am puzzled how so many DEFEND irresponsible parenting it a "problem" if it appeases your appetite for strife
---Rhonda on 10/17/11

Rhonda offered no help because she made a terrible diagnosis of the problem.
---Rocky on 10/16/11

hmmm I guess motherhood will do that to you - raising two generations of children ...dozen nieces and nephews I'm unqualified to OFFER MY OPINION ...thankfully I'm NOT as delusional as YOU seeing this is still a blog and even if someone had the educational background NOBODY would be foolish enough to diagnosis this women

I can SAFELY say an ANGRY two year old is most likely ACTING OUT imitating anger they see from their parents every day

how utterly SAD if you believe it is "normal" for two year olds to be angry!!
---Rhonda on 10/17/11

---Rhonda 10/14/11 (continued)
nobody here will be able to offer any kind of advise to help you
Only because Adel posted 5 years ago. Still, Rhonda's response is wrong and offers terrible advice. Another in the same situation could do many things. Get a doctor's review to ensure there is no physical issue with the child. Read some child rearing books that will show this is normal behavior, learn what to expect in later stages of the child's growth, and provide tools for good parenting. Learn some stress reduction techniques, including prayer and meditation. Talk with spouse and maybe a close friend. Rhonda offered no help because she made a terrible diagnosis of the problem.
---Rocky on 10/16/11

Adel, go to the dr and get on some zoloft.
---shira4368 on 10/14/11
Adel. Are you serious with this question?
---shira4368 on 10/14/11
Adel posted the questions in 2005, over 6 years ago. I doubt that she is still dealing with the same problem.
---Rocky on 10/14/11

---Rhonda on 10/14/11
a two year old displaying raging anger is a result of the adult
It is VERY wrong to automatically assume the emotions of the child are driven by the parents, especially in this case. Have you never heard of the "terrible twos"? This can be perfectly normal behavior for the child.
because your anger is so out of control your two year old is picking up on it
There is ABSOLUTELY NO evidence that Adels rage is out of control. Rhonda, I have seen you repeatedly and wrongly attack women in different threads, what is your problem?
---Rocky on 10/15/11

You HANDLE her anger by controlling YOUR anger

a two year old displaying raging anger is a result of the adult

clearly by your question you ask how to handle your anger towards your two year old ...this shows you that you are angry most of the time with your child

nobody here will be able to offer any kind of advise to help you - you need to seek professional help because your anger is so out of control your two year old is picking up on it
---Rhonda on 10/14/11

Adel, go to the dr and get on some zoloft. God loaned you the precious little one and be careful you treat God's loaner well. lThere is a song that has the following words...I'd like to take the little children,safe in my arms. I'd like to hug everyone....Thank God sweet heaven will fix it all.
---shira4368 on 10/14/11

Adel. Are you serious with this question? I hope you are not the mom. Please seek psychiatric help,right away. I see why we have al kinds of serial killers,murderers and sexual perverts around now. You have got to be kidding!!!! I won't even attempt to answer this one. Come on now.
---Robyn on 10/14/11

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please do not ever allow yourself to lose your temper. little children get their first impression of God by what they see in parents. be patient, and things will get better.
---curt on 12/17/07

I'm sure that you have heard of the 'terrible twos.' The body is adjusting to the hormone levels. It will happen again at 13. I have been told that God will not help those that do not help themselves. What I would suggest is a calming formula for your child and hormones for you.
---gregg on 5/5/07

I probably would first figure out why I was 'getting so mad at a 2 yr. old'. Dont get mad at babies! I know they can be SO full of energy and crazy, but they're just babies and you gotta be the adult. Try to see humor in everything.
hope that helps, good luck and God bless you.
---sue on 6/24/06

This is a very important time for your child developmentally. It is IMPERATIVE (listen to me) that you set BOUNDARIES and logical consequences for disobedience. Get the book from New Life called "Raising Great Kids." If you let her tantrums continue and react with anger to her very natural testing of you, you will live to regret it. Nip this is the bud NOW before she learns that she can act the way she wants. This would be setting her up for failure.
---Criss on 6/24/06

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It is disappointing, frustrating and frightening when your sweet, precious toddler hits the terrible 2's (or 3's.) I have 3 daughters, and I am still not sure I am doing it right. God put these stages of development in us for a reason. Parents and children alike do live through it. As long as God is at the center of your life, you and your child will be fine! Eventually! Just pray, pray, pray!!!
---melissa on 6/24/06

YOU are the mother/father, God says so.

Instead of "this is ALL YOUR fault," perhaps "Mommy needs a time out. I will come get you soon, we can share an ice cream cone. They know how to deal with screaming, they cry. They don't know how to react about choices.

I was a screamer. I was scared to death... growing up an only child, having five chidren, one is mentally challenged. Besides a full time job, at 28, I felt so inadequate as a single parent.

Relax. So there is oatmeal on your floor when company comes .....they can step over it! Cheers/Charli
---charli on 4/13/05

You handle your anger by remembering that YOU are the adult and the parent and she is the CHILD. Take a deep breath or a time out. Being a good parent is hard, but believe me, it pays off big time!
---sues on 4/9/05

Don't get down on yourself! Parenting is difficult. I found that sometimes taking one of us out of the picture helped, wether it was putting the child in her room until the adult wasn't angry, or, admitting you are angry and giving yourself a "time out". Even saying "I am angry, and need a time out" This has helped them learn they aren't the only ones with feelings. Don't be afraid to walk away and let them scream. Sometimes ignoring them is best for your sanity and it lets them know that you are not going to reward their bad behaviour... even with your attention.
---JaNeT on 4/7/05

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Simplistic answers to this question and placing blame, making assumptions about you with so little info doesn't help you. We don't even know what your relationship is to this child. It is natural to feel anger at isn't good or bad, but part of being human. It needn't become destructive. What we do with that anger..and it can be controlled, understood,and alleviated, is the key. Maybe what is needed here is good Christian counseling. Terrible twos can be a trying time for all.
---Kristine on 4/7/05

If you get anger management counseling and learn to control yourself ,then the child will probably not have the anger.Children that age mimic what they see, and every child learns what they live.You also need Parenting classes to teach you what a child is capable of understanding at each age.Sometimes adults try to judge children by adult standards of behavior and they have unrealistic expections of what a child can do.She is a baby still,you are wrong to be angry period.Kindness teaches a lot better.Your lack of selfcontrol is making the child angry.You are the problem.
---Darlene_1 on 4/7/05

I agree with taking things away form children
when they have bad behavior. I also think you
should reward good behavior. My mom never
rewarded my good behavior, but now that I have a twelve year old brother she takes him out and buys off his good behavior with the latest shoes and clothes. I don't recomend
doing this kind of reward, but I do recomend a trip to the park, or taking your child out for a meal.
---Amara on 4/7/05

James1:20,21.Anger does not promote righteousness of God.There are times to get angry e.g Jesus became angry and cleaned out the temple(John2:13-17)The emotion should submit to the spiritual fruit of self control.Read also Prov 31:26.The only solution is to learn fromMtt11:29-30 let the h/spirit take command and bring your anger to submission to God's will.
---rosefridah on 4/6/05

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To expect that a person will never feel anger toward a small child is unrealistic. However, how one responds to their own anger is key. One should never respond with verbal abuse, or by beating the child, but instead letting the child know on their level that their behavior won't be accepted. Too much to go into here. Some kids can be provocateurs. I know one like that..he gets everyone's goat because his mother defends his bad behavior and gives the child a false sense of power, which will lead to a mini-despot and insecure child. Pray and seek other help.
---Kristine on 4/6/05

I agree with Bruce on this one. The child has to be disciplined (not in anger) in love. If you don't, than it will be harder as she gets older and than she will really dislike you, and not respect your authority as her parent. When you discipline a child in the Lord, you are really telling her that you love her. She may not realize this right off, but she will know when it really matters. God bless you and your daughter.
---John on 4/6/05

Anger toward a two year old? Who is the child here? You are the adult, act like it. Get a good book like Dare to Disipline and study it.
---Bruce on 4/6/05

...It depends on what is causing the anger, doesn't it??
---Maya on 4/6/05

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take away any sugar, caffeine, and take a walk with the child this will wear them down , they have alot of energy. taking sugar away from my son made a gigantic improvement, he was so calm.
---jan on 4/6/05

Adel, Everything that gregg told you is exactly what I would not tell you. First off that old saying about God will not help those that don't help themselves is exactly against the Word of God. Jesus said... " ...Apart from Me you can do nothing." (John 15:5). We need Him for everything, this way He gets all the glory! As far as you and your 2 year old, I would not want to give you the wrong advice, you could see a good Christian councilor for that. I can tell you this. My wife and I have 5 children { 4 are daughters) and they all grew out of the terrible two's. God bless you.
---John on 4/5/05

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