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Relative In My House Needs Help

I am concerned with a relative who is staying with my parents and I. He is 25 years old, and is in financial ruins. He seems to have a disorder that has him not able to handle daily life skills. He can't get a job because of garnishments of nonpayment of bills. Who can I go to and get him help ??

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 ---Sister_T on 4/6/05
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Lazy hands make a man poor. His brain is only 25 years old, I would think there would be plenty of energy. There is no way to stop a man from supporting himself. He is the one that has to go for the help.
---gkroo on 3/12/08

Where are his parents? Is he actually mentally challenged? Can't the state agencies help? If he has parents and you are young enough that you live home with your parents it is a bit sad that you feel responsible for this relative. Why are the adults not stepping up to the plate?
---Becky on 3/21/07

Look up Dave Ramsey on Googlesearch, he has some wonderful programs for improving & rebuilding our financial lives.
---magnus on 4/30/05

Paula and others, please be careful of judgments and saying things like he "has it made". There may be more of an issue here that relates to deeper issues than being a money maker. Too many Christians have money pride issues and they say things like "McDonalds is down the street" whether that person can do the work or not. When I literally could not find a job what resented most was the attitude of holier-than-thou Christians who believed I was lazy even though I was seeking work every day. A lot of places said I was overqualified, was the problem.
---drew on 4/8/05

The Lord has put him in your lap so you're on the road to raising a grown man. Help him as long as he's helping himself. He more than likely won't get a job because he has it made. Give him a certain amount of time (1 month?) to get 1, even if it's pumping gas. Let him know that it costs money for him to live there and he's responsible for so much of it. Bad behaviour, out the door. There are anger management classes he can get into. If he doesn't want to abide by the rules, he will find another place to live. He lived with someone before you and he could find someone else, if pressed.
---Paula on 4/7/05

The behavior started about a year and half ago.He was very close to our pastor and he has tried to help him.Everyone wants to throw him out, but no one has trained him properly on how to live. When he was out he was with the wrong crowds and a christian man and wife befriended him, but he soon showed his true colors and they sent him back to us. This behavior, if I might add, comes from his father's character. I can see the mirror image, but we need to know if there is a way to help him get a job and pay off the garnishments. He has not had any calls for work.
---Sister_T on 4/7/05

Sister T,
Things are clear and simple .if a tree does not bear fruits chop it off,said Jesus. How can he leave the house for a week without saying bye,or teling you guys where he is from? how long has he been doin this? Jesus used to rebuke he never plead.There are demons wich need to use force,satan uses our relatives to take our joy away,Trap him again,i know you'll get him,if he gets annoid he'll leave the house,when he comes tell him no entering this house today.There is time for separation in life:Abraham & Lot,Paul & tell us what happened.
---Abba on 4/7/05

There need to be rules set in your home on his behaviour, if he wants to continue to live there. He needs to learn to control his temper. Does he have any male figures in his life that could show him how to be a man? You can only help a person that wants to help himself. Doing all his dirty work and fixing his financial problems won't teach him anything.
---Paula on 4/6/05

His parents are in the same city as we live. His father asked him to leave because of lack of respect for their household. I am in my late thirties, unmarried and my parents are older. I have chose to live with them and they I. He is a very vulnerable, naive and I feel slow (mentally). He attends church, but it seems he doesn't think his actions are wrong and doesn't quite understand the Word of God. We catch him in lies and he can become irrate in tone (voice) and shuts us out or leaves for weeks at a time.
---Sister_T on 4/6/05

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