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Holy Water: Fact or Fiction

What is " holy water "? Is it in the Bible or just the tradition of man?

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 ---Mary_S on 4/6/05
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Truthful answer If you are RCC you will believe If you are not we cannot make you.But it is a custom & tradition. Used in exorcism.maybe that is why devils dont like water.Holy water is made once a year on Holy Saturday used in all catholic services when required.
---Emcee on 2/20/08

To me it doesn't become holy until one has prayed faith believing over it. Just like when you annoint someone with oil it can be olive oil or vegitable oil, it isn't the oil that moves in the prayer, it is what's behind the oil or water, faith.
---Rebecca_D on 2/19/08

Mark -- How is water made holy in Numbers? Is there any other use for holy water than to identify an adulteress?
---Sheila on 4/7/07

We need to have more Holy Christians and less Holy water.

There is no such thing as Holy Water.
---Cynthia_1 on 4/3/07

Elder, its biblical numbers 5:17
---mark on 4/3/07

Holy Water is just plain water prayed over by some Priest and called holy. It is nothing but superstition at best or cultic worship at worse.

It is normally placed at the entrance of the Catholic church and people dip their fingers in it and make "the sign of the Cross" on themselves.

I have seen dead insects in it so it has no life giving power.
---Elder on 4/3/07

I read that holy water is nothing but water with a pinch of salt in it -- I believe that to be true. Only God is Holy.
---Helen_5378 on 5/19/06

Tradition of man! Other than that, there is no such thing - at least not in the Bible.
---WIVV on 5/18/06

I agree with Judi that some Catholics are Born Again and some are also filled with the Holy Spirit.
---Albert on 4/26/05

I became a Catholic three years ago after 42 years as a non-Catholic believer. There is no such thing as, "I was once Catholic and now I am born again." Catholics are born again too and it's a complex subject but worth pursuing. Holy Water has been used for centuries as especially blessed and useful for healing and consecrating oneself and one's personal effects. It's both symbolic and mystically real for sancitifying and purifying us.
---Judi on 4/17/05

When we learn to Pray over even our very food and can take away much uncleaniness which may be in it. For God has placed his blessings on it because we asked for it to be blessed. We have the power to curse or to bless. Let's learn to bless all things which we have in the name of Jesus. There is much Power in the blood and name of Jesus.
Tried and tested and he works..He is GOOD!! So Pray over all u have need to fear.God will hear. Keep the faith and believe and all things will be made possible.
---Michelle on 4/16/05

I was raised catholic as a child, when I dipped my fingers I did it by faith. I am now reborn, when I prayed the sinners prayer, I did it by faith. I was washed once and for all by the Blood of Jesus. I confess my sins and believe God hears me and forgives me by faith. Holy water may be only symbolic, and a tradition, but it's your faith and fear for the Lord that matters most.
---david5083 on 4/8/05

Water symbolize the Holy Spirit Jesus said out of your inner most being should flow river of living water
---MinCedricKyle on 4/8/05

Water is water. Symbol of pure & clear, its made holy by being blessed yes by a priest on Holy Saturday. Its main purpose is symbolic of acknowledging you are a sinner & need washing.There is no superstition. we all need washing in & out."Your faith has made you whole"
---cliff on 4/8/05

I was a catholic for 37 years, went to catholic school, never had any trouble with the nuns, beleive it or not, if I did it was my own fault. I really loved the catholic church, and I always said that I would die a catholic.
But then I got Born again, and Jesus came into my life with real power! What a difference!!!!!!!
God opened my eyes! I absolutely agree with everything that Elder said here.
---John on 4/7/05

nv Barbara, isn't he though. He cracks me up. He is so funny. Yea, there's dead bugs in ponds, but there's also live ones too. Many people were touching Jesus and nothing happened, but the woman with the issue of blood touched him with faith and so she got healed.
---Eloy on 4/7/05

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Rebecca D, you are right, and i agree with you. Faith moves the mountain, and not the element by itself.
---Eloy on 4/7/05

You're a trip Elder! I recall as a kid in Catholic school, we'd sneak into the back of the church and get the little sponges in the 'holy water' fonts and have watter fights! (U think I'll go to hell for that??) By the grace and mercy of God I've been born again for almost 30 years!
---NV_Barbara on 4/7/05

The Bible says everyone has a measure of faith.If you believe that you can not get healed untill you send some water to your Pastor then he prays for it after you drink it ,that's your faith,an other one untill they touch his head...but we should be very careful with those so called waters.The devil is tricky.
---Abba on 4/6/05

Elder, I appreciate your straight forward answers.
---rue on 4/6/05

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It is water that has been blessed, or prayed over. Some use it to baptize or sprinkle people and things for purification. This was done in the Old Testament usually using a hyssop twig (Origanum syriacum) drenched in water, and then the penitant was sprinkled with the water from the dripping branch. But actually the word baptism means dipt, and in the New Testament times people got dipt in the Jordan River for baptism, instead of being sprinkled.
---Eloy on 4/6/05

the only reference to "holy water" I could find for now is in numbers:5:17 "and the priest shall take "holy water" in an earth-en vessel...
---Pierre on 4/6/05

---Bruce on 4/6/05

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