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Holiness in a Believer's Life

Hebrews 12:14 Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man will see the Lord. What is holiness, and how should it be manifest in the believer's life?

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 ---Darlene_1 on 4/6/05
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Holiness is when you totally submit to Jesus. He is the Lord of your life. He has total control over you and you do everything to please Him. You do not partake of the world and its evils, as much as possible.You focus, fully,on the things of God. You are sold out to Christ.A Jesus freak as some say.You stop compromising with the world and trying to please God and Satan. You make a final decision to follow Christ. From this point God(Jesus) begins to change you into the image of Himself. That is holiness.
---Robyn on 4/20/08

What is holiness? Some call the pope, the Holy Father. There is a Protestant sect that calls themselves holiness people. A simple reminder is this scripture, revelation 15:4," Who shall not fear thee, O Lord, and glorify thy name? for THOU ONLY ART HOLY : for all nations shall come and worship before thee, for thy judgments are made manifest." There you can see who is Holy and if you became Holy he is no longer in the only Holy one . So his Holiness must be imparted to you!!!!!
---Mima on 4/18/08

Through trials and tribulations. God's people are to remain peaceful with all men---In other words, when you get slapped up side the head we are not to be bitter, arguing, striving, ect. Now, if we do get upset, get over it QUICKLY. Oh man, we need some growing, don't we. Peace with God is well connected to holiness. If you have peace with God then you have holiness. If you do not have peace with man you will not have peace with God. [Sin Eats like cancer too] So remain peaceful.
---catherine on 4/18/08

Holiness is Righteous living by a Christian following God's commands and living to be like the Lord Jesus Christ.

Many unsaved can follow the laws of God but that doesn't make them holy. There are many Saved people also who don't follow God's law in all things.

Righteous means "Right as if I'd never sinned." When we are pulled away by our lust we sin and that affects our Holiness.
---Elder on 4/18/08

To me the greatest privilege in all the world would be perfect holiness. If I had my choice of all the blessings I can conceive of, I would choose perfect conformity to the Lord Jesus Christ, or in one word, holiness.
---Cynthia on 7/19/07

There is a way which leads to righteousness and holiness and that is. Love each other as I have loved you. Love, worship and serve God and God of heaven alone. Through our unselfish childlike open love for each other. WE Can Conquer anything with Christ as Our head. Pure Love and forgiveness is the only way to World Peace..there is nothing else. Jesus already lead the way and so we must follow.
---Michelle on 4/16/05

Becky, you are right. So many Christians are trying to live holy productive lives and every now and then sin comes up, to show that we, humans need the grace of God, to produce Holy living. This is God's gift to man, to enable Him to do the impossible.
---Barbara on 4/16/05

1. 1Cor 6:11 says, "We are washed, cleansed and Sanctified by His blood" POSITIONAL SANCTIFICATION
2. 2Cor 7:1 says, "Let us cleanse ourselves...." which is PROGRESSIVE SANCTIFICATION which we have to do.
3. 1John 3:2 says," .... but We will be like HIM when He appears ". This is PERFECT SANCTIFICATION.As long as we are in this world and in this flesh, we bound to do mistakes and let us ask HIM to cleanse us and go one step more in Holyness. One day we will be like HIM PERFECT. May the Lord bless each one of us. S.Kesavan From India.
---Subramanyam_Kesavan on 4/12/05

Good answers.So Holiness really equalls giving ones entire being to God through purity, by controlling thoughts,attitudes,and living ,which brings us to what Christ said be ye Holy for/as I am Holy.It seems that is the narrow path we must walk for God.A desire to please and obey God which should be instilled when we are born again.The desire for the fellowship we should have with God.
---Darlene_1 on 4/7/05

Who is HOLY. Only God. Jesus Christ is God. God lives in you and You in Him. Holiness is only His holiness through you. Notice the verse says "follow" and not try to reproduce. When you understand what Christ did as you on that cross you change how you walk out that work in your life. REST in knowing all has already been done in you. You just get out of HIS way and let Him live through you.
---becky on 4/7/05

holiness literally means "set apart for God". we need to understand that we are to be conformed to what God wants in our lives, and seperate from the way this sinful world operates. pray daily and read your bible, and you will become who God wants you to be.
---curt on 4/6/05

Holiness is blamelessness in God's presence and active service to him, which can only be manifested in Christ. Therefore we must be in Christ, and Christ must be in us, to manifest holiness.
---Eloy on 4/6/05

god's holiness is our standard for holy living. holiness is the gift of god's grace it is our loving response/expression of appreciation to him for grace by which we seek to live a life that does not tolerate sin but seeks to grow by honoring god's truth which in turn sanctifies us.

---Pierre on 4/6/05

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