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Why God Took My Children Away

I have not liked my mom since she took, my twins, through SRS. Since that time, I have forgiven mom & a half brother. My girls have been striped from me, through SRS, rights are severed. Why would God take my girls, after having done such miracles with this family?

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 ---Quembe on 4/7/05
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I was physically and sexually abused by my father when I was a child. I had my first child at a young age of 17, was a great mom and remarried an abusive man 10 years later and during our divorce my dad stepped in my life again and got custody of my two youngest babies then 2 and 4. I was clinically depressed for 10 years and just recently has the Lord been ministering to my heart that in His time we will be together. Knowing your children used to be laughing down the hall and then never being able to see them celebrate a birthday or holiday while your whole family lies to them is unbearable. I was a good mother and rest in the fact that God is faithful to His promises and says He will use ALL things for our good if we love Him.
---Gia on 5/8/11

God did not do anything. You and your family are very troubled and need to call on God to intervene in this mess that you have made. Don't blame God for your mistakes. Seek Him and try to get your life in order. Blessings
---Robyn on 10/9/07

I guess it would be like the Jews when they were freed from Egypt and said why would God deliver us from Egypt only to come make us live in this desert. We know the final outcome of that story. We can never know why things happen the way we do but we can count on the fact that if we stay in the light of God we will look back and see it was for the very best, a test of faith, or maybe something we will not know the answer to until we get to heaven ourselves.
May the lord Bless You and Keep You
---Marc on 9/30/07

You have not given us much information to go on.

What is SRS? Is it a government child services program such as a Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services?

How old are you? Are you telling us you were a minor when you had your children and your mother talked you into putting them up for adoption? Or were they more than you could handle due to developmental problems?

And; Why are you blaming God for something your mother did?
---Bruce on 3/12/07

Ann resurrected a blog which is over one year old.
---A_Catholic on 5/20/06

Stop blaming God! Take responsibility for your own actions. Certain actions bring negative consequenses. Seek to know God personally and i wouldn't be surprised if he didn't show you how to get them back and how to life a life style that would enable you to keep them. If not well he always knows what is best even when we can't see it ourselves.
---Ann on 5/20/06

Read Isa 57:1 I lost a daughter at the age of 5,but she now sleeps waiting on the return of christ,my heart gos out to you.
Your sister in christ
---glady5446 on 6/8/05

The Question should be...Why did God take his Children from me?
Because they are really his children first ...we are his Children..the good and bad are whom he created.Children are loaned to us for a is simple as that...even tho it hurts we must understand this fact of life.
We have his Blood and his breath of life within us.
So when we Lose our children his children...remember that he has a plan and knows the why.
Blessings and have no fear for God our Father is near and able.
---Michelle on 6/2/05

you said why did God take your children, if God took them they would have died and gone to heaven. I dont understand why people blame God all the time. Your MOM took them. if God stopped ONE thing he would have to stop everything ( such as crime , rape..etc) but then this would be heaven wouldnt it? freewill. he doesnt break through that. dont blame God he made a way out of this terrible world. and proved his love ye first....he can make a way for you to get them back you him.
---Jan on 4/7/05

Be very honest with yourself;could you support your children,give them medical care,have a good place for them to live?Were you young? Were the people who took your children just trying to see they were provided for and taken care of the way children should.Were you sick and couldn't care for them? There may have been reasons you hate to admit. but if they took them to help them then thank God someone cared enough for you and those children to be there for them.God didn't take your children.Maybe that was what was best for them and people saw that you needed help.
---Darlene_1 on 4/7/05

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