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Blog Format To Avoid Confusion

Now that there are many more contributors to the blogs, would it be a good idea to make our "names" more specific? We have several duplicated names, and to avoid confusion some extra detail would help.

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 ---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/7/05
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Alan,I agree, when another Darlene came on after me,I suggested,and we agreed I would be Darlene 1 and she two.I think when someone comes on and their name is used already,they should alter their name in some manner so we can know the difference,since we know another person by that name already.Just a thought to promote a Christian spirit of cooperation between brothers and sisters in Christ.
---Darlene_1 on 1/22/08

Is there a misunderstanding of my post?
---lynet on 5/21/07

We should not be using real names, lynet.
There is too much personal info on websites where kids promote themselves.
It's not wise, and dangerous for young people. If you're dropping your real name, advertising published material, you're opening yourself/family up for unwanted attention. Pride raises it's head, but it's not smart. Vultures/lurkers are out there.
---Snickerdoodle on 5/21/07

There are many who use multiple monikers. If they consistently tell the truth with all of them, I don't care. That is not fraud. When someone uses one name to play Goodie-Two-Shoes, all other names are used to rough everyone up; then revert back to G-T-S - I'm not here very often, I'm so meek and dainty. I don't find that genuine at all.
I think you're full of lasagne and self.
---Snickerdoodle on 5/21/07

There is one blogger, using multiples that backs me up with the truth. I like that.
He is a standup dude. I can count on him when the chips are down to come through. It may take awhile, but dun ta da dun! Hi ho Silver and away! You know who you are, thanks.
---Elmyra on 5/21/07

lynet is not my real name. I would never use my real name, unless I really got to know someone well. It is also not my penpal name. I've seen someone with a similar name but I've never concerned myself with adding anything to the name I use.
People pretty much do as they please. Not everyone on here is saved, acts saved, or believes what spirit filled believers do, it is to be expected. Unfortunately, satan shows himself in many ways, in as many places as he can.
---lynet on 5/20/07

As for me, the numbers clearly specify, making it non-confusing, but none-the-less, it is not a bad idea.
---Abigail on 5/20/07

I think it a good idea to have our email addresses available. We have too many blogs arguing with each other .. this would give them the opportunity to view their opinions on subjects via their own emails. thanks guys
---jana on 5/28/06

I do believe my name is safe. The only reason I wished I had not started by using my name, I don't feel like I am being anonymous. I did not notice the suggestion to use our user name until I had confided quite a bit.
---Ulrika on 5/4/05

Yes it would help a lot Alan. Half of the responses under "Carol" aren't mine. Tooo many Carols on this site so I changed my signature.
---CarolT on 4/15/05

Ok my name is Sharon. Come to think of it I don't think I have yet seen a Sharon, have I? Am I the first Sharon? I have been enjoying some of the posts here. Just had to post the QQQ thing.
---sharon on 4/12/05

Ok, QQQ....who are you? This looks like your first post..welcome. You could be TripleQ, or Q3..something like that...or use your real name. We'll get to know you.
---Ann5758 on 4/10/05

Ok......give me a name everyone.....
----QQQ on 4/10/05

Hi Cliff #1, pleased to make your acquaintance, this is the "other" "cliff :
be not afraid, I shall not need my nomenclature for much rest assured as I sign my name emcee.
---Emcee on 4/8/05

I have'nt meet anyone on here with the name of Lois, as you will not find to many people with this name. I am unual. But I will be Lois#1 just in case we were to get another Lois.
---Lois on 4/8/05

In lighter vein first we had a chat room (CR)now we have a writers chat screen(WCS)where we elaborate in healthy conversation,so the next order of the day is a name change just 'mecee'
---Cliff on 4/8/05

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How about "Aussie Bob"? I haven't seen anyone else who spells their name like I spell mine, so I'll keep that for now until some other 'Kathay' shows up. I am Persian and 'Kathay' is a shortened version of Kathayoun, I could always go to that!
---Kathay on 4/8/05

I've been "blogging" here for about 3 years now (lol)..I just clicked on my name to see what my last posts were, and I saw some by a lady named Ann that I did not post. So from now on, I will go by Ann5758, my penpal name...I'll be the one to change. But I'm still the Ann who argues with Cliff and fights with Herb, Lord love'em both. See you later.
---Ann5758 on 4/7/05

As a community grows and develops, names become very important. I agree ... maybe numbers are OK, but they can seem very impersonal.

Is there some other way, like RobaBob from Aus? lolol
---Robert_-_from_AUS on 4/7/05

Jan ... The beauty of this site is that you do not have to belong the the pen-pal side of it in order to taake part in the blogs
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/7/05

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Hi friends...I'd rather be called LOVABLE LINDA than NUMBER 2! :)
---lovable_linda on 4/7/05

on other message boards, people use their name and number and you can also click on the blue name and number and correspond personally to a question, which sometimes takes longer then 100 words...Jan4876
---Jan on 4/7/05

Elder ... I am pleased to see you back again !!!

But you are not Elder the Ugly, why not call yourself Elder the Younger?
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/7/05

I was fine 'till another "cliff"came along good sugestion Alan
---1st_cliff on 4/7/05

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Augh.... Alan, You just want everyone to know me by "Elder the Ugly."

Your idea is very good but I just pay attention to the question first then the name, as this question I knew that I could tease with you.

God bless you Alan thanks for your words of encouragement before.
---Elder on 4/7/05

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