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Would it be possible to start up a friendship/dating group for people who are older and disabled in some way or another? There are many Christians out there like me who have disabilities,who are loving kind folks, who love God but are lonely for companionship.

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 ---Kristine on 4/7/05
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my name is Katrina Morrison I a in a wheelchair with cerebral palsy and I am looking for a penfriend so I could write to
---katrina_morrison on 3/27/15

Hello,als bipolar but in my case a plus! Yes,was very afraid of people until became with this yeah went thr alot.havefoundout there are lots of people with this. Wud like to text with anyone who wants my friendship.smiles love (ELENA
---ELENA on 3/11/12

I am looking for someone to become friends with..To pray with and correspond with on this site.
---Julie on 2/21/12

I Like meet friend with kind hart
---U.P.Ranjith on 2/11/11

I am lookingfor that kind of group, too. I am 49, have been SCI since I was 22. Am an empty nester.
---Maureen_Cummings on 1/13/11

Hi Kristine, I'd definitely be interested in joining such a group. I'm really struggling to find friendship on christianet. I have depression, and I'm 50.
In Christ
---Carol on 6/27/10

I am disabled,and would like to start a relationship,of penpals,and maybe in the future have a dating relationship.I would really like some men to write too.
---Jeane on 10/19/07

i also joined the christian net pen pal I think it is a great idea... to meet all the different people and get to know one another..
---irene7395 on 3/17/07

I think this is a good idea.Although I am not disabled,I am the caregiver for my 92 year old mother.This means I do not have the opportunity to "date",but would love to have someone to correspond with,and who knows what will transpire in the future!
---Virginia on 3/16/07

It is not easy to make friends if you have mental disabilities either. I have bipolar disorder. Ulrik3356

ulrik, it sure isnt, i have bipolo too, alot people today, r crawel to disabled world, and judge people by the book,
---sueanna on 5/23/06

For me everyone is a Godchild, I can date with everybody and I must love them as my brothers and sisters. No body is able to satisfy himself I will try to help all as they can help me!
Jean Claude
---Jean_claude on 12/16/05

Thankyou for that information. I do believe that any type of disability at all, puts people in a more difficult situation when it comes to dating, and even making friends. Truth is, we're disadvantaged, and some folks will not want to befriend or date us because of our respective disabilities. Then, too, we who are disabled may be able to understand eachother, and should form a bond. I am Krist8654, and would like penpals.
---Kristine on 5/11/05

It is not easy to make friends if you have mental disabilities either. I have bipolar disorder. Ulrik3356
---Ulrik3556 on 5/5/05

Kristin The way to talk privately with another member is to put a profile of yuorself on the Penpals section ... it is quite eay.

You will then be given a unique Site name for yourself and then you can tell people on the blog what it is. So you then hope that the one you want to talk to has done the same and you can then get in touch wioth each other
---Alan_of_U.K. on 5/1/05

How do folks on these blogs get to correspond to eachother? There are no Email addresses on the blogs? Anyone know, or do we just correspond via blogs themselves? I'm new to penpals.
---Kristine on 4/25/05

I too am disabled and love to meet new friends maybe you and I could become friends.
---Christi on 4/22/05

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Jim, Having been a nurse before I became disabled, I'm so aware of what human spirit can do for life, so disabilities never scared me. I've found that the kindest, most caring, empathetic people, were always those with disabilities. Many of my friends were disabled long before I was. People can live to a great age despite weak organs when the spirit moves them to do so.
---Kristine on 4/13/05

It would be good if we could all get to know each other better, since we understand some form of disability, limitation, or whatever. How do we do that within this format?
---Kristine on 4/13/05

Hi there, Wow, I didn't think I'd get much response. There's strength in numbers and we can all be supportive of eachother. That's wonderful. Who understands us better? How do we go about exchanging Emails now, with just first name signatures on blogs? I'm new to this site. God bless all, and prayers for return to good health!
---Kristine on 4/13/05

Hi Kristine,
I am all for this idea. I too only seem to get responses from women far away like china etc, which is fine, except as soon as they find out i had a serious heart attack that left me with permanent and considerable damage to my heart, thus i have limitations, to what i can do , i have to take it very easy,etc....but as soon as they find this out, they dont even respond again. I can still love and need to be loved. Jim3983
---Jim on 4/9/05

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I am totally disgusted that people would make a difference in ones that are disabled in some way. We are all still God's children and should let those dissabilities become invisable to us and just love the PERSON. I am bit vertically challenged, being just under 5 feet tall!
---Kathay on 4/8/05

I am not that old or disabled, but if anyone needs a friend to talk to, I am here for you.
---Deborah on 4/8/05

The church of Jesus Christ, washed by His blood and given the Spirit of God is to nurture and strengthern each other and bring in others into this fold who are not of this fold. My whole family is willing to love, relate and pray for all of you, please let us know more about you and how we can pray for you and help you.God is love.
---Chakravarthy on 4/8/05

It's a great idea. I don't like to think of myself as old and I'm not disabled, but I'm a great listener. I will respond back to anyone that wants to write me. Teach3893
---Teach on 4/7/05

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It is super that people like companionship but it is not so good that there is so much difference in peoples perceptions of the right companion. I am disabled, but I do not let that control my perceptions nor my desire for a companion. Jump in and exercise your right to be a person.
---gregg on 4/7/05

i would b interested.....jean
---jean on 4/7/05

I feel this is a good subject to talk about, concerning people with disabilities...I for one have one. mine is, a weakness in my right leg...from a mistake made by a doctor...years ago. I walk, but with a slight limp. My right leg has lost some muscle tone due to the nerve damage that was done. But as far as dating, again. I sometimes feel embarresed of my condition. I am 49 yrs. nice looking woman, inside and out. My 3 kids are grown now and I feel it is my turn for me. but their always seems to be that feeling of being not accepted
---Debbie on 4/7/05

Good day! I'd like to answere to Jeffrey, not all women are afraid to love a disabled man, nor they are far away, why dont u try to find some friends then maybe you gonna meet someone special..
Just ask and pray that God will grant your wish and in God's time HE will...
Good luck , God bless
---antonietta_eluna on 4/7/05

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i am on the pen pals thing abybody can drop me a line anytime, i'm psyically challenged too, read the books of Issiah and Jeramiah there are 2 scripture verses on the psyically challenged
---michelle on 4/7/05

I think this would be a good idea.I am disabled to I injured my back at work so I am unable to work anymore.Some ppl looks at you and sees you are able to walk around and thinks your just being lazy,but that isn't always the truth.I would like to find someone to b email friends with. I don't date alot.
---Robin on 4/7/05

Are women scarred of men in wheelchairs...I have been on C-net 4 years looking for's only women that's far far away that I get mail from...I think women think a man in a wheelchair cant love like a whole man.
---Jeffrey on 4/7/05

Hello their i agree for am not getting any yunger am only 29 but feel 60 i have a bone disorder like cancer but WAY more painfull i need someone in my life before the good lord decides to take me home. Allways@Forever Bobby'John
---Robert on 4/7/05

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