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Everyone Must Get Married

Is it a must that everyone should get married?

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 ---gary on 4/7/05
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Where did you get that idea Gary?
---Alan_of_U.K. on 9/30/07

That "all" marry is not biblical, read Matthew 19: 10-12
---Pardoned_2 on 3/8/07

To say that marriage is not from God, but is man made is really corrupt. If marriage was not from God then there would have been Adam and Eve only. Fornication is a sin, so if God did not want some to marry then there would never have been population. God intends for some to marry. Some are made to be single, they're more content that way. As for some praying for a mate and God not answering, it could be the person praying is not ready yet, in God's eyes for marriage, or their mate isn't ready yet.
---Carla on 1/18/06

It is not a must to be married. Read Corinthians 7. The whole chapter is your answer. But you do want to be getting yourself ready to be in the bride of Christ and be at the marriage supper of the Lamb!
---Kacee on 1/17/06

i dont believe marriage comes from God, its a man made thing, God does not care one way or the other if people marry or are single. if marriage came from God how do you explain about those who have been praying year in and year out for a partner and God never aunseres that prayer?Marriage prevents spiritual groth anyway and can be a stumbling block to the church and stunt spiritual groth. its just a lust thing anyways for carnal christains.
---mary on 1/17/06

Jesus was not married. Neither was Paul.

What does this tell you?
---Jack on 5/29/05

No it is not a must that everyone get married. 1Cor 7:32-38
---Ulrika on 5/13/05

yes i need some good christians to come and marry me. marriage is so lovely, hence its creation by GOD not man.
---don on 4/19/05

Musts and shoulds...some people are not happy being married, and don't make good partners. Some folks are truly happy to be alone. No, marriage is not for everyone.
---Kristine on 4/13/05

If we will ask Him, He will give according to His purpose.
---edith_erno on 4/8/05

Gary that is a very good question. I was brought up to believe sex outside of wedlock is a sin, hence I would presume getting married is a must, if "one" would desire a partner in life. Otherwise it's safe to say that you would be single and go through life on earth only experiencing friendly relationship without being fruitful, and not to forget the spiritual relationship with the lord through his son Jesus Christ.
---Maggie on 4/8/05

Its a choice each person must make for themselves. I'm happily single at 37. If God sends me someone-fine! If not I'll have more time to serve the Lord. I am feeling though that I would like to be one with a man and God. I'd like to have a husband to love, and be loved, maybe children.
---Kathay on 4/8/05

If you're referring to those couples living together ,the answer is YES.
---1st_cliff on 4/7/05

If you read all the bible, there is a verse that states the land will be married. It is the opinion of the apostle Paul, if you marry you have not sinned, but if you have not married you are not to seek marriage because in heaven they are neither married nor given in marriage.
---gregg on 4/7/05

people should only get married if they believe that it is God's will for them
---curt on 4/7/05

No, no not at all. God loves the singles
just as much as the married. Some very fine
singles compliment the married world com-
munity! Jesus would be the first example to
consider as a wonderful rich single life!
---Pierre on 4/7/05

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