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Mental Health Problem A Curse

Do you feel that mental health problems are lack of trust in God? Do you think it's a curse or punishment for something bad that was done? Or do you think it is simply a chemical malfunction that can be treated with medicine and counseling?

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 ---Louise on 4/7/05
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"They develop unhealthy, or inappropriate coping skills to deal with the negative emotions that are the result of the trauma and pain from childhood. Thus, they become mentally ill."

Unhealthy, inappropriate coping skills.

Would lying be one of those skills and does God forgive that lying?
---Bob on 2/25/08

Anonymous - Yes we should tell them the truth. Maybe then they will be set free. You will know the truth and the truth will make you free.
---Helen_5378 on 6/17/07

My psychologist relative is leaving psychology after 18 years. She is a Christian and having a hard time reconciling the belief systems. She witnessed some not improving in 15 years. She believes medications mask underlying conditions but not cure. Some are greatly helped by medicine. She found the field stressful, depressing and she's leaving it. She says conditions can be inherited, chemical, environmental, but she did see spiritual oppression, too.
She plans to work outside in landscaping.
---Brion on 6/16/07

How do you treat the mentally ill Christian that's not taking medicine. When they say the most off the wall comments, do you pacify and go along - or should those comments be confronted? Do you risk having them beat their head against a wall from having a temper tantrum or how should we respond here? What about the unscriptural comments that are not biblical, but they're prophesying as if it's the Bible or God speaking? How do you deal with those?
---anonymous on 6/16/07

They are not going to see a doctor, some rarely leave the house. Suggesting medicine is waste of breath. But it when it comes down to Jesus says this and God says that, and it's untrue, should we tell them?
---anonymous on 6/16/07

Do you think Cain was mentally ill when he killed his brother, sin, or both. After the fall, sin and disease entered into the human race. Do you think King Saul was mentally ill, sin, or both.
Mental illness is real.
So many are depressed, suffer with anxiety, and other ailments.
---Chavda on 6/16/07

What causes a mental illness? Well, it depends on if there is lack of trust in God, a curse, a punishment, any chemical malfunction...or a combination of things. And yes, problems can be passed down through the family.

Each case is different > unique, because each individual is so special and different. I'd really get to know the person, and not just try to put him or her in some category of diagnosis and cause.
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/16/07

Chemical malfunction. Often caused by mental shock.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 6/15/07

Mental health is a vast science there are many reasons for different mental aliments. It has been proven in many cases it is chemical, some past hurts like molestation in youth, addictions and injury to the brain such as malnutriion. But dealing with this 1st hand due to a family member I do believe there are some suffering w/a mental illiness caused by evil influences and a lot can be spiritual in nature. But look at each case carefully & w/prayer
---Jeanne on 11/6/06

I wonder if a born again christian could be under a curse. That seems like an oximoron. We have the Holy Spirit dwelling in us, how could we have a curse?
---Ulrika on 4/28/05

Madison ... I notice Bill has not answered my question!!

There is of course another blog about this very subject
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/20/05

Bill, I guess I am a member of a cult. I am training to become a clinical social worker, which is a therapist. If that is the case, just exactly what god am I worshipping, and how am I denying Christ?
---Madison on 4/17/05

Bill ... have you ever suffered any mental illness, or depression?

Just wondering what actually you know about the subject.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/13/05

Hi there, I think Madison's answer makes the most sense here. Some other answers are too narrow in scope. It isn't a curse nor is it punishment. It's a malady...a sickness, like a syndrome, with multiple causes. These days, there's alot more help out there for it, and of course, God's love is paramount, and knowing He's there for anyone who is sick with mental health problems.
---Kristine on 4/13/05

This is one of the most important issues facing the church today. The Cult of Psychotherapy has become the great "Trojan Horse" of the Christian church. Through it a stream of false doctrines have flooded our churches. I highly recommend "why Christians Can't Trust Psychology" by Dr. Ed Bulkly. It is the MUST READ book of the millenium.
---Bill on 4/13/05

The bible says the sins of the father are passed down from generation to generation, including dysfunction that leads to mental problems and disorders. If you don't have healthy role models you don't know what healthy is, you experience things that cause you growup with a distorted view of normal. Without healing dysfunction goes onto the next generation. Our Lord heals,he provides ministers to lead spiritually, doctors to heal the physical, therapist, counselors, to heal us mentally. It is up to us to take the paths of Gods counsel to be healed and not pass these down to the next generation
---Tammy on 4/9/05

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Louise, I believe mental health is a soup. It takes a bunch of different ingredients, simmering for a long time, to make a pot of soup. What is put into our soup is a combination of genetics and experiences, childhood and adult. If the ingredients are healthy and wholesome, the soup is usually fine. If there are unhealthy ingredients, we can develop mental illnesses.

The cool thing is, with the proper medication, psychotherapy and our awesome God, we can heal, and achieve wholeness.

I take meds, and see a therapist. I also am studying to be a therapist.
---Madison on 4/8/05

Lisa, yes i give honor where honor is due. i appreciate your inspirited words. And i pray that our Lord and Savior continues to use you for his Kingdom.
---Eloy on 4/8/05

I believe mental illnesses are in herited. May be by ways our parents corrected us growning up. I was brought up in a Christian home. My parents were strick on some things. What we could or could not do. I have major depression & anxiety attacks. Lot of it I fill I am this way, cause of the ways my husband is abuseful to me.Its his way or the high way.I fill sorry for him when it comes time for him to answer to God for his doings.
---Lois on 4/8/05

Eloy, I am hoping that your reply was meant for me (as I it looks like I am the only "Lisa" that posted a reply to Louise's question) because that was one of the nicest things ever said to me. Thank you very much for saying it and making me feel like what I have to say is actually meaningful (validating).
---Lisa on 4/8/05

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I really appreciate you responses and support. I have bipolar and ADD. The doctors feel I have always had this disorders. Meds really help. (I thank God for these meds. It took me a long time to admit I needed them. I believe God has his hand in finding the right ones) I remember being very young and feeling the way I do now. However, I am a survivor of molestation, rape, sexual assault, drugs and alcohol and a lengthy marriage with an extremely abusive man. It's one of those things, which came first the chicken or the egg?
---Louise on 4/8/05

As I have said in another post, I have major depression and anxiety attacks. I trust in God completely so no I do not think it has to do with a lack of faith.
---Bridget on 4/8/05

Lisa, let me give validation to you. Lisa, you are indeed a great blessing to believers and nonbelievers alike, those like you who make the most difference will receive the most criticism. Let the tongues wag, you will receive your reward, and they theirs. When you're no longer scrutinized, then become concerned about possibly being out of step with God, but as now you stay on fire sister. And profess His words with boldness. God loves you alot, and so do i.
---Eloy on 4/8/05

I agree with Madison. Childhood trauma buries itself often until we're adults, we put up walls to protect ourselves. Emotional, physical, sexual abuse can do great harm to our psyche all our lives. Chemical imbalances seem to run in families. Its a lot of baggage to drag around.
---Kathay on 4/8/05

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I believe all diseases and sicknesses came as a result of living in a sin cursed world. Nothing special about mental illness. We live in a world where all creation waits for redemption. Hence, I would not single out mental illness and say that it is "curse" because curse applies to everything after the fall of man. Christ redeemed us from eternal damnation; however, we still wait for complete redemption until He comes back to take us home.
---Seble on 4/8/05

The causes of mental health problems are numerous,exposure to lead,eating mercury-poluted fish,trauma,head injury,birth deffects etc. infinitum..certainly not a Divine curse! "the wages of sin is death and the gift of God is life eternal"
---1st_cliff on 4/7/05

Most of the people suffering from mental illness I have known and worked with suffered horrific traumas as children. In addition, their parents were either unavailable, or abusive. Therefore they did not have any security in their lives as children, when they needed it most. They develop unhealthy, or inappropriate coping skills to deal with the negative emotions that are the result of the trauma and pain from childhood. Thus, they become mentally ill. Most have chemical imbalances as well.
---Madison on 4/7/05

cont....I pray, listen and obey Him (well, the best I can, I am far from perfect) and people look down on me, non-Christians AND Christians alike. I feel very alone sometimes in this world because I choose not to fit into the world's way of thinking (which is usually not biblical or Godly). But I would rather be alone and answer to people than try to fit in and have to answer to God.
---Lisa on 4/7/05

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I believe that you are correct in a sense but you have to remember that a lot of people that are considered mentally ill are in fact, just doing exactly what the Lord tells them to do and it is perceived by the outside, secular world as crazy. I have always thought there was something wrong with me because OTHER people have said there is something wrong with me (I am not mean or dangerous and I certainly would never do anything to compromise my relationship with the Lord) and it has taken me years to realize that I am not crazy, just obedient to God. (cont...)
---Lisa on 4/7/05

I believe mental illness can be inherited. I also believe that it can be a chemical imbalance. AND I believe it can be situational.
---Carole on 4/7/05

You speak of mental health. Today, Abraham would be considered to have mental problems because of what he did in sacrificing his son in the desert and hearing a word from God telling him not to. Moses would be considered crazy. Aaron would be bound and thrown into prison. Jesus, of course, was crucified. Which one of those had mental health problems?
---gregg on 4/7/05

i'm just asking whats the cause of it? is it because lack of trust in God? is it a cursed? or simply a chemical malfunction that can be treated with medicine? and i have also a question is it inheritance to thier parents?
---florisa_l_documento on 4/7/05

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