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Autistic or Asperger Christians

Are there any other Christians out there who are Autistic or have Asperger Syndrome? It would be good if we had a group for them! Kathy 57 year old Aspie

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 ---kathy on 4/7/05
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I'm autistic (Diagnosed!) and I've had a strong bond with God ever since I was born. I love God and cannot imagine life without having such a good relationship with him. I thought I would share that with you.
Well by autistic I mean diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. But they're not 100% sure I'm AS they think I may be High Functioning Autism.
God Bless the world!
---Johanna on 12/25/09

It is understandable that the Asp will bring little aspies into the world.
Food for tought:
Years ago I had a coworker which was quite the compulsive and spastic gallore, and he was the shift supervisor too.
His son developed the same traits, only that it wasn't his blood son but rather his stepson.
---Nana on 11/11/09

I am 20 years old, undiagnosed aspie, and, likely, also a bit ADD. My mom is ADD and my dad aspie, and my brother was diagnosed ADD, but has some aspie traits too. We are all Christian. I'm in college now and a Bible study leader. I've learned how to "blend in" with neurotypicals, but I don't have any other Chiristian aspies that I know of here to talk to. While I definitely do have a relationship with God, it can be very hard for me to connect with him in an emotional way and to hear him, mainly because I don't really know how to listen to him. Whenever I try and get advice, it's always from neurotypicals, and, thus doesn't really..."work" for me.... I would love to hear what other Christian aspies have to say....
---Melanie on 11/10/09


I'm a Christian, undiagnosed asperger's, 62, and I too would like to participate in such a group. Let me know if such a group exists or can be formed!
---Vince on 11/7/09

I'm a Christian with formally undiagnosed Asperger's Syndrome and I find it so hard to be accepted in church 'society' that at the moment, I don't go to a church but would really like to join a group that Kathy mentioned! Let me know! Sam
---Sam on 10/19/09

I,m Anne-Marie, christian and asperger.
I dont know if this site is up to date.., I picked it up googling on aperger and christian.
I would like to communicate about it..
Gr., Anne-Marie
---Anne-Marie on 9/25/09

I suspect Aspergers in my life but have not received a formal diagnosis. I am seeking a diagnosis. What I do know is that I have had a struggle with interpersonal relationships all my life.
Anna, 61
---Anna on 8/16/09

I have been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. I don't know any other Christians on the autistic spectrum but would sure love to learn more about you
---Helen on 6/27/09

I am a Christian with Aspergers Syndrome.
---KC on 6/14/09

Since such people often look exactly like those without the condition, we need to train ourselves in Autism Awareness. When someone's child is playing up and creating a disturbance, instead of holding the mother responsible, and getting angry, we ought to be more sympathetic. For example, if we carry sweets or biscuits, it can help to distract a child having a crisis. They often cannot communicate what they need verbally. A sweet or biscuit may simply distract them from whatever they were obsessing over. Just an idea. Banks, official places etc, should provide free sweets/snacks in places where children may have to be kept waiting long periods. This would be common courtesy in a privately run business where customers were waiting.
---frances008 on 2/26/09

Well, once I found an e-message after my mother died, asking someone if I might have Asperger's. I looked it up. The characteristics were so descriptive of me. But also I noted how they all somehow were related to how I knew I can be into myself and not able to deal with things not going my way. And God had been dealing with me already about all this. So, I saved some money and time, by confessing this to Him and trusting Him for His correction and healing so I would become first attentive to Him and caring about all others as myself. His love cures us into His personality of how He is loving (1 John 4:17).
---Bill_bila5659 on 2/25/09

I am 38, recently diagnosed as an aspie, my dad was an aspie and I never knew it until recently.

If it weren't for God my marriage wouldn't be were it is today. I've been married for 15 years and stayed in business for myself 12 years.

It's a new journey. I am honored to be wired differently, but it does explain my daily struggle.
---John on 2/25/09

I want to know how to connect with Christians that have aspergers or have family members with AS. My 12 year old daughter was diagnosed three weeks ago and my 19 year old son probably will be. He has nearly every single symptom! I can't believe we never saw this before now. My husband also has many of the symptoms and our marriage has been very difficult. We are both in social work and have had many clients with AS and were both surprised when our daughter was diagnosed that we had not see it before. I keep telling my children that God has a plan for them just as he does for all of his children and their AS is a part of that. That is very hard to see right now.
---Sheila_Devall on 2/13/09

I live in Canada. I'm a 30 year old with Asperger's. Trying to find other Christian Aspies out there.
---Erin on 2/13/09

Hi, my name is melissa and i am 26yrs old. I am a christian and also an aspie!!! would love to chat. I live in australia where are you from? mel
---melissa on 1/24/09

I have a 10 yr.old son that is high functioning autistic.He recently gave his heart to God and though he has trouble socializing with others,when he does it is to evangelize and that is so awesome.He was baptized recently,although he doesn't like to go under water.Our pastor did a wonderful job of getting it done.He loves to sing Christian songs and has gotten up in front of our entire congregation to share his special way of worshipping.It has brought myself and others in church to tears to see him pouring his love out to God in a way that is comfortable to him.Kudos to Pastor Jeff for letting Ronnie do what he loves to do!
---ron on 10/21/08

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Beware of vaccinations because they contain mercury which is poisonous. Some people are more allergic to it than others. If a baby starts with stomach complaints, etc. don't let him or her have any further vaccinations. Start to give garlic to them when they are old enough. This gets rid of the poison gradually. Yes, these things are inherited but not always. The allergy for example is inherited and mental illness is too. But an overdose of mercury will produce mental illness as in the Mad Hatters Disease - hatmakers using mercury which fumes were breathed in.
---frances008 on 10/21/08

I am interested in learning if you have successfully begun dialogues with other Aspie/NT married Christian couples?
We have been married 29 years!
---Sherry on 10/21/08

I am 42 and was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome in early 2007. I think I only have 50% of the symptoms.
---Don on 8/24/08

Hi Kathy, My whole family has AS - two sons, a daughter and a husband. Let's not forget yours truly.
---sarah on 8/2/08

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I'm interested in a Christian Aspie support group. I am an Aspie
---dave on 6/2/08

From a Christian perspective, Autism/ Aspergers has been found to be the result of parents with mental illness. They have not found a direct correlation between vaccinations - Autism/Aspergers. Knowing that, parents with mental illness should responsibly think over their decision to pass it on to the children.
---Ulrika on 5/17/08

Parent support groups are good, but if parents suffer with same diagnosis - outside assistance for education for children would be best. If parents with aspergers/autism home school, the children may be lacking in areas where they need help the most.
---Ulrika on 5/17/08

yes, and I had been wondering the same thing. Of course , I knew there had to be but did we have a voice? I'm glad to see this here as well as other sites.I have 2 children on the spectrum, one with aspergers and one with that vague and frustrating pddnos. I deal with behavior problems that I would like advice on from a christian perspective. Heth
---heather on 5/16/08

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There is a yahoo group called the Autistic Bible Church and there is a Christian couples group called Catacombs, which is for Aspie/NT couples. I think the more support groups for Christians the better.
---Pepper on 5/8/08

This may help someone, as vaccinations have not been found to be the sole cause of Autism or Aspergers.
I wonder why are we seeing so many children/adult cases now. If mental illness begets Autism, maybe they can find a cure.
---Ulrika on 5/6/08

Children who have a parent with schizophrenia or a mother with other mental health problems have about double the typical risk for autism, a study finds. Autism affects an estimated one out of every 150 children in the U.S.

This was in today's news.
---Ulrika on 5/5/08

It was not clear if it was significant that having a mother, but not a father, with certain mental illnesses, raised the risk of autism.

"Establishing an association between autism and other psychiatric disorders might enable future investigators to better focus on genetic and environmental factors that might be shared among these disorders."
---Ulrika on 5/5/08

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"Earlier studies have shown a higher rate of psychiatric disorders in families of autistic children than in the general population."

The association between a child's autism and mental illness in the parent was strongest with schizophrenia. There was little association between autism and parental addiction to alcohol or drugs or some other types of mental illness.
---Ulrika on 5/5/08

(May 5) - In another inherited component to autism, a study released on Monday found that having a schizophrenic parent or a mother with psychiatric problems roughly doubled a child's risk of being autistic.

"Our research shows that mothers and fathers diagnosed with schizophrenia were about twice as likely to have a child diagnosed with autism," said Julie Daniels of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, who worked on the study.
---Ulrika on 5/5/08

I am in the process of being tested for Aspergers. I am 47.As a Christian, I thought rejection was all about spiritual warfare. But even Pastors told me there was something wrong with me. They could not put their finger on it though. I stopped going to church after 3 pastors did that. I have always felt victimized. Now I hope the understanding of Aspergers will help me to survive socializing. Any insight would be appreciated!
God bless!!
---JONI on 3/26/08

I have had the same thoughts on this as Catherine. That God will accept anyone whose heart is pure, and if they have suffered any kind of disease from before birth, or after, God is loving and takes it all into account. The same as He surely forgives those who do not realize they have believed lies that were sent to deliberately deceive them.
---frances on 2/25/08

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I'm a 35 year old male with Asperger Syndrome. Very interested in learning more. FAITH MANAGES....THE REST WILL TEND TO ITSELF.
---Kenji_Kellen on 2/24/08

If I may I wish to share. I received something along these lines from God sometime back. Listen up: People who are born with afflictions that makes it difficult to know right from wrong are like babies they shall go to heaven. I didn't ask for this, wasn't even thinking about it. God just gave it to me one day. God is good and God is fair. Please do not misjudge me on this. I am talking about some people that are born with servere afflictions.
---catherine on 2/4/08

Make an appointment with your health professional. They can direct you to a wellspring of information where you can receive help.
---Elldee on 2/4/08

Thanks for posting this. I do not have Asperger Syndrome, but I believe my husband does. I have just been looking into it after coming up on 15 years of marriage in which it has seemed that we live in different realms and do not speak the same language. I want to understand the way he thinks. I want our marriage to be as strong as it can be, but it has been difficult. If you have any insight, please help. Thanks.
---Margo on 2/3/08

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My 13 year old nephew has it and I'm trying to find a group here in New York City for him to join, in order to meet and make some friends and go to events with.
---Jeanne on 10/21/07

Hi. I'm Charlotte. I have aspergers. I was startting to think that I was the only other christian on the autistic spectrum! I find it really hard to understand emotion but recently God came into my life and I understood what it meant to be loved by God. Just to understand this was a mirical for me. now i've devoted my whole life to him! I've got a serverly autistic friend who needs to find the love of christ. For her autism is a big barrier, but God's bigger then anything. Please join me praying for her.
---charlotte on 9/29/07

Katherine, that would make you about 58 years old now, wouldn't it?
---Dottie on 8/23/07

I am 44 years old and I am a christian who loves Jesus and I am in the process of finding out from my doctor ADHD and Asperges. I prayed about this last week to God to show me the way cause I know there are behaviours about myself that have puzzled me. I have had depression most of my life. Jesus does not exclude anyone from the kingdom of God. God takes us as we are.
---Jacqu3869 on 6/25/07

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Lori, what are some of the characteristics of Aspergers? Is it high functioning Autism?
---Bob on 6/10/07

I don't have Asperger's, but my 15 yr old son does. My husband wasn't diagnosed, but has many characteristics of Asperger"s, also. We are all christians. My son was only diagnosed at 13, so we are still learning about it. It would be nice to talk with others who have similar situations.
---Lori on 6/9/07

I believe the Bible is filled with people with special needs. Joseph (Old Testament), I suspect, may have had Asperger's. Moses had a speech problem which led to his brother Aaron doing the speaking for him. Jeremiah definitely had some sort of depression.

I'm not formally diagnosed with anything, but I have a lot of characteristics. I'm 38 and married. I have a son diagnosed with PDD-NOS. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.
---David on 6/9/07

I teach children with special needs. Often I come across the opinion that religion is not for people with special needs. I am studying how to make the teaching of RE more meaningful in schools, specifically for autistics. I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts on the matter! Particularly - what you find meaningful about your faith, and how faith could be taught in a way that fitted with autism.
Thank you so much.
---Jo on 5/28/07

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i don't have this spesfic psyical challenge but i'm psyically challenged with cerebral palsy, mild case, i would encourage you to look up the book of Issiah and Jerimiah for scripture verses on the psyically challenged
---michelle on 5/16/07

Christian, Very well by God's Grace, nice to hear from you! Hope to chat with you soon on penpal. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 11/15/06

Dear Mrs Morgan, Thanks for the invitation to comunicate via the penpal service here. Sorry I havn't yet signed up to use it. I like to fully read the terms and conditions first. How have you been? God bless, Christian
---Christian on 11/15/06

Christian , Amen. It will be nice to have our glorified bodies, we will be able to do very extra-ordinary things, one being going through closed doors, like our Lord did when He appeared to the Apostles(shortly after He was risen) in His glorified body. We will be able to move with great speed, no limitation in movement, like the angels have, yet we will still be "man" .We will have an actual "body", not a "floating spirit", I look forward to it! God Bless.
---Mrs._Morgan on 10/6/06

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The frailties we have because of our partaking of fallen Adam's flesh will be removed in a moment, when Christ comes for His chosen:- "In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed." (1 Corinthians 15:52).
---Christian on 10/6/06

Okebaram , Yes I do believe that with God, ALL things are possible. God Bless.
---Mrs._Morgan on 10/6/06

Do you know that Jesus can and is willing to heal these things in a moment?
---Okebaram on 10/6/06

Rachel,(2.)...spectrum, which ranges from (low functioning to high functioning) the word "functioning" is a very relative term BTW, what good is it to be able to unravel complex equations, but can't tie one's shoes properly? The differences vary, and can be complex to "fully understand", even for some PH-D's. You can look this up on the internet, but still you can't know "everything" about autism. People are only recently learning about this condition. God Bless.
---Mrs._Morgan on 10/6/06

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Rachel,(1.)I've wondered about the "shots" issue, that "certain ingredient", that was banned recently,is a major concern. It's really hard to say, could be a combination of factors in regard to this sudden surge of it. Some studies say that the father's age can increase the possibility of it,my husband is older than me. In regard to Asperger/Autistic people no 2 people are exactly alike. Asperger people are still on the autism spectrum,they have enough of tendencies to be on that...
---Mrs._Morgan on 10/6/06

Mrs. M., what are the differences between Asperger/Autistic syndromes? Aspergers' more common in adults? Do you think shots have anything to do with so many kids in the US?
---Rachel on 10/5/06

Christian, Nice to hear from you again. Autism spectrum diagnoses are at an all time high here in the U.S.A. What about in England? I don't know if something in our environment is bringing out such a epidemic of this, or what? Having 2 kids on the spectrum is quite a challenge, but I love them all the same. My 2 year old has a hard time with certain sounds. You can penpal me if you like at "narke4934" . God Bless.
---Mrs._Morgan on 10/5/06

...It seems that Asperger Syndrome is more commonly known in the USA. Here, I haddn't heard of it until my mother told me that she thought I was Aspergian. It was only in 1988 (I think) that Hans Asperger's writings were translated into English for English-speaking Psychologists and Doctors to study. God bless, Christian
---Christian on 10/5/06

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Hi Mrs Morgan, I was glad to read your messages, and see on who is truly desirous to know the depths of God's word, and not content to recieve the promises of God without searching out the True depths of them. I was in a forum for those whith Asperger Syndrome who consider themselves Christian, but I found that many were not Christian, although labeled themselves as such. I left the group because of their having, in the main, left the word of God....
---Christian on 10/5/06

My Autisic Child at the age of 3 1/2- 4 one day saw me holding the Bible and pointed to It, and said "JESUS", I didn't teach him these things yet! Now this is a young "autistic child" that can't even talk that well, and he had it right, yet many Adult's don't even get It! The very young and innocent never fail to amaze me!
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/16/06

Christian_Cain(5.) ......this is automatic with "real" Christian's, sincere Christian's, they won't compromise. Some Christians don't bother with the precious and Holy "detail's" of God's Word, they feel like, Ah, it's not necessary, but I beg to differ because God is an EXACTING God, and He changeth not!
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/16/06

Christian_Cain(4.) ....with His Truth/Word. The way He is able to examine a person is mind boggling. Some Christian's don't think it is important to stay in line with God's Word, in other word's they dont feel "love-continuity" is important in regard to being Obedient to God, so the Holy Spirit can't/won't Work with that! Jesus said if you love me, you will keep my Commandments. God expects us to have this spirit of love-continuity in regard to His Word, His Commandments...
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/16/06

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Christian_Cain(3.) Non-Autistic people can actually learn from some autistic people. For example Autistic spectrum people examine details and are a people of "continuity". Now let's look and see how important it is to examine details and how important continuity is! First of all God is a Loving yet,"EXACTING God". His Word is Exacting, His nature is Exacting. He says what He means and means what He says. He/His Word is the perfect Judge. We are to "examine ourselves"....
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/16/06

Hi,Christian_Cain!(2.)I suspect I might be slightly, but no where near the extent as my kids, as a child I didn't display the strong symptoms that they exhibit. I read that many famous people possibly were, like: Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Mozart, etc. and Steven Spielberg was recently diagnosed.
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/16/06

Hi,Christian_Cain! (1.)How long have I known that my kids were autistic? I would say by 8 to 9 months I knew. The over sensitivity to certain sounds and sights, ritual behavior,etc. My daughter who is 2, hold's her ear's a lot, she will be 3 in December, and still isn't talking, just baby babble still, just like her brother did at her age. I figure she will start talking about the same time as her brother, 3 1/2 - 4 years maybe....
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/16/06

Hello, Spike! My 5 year old is on a waiting list for speech therapy, until then, I will do the best I can by God's Grace. I might consider taking him to a autism clinic,say once a week, but I will have to be there with him at all times! He is a very intelligent boy, but has trouble communicating and has several typical ritual behaviors that autistic spectrum people have. It would be nice for his dad to help too, but he has his own agenda in life, so I move on, God Bless.
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/16/06

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Dear Mrs Morgan, It would be great to talk with you regarding Asperger Syndrome. For how long have you known your children are Aspergian? Myself since April this year. I take it you are not Aspergian yourself? God bless, Christian Cain
---Christian_Cain on 9/15/06

Dear Mrs. M., I've been reading up on Aspergers/Autism. Do you have any help with your home schooling? This must be a challenge for you at times, and time consuming. God Bless all your hard work.
---Spike on 9/9/06

Missy , For that very reason(and other reason's) , I have decided to home school my kids. Most people just don't understand Autistic people, whether they are high functioning or low functioning. It can be very difficult to deal with them at times, but I have put this in God's Hand's. --Mrs. Morgan
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/6/06

My 14 year old son has Asperger Syndrome. He had a really tough year in school last year. He had a lot of problems with bullying. I've been praying for him to have a better year this year.
---Missy on 9/6/06

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Christian , I have 2 children with high functioning autism , and since you are an adult , I would be very much interrested in talking to you about it.
---Mrs._Morgan on 7/31/06

Dear Kathy, I am a 24 year old from England who has recently found out he may have Aspergers Syndrome. I'd love to talk to other Christians who have Aspergers Syndrome. Christian
---Christian on 4/18/06

please google for "a-ism" and "enzymes" to see
several books and websites with a lot of help.
channel 11, pbs, verified with a documentary
the effective use of a simple enzyme. mostly
from other countries now (the usa is resistant)
---j on 2/11/06

I myself have a very mild form of Asperger's Syndrome. I am only 20 so I can be of help to those younger than myself. What I can say is usually we are pretty intelligent people. Most people don't even know I have it until I tell them. The cool thing about it is, the things we obsess on we usually excell beyond the normal level. The important thing is to always tell your loved one that are unique, not strange.
---Tiffany on 5/27/05

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My son has been diagnosed with ADHD. He is on Adderall. I just had him tested (Neurospychological Test). Expensive!!! Will have the results next week from this test. Still think he has Aspergers, by his behaviors, a family member who is a Psychiatrist firmly believes this too he has been a doctor for 15 years. I would like to find a support group regarding: ADHD and or Aspergers Syndrome in Chicago area. Please contact me. Thanks

---mary on 5/8/05

I believe Asperger's Syndrome to be a milder form of autism. Both fields are fascinating because in the last ten yrs, there has been an insurgence of cases. Some think it is because of Thimerosol, a compound found in the inoculations which were given to babies...not sure MMR or DPT. Check on the net. Certainly a support group would be helpful, and of course, prayer, as well.
---Kristine on 4/13/05

I am having my 14 yr old son tested for Aspergers Syndrome. He has been to a Child and Adolesent Psychiatrist he would like my son to have neuropsychological testing done. A family member of mine who is also a Psychiatrist, thinks he may have Aspergers. I have never heard of Aspergers. I think that it would be great to have a support group for people with Aspergers and family members so we also have support and better understanding. Thanks Alot. Any advise would be welcomed
---mary on 4/8/05

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