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Reconciliation Years After Divorce

What about couples who are divorced for years and remarry each other? Anyone believing your marriage to be reconciled? Are there any signs that indicate that you and an ex-spouse may be able to reconcile the marriage?

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 ---Michael on 4/7/05
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Wow I found your story and many others very interesting and inspiring. I too was married to an alcohlic for 7 years have been divorced for close to 5 years. I had to take my x back to court to get him to stop drinking around the kids over a 1.5 years ago. He has since been sober. During my time away from my x I became a Christian and I felt the loard convicting me to own up to the mistakes I made in the marriage of not communicating. To my surprise my x confesed he made a mistake and now we are contimplating getting back together. I am scared but know God hates divorce. My x isnot a Christian. I know women at church who's husbands are not christian and they have prayed but stuck it out. I am open to hear stories and biblical wisdome.
---Melissa on 10/12/09

After being married for 25 years (during that time we were separated for 8 years) the divorce became final in April. I am a Christian and he has never professed Christ as his Lord and Savior. I never, ever wanted a divorce even though there were challenges in the marriage. On the day of the court appearance I asked the Lord for a word as I wanted to glorify Him that day in the courtroom, even though I was very sad and I did not want to let go. I heard the Holy Spirit say: if the unbelieving depart let him depart a believer is not bound (a slave) God wants us to live in peace. God says he HATES divorce, he never intended for it to be this way He only allowed it because of the hardness of man's heart.
---lawann on 10/7/09

I know a couple that divorced after the husband got kicked out of the air force for his cocaine addiction.

It was about 10 years, and he became a christian and kicked his addiction. She became a christian too and they were remarried.

I was at the second wedding, and that was over 15 years ago.

Today they are very happy together and serve together in the church's Presssing Onward ministry that helps addicts recover.
---obewan on 10/3/09

Micheal I know of a women at my church who waited 20 for her husband to return. she prayed all the time and one day he came back home. now he is a pastor and so are two of his sons. the whole family is so in love with christ. one has a church in las vegas. great testimony.
---Bobby1 on 10/3/09

Perhaps I am different than all of you. I have never been married. But I was engaged for 3.5 years to a great man who taught me a lot about the Word of God. However, I broke up with him in a cold-hearted way because I lost patience with the wait for marriage. He tried to revive the relationship for a year, but I was distracted by a crush on another guy. My ex and I remained friends, even talked about other people in our lives. But after all these years, I am not a better person for having left him, and I still love him. I simply am not interested in marrying anyone else. I have a great job, good money, nice house. But I'd rather be with him! I'd rather retain the memory of us and remain single. Should I move on, even if I don't really want to?
---Tammy on 10/2/09

If you truly love your first spouse and the door has been left open make sure you know who God is what he says about marriage loving each other unconditionally maybe you can make a go of things, it's going to be tough to prove and stay, but it can be done!

Women want men to tow the rope, put in their share of responsibility, to be a provider,a good steward, have good interpersonal skills and be as God intended,leave out the worlds interpretation of how to cope(drug,friends, drink) and serve with a newness of spirit caring tenderly for the family you chose to have. Can you do that!
---Carla3939 on 8/13/09

I encourage all to trust God, Say to that mountain of (divorce,seperation) be casted down into the sea! Don't worry about others understanding why.. you will respect God about reconciliation..God said He hates divorce, that He has made the two one flesh!! pray ask the Lord what He would have you do about your spouse. No man should or can really give you any advice except ask God, Trust God, and singles definety not. You will hear our Father's voice. He's waiting. And Call those things that be not as thou they are..then stand and keep standing on what He says matter matter divorce, no matter they remarried, no matter what cruel words they have spoken to you...God is given authority in their life through your prayers.
---Gena on 8/9/09

You already said it, " i feel in my heart the lord wants me to hold on and use this time apart to grow in him. what should i do?" Use this time to grow in the Lord, grow closer to him and wait on him. He will lead you in the rest. I will definitely keep you in my prayers.
---Italysprings on 12/2/08

i left my husband last year after three years of being ignored by him. i asked for a separation and he demanded a divorce. during our separation, i started seeing someone else. i was not involved enough with the word, and i just made a terrible mistake. now, i want to reconcile with my husband. i have repented and been baptised, i know he still loves me, but he says he feels he wants to be free right now. i am trying to keep my hopes up, and i definitely want to fix my marriage. he is still my husband in my eyes, for he is the man the lord blessed me with. I know i have wronged, i was young and foolish. my divorce was final in april. i feel in my heart the lord wants me to hold on and use this time apart to grow in him. what should i do?
---dalani on 12/1/08

There is a spirit set to destroy marriages in the christian community.However remember this.. everything that walks in church isnt a christian.If a woman just decides she wants to divorce her husband ( who is a christian)and she claims to be ...shes decieved shes not a christian.She would pray and ask God for guidance & grace.God would not tell her to file for divorce !!!.They don't listen to God ,they listen to Oprah.Thats the problem , they don't pray they leave.But be encouraged keep praying for them ,if God has to put them on thier back in the hospital to get them back home , he'll do it.God never said obey me if you feel like it.Thats HUSBAND OR WIFE.
---Rodney on 11/13/08


Take a moment to breathe deeply for about 2 minutes. Now focus on the positive experiences you've had during the last 3 years. Compare those to positive experiences you had while married. Relive them all together for a moment. NOW put them in a file far in the back of your must deal with the here and now. Your husband now realizes his wrong - forgive him. Do you still trust him?...more importantly do you trust YOURSELF? Don't be unequally it spiritual destiny, personal aspirations or shortcomings. You havethe opportunity to do whats best for the most important person in your life...YOU. Identify & fulfill your needs. Drop the drinker unless he is willing 2 change for HIMSELF & God.
---D_Tre on 9/25/08

Jim, I understand where you are but your not being truthful to yourself. Who is honoring you in this process? No one! Your wife is enjoying the best of both worlds and so is her boyfriend. You are the one who is living in constant agony and brokeness. Your Christian values are probably tieing you to your obligations as a husband. Those same Christian values advise you to honor yourself and accept the truth. Your pain was not self produced but it is now self inflicted and won't stop until you bring it to a close. There is life after a wife. Do you want to continue living this way? If not, give yourself the love you deserve and that act will draw to you the woman for this season in your life.
---D_Tre on 9/24/08

After a 35 year marriage, almost 3 years ago my wife one evening calmly told me that SHE wanted a divorce.. my life and heart were torn apart.. , i had left the home, filed for her divorce after finding that there WAS also another man in her life.. from (y.. appx 3 yrs later she has NOT signed the divorce agreement, we both agreed on the content.. we ARE christian in all our beliefs, she CANNOT explain why she hasnt, we see each other, have gone on vacation this summer, I want to remain husband and wife and live back together.. she has no opinion on it all so far.. BUT the other gentleman continues to return to her 5x leaving HIS wife, and then OUR relationship deteriates once again till he leaves again and im NEEDED. my heart hurts!!
---Jimmy on 9/23/08

I have always been good person and profess my faith. I was married for 27 years and the floor fell when my husband told me he did not love me anymore. Through prayer is that I am still here. My world ended but my faith kept me alive. He left and lived with a roomate who eventually become more than renting a room. Now after 3 years, after her cheating on him, he sought me and we began to talk. He was hurting, and I listened. It now has become that he knows he hurt me and asks for my forgiveness. I told him he needs time to heal and says that he knows he made a mistake in leaving me. I on the other hand had seeing a man but he likes to drink.
---LINDA on 9/22/08

Don't get me wrong, for I am the first to admit belief in miracles, but that would be like the destroyer becoming a Christian, and the whore becoming faithful, and the country turning back to God. Also what about all the unspeakable and priceless damage, and what about the kidnapped children?
---Eloy on 9/3/08

My husband after 19 filed for divorce and moved out 9 months ago. I continually pray for him and our marriage daily. I feel God never gives up on us or leaves us and I am being a wife of never giving up on my marriage. God has lifed me because I don't let my husbands unhappiness defeat me. I know things will turn around in God's timing, I pray for all the marraiges out there that Satan is in and trying to defeat. I will not let that happen to my family, keep praying, have faith, and trust it is in God's timing.
---Shelly on 9/1/08

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Rob,I know how you feel. My wife divorced me and now I'm raising our 3 kids. I'm human and made mistakes, but I was a good husband and father and lead our family w love and according to God's Word. I've studied and studied-actually hoping for another way, but I do believe it is God's will for our marriage to be reconciled-not just start over with someone else. If my wife never submits to God and returns-she'll have to answer for that on judgement day-but I'm determined to obey God. I pray for her daily. Ultimately, the breakup and restoration of a marriage has to do with an individuals' relationship with God more than the other person. If you're right with God, you can be right with your spouse. Keep seeking and depending on God.
---jeff on 7/22/08

Sometimes that is not possible if people have remarried after a divorce. At a church I used to attend, there were two families that had been divorced and remarried. They both got divorced before they became Christians. Both spouses became Christians AFTER their divorce, but wound up marrying other people. Both spouses wound up in the same church, but they reconciled and forgave each other. They stayed married to their new spouses and are good friends now and spend every christmas together.
---obewan on 7/21/08

Jeff that about the other person submitting to God is what my pastor told me this past week, just about word-for-word. That is what I mean when I pray for God to help me see his will done. And to be fair, me running from God in the past is what drove us apart, for which I have had to seek forgiveness from God, and now her.
I am not selfish enough to ask to have things my way just because it's what I want, but I do have faith God is on my side when it comes to my earnest wish to have my family being back together. I ask because I know in my heart what God wants. If having that means me hurting and waiting, then so be it...I have no intention of giving up unless God tells me to.
---Rob on 7/20/08

Of course things can change. With God, all things are possible. However, He will never force anyone to do His will and desire, no matter how far off base or wrong the other person may be...that's the tough part. It's their decision, even if it's what God desires and's ultimately up to the other person submitting to God and obeying Him. Keep praying and improving your relationship with God. It will help you and your children...and hopefully when your marriage is restored one day.
---Jeff on 7/17/08

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i am going through the same siuation. I divorced my ex 2 yrs ago and he is now with someone else, but still see's me. I love him and miss him and am changing as a person so maybe he can see the new me. Our children miss him so much and pray he comes back and God opens his eyes and touches his heart. I forgive the past and let it go. I love him and pray he comes home for me and our children. God can change things around. I want a new begining with him and new life, can it happen? My children and I are praying everyday and I dont want to see them hurt. I hurt him alot but ask for forgiveness, Ihope he can see and feel my hurt, pain and heart crying out for reconcilition and change.
---naomi on 7/15/08

I have gained strength in reading that others have hurt as I hurt, and hoped as I hope. My wife divorced me, it became final in April. I tried to quit loving her, tried to move on, but God has led me back toward her every time. She left because I was a pothead but since then I made myself a better man for her and our children. I have forgiven her and want to reconcile, even though she is seeing a man 13 years older than her, since she quit coming to church. I continue to pray for God to reveal His will to me, pray for her and pray for our family back together. It hurts but support like this blog sure helps!
---Rob on 7/8/08

My wife divorced me in August of 07, I was a good husband and still love her dearly. I know it took two of us but according to my counselor she is in a mid life crisis, turning 50 this year. I have dated other women and keep getting pointed back to my wife. Even as she is in a relationship with another man, who's still married. I am encouraged that she is looking for spiritual guidance but there are times I wonder if it is just to justify her actions. She is definitely in the far country. I continue to pray for her and try to hold my tongue. It is very difficult to not get angry. I hate this part of my life. All I can say is continue to love your spouse be kind keep communication open and keep talking to God.
---Michael on 7/6/08

I have been divorced 7 months..i truly want o reconcile, she does not want to, yet, she says no, but, she keeps me in her life... i have hope, hope in Jesus Christ, I pray everyday tha tGod will restore our marriage.... I pray for his will to be done..and will accept whatever it is
---John on 5/30/08

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philipL where does the Bible say 3 marrages are ok? i cant find it?
---lisa on 5/15/08

Read the Bible story of Gomer and Hosea. She left her husband, became a whore and yet by God's command was bought back from slavery and loved as Hosea's wife. How seriously do we take marriage? Do we choose to love, or do it when we simply feel like it?
---dan on 5/15/08

It seldom works out, getting remarried.
Three marriages are the scriptural limit for a person. Beyond three, you move into a territory where there's not much blessing on your marriage.
If you've had an affair with a married woman, you shouldn't remarry at all.
---PhilipL. on 5/14/08

After 35 years of living together my wife wanted a divorce and I gave it to her without thinking twice, and now I miss her very much. I want her back in my life, as I cannot find myself being without her. She did not love me as much as I did, nevertheless I want her back in my life what should I do ?
---Peter on 4/27/08

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Prayer changes people, I am going thur a very unwanted divorce after 19 years of marriage, to someone whom I love so much. He has made no attempts to reconcile, just wants to play mind games. I have since turned to God, and ask for his leading in me and my childrens lives. I do have the peace and strength. I miss him very much, but until you give your spouse totally to God, he will handle the rest. It's soo hard. But I just keep my head high and pray alot. Things will get better.
---Michelle on 4/21/08

Jeff, I dated during our time apart. My ex remarried and is going through a divorce now. Her marriage after our divorce forced me to change my entire life. I no longer focused on her, but depended on the Lord. We both hit some LOW spots in the 7 years, but it made us appreciate each other. Hope this helped.
---Justin on 4/14/08

Jeff, my prayers were never to bring my wife back. I had prayed for acceptance she was gone, for friends to help me through, to heal me from my addictions, to make me whole again. I prayed for her marriage to succeed and her happiness. After dating 4 GREAT women and comparing them to my ex I prayed when I was ready for the Lord to brng me a woman I loved as much as my ex. The rest was God's plan.
---Justin on 4/14/08

Justin--curious, as I'm praying for reconciliation of my broken marriage and for my wife to return to the Lord. Did your wife, or you, date other people during your 7 years apart? How did/does that affect your relationship now? If there is a way to e-mail you directly, I'd love to have a conversation with you if you're willing.
---jeff on 4/12/08

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My prayers to God were "Please bring me a woman I love as much as my wife. I know now there is nothing wrong with the women I have dated - it's me and I keep pushing them away. I do not want to be alone forever and I need a woman I love as much as my ex wife." My prayers were answered and despite being divorced for 7 years and us being 800 miles apart we are starting a new life together - with God as the center of our relationship.
---Justin on 4/9/08

I believe Messiah when he said, "If you love me obey my commands," and (paraphrase) "those who do not obey me do not love me." But Forgiveness and LOVE have far more power than divorce or the root of divorce. Continue in prayer, as I continue in prayer for my wife (divorced 3 years) to return to the L-rd.
---Ramon on 3/23/08

try and talk to her, send her flowers, let her know she is still important to you and the kids. sometimes we may want to come back but feel too full of pride to make the first move.
---eri on 3/5/08

i'd say keep praying if you guys are meant to be together she will come back. and deep down i believe miracles do happen. sometimes we do things on purpose to hurt the person we love most for whatever reason. that's what i did. i really regret it now i did my best to get revenge on him. now i want us to be together and am hoping he is christian enough to forgive me... so far no sign of that happening and i feel i deserve it. is there no hope for redemption for a sinner like me. no hope for reconciliation?
---eri on 3/5/08

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Wow! It's sad, but comforting to know that I'm not the only one going through what I consider a terrible ordeal and I'm not the only one that feels as I do. I've been divorced about 1 1/2 years. I'm 36 and we have 3 kids. We were both Christians but my wife kinda slipped away..she divorced, kinda left the family, and has been with several men living like a young 20's single woman-not Christian in the least.
---jeff on 3/5/08

I pray daily for my ex to come back to Christ and I would love to reconcile with her and restore our family. It would be tough, she's hurt me so much..but I would forgive her. I want to reconcile--but like Bob below-she wants no talk of it, seems to hate me for some reason (I am a good husband/father-I have faults, I'm not perfect I know) I just run into a wall.
---jeff on 3/5/08

Do I just keep praying? What else can/should I be doing? The situation kills me. I hate it. Plus, she moved down the street and I see different men there all the time..I am forced to drive by her place-only way in and out of development--it's rough!! I'm a Christian and haven't dated since divorce..just praying for wife. Am I nuts?
---jeff on 3/5/08

i got divorced about 3 years ago. we were both christian. now i want a reconciliation.although at first i dated a lot to replace my husband. and i have left the church due to the pain and inability to understand how he could put a pillow over my face in anger yet say he loved me.recently i have been trying to contact him but he always blocks my attempts.any suggestions
---eri on 3/4/08

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My husband filed for divorce 4 years ago and I stopped it. We are still not together and now he has a girlfriend. I feel like a fool that I am old fashioned about marriage - he is moving on and all I can do is pray.
---Sunshine on 1/12/08

I can see coming back having knowned each others ways and if you can make it or not
together.It makes for a better choice.
If you see what you left out you can go back and get it.If not,no need to go back.
---Jack_8773 on 1/6/08

I've been officially divorced since aug. '07, unofficially since qbout 13 months ago. I have never felt such inner torment in my life! We were brought together under obvious guidance from God, that I just couldn't believe we would ever get divorced. I've sometimes wondered if we could ever reconcile--it feels like life could never be good if we don't. I don't want to live for it, but don't want to give up on it either. Any advice/encouragement out there?
---Stan on 1/5/08

11 1/2 months ago My wife of 10 years went to spend 2 weeks at a Women's Refuge to explore doing ministry. The divorce was final 4 months ago. I feel God told me she would return in joy. I've no release from my commitment but am sorely tempted to walk away and start over. She has refused any dialog with me. I've spent my time working on my stuff, becoming soft to the Lord. I like who I'm becoming. My prayer is that He will soften her heart.
---Max on 1/3/08

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I've been married for a very long time.
I'm retired and have enough time on my hands to blog. It's all good.
---Bob on 12/4/07

Remarriage is not common after divorce.
You rarely see it working out that way.

Take the quiz, it would be better if you remained single if you divorced for reasons other than adultery.
---Bob on 12/3/07

My then 31 yr old wife divorced me 2 years ago - found a 'friend' - our 20 yr old church music minister. I have remained faithful & still want to reconcile. She says she has found her 'soulmate'. Our children are young. She just refuses to consider reconciliation - having convinced herself I was abusive - which is simply not true. I have humbly approached her in love -only provoking great anger from her.
---Bob on 12/2/07

My husband and I reconciled our marriage after being divorced from each other for 16 years! We did not marry any one else during that time. When we reconciled, we had not talked in 10 years! Anything is possible if you let God work on your heart!
---Gaye on 11/8/07

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Mary, reconciliation is a good thing. However, a man who is not willing to change himself in his attitude first toward God and then toward you and love you as Christ does the church is not even going to be pleased with the changes in you that he required while you were married. He will still be unsatisfied within himself because he has not changed and will find a myriad of other changes you need to make before he can really love you. I am so sorry you have been hurt.
---Linda on 9/14/07

Mary: You are opening a box of yellowjackets. You can never change enough to make your husband love you or want you back. Take this advice: Find someone else. The same problem(s)are going to crop up again in your relationship. There are other men around who will love you for who and what you are. This is the only way to build a good,solid relationship. Not kissing up to and trying to change for some man. Let him go. Where is your dignity?
---Robyn on 9/13/07

I truly love my ex-husband. We have been divorced for a year and a half. I have been working on myself to change what displeased him. How do I approach him for reconciliation? Please help me.
---Mary on 9/13/07

My ex left me & our 4 kids 12 and a half years ago and we divorced almost 10 years ago. Neither of us have remarried, and recently, we've been talking.. and a lot of it has been very healing. Hmmmm?
---cat on 8/8/07

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My ex left me & our 4 kids 12 and a half years ago and we divorced almost 10 years ago. Neither of us have remarried, and recently, we've been talking.. and a lot of it has been very healing. Hmmmm?
---cat on 8/8/07

Ron: You said your wife in Christ divorced you. Why? You did not give too many details and I know space won't allow much. But sometimes being the right person is more important than finding the right person. How were you treating this woman? Were you and her in love? Was another man involved? Or woman? Something you are holding back. She left for some reason(s).Some people take their saved spouses for granted. But let me tell you this: saved women and men want the same thing worldy men and women want.
---Robyn on 8/3/07

From Ron's post.Were you saved Ron? You said your wife was. It is living hell living with an unsaved spouse. Man or woman. It take a lot of love, understanding and patience. A lot of prayer. Much prayer. You have to be saved to live with an unbeliever. Really saved. The unsaved spouse tries to provoke and humiliate the saved spouse, call names and sometimes forbid the saved spouse to even attend church! There is much to be desired by staying single, if you have to marry an unsaved person.
---Robyn on 8/3/07

You can reconcile with your spouse, if there seems to be a chance of that. A saved spouse is really not suppose to marry someone else if she and her spouse separated. Not until the spouse dies and that breaks the covenant. Other than that the spouse that left should remain single and/or separated unto God.
---Robyn on 8/3/07

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Lindsay...I would like to hear your story. My wife in Christ divorced me in March of this year, and I am standing for my marriage--I didn't want the divorce (her heart is hard), but I believe God will restore our marriage. People think I'm crazy, but I know that's not what Scripture says...I would love to hear some encouragement/testimony from you/anyone.
---ron on 8/2/07

I have been wondering the same. It was refreshing to see others have similar questions and desires. We (my ex and I) have been through so many trials, and I think we have allowed them to divide us.
I just don't know if these sudden desires for possible reconcilliation is from our Father or from elsewhere. I sincerely want God's will for my life, so I am trying to decipher if this is such or not. Any insight?
---Ginger on 7/22/07

Ben, don't you give up on her. If she is a Christian as you are she will travel the wake of the decisions she made and will at some point desire reconciliation. I know full well. Please don't you give up on her.
---lindsay on 7/10/07

The fight in you and forgiveness is good. Don't see that very often. Pray it all works out for you.
---Spike on 10/4/06

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God already brought me a good woman, but Satan has her deceived right now. But this too shall pass. I will remain faithful to "the bride of my youth".
---ben on 10/4/06

Ben, I have watched alot of junky relationships with my kin. Roll on, friend. You deserve a fresh start with a gal that loves you. Here again, my Mama would tell you, sounds like you're ready to be jerked through another knot. If you want, I'll add you to the list of men I'm praying for God to send them a good woman.
---Spike on 10/3/06

I can and will forgive her, we both still love eachother, and I beleive our God is a God of resurrection, redemption and renewal. I just dont know waht to do, but wait on the Lord
---ben on 10/3/06

Ben here. Well, she got involved with another man about 4 months before the divorce. Claims he's not the cause of divorce, simply a symptom of how unhappy she was. Whatever. Now she claims that they're "friends" and they've gone on a couple of dates, but has NO plans for anything serious with him. I actually believe her, but don't trust the other man AT ALL.
---Ben on 10/3/06

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Ben, first let me ask , has she taken up with another man? --Mrs. Morgan
---Mrs._Morgan on 8/16/06

Ohhh...and if she says no or sends the card back, don't get mad or upset or angry. Just keep trying.
---mary5544 on 8/16/06

Ben, don't try to reconcile with your wife. Just try to be friends again. Send her a card that tells her how much she means to you, not how much you love her or miss her, but just how great she is. Ask her out on a date and don't make a big deal about it.
---mary5544 on 8/16/06

My wife divorced me about a year ago (after 21 years of what I thought was a happy marriage) I desire reconcilliation So much, but she is just not interested. I still have hope, contrary to the evidence. Any words of wisdom anyone?
---Ben on 8/16/06

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Brother one of the most wonderful things that can happen is to reconcile. but it takes for you to really forgive her. I mean to never bring anything up. It's hard because you will think of what she has done. The same with her. Forgiveness doesn't look at things past. If you haven't, nothing will work. never speak about that time but move forward with love. It's hard but its the only way. Let God be your strength. Let Him get glory through you and her.
---Lupe on 5/7/05

I believe marriages can be restored even after 45 yrs. What God has joined together, let no man put asunder. Circumstances sometimes cause a couple to separate that was not God's will but God has a way of restoring. Only He knows the overall picture.
---Nancy on 4/9/05

What is being said here could be answered in reading Deuteronomy 24 and as well with in the first few verses of Jer. 3:1-3 I believe the Lord's mind in taking on a former wife was not allowed if in fact the wife had remarried another. This act as a abomination as stated in Deuteronomy. However if in fact the two that were devorced truly stayed with scripture and never remarried hoping that some day reconciliation would be recieved to the point of a remarrage of the two that were in a one flesh relationship, I believe that would be very good and in fact pleasing to our Lord.
---kirk on 4/9/05

I believe that it is very possible for a husband and wife to be reconciled even after years of divorce. I am a living witness of that very possiblity. My ex and I have been divorced for nearly 5 years and God is putting our relationship together again as we both continually seek His wisdom and guidance. Will it be an easy road? Perhaps not but I do know that if we will keep Christ at the center and do as Proverbs 3:5&6 says, we will indeed be blessed to have a true and lasting love & marriage. All things are possible through Christ Jesus!
---Doris on 4/8/05

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1 Corinthians 7:11 - But and if she depart, let her remain unmarried or be reconciled to her husband: and let not the husband put away his wife.

1 Corinthians 7:39 - The wife is bound by the law as long as her husband liveth; but if her husband be dead, she is at liberty to be married to whom she will; only in the Lord.
---Jan on 4/8/05

i feel that reconciliation of a lost love is so very possible. it is a good example of true friendship and forgiveness. forgive and forget and friendship is very important in any relationship. be christ like is the #1 important factor in a family. Keep the Faith.
---William on 4/7/05

What you describe is a brand new relationship. I'm divorced and have no prospect of that in sight.

Yet I do believe that miracles like you describe can happen. When they do, they're very special. To expect that for everyone who's divorced is unreal.

I think God's Grace is much greater than the manmade rules and laws we seek to impose, even as Christians in the body. Given the true freedom we find by His Grace, a miracle of what was dead coming back to life is to be treasured.
---Robert_-_from_AUS on 4/7/05

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