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ADHD, Autism & Tourette's Syndrome

God has provided in nature what the body needs for health and healing. Do you know anyone with ADD/ADHD, Autism, Tourette's Syndrome?

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 ---Margaret_Smith on 4/7/05
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My son has a mild form of autism and cannot do maths or writing. He can socialize however, and communicate in words quite well. He likes everything the same every day, breaks in routine are difficult for him.
---frances008 on 2/29/08

my grandson as the milder form of Austism, so i have been told.
---joan on 2/25/08

Be very careful not to close the mind to the understanding of cure. And there have been cures. People think of cure as something you take, or just add to what you're doing. The cures I read of, required removing of certain substances, and a correction in certain habits. Who wants that kind of a cure. Too much restraint and discipline. Easier to deny the possibility of cure.
---jhonny on 3/15/07

Be very careful about the word cures for ADD/ADHD. My wife would like nothing more. But as yet there is none actually documented. Some people do grow out of most of the effects as they grow older, some do not. My wife also got through school without meds. But her family life was so bad that she daily closed herself in her room to get away from it. She learn to cope without knowing there was a name for it. It can be done.
---scott on 3/15/07

Peace and healing to you and your wife Scott. I send you love.
Some have suggested that ADD in origin is chemical dependency at work. Sometimes we trade one dependency for another. Many are medicating and self medicating, mixed with other behaviours to temporarily, and in part, deal with, and fix our pain. I blotted out consciousness of an intolerable situation as a child. It caused some memory loss. Restore.
---jhonny on 3/15/07

jhonny; Your observation on productivity was right on. My wife has said that to her movement and sound distract her constantly without the medication. She sometimes weans herself off for short periods and turns into another person. During those times it is very difficult to carry on a brief conversation. She has told me that she cannot even describe every thing that's going on.
---scott on 3/15/07

Good point Scott.

ADD can leave you busy without getting much done. Affects the focus. One study I looked at claimed a cure with stew, and only stew, for 2 weeks.
There is hypersensitivity for some to artificial colour primarily, but also artificial flavor, amongst other things although these stand out as culprits. Sugar causes hyperactivity in children. As a society we are in hunt for the next "fix".
---jhonny on 3/14/07

Yes Elder that does count. But I thought 10 distractions from a blank page was a riot. Amazing how we can find hatred in anything. 1co12:10 "To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits;.."
I suspect the ability to discriminate between a good joke and hatred, could cause some disputation here.
---jhonny on 3/14/07

Hey, jhonny, I found one distraction on this page. Does that count?
---Elder on 3/14/07

to jhonny: I'm not doing this to compete. I was just trying to explain things and be helpful to someone who asked an important question. Your last response was rather hateful. I thought this was a blog for Christians to help each other.
---scott on 3/13/07

Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and other very productive people have ADD/ADHD and other afflictions. They are generally of average or above intelect. This is not a death knell. It is merely one of millions of things that are because we are human. Be forever greatful to God that you have a child to love and nurture.
---scott on 3/13/07

Hey Scott since you want to "one up" me on the external stimuli thing. Maybe I can one up you on the whispering. Is that how you like conversation?
I know someone who can find 10 distractions on a blank page. Can you "one up" that?
---jhonny on 3/11/07

Natalie, just speak with Our Heavenly Father and ask Him to heal the boy. Also, read, study and meditate on healing scriptures like Psalms 103:3 and 1 Peter 2:24 and mention them in your prayers. Lastly, believe that He is a healing Elohim and never let go of your faith in that regard. Bless you for your concern for this child and we'll wait patiently on your testimony of his healing. ;)
---AlwaysOn on 3/11/07

External stimuli. I'm talking about someone whispering in another part of the room, a bird flying past a window, holes in the ceilng tile to count all at once. Attention Deficit means that you cannot focus on one thing for very long before you are distracted and it doesn't take much. It's easier to focus on loud rock music because it blocks everything else.
---scott on 3/10/07

Yes my daughter has tourettes.
---Delbert on 3/9/07

So if you get into life threatening accident and you must be rushed to the emergency room for medical treatment you will not go? Regarding diabetes, are you talking about type 1 or 2? Nonetheless, I have seen people with both use insulin and don*t use insulin. I have seen people use herbs and RAW spices for both. Also, there is one researcher who is considered a QUACK who argues that diabetes is caused by particular parasites.
---I_AM_I on 3/9/07

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[2] Willow

She recommends many ways to cleanse our system of these toxic producing parasites. More importantly, Kevin Trudeau speaks of diabetes extensively in his book, including corporations that tried to BRIBE ($$ millions) someone who has a natural remedy for diabetes. As you know, herbs were around before medicine.
---I_AM_I on 3/9/07

External stimuli: Electronic media although highly addictive (depending)... Food addiction...external stimuli. I know one ADD adult who is so over-stimulated just by listening to rock and roll, he can't even talk right. External stimulation is biological and individual, although stimulation acually takes place internally as chemicals interact etc.
Identifying and then reducing, minimizing and lessening the dependency to stimuli can be a challenge. Sometimes everyone has to participate.
---jhonny on 3/8/07

My son has ADD. He is bright but didn't learn much in school. The only Class he did well in was one where the teacher isolated him through the term. He is in prison. My wife and mother-in-law are ADHD. My wife has learned to overcome(A's in school), MIL is like an 80 yr old child. Asks questions. Never listens to answers. Knows nothing.
---scott on 3/8/07

to esther: If you can, get your son individual tutoring(home schooling or tutor). Hve him isolated during learning sessions to remove external stimuli. Do not rely on public of parochial schools to help. They do not listen and can't afford it. I wish I would have for my son.
---scott on 3/8/07

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There are NO COINCIDENCES in life! I hope you investigate what this guy is giving away for free. He was literally giving away the book for free tonight. He mentioned that some corporations have offered him $50 million dollars to stop INFORMING THE PUBLIC on natural cures! AMAZING! I have followed this guy from his inception. While I am not a total herbalist, I consider myself a BUSHMAN. This stuff works, provided that you put in the research!
---I_AM_I on 3/7/07


CORRECTION! The correct name of the 1st book is Prescription for Nutrional HEALING (instead of health). The authors are Phyllis A. Balch, CNC and James F. Balch, MD.
---I_AM_I on 3/7/07

I am I
the christian community is so stead fast against medication for Add and ADHD.why lack of knowledge. my question for you is would you treat a diabetic with Herb or insulin?

rebecca pick up a book by dr robert moss "why Johnny can't concentrate" it explains why and what Add and Adhd is by the leading authority on this learning disability. Mods please let this go through this is why CN exists.
---willow on 3/7/07

Are you a Scientologist, iami?
If you read the fine print on that KevinT. book, he's a Scientologist.
---Laura on 3/7/07

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[A] Rebecca and Sabrina,

After putting all the kids to bed, my wife and I watched a DVD movie. At the end of the movie she turned of the DVD player and Kevin Trudeau was on channel 3 talking about his new book: MORE Natural Cures, etc. He mentioned a natural cure for ADHD. He had written on ADHD in his first book and the revised edition thereto. I thought of both of you. Some might consider this a coincidence, but nothing in this universe happens without a reason.
---I_AM_I on 3/7/07

Herbs and things like that are good for some people. I have changed my son's diet but it didn't help. Sometimes a parent needs professional help from the Doctors.
---Rebecca_D on 3/7/07

1/Rebecca, Sabrina, etc.

Have you looked into alternative remedies? Please look into herbs!!! Like Scripture, you are going to have to STUDY these alternative treatments, including with herbs, etc. There is an excellent starter book written by a MD and a nutritionist: A PRESCRIPTION FOR NUTRIONAL HEALTH. You can pick it up in Whole Food Supermarket or most health food stores. Also, please get Kevin Trudeau*s best selling book: Natural Cures They Don*t Want You To Know About.
---I_AM_I on 3/7/07


These will lead you to other resources. I have colleagues whose sons are autistic. I have others whose sons have ADHD. Before my oldest son entered kindergarten three years ago, I changed his diet completely. He had a classmate that I coached with ADHD. I asked the mother what she gave him in the morning. I made some suggestions to her, including getting rid of white sugar, white floor, white rice, white pasta, etc. PLEASE be careful with accepting labels
---I_AM_I on 3/7/07

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on your kids, because ADHD is a BIG BUSINESS, especially as it relates to school districts. Also, there are studies that have questioned whether there is a link between certain vaccinations and autism. Finally, Sabrina, have you tried to go on a long fast? God bless.
---I_AM_I on 3/7/07

My son has ADHD. At times he is a hand full. And at times I can tolerate him. He is on medicine and it helps alot.
---Rebecca_D on 3/7/07

I know of someone with autism he is sweet little 4 year old. How do i pray for a healing for him?
---Natalie on 3/7/07

Try to see a chiropractor for the adhd/add problems. my son has adhd and just with a couple adjustments he is a different person but, you need to follow through with what the chiropactor wants you to do with your child.
---marsha on 2/28/06

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sabrina, i know the direction of cures, but don't know how to get the info to you. the ama and the usa don't allow the remedies, though you can find them locally in most areas.(i don't sell anything, just pass it on for free like the Gospel of Yeshua.)
---j on 2/12/06

I have tourette syndrome and ADHD, and I often have to remind myself that God must have given me these problems for a reason. If you have cures for these problems, please tell me. May God be with you always.
---Sabrina on 1/11/06

Hi Esther
Please give your child complete unconditional love and endless encouragement. Many in our society will never understand and come up with all sorts of right and wrong theories and suggestions but I am absolutely certain that nothing can separate your child from the love freely given by Jesus.
---Oscar on 7/31/05

My ten year son has ADHD and ODD(Oppisontial Defiant Disorder) it has been a trying experience because there is so much conversy in the church about it and whether these are just made up illness but I noticed from young age my son could not settle down rarely follow instructions he was tested this past year and he is highly intelligent in fact the school informed me that he was off the charts over 85% of the time so what to do when your child is highly intelligent yet can't focus?
---esther on 7/27/05

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I'm afraid Oscar that some Christians (I don't know what "brand" they are) say that once you become a Christian, that will do away with all ills.
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/8/05

Hi I am 58YO diagnosed ADD anxious depressive. I try to follow Conservative Evangelical teachings and traditions. Generally, life is good, but can be hell in many ways. Some go out of their way to make my life hard, specifically Conservative Evangelical Christians who cannot tolerate those who are "different", especially when I have asked questions and challenged the established aristocracy of those churches. Give love encouragement and complements daily Oscar
---Oscar on 7/7/05

My son was recently diagnosed with ADHD, he is seeing a Child Psychiatrist he is on Adderall. He also took the Neuropsychological test. A family member who is a Psychiatrist thinks that he might have Aspergers Syndrome. I will get the results back from this test next week. Can anyone recommend a support group for parents/kids with ADHD/Aspergers? I live in the Chicago area. I am in the beginning stages of all this. Have not really found any places from the internet or phone book. Would just like to find a local support group. Thanks. Mary4815
---mary on 5/8/05

My son has ADHD and ODD. He had since he was in preschool but wasn't diagnosed until kindergarden. He is on different meds and they keep changing it because he gets older or it just doesn't work well. He is now 11 years old. He has a learning disability also. Whey did you ask this question?
---Deanna on 5/4/05

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My son has ADD. He has been on Medication for about 3 1/2 years. He does good on it but it only takes it at school. At home he does not take it. I believe in disipline. Some of these children need it and I agree. But alot of it Is Parents who don't want to deal with it. My son does not get it on the weekends or summer he only gets it during the school week. It takes alot of patience, and disipline with these children. Please keep parents and children with all these things in your prayers. We can only do the best we can. God Bless All!
---Kim on 4/25/05

Yes Margaret, my brother lived with Tourette's Syndrome from the time he was 9 yrs old. It took several years before it was correctly diagnosed. Our family life was in a constant state of upheaval because no one understood what was happening. I am extremely grateful for the research that has been done in the last 20 years, so that others may be helped. It appears that there may be a genetic factor that is passed down through the generations.
---CarolT on 4/19/05

Hey it is never too late. I am 53 and just been diagnosed with adhd..I never understood the problem with me until i read about it..Life is different cause god made us all diff..I dont take meds cause of the possible side effects. I have others who depend on me and for me one more med to take isnt that good.I do function but the frustration sometimes is overpowering..I pray that each who has this will trust the lord and not beat themselves up over it..I get things done but not as others do..Focusing and gritting the teeth work for me but takes many days to accomplish what others take 1 to do..
---linda on 4/16/05

my 5 year old son has autism. He is medication now. I have seen some improvement after putting him on medication.
---Walter on 4/10/05

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My son and I have ADD. My son needed medication in high school to be able to learn and study. Some of my students have ADD. There are two classes in my school for students with autism. Why do you ask?
---Madison on 4/9/05

I know each case is different with ADHD. The little boy I take care of needs the medicine and he doesn't act like he is drugged up all day. His mom and dad uses discipline also.I have just seen to many people in our town here that doesn't discipline and thinks their child needs medicine because something is wrong with him. I just want to look at some of them and say no you just let them get away with anything now you want to control them and you cant. I run a daycare and take care of a few kids. I see some that really need the medicine and some that the parents think they need it.
---Cathy on 4/9/05

Cathy, neither does the law agree with children taking those drugs when they are at home,so you are right to be concerned.Where I come from they are considered drugs, as any controlled substance, and are only to be given to children on days they are in school.Your friend is being selfish and abusing her child plus she's probably breaking the law.Certainly not good for the child.
---Darlene_1 on 4/9/05

I have a daughter that has ADHD. I took her to a doctor to be tested. He told me she had ADHA. He put her on medcine that she only needed to take once a day. It help so that she could be able to control herself. She is older now.(20yrs. old) Still have some problems at times. She does not like to be told what to do or not. But I have talked with her, told her only way she is going to get on in life is for me to tell you what your doing right or wrong.I am hoping God will heal her. She could live a peaceful life.
---Lois on 4/8/05

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I have a 7yr old daughter that has ADHD. Her dr. waited till she was in preschool 2 yrs and got reports from her teachers to put her on medicine she takes Addarall 1x day. The beginning of the yr she was having trouble sleeping she couldn't calm down enough to go to sleep they put her on another pill in the evening,she is a very smart child she is in regular classes at school and makes mostly A's and a B on her report card.I have seen kids that takes med.for this that are doped up but she isnt on this med. she functions normally and plays.Every case is different.I still discipline her.robin
---Robin on 4/8/05

I just read what I wrote again. I want to explain a little more of what I meant about kids being drugged up so parents dont have to "deal" with them. I have a friend that has a 10 year old child. He is very good here with or without the medicine. Acts like a kid. She has him doped up at home because she said that he has ADHD. She just doesn't want to "deal" with her son. She doesn't disipline him at all and wonders why he acts like he does. To her giving him the drugs so he is quiet is the answers and I do not agree with that.
---Cathy on 4/8/05

I am 36 and I have ADD. Never knew it before even though I did so poorly in school.I am on strattera as well as Trazadone,Lexapro,and Klonopin. I have a hard time finishing things and listening to people. I hear mumbling unless I really "FOCUS" on what the person is telling me. I also have major depression, demylination and early microvascular disease. I am being checked to see if I have M.S. I trust in the Lord and know that He has a plan for me. Bridget
---Bridget on 4/8/05

I have ADHD and I am very proud to know what my problem is. And if you can't accept me for who i am. Then you were never meant to be my friend to begin with.
---Shelby on 4/8/05

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I have a friend that has a son with autism. They have it under control for the most part. He is on medicine for it. I also take care of a child that has just been diagnosed with ADHD. The doctor just put him on ritlin for it. I do not agree with using medicine to control children just so you do not have to "deal" with them.
---Cathy on 4/8/05

Margaret, here you describe three stages of one type of mental condition. I do know somebody with ADD. The condition was brought on by the environment, i.e. drugs, parental divorce, excessive responsibility. As far as Tourette's Syndrome, I do know of someone who has a mild case but he controls it naturally. I have read books written by persons with autism. Very moving.
---gregg on 4/8/05

I know someone that has both ADD and ADHD. he also has severe mental problems and cant cope in the world he spends 2 months in a state then leaves and goes to another every 2 months.he cant get along with anyone, and only thinks its the other persons fault. its sad.....Jan4876
---Jan on 4/8/05

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