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Lack of Proof For Bible Claims

Can anyone help me with ideas on how to talk to someone that doesn't believe because of lack of proof or evidence? There have to be facts to back up religious claims, besides just faith right?

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 ---Laura on 4/8/05
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Laura, if your a christian, then you should know what the true facts are of the bible..If your not, then you yourself is questioning the bible..or your not a believer who is mocking the bible
---joel on 8/1/08

Do not think that I am being flippant. As children of God our work is to sow the Word of God and pray for those to whom we sow. Do not determine beforehand what you will say to others other than Christ crucified and his ressurection and our salvation through him. Before you do this say a word of prayer and do it and the Holy Spirit who enables you to talk in tounges will enable you to convict the other person , for whom you prayed for, to salvation. This is what matters . Prasie the Lord
---Joy on 8/1/08

Every person must take the Word of God on faith, because that is what coming to God and serving Him is based on.There are,however, many concrete facts to back up the Word of God.Biblical Archaeology has found many of the things/places spoken of in the Bible,just as they are stated.There is a magazine by that name which is very interesting.I always found just simple sharing prayers God has answered for me eventually gets through to people.
---Darlene_1 on 12/8/07

A few years ago they found about fourty 'wagons' that the Egyptions sent after Moses and the Israelites in the Dead see. The Ark has been found. The Bible is the only Book that has survived and is still in use after more than 2000 years. Still the most used book of all.
---Junia on 3/25/07

They can look at historical evidence going along with the bible. Look in Jeruselem or Nazereth or any other small town in the bible & do a google search & they can see the evidence there.
---MRS.toyou on 3/24/07

Read the book New Evidence that Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell. It deals with all these arguments and refutes them.
---bob on 3/24/07

There are plenty of evident facts, but none are so blind as those who will not see.
---Eloy on 3/24/07

The fact that Israel exists today is another. The Bible first mentions Israel way back in Genesis that was thousands of years ago.
---MARK on 3/23/07

Tell them to read Isaiah 53.
Then ask them who it is about.
Then tell them it was written about 600 BC.
Then tell them that Isaiah in its entirety is included with the "Dead Sea Scrolls".
What have scientist dated the "Dead Sea Scrolls" at?
---JohnE on 3/23/07

There is a historian by the name of Joseiphas, (don't think I spelled that right)but he documented the existance of the person of Jesus christ. I am sure there are others. Happy hunting?!
---David on 3/14/07

I'd ask them to consider "How did Christianity begin?" Because the disciples actually saw the risen Christ! No other explanation is sufficient to deny it, nor why we still believe today! SHOW them 1 COR. 15:1-19. But God also wants us to have faith in Him; show them Hebrews 11:1 ff. on Faith; but not a 'blind faith' in just any old thing! As others have said, don't waste time arguing; and YOU need never feel guilty: No one will ever be 'lost' because we didn't 'pray enough' or "say the right thing!" God would never allow that to happen.
---Daniel on 4/15/05

Good answer Tommy. If someone is argumentative about the Bible their mind is already made up and you won't change their view. Don't let them waste your energy. Let the Lord lead you to someone who is wanting to know more about what God is doing in your life. Ask those who argue "Have you read the Bible in it's entirety" Chances are they haven't. then you can say. "If you haven't read it, you are not equipped to argue it"
---Ann_G on 4/14/05

When we sit as jurors in a trial we are presented with "evidence." We must weigh the evidence to decide if the defendent is guilty or innocent. We never "know" this for certain as we did not witness the crime. It is the evidence presented that leads us to believe in their guilt. It is the same with the Bible. God does not ask us to believe blindly. He provides plenty of evidence to base our faith on. One will never find this evidence if they do not seek it. But those who do seek, find plenty of it.
---Robin on 4/11/05

Put "defend your faith" or "Christian Apologetics" in a search enginve. You will find lots of resources.
---Bruce5656 on 4/10/05

If someone wants to argue with you about whether the Bible is true or not, tell them you're not interested, but, if they want to hear about how to get saved, then show them the way. You can argue until you are both blue in the face and not accomplish anything. Show them scripture about their need for salvation, and then, when they get saved, the Holy Spirit will show them all else they need to know.
---tommy3007 on 4/10/05

The book of Genesis Ch:5&6. Tells us about the beginning Of mankind & its pogression. Tell me what other person except God Created the reproductive system in mankind which has stood the test of time.
& brought the world to such proportions.
Faith is a requirement, in any lasting relationship.The Evil one caused the First rift between God & man & this anomaly exists till today.Man & your friend has a choice to make.salvation is for every one.
---Emcee on 4/9/05

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The Old Testament is full of prophecies which Jesus fulfilled, show them these. How did the prophets know what to write if God didn't tell them? Also Leviticus has many mentions of God giving instructions regarding health and hygiene much of which was only scientifically proven to be accurate about 100 years ago. God made is clear that the earth was a sphere (Job) when everyone thought it was flat and refers to planets in a way that science knew nothing about until about 50 years ago. You need to read the Old to understand the New.
---F.F. on 4/9/05

Some people are just very intellectual and will not believe without seeing some kind of proof....Jesus' disciple Thomas was one of such. I would recommend a book by Lee Strobel called 'The Case for Christ'. He is a journalist-turned-pastor who started out researching this book as a personal quest. An atheist, he was so stubborn that he wanted to prove that God did not exist, and instead was confronted by the many infallible proofs of God's Existence and Power. Find this book and read it...I can assure you that it will help. All the best.
---Onyih on 4/9/05

Eloy is right; There are many proofs of God's existence. The heavens declare His glory (Psalm 19:1). The earth is filled with millions of "proofs" of His creative design. Each planet bears His "fingerprints" in a unique way. Anyone who looks for Him may find Him (Jer 29:13). But the only proof that will convince is the pfoof of a changed heart. Invite him to "taste and see that the Lord is good (Psa 34:8).
---Jerry on 4/8/05

The best thing you can do for a person who requires evidence/proof for religious claims is to direct him/her to study the Bible for him/herself BUT tell him/her also that he/she will encounter items/questions which will re-
quire him/her to exercise FAITH. FAITH is an essential ingredient of a true christian experience requiring us to act on our beliefs.
---Pierre on 4/8/05

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Unless the Holy Spirit reveals the truth to this person, all our attempts are in vain. Seek the Lord for that person's salvation. If he chooses to use you, he will put the words in your mouth. For now, keep praying!
---Katie on 4/8/05

Laura; Can you come up with some "specifics"?
---1st_cliff on 4/8/05

I suggest showing them in the Bible some verses that explain Jesus and what he did for us. We are saved ONLY by the Grace of God and we have to live by faith! "You can lead a horse to the water but you can't make him drink".As long as you are spreading God's word you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. The Bible says to go and make disciples. If the people you are sharing God's word to refuse to listen then there is nothing else that you can do!
---Bridget on 4/8/05

4 major proofs that you can share with skeptics are:

1-present day miracles, like medical healings that are scientifically unexplainable are physical proofs of God's existence.

2-every prophecy has come to pass so far: 3,268 verses of fulfilled prophecies.

3-archaeological digs and artifacts proove historical accuracy of names and places recorded in the Bible.

4-principles of science recorded in the Bible long before they were confirmed experimentally: earth being round; life in the blood; the earth's gravity; etc.
---Eloy on 4/8/05

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