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Does God Really Know Our Troubles

Do God really know how hard it is being a single parent if so why did he let my fiancee marry another woman and leave me with the kid alone. kiiza4837

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 ---kiiza on 4/9/05
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hello,You all know me really deep down truth be said "we can't put no trust(general) in no flesh! Not even our selves.. he said without faith impossibleto please God.. Even tho' this old bloggstill good! Sis. he left for another woman he not husband material.. notbe there/ hard times anywayno,God didn't let him leave! he left on his "own".... God has purpose & destiny,in mind! he is good,tests, & trials come to make us strong!Someone one day theLord got for you.. not all men bad.Be encouraged!
---ELENA on 12/3/11

The Bibles full of UNFaithful Men & Women.
Why should the 2 of you be dealt with any differantly?
God let his Son DIE for YOU, and you wonder IF he knows how YOU FEEL?
God did'nt let your Husband do anything!Thats on Him & /or You!
God say's he knows the number of hairs on my/our head.
Every word that man speaks is written down in little Books.
I have a 100 more, If it helps?
He knows.
Sorry & Seek comfort in the Lord & ENDURE is the only thing i can say.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 3/1/08

KIIZA::Why do you blame God for your weakness.Were you woman enough to know what you were doing?or were you a child? To be achild of God you have to obey HIS LAWS.There are still ways toget back in his good graces.
---Emcee on 3/1/08

This is just the trouble with everybdy. Nobody really knows God. He did not have anything to do with any of your problems here. That was Satan"s doings. Stop blameing God for everything that goes wrong and give Satan his just dessert. Please.++
---catherine on 2/29/08

Kiiza,GOD knows our problems,and HE cares.I have asking myself the same question and i have realised that GOD works in ways we cannot see.Maybe something more terrible than leaving you could have happened.My workmate gave a book titled "Where is God When it hurts?" by philip yangey,try it,it might be helpful to you to appriciate our times of trouble.
---sungani on 2/29/08

DEAR Kiiza, God know all about your trials and trouble. THANK HIM. When you are walking with the LORD, trusting & obeying, you can be assured HE knows and protects you. NO good thing does he withhold from those who love HIM. NO doubt God spared you from worse future. Do your very best to teach this child about the Lord who loves him/her. When you do that...depending on Your FATHER for everything..HE will guide, protect and provide. Keep you eyes and ears open for HIS direction. I KNOW....from past experience. OH YES...God KNOWS AND CARES and LOVES YOU.
---eloia on 2/28/08

God allows us free will,if he "let" your fiancee go that doesn't mean it was his will. Your fiancee has free will to obey God, or Not. God knows what you don't, maybe he sent him away to save you future pain. I don't say this without empathy. I was left a single mom for the first 4 years of my son's life and am again left a single mom because of others free will. Read Genesis 21:17 Abraham sent away Hagar and her son, he watched over them. He will protect and provide, he is "the husband of the husbandless and the father of the fatherless" Take comfort and lean on him.
---Tammy on 5/12/07

Hurry up and get some legal counsel. If you can endure a DNA or paternity test, you might be able to get financial support and visiting rights for the baby and perhaps yourself.
---a_friend on 4/29/05

Kiiza-I also was left with 6 children ages: 2,4,8,9,11 & 12.With child support from my ex-husband, my working when the children were all in school and the Grace of God;they are all adults and serving the Lord.My youngest son,who is 21 yrs.old now,tells me that I am more than a mom,I'm also his best friend. God is our Daddy,husband and friend; and He is more than enough! Smile for our Redeemer lives. I hope this testimony is of encouragement to you.
---Eloisa on 4/22/05

God wants us to learn to rely on him. Especially in these tough situations. He said he will be a father to the fatherless, he will be your husband and provider. He wants to reveal him self to you in ways you never imagined. As long as we look to others to fulfill us, it will never happen. Only God can meet our every need.
---Ann_G on 4/14/05

My first husband left me for another women. I too was left with a young son. I was hurt over this. God cares. He blessed me with a husband years after who loves me with the love God indented for a man to love his wife. God heals and God cares!
---Linda on 4/12/05

Dearest Friend,We as Christian feal your pain.If we are true Christians.God postponed your joy,by letting the bad things disappear like a fiance' that had other feelings about the bible.God will bless you abundandly until you start crying happy tears.Have faith! I am a witness to that.
---Bernardine on 4/10/05

God did not let your fiancee marry someone else. Your fiancee did it on his own. We have a free will. God knows how many hairs is on your head so he knows all about us, inside and out, heart and soul. People make their own choices.
---shira_5965 on 4/10/05

We human beings are so flawed. It isn't GOD but us ourselves that really don't think sometimes of how we hurt each other, in our quest to get what we want. It will be hard to understand why when you love someone, they can be so cruel. Dear this happened to me after 34 years of marriage, so there are no sure things. My husband didn't leave me for another woman, but he did stop caring for me, and I don't understand why. Anyway, I know it wasn't GOD, we both still love HIM. People are just confused and unsure at times, as to what they want. Forgive.
---Pamela on 4/9/05

Honey,I hear your pain..and Jesus certainly does. I believe He has a good plan for you.Lean hard on Jesus.I am single myself..and if I live to 100,Jesus will be the one still there..never leaving or forsaking us.He also knows our earthly longings.Be patient.Take child & get in a good church,Find Christian friends,& at the right timing someone wonderful,faithful will be brought into your life.God said'It's not good for man to be alone",,& until the right one shows up,Jesus is our husband & He will meet our needs.
---lovable_linda on 4/9/05

God never gives us more than we can handle. Have you asked His help and guidance? Perhaps he saw your fiancee as not being worthy of being your mate. God does not want us to be yoked unequally. WE make decisions for our reasons not God's. In this case, your Fiancee made the decision and if you are bitter you are giving pleasure to the Devil. Instead of placing blame, look for the answer God would want you to have. It may not be getting yoked unequally. Do you have friends who would be glad to be single instead of married to one who does not deserve their love. They suffer too.
---Chuck on 4/9/05

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i am terribly sorry to hear of your pain. but God allows people to have free will. what if your husband were required to stay home, while you knew he didn't want to stay? that would not be much of an improvement.
---curt on 4/9/05

Sorry to hear that, u r in my prayers/thoughts. I dont think God 'let' your x husband marry another woman, God gave us free choice. Your husband let himself do that. Be strong and pray a lot. Above all, be the best Mom you can be.
---sues on 4/9/05

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