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Brother Just Proposed - Is It God

Does God sometimes give you things you did not ask for? A brother just proposed and I feel so scared. Is it GOD? Please just comment.

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 ---euster on 4/9/05
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God puts things or people in our life when we need them. You do not have to ask for Him to know what you need. This brother may be the first to ask, but it is up to you to answer.
---gregg on 3/25/08

You'll have to ask God. No one can answer that except Him.
---Becky_S on 3/27/07

Dear Euster,are you interested in such a relationship? are you interested in him?if so date him for a period of time until you are sure he is what you want.Pray and trust God for his direction.Bless you.
---RUSSELL on 5/1/05

Scared or nervous? If this is someone you have known a while and you feel the same way for him as he does for you, ask God. If this is some nut you have gone out with a couple of times or "Yikes" someone you just know, and he has come up with this proposal out of nowhere...RUN!!! Oh and while you go, ask God. ;)
---Julie on 4/18/05

As one of the reponders before said. . ."perfect Love cast out fear" Having experienced a similar situation when I was a "baby" Christian, I took it as it was from God, but it wasn't, there was alot of fear from my part & hurt, even though I didn't marry him. I just didn't know better. I think it's great that you are asking others opinions,may I add SEEK GOD 1st!! THEN speak with your pastor or a Godly woman @ your church. " There is wisdom in a multitude of counselors" Spare yourself the pain of a mistake. Seek God!!!
---Maria on 4/11/05

I cannot say if it's God or not, that's up to you to find out. I'm assuming that he's a brother in the Lord and your a woman in the Lord. With that said make sure that his life and background line up with scripture for you. Next and very important, ask God if this person is the right one for you. And don't decide what God want's, this takes patience, but will save you a lot of grief. The Lord bless you.
---John on 4/11/05

Perfect love casts out all fear. Ask God to reveal to you if he is the one or not. Wait on the Lord, he will let you know what the right thing to do is. I unfortunately can't pretend to know if it is God's warning or your own flesh. But trust in the Lord, he is able to let you know one way or another.
---Katie on 4/11/05

How well do you know this brother, it doesn't sound like you've known him for very long, do you have feelings for him as well? I think there needs to be a relationship before there can be a proposal, you both need to get to know each other first. If you like this person, pray about it, then maybe agree to date him and see where it goes from there. God will not lead you astray, you will soon know if the proposal was the right thing, and whether to accept or not.
---Tim on 4/10/05

I married really fast to a fellow that seemed to be wonderful.. However now looking back I see that I had signs that I ignored. It turned out very badly, alot of infidelity. Now we are divorcing and I have a one year old baby boy, which is not horrific, but I never dreamed I'd be 45 raising a child alone. That is not to say that that would happen to you. BUT, Do you know this fellow, I mean "really" know him. I think time will reveal alot about a person. BTW: He went to church with me every week, and knew scriptures.. etc.. Janice
---Janice on 4/10/05

I guess I would have to agree with the previous person's answer I read. You should probably pray and wait until you are quite sure you've heard from God. He is not the author of confusion.
---Victoria on 4/10/05

Be very careful, and please go slo-o-o-o-w. In time, you should better be able see one way or the other.
---Eloy on 4/10/05

You do not say who the brother proposed to, but presumably it is to you.

I trust you mean a Brother in Christ, and not a brother in yuor family.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/10/05

Millions of people propose to someone in the world. Did you know this guy? Are you comfortable with him? Do you like him? Ask yourself some questions, go out with him as friends for now. You sound very insecure.
---Albert on 4/10/05

I believe that if something is from God, you will accept it with joy in your heart instead of being scared. I don't think God will give you something you are not ready for. I suggest that you pray hard about it before doing or saying something negative to the brother. Tell him to give you time to pray about it.
---Josie on 4/9/05

It sounds like a total surprise. I don't think the Lord would go about it in this way, scaring you with a sudden proposal! I think he would do it in a much more loving way and after a healthy courtship. Tell the brother thanks but NO THANKS!
---Pierre on 4/9/05

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