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People Take More Than They Give

I think many potential friendships and relationships fail because persons expect more than they themselves are willing to give and are not as sensitive and considerate as they should be. Seems to me we need to apply the Golden Rule more in our daily living.

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 ---JR on 4/10/05
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Most people are not as they seem.It is sad to say,that how it seems to me.People in the big city,more so I could not say for small towns. City life is lonely for me. I am very carefull now,because been through a lot. You got to have wisdom, people in general can be selfish
Be carefull who you choose as a friend. Love agape
---ELENA on 10/11/12

This phenominon is the result of a culture gone wild. We live in a society of takers. Where people are taught to take without giving back, and without consequence. People are taught that this is acceptable.
---Jed on 5/16/12

My granmother taught me when we have folks come o'er give them the best! My abuela(granmother) If people needed rest from hardships like homeless she would give them lots of good hot meal and our beds If she had to..I wud ask but,why our beds.. She say "we are all family!" so,I wud smile and say "oh,well that's ok If they're family!".... I did not know for granmother every human being (smile) was "our family"...She molded me to be a cheerfull giver! Love of Jesus!
---ELENA on 5/15/12

Thank you JR !
---Emcee on 4/21/08

Emcee: The Golden Rule - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
---JR on 4/21/08

Everything we have belongs to God. Those who have been given more are expected to give more. It is stated to whom much is given much is required. Some have more then others in Spiritual-wealth and some have more then others in material-wealth.If giving makes a person bitter they shouldn't give. We as Christians are supposed to be cheerful givers thats what makes us different from the world. We are like our Savior who gave his life asking nothing in return.
---Marcia on 7/11/07

Your post goes without saying. People are selfish and always will be. They want the big chunk and feel you deserve the small chunk. It takes God to change our ways and thoughts. Selfishness is the main reason churches are in the shape they are in, friendships and marriages go bad,children kill parents. All type evil is born through selfishness. Truly we need Jesus. Selfishness is worse than cancer in our society.
---Robyn on 7/11/07

JR: what is this GOLDEN RULE: Do unto others? Or love thy Neighbour :an eye for an eye:????
---Emcee on 7/11/07

Somebody wrote a book about giver and taker personalities. I feel I have given a lot more to others than they ever have to me. But when Jesus fed the 5000 I doubt if He got anything in return either so we have that in common.
---Virginia on 2/8/07

Point well taken and it is true, some folks are so needy, for whatever reason, and can't get beyond the quagmire of their lives. New way to look at things. They also need the Lord badly.
---Kristine on 4/13/05

We that are strong ougth to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves. Some people need a lot more love then others. Some are hurting and can not give. It is our job to love not to judge. People are needy.
---Linda on 4/12/05

Kristine: I guess the "ME" generation will always be with us. Sadly, "thank you" and other niceties are not part of many persons' vocabulary. Maybe because they were not instilled in them or they did not see them practiced by the adults around them.
---JR on 4/12/05

Emcee: It relates more to treating people the way that you would want to be treated - being considerate, offering a kindness, etc. It doesn't mean "getting back" at anyone. When you really think of it, which of us wouldn't want to be treated well. Hence, you treat others well.
---JR on 4/11/05

JR:: what if he hits you do you hit him back or turn the other cheek? like it says in the Bible. I guess as human beings we retaliate as we are not perfect!!!
---Emcee on 4/11/05

Yes, though I won't stereotype, it seems the "ME" generation is still alive and well. What appalls me is that so many people near where I live, don't even say a common "Thankyou", anymore. The world could be a kinder place, and I still try my best to do my part.
---Kristine on 4/11/05

JR, Let's just be an example of our Lord. If someone asks for your coat, give him your shirt also.
---John on 4/11/05

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