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Christians Follow Worldly Holidays

The bible say that do not follow the ways of the world it is emnity before God. Why christians still allow worldly holidays.

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 ---ayo on 4/11/05
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it's amusing how many equate Gods Plain Truth to turn away from idols and the practices of the heathen to worldly things if living Gods way is living in some other time and if you live in today's world you must do all of the things everyone else does because they all love Jesus so ...driving a car isn't pagan but if you use it to reason away and justify celebrating days of the heathen then why bother with your Bible will do as you please and ignore God anyway
---Rhonda on 2/8/08

God gave us free moral will ..for many the Christian label today is something many wear as a badge ...only professing love of one another while ignoring God ...Gods Plain Truth tells his people to turn away from the ways of this world
---Rhonda on 2/8/08

...judging or condeming those who call themselves Christian but ignores Gods Word which tells us to turn away from heathen practices doesnt help those who are looking for answers ...Christians don't allow or disallow anything it is God who rules not man ...many people cannot or just refuse to detach from mainstream religious systems and teachings ...reasoning away their practices rather than listening to Gods Word's fear of being different ...called out from the world to live in it but called out
---Rhonda on 2/8/08

If I celebrate Independence Day, I celebrate the Christ who freed me from the prison of Adam's disobedience. If I celebrate Thanksgiving, I celebrate the Christ who gave all to be thankful for. It's not about the holiday. It's about the heart of the one who celebrates.
---Linda_Smith on 2/8/08

Robyn>>>I love your style.++>>>>>>Imperfect world, you said a mouth full. I will go futher. Satan and his followers has made a mess of God's world.
---catherine on 7/12/07

I celebrate some holidays. I am not perfect and does not claim to be. I am a Christian living in an imperfect world. The holidays does not make me love God any less. I celebrate Christmas ,Easter and other days. This has nothing to do with my love for Christ.
---Robyn on 7/12/07

The Bible says that the carnal mind, which is death, is enmity with God, not celebrating holidays. One of the ways of the world is to judge others in regards to meat, drink, and holy days, all of which are merely a shadow of the true. The substance is Christ. If I celebrate Christmas, I am celebrating the preeminent Christ who existed before the foundation of the world. If I celebrate Passover (Easter), I celebrate Christ who is my Passover.
---Linda_Smith on 7/12/07

Let's not be myopic in our criticism. Worrying about individual holidays is inconsequential when the whole Western calender revolves around pagan gods, whether we refer to individual days (eg: Thursday = Thor; Firday = Frige; Saturday = Saturnus; etc.) or the months themselves (eg: January = Janus; March = Mars; May = Maia, etc.) We all tell time by the idols of Greece and Rome without exception, even the most fundamentalist of us.
---Climacus_Redivius on 1/21/07

I am having a serious debate with my friend about celebrating holidays such as Christmas etc. I have a 4 year old who does believe in Santa Clause; he also bakes a birthday cake for Jesus to remember his birth. My son is 4 and in 2 years Santa will no longer exist but Jesus will. Isn't that what it is all about. Things like easter bunnies and santa fade away with childhood thoughts but Christ remains true? Help me out here I am lost..
---Vanessa on 12/25/06

By "worldly holidays" do you mean such as July 4th, or Labor Day?
---Jack on 12/19/06

Real Christians don't follow worldly holidays, only nonChristians do. There is nothing woldly about Christ's birth; nor the first Christian pilgrims offering Thanksgiving in America; nor the Passover and Resurrection of Jesus.
---Eloy on 12/17/06

"I do agree with you Rachael, we are to keep, what God ask of us to keep, not man made up, what they made up. We must keep all his laws, and bible holy days."

winna, a Christian isn't obligated to keep any of the biblical holy days. We are also free to celebrate so called man made holidays.
---Kay on 12/17/06

I believe that when the Bible refers to the ways of the world its referring to the evil lifestyles and attitudes of the ungodly, not to holidays, celebrations, etc.
---Kay on 12/17/06

I do agree with you Rachael, we are to keep, what God ask of us to keep, not man made up, what they made up. We must keep all his laws, and bible holy days.
---winna on 12/16/06

"if you can't find it in the Scriptures then you don't want it?"
You can't really be serious can you? Do you have a car, radio, t.v, lawn mower, electricity in your house? Many of these things are invented and used by pagans too. Are we supposed to throuw them all out? You go first and lmk how it works out.
---john on 12/15/06

People wear wordly clothes, drive worldly cars and trucks, use worldly paper, drive on worldly roads, talk on worldly phones, use worldly fuel and no one here is upset about it. But if we observe a worldly holiday we have a problem. Lets be consistent. Those of you who are against Christmas being observed because it's worldly please put away all your worldy things and the rest of us might listen to you.
---john on 12/15/06

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not finding scriptural facts-only tradition.We are to live biblical verbatim - not by man made traditions. If I can't find it written in the scriptures, I don't want it -- that includes christ-mas, easter etc... Jesus is not a gentile GOD he is Jewish doing all the Jewish stuff and that is what Paul taught and did himself.Paul said to IMITATE what he taught and learned from Jesus. Jesus said OBSERVE ALL that I taught --what is it?
---Rachael on 12/13/06

Jana ... My Easter celebration is nothing to do with witchcraft, or bunnies or chicks or eggs. It is to do with the Resurection of Jesus.
My Christmas celebrates Jesus birth as a human baby among us, not Tammus or all that other stuff you quoted.
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/12/06

Nelda..Christmas and Easter's not a christian's based on pagan things. Christmas is the birthday of Tammus who was the son of Semaranus the wife of Nimrod who had an affair with one of the priest and hence Tammus..and Easter is a pagan thing..where does witchcraft figure in the bible? what does the egg, rabbit, etc mean? not christian..
---jana on 9/12/06

I am not condemning anyone for celebrating in many ways the holidays that we have...but my bible tells me theres only one day we are to celebrate...The Sabbath...4th command says :Remember the Sabbath...and the Sabbath is the most celebrated in true christiandom..and I mean in Christ's time, most people celebrated the Sabbath, even many gentiles joined the christians to celebrate....
---jana on 6/5/06

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I think we must be careful when celebrating holidays and be educated as to where these holidays came from. 2Cor. 6:14,15. 1Thess.5:21,22. Eph.5:11. 1Pet.5:8. Pray and let God show you what he would have you do.
---April on 10/19/05

I don't think we should. We are foreigners of this world. we dont belong to this world .
---sun on 9/19/05

Where did you get the idea that holidays are "worldly?"

Do you live on a 22.37 hour day or 11 day week or 40 day month or 9.83 month year?

The present method of reckoning time (24 hour days, 7 day weeks, 30/31 day months, 12 month years) or our system of currency (dollars and cents) and banking are just as much "ways of the world" as some things you think are "worldly" and want to feel super-spiritual when condemning in others.

Lighten up!
---Jack on 5/29/05

Nelda, who said that Christians don't celebrate Pentecost any more? Where did you get that idea?

ALL the pre-Reformation churches of East and West do so, and so do churches such as Lutheran, Anglican, and even Pentecostal ones.

American pop-evangelicals are not the sum total of Christian observance, or even its norm.
---jack on 5/29/05

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Consider the intent behind the celebrationa. Jesus' first miracle was performed at a "party", celebrating is okay. Also, take a look at Colossians 2:16.
---c on 5/9/05

I have thought of this and wondered why we Christians didn't celebrate our own Holidays more. Like Day of Pentecost, there could be cards and gifts whatever.A patriotic holiday is okay. I celebrate Christmas and Easter.I think some of the Jewish holidays or Holy Days could be observed. A person could be creative and make their own celebrations of Biblical events or characters.
---Nelda_Gregory on 4/29/05

well put, alan. celebrating secular holidays isn't putting something before God. Independence Day, Veterans' Day, Memorial Day, and many others are holidays in memory of men and women who gave their lives so that you could get online and post your question. should we not honor them?
---gabriel on 4/29/05

Linda very well said, I agree with you it's all about Jesus.
Pek just curious what are chinese dumplings?
---bethie on 4/13/05

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Why should Christians not celebrate worldly celebrations, such as Independence Day, or Armistice Sunday, or Founder's Day at school, or New Year's Day.

There is no wrong worship attached to these.

You might as well say we must not listen to classical or other secular music, to listen to the secular news, or watch any sports, or do anything we enjoy.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/12/05

I have argued with friends that God loves his children to have funs and festivals. However, these must not in conflict with God's hatred for idolatory. I belong to Chinese Christians who would celebrate CNY, Moon Cake Festivals, Chinese Dumpling Festivals and those not related to idol worships.
---Pek on 4/11/05

Thank you and a BIG AMEN Linda!
---Kathay on 4/11/05

One worldly holiday comes to mind and that is Mardi Gras in New Orleans. You are speaking of worldly nature when you say it is enmity against God. Following the ways of the world as far as holidays is like saying do no wish anybody 'happy birthday.'
---gregg on 4/11/05

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i don't know of any real christians that celebrate worldly holidays. Personaly i only celebrate 3 holidays: Passover and Resurrection Day; Thanksgiving; and Christmas. The Passover and Resurrection celebrates Jesus' death and resurrection; Thanksgiving celebrates our pilgrim forefathers coming to America on the Mayflower; and Christmas celebrates Christ being born in the form of a man on earth. So there's no worldliness in my holidays. But if people celebrate Easter bunnies and Easter eggs, and Santa clauses and reindeers, that's their poor choices.
---Eloy on 4/11/05

Christ is the reason for every season,reason for creation and the reason for every day,so there is no day that is unholy before God.we only have unholy act which are put on by people of the world.
---Oluwatosin on 4/11/05

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