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Not Posting a Photo Is A Cover-Up

I believe God has a husband and wife for everyone here but wonder why most ChristiaNet members prefer not to write about their physical qualities or even post a picture. If not inferiority complex and deceit; is that wise?

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 ---Maxwell on 4/11/05
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Because there for many of the names, the same photo would be posted about 30 or 40 X, that would be embarrassing with all of those different profiles and the same photo.
---Jaclyn on 12/9/07

Not necessarily. Perhaps someone looks so good it's embarrassing. [Don't we wish].
---catherine on 5/30/07

Although I am married and don't have a recent picture of myself to post, I believe it is much wisdom to get to know someone by the spirit first rather than by the outward appearance. The outward appearance is subject to change but the eternal spirit of the born again believer is not. My husband knew me by the spirit first and that is what he fell in love with. What was and is precious to God is what was and is precious to him. Because of that, I could gain a hundred pounds and it still wouldn't change who he fell in love with.
---Linda9774 on 5/30/07

I stick to the blogs/quizzes too but I can see people being more cautious in these times. U do not know that person- many just dont feel comfortable having a pix, etc. all willy nilly. I am a private person I would not care to have "me" & "my" personal stuff just "out" there- thats just me. But I dont have an inferiority complex probably the opposite I am "my" own type of person that is just how God made me. But if others want that I dont see it as wrong either.
---Jeanne on 11/6/06

I don't see that a picture is necessary but in addition to that I don't see that another person's financial status is important either. When I saw the questions asked I decided to just stick to the blogs and the quizzes and forget the penpal section.
---M.A. on 2/24/06

Maybe we dont want to be judged on external features, but on who we are..If things develop, then we NEED to see, and even hear each other (Phone/ Photos). I prefer to be contacted, initially for what I say, not looks. I do not have inferior complex.. I am just wise, with whom I reveal myself too, simply because we dont know each other.. not all are who they say they are, so I am wise yet wary..too much is judged on outward appearance before the inside is known..
---Karin on 2/24/06

"Fools's names, monkey faces: always seen in public places."

Maxwell, is it wise to put personal information about yourself where all kinds of strangers all over the world with all kinds of intentions (some not so honorable) can find it?

Maybe a person would prefer to share his/her picture ONLY with someone who writes first. Maybe the person doesn't have a picture to put on the net.
---jack on 5/30/05

I think posting a picture really depends on your intentions. My profile currently states an interest in chatting. For that purpose I dont see a need or a point, unless a special friendship develops out of that where both parties deem it appropriate.

If my intentions change, then perhaps I will post one.
---eric on 5/27/05

But the LORD said to Samuel, "Do not look at his appearance or at the height of his stature, because I have refused him. For the LORD does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart." 1Sa 16:7, NKJ
---gabriel on 4/29/05

Julie/Alan of Uk: lol
---laura on 4/24/05

hahah!!! we're just so lucky photography was invented. thnx to them...well i'm just making you guys smile a bit...but seriously...if i was to post a picture and got tricky about it...i might post a picture but not the real me,,,know wot i'm saying? we have the right of choice and i dont mind if people here dont post their pic. it's better that than a fake pic of them,,myself?i'm just looking for friends and if anyone wants a pic of me...i'd be glad to send through their email,that's it that's all,,,have a good day/night.
---maria on 4/23/05

I think it's neither inferior nor deceitful to leave a pic unposted. There are many reasons folks don't put a picture on here. I don't do it because I email from the public library, and there is no scanner. People really misunderstand that and think if I go to a different site that I can post an attachment. That still isn't true. I'd post a pic if I could, but it isn't possible. I love God and all that good stuff, but it wasn't fair for you to make that kind of accusation.
---EJ on 4/23/05

I had a picture posted,but I think that it attracted a lot of attention and thought it prudent to take it off.I appreciated the compliments but it defeated my purpose.When I have a regular photo instead of a glamour shot;I'll re-post it.
Where ever I go,people are surprised that I'm a grandmom, and they think my daughters and I are sisters. Even when I go out with my youngest son who is twenty;people think that we are a couple.I've had a person actually get angry because he thought I was lying about my age. Funny isn't it?
---Eloisa on 4/21/05

To Alan of UK... I am already squashed and mishapen.
To the original Blog...YEEESSS!!! We are all hiding something...the claw!! Otherwise, just can't get a picture in there to hop on line. ;)
---Julie on 4/18/05

Why the big deal about pictures? Anyways, you cant judge a book by its cover, duh.
---sue on 4/16/05

If you have joined this Site in the hope that maybe God has a partner lined up for you on the Site, I think it is sensible to put a photo of yourself on your profile.

Once you start private conversation it is nice to be able to visualise the person you are talking to.

But if you are on the site to join in blogs and discussions, I see no reason why you should need to know what the other person looks like.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/14/05

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How could it be deceit if you simply don't have a way to upload a photo? Maybe too some people consider spiritual character more important than physical attributes. Just some things to consider.
---Ann_G on 4/14/05

Lovable Linda ... yes that is how it is done

Go to community home, click on post a photo, then that will give you the command to BROWSE, When you click on that, you will be shown all the folders in yuor computer, and you can find your actual photo you want to use, and click on that and it will go to CN.

But make sure it is square, otherwise you will find yuorslf squashed and misshapen!!
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/12/05

I wonder... if we have a photo in a folder that we can email to Christianet...can they put it on our profile?
---lovable_linda on 4/12/05

I'll tell you exactly why my picture isn't posted. I'm a happily married woman and say so in my profile. However, I kept getting solicitations from men -- especially from other countries! It was unnerving and, at the advice of the the CN President, I had my picture removed.
---Larissa on 4/12/05

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Seems ladies are indirectly advocating that sisters s'd be wearing veil like moslems. Spiritual connections or not, there's physical meeting b4 there is no point not posting. Ugly or beautiful..we're all fearfully and wonderfully made-it depends on the eyes of beholder.
Posting pics doesn't really mean people 'd judge by looks alone-other qualities are considered too. I'm not tall but I say my height bcos I know God has someone who 'll like me as I am. One can know true love when he/she shows the up & downside, isn't it? Let thank God for making us the way we are.
---Maxwell on 4/12/05

John it's nice to know there are still gentleman in this world.
---bethie on 4/12/05

well, as some say they may not know how. but most importantly they dont have too. :-) <><
---monique on 4/12/05

There are different reasons people don't post a picture. A photo isn't always a true indication of what a person looks like anyway. Believe me I have met several guys who have looked much better in person than their photos and some who have looked much worse. So personally I don't put a lot of stock in pics. I try to get to know someone and see what we have in common. Friendship is the best start to any relationship. If you want to get to know someone for friendship or romance, learn what is in their heart and soul first!I may post a pic later or can send one if asked.
---sharon on 4/12/05

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Thank you John, gallant not chauvanistic. I appreciate a man being concerned about a lady's well being.
---Kathay on 4/12/05

S ... you may be able to download a driver from the web.

Type in the name of the manufacturer of the scanner and do a search. Then the manufacturers site may offer you the download for your model
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/12/05

There is no guarantee you will find a spouse on CNet, picture or not. It is wonderful if in fact that you do, picture or not. I just want to meet new friends, I don't care what they look like as long as they are decent people and we have similar interests. And my picture is not on because I haven't educated myself on knowing how to do it.
---Judith on 4/12/05

I don't post a picture for a variety of reasons. Most important one is that I am looking for a companion who will love and accept me for the woman of God I am who is of spiritual and intellectual interest to a man. If a guy is looking for a knockout, I don't want him.
---Madison on 4/11/05

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I don't think its bad, but it may not be wise for women and we should be concerned with protecting them. Some women may think that's chauvinistic but, sorry that's just me.
---John on 4/11/05

maybe people want to meet someone who is not obsessed with looks. too many people only take a glance and look no deeper than the photo.
---curt on 4/11/05

If you would like Maxwell, my penpal address is : katha7879. I'm not an elder, nor married, but I do like to discuss issues and share and learn.

To others, you don't need a scanner to post your picture. If you have a picture in your files, you just make it the right size and download it. Very simple.
---Katha7879 on 4/11/05

I finally found even a printer with photo posting capabilies. I'm trying to see if my computer can scan and put on a picture. Maybe my niece will get it on before I do because she recently sent me a picture of my knew grand-nephew. So here's hoping. Everytime I got going on my physical qualities my messages was too long the computer said so I had to start over. So every once in awhile "somebody" would remind me and I'd attempt it again. Sincerely, Audrey
---Audrey on 4/11/05

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Maxwell, some people like myself do not know how to do the picture thing. I have a scanner my daughter gave me and can not get a driver to download and she can't find the disc that went with the scanner. So it may be some thing like that.
---S on 4/11/05

Because I don't have a scanner,and am an artist & not high teck at all.If you want a photo I can email one.
---lovable_linda on 4/11/05

Good point. As a woman, I would not want to be judged by my physical attributes-but rather my intellect; also, I don't know how to post my photo. All of us are not that brilliant w/computers. Personally, I like the element of mystique' too. Besides, I don't think God needs help match-making. I'm sure he can handle the task. Much love & Peace
---Crystal on 4/11/05

I don't believe in posting pictures. Because a lot of people normally use someone esle's pictures to describe their self, so i believe the spiritual part is the most important and the heart.
---Yinka on 4/11/05

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Honesty about physical qualities makes you more acceptable to those who want those physical characteristics. A picture would indicate what the future generations may look like. Economically, you must have a camera, a scanner, and a computer. It does take awhile be comfortable with yourself when you enter a room.
---gregg on 4/11/05

Believe it or not, some of us simply don't have appropriate recent pictures. But more to the point, many of us choose to be judged not by the outer wrapping as much as by the gift within.
---jane on 4/11/05

Yes Kathy..but I 'd rather prefer to contact you first if you don't mind. Some of the replies here are words of wisdom-so more advise from elders/married believers like you are welcomed.

I wanted to remain anon bcos I post this blog to learn not to defend my views.

While I believe spiritual connection is more important, the physical is somewhat vital-we feel attracted to some not all.

Besides online dating, believers mostly meet physically say in church b4 dating. Bless u great!
---Maxwell on 4/11/05

What about the simple fact that someone i.e. women, want to protect their privacy? Is that no longer allowed? Although I do not search the women's pages, the majority of the men I have received email from do not have pictures either.
---Heidi on 4/11/05

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Yes i wonder why people do it especially women.
---robin on 4/11/05

May I please ask your penpal addy Maxwell?
---Kathay on 4/11/05

It is not deceit and it is not necessarily an inferiority complex. It is simply not always appropriate to judge on a person's appearance. It strikes me as vain when some describe themselves as 'above average' in looks too. Better to get to know the other person before exchanging photos. I met my husband to be on this site and we didn't know what the other looked like until a way into our correspondence. By then, it wouldn't have mattered to me anyway. I was attracted to HIM, not his looks. Judging on looks is very dangerous indeed.
---Amber on 4/11/05

Because some may be like me, just looking for penpals and not mates.
---bethie on 4/11/05

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Personally, I got too many penpal letters from men all over the world wanting single women to talk to when my picture and age and the non married status was posted. After a while some actually got a bit fresh. Some I think want American wives so they can leave their country. I had many from India, Iran etc. I am Persian, but listed myself as American because I am a citizen here.
---Kathay on 4/11/05

Not posting a picture on the site does not necessarily indicate an inferiority complex or deceit so there is no need for suspicion on your part. Discernment is the tool of the Spirit of God. No posted picture may just simply indicate that the member would rather a connection in the spirit be made first...or that he/she may not have a scanner or a means of posting a picture. Too many marriages break up because of the "surface factor" and lack of spiritual intimacy.
---Linda9774 on 4/11/05

I don't have anything against posting a picture but I don't believe any relationship should be based on a surface examination. When I met my husband for the first time, he had longer hair than I liked and seemed, for all intents and purposes, "not my type" but God knows the heart of every man and knew that man would love me as Christ does the church. Although he is not an unattractive man, it is his heart that matters most to me.
---Linda9774 on 4/11/05

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