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Terry Schivo Needed Tests

Since the tragedy that happend to Terry Schivo, what do you think about this? It seems that many of the doctors that were doing their pontificating hadn't even examined Terry. Shouldn't there have been tests performed to see if she could relearn how to walk, talk, etc.?

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 ---Victoria on 4/11/05
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I know that people across the world were praying for Terry. I prayed for a miracle that she would get up and walk out of that bed by herself. I sobbed in my pillow when I thought about her being starved every day, her "husband", whatever, refusing to let her family see her. She's free of that man and all of the others who helped him. She's with Jesus Christ.
---lisa on 6/14/08

Every night I prayed for Terry while they were starving her to death like she was in a prison camp.
Her blood is on their hands, they did murder her.
She did smile and acknowledge her mother, she knew that was her mom. Oh, it made me sick, sick, sick to watch a cruel man who wanted money kill his wife in a way that many consider proper and oh so civilized. It wasn't, it was horrid.
---lisa on 6/14/08

Everyone deserves to live. God gave us life and no one has the right to take it away. That poor girl was murdered by her own husband. If he wanted to remarry why didn't he get a divorce and do it. Terry's family wanted to care for her. They didn't need him.It was the insurance money he wanted and he got it too! Terry laughed and smiled she knew what was going on. They starved her to death and that's evil.
---Gail on 6/14/08

Her "husband", whatever, wanted her dead.

Her family loved her dearly and they wanted to take care of her. It is despicable and to take the "husband's", whatever, word and those that fought with him, tooth and toenail to stop feeding took almost 2 weeks to starve her to death.
Her blood is on their hands.
The "husband", whatever, wanted her dead.
But he can't kill her spirit.
---lisa on 6/13/08

Life is precious and by all accounts, it appeared to me that she wanted to continue living. The family loved her, they wanted her and I would have been right there with them, taking care of her. She was not suffering, no bed sores, they were taking excellent care of her.

The husband, whatever, is responsible for this tragedy, strife and heartache that he gave to her loved ones.
---lisa on 6/13/08

Two 'rights' that have been taken away from us are the right to life and the right to death. This has accompanied the secularization of the UK and America. Get rid of the Bible, and you are writing your own execution warrant. There is no other authority that protects your rights. The UN refuses to help, I know because I asked them about prisoners in Japan, in detention centres. Illegals. These people have no human dignity, and there is no authority on earth prepared to help them.
---frances008 on 6/12/08

Scientists want to control who lives, who dies, when we die, etc. etc. No longer is God in control, Satan has completely taken over this planet. Terry Schivo had a right to live, yes, but when that proved to be a living death, then she had a right to die. I speak from experience of paralyzing drugs.
---frances008 on 6/12/08

I'd bet her doctors did all the appropriate tests. I dont think its for us to make assumptions about the situation since we were not personally involved.
Not everyone who breaks their leg has a nobel prize winning orthopedic surgeon treat them.
That's just the way life goes.
---Todd1 on 6/12/08

I'm a nurse in Palliative and Hospice inpatient.The brain waves issue doesn't matter. The problem was that she was taking too long to die. Even if she would never speak or walk again,her life had dignity in Christ's. The brain was capable to operate her organs. Food was introduce through her Peg tube(in stomach). The stomach was able to divide up the nurtrients and give to organs their needed substances. Schivo already opened the door for others to decide when one's life is'good enough' to continue life.
---Nicole on 6/12/08

INDEED!! But her 'husband' would not allow it.
2 outside doctors, one a Nobel Prize winner in brain research who studied her brain x-rays, stated that he'd seen much worse cases that had rehab live productive lives.
---Kathay on 6/12/08

Dr. Death does give you the creeps.
He is an aethiest.
---KCeeopolis on 7/9/07

Kevorkian was convicted for assisting suicide (killed 130). He ever offered pain control; all he wanted to do was kill.

He was released from prison, and there are all these sob stories about how a man as ill as he is should not be in prison. But note well, some of his victims were in better shape than he is now!

He was also a great fan of killing people for their organs and using humans for medical experiments.
---Ktisophilos on 7/9/07

Dennis ... It would be interesting if you can give us the actual chapter, paragraphs numbers of these things in English Common Law, and the actual quotation.
---alan_of_UK on 7/8/07

The activist judge Greer should be removed from the bench. This is the second time he has let a husband kill a wife. With Terri, it was ordering her to be starved and dehydrated to death, and the gutless Jeb and Congress wrung their hands. Previously, a Helene Ball McGee requested a restraining order from Greer against her violent estranged husband. Greer refused, and 10 days later, the husband stabbed her to death.
---Ktisophilos on 7/7/07

So much nonsense has been spouted by the anti-Christian media, and sadly, many Christians buy their lies. E.g. Congress' vote to save her was said to be "government interference", but these critics are willingly ignorant of the fact that the US Constitution says there are three branches of goverment, and one is judicial. So Greer's death order was "cgvernment interference".
---Ktisophilos on 7/7/07

According to the Common Law Jeb Bush did have the authority to call the National Guards. In the chapter on the laws of England it says if it is not reason it is not law. In the chapter on the absolute rights of persons it says if the courts are defective their is the right of resistance.

Therefore, Jeb Bush did have the authority to call the National Guard on Terri's behalf.
---Dennis on 7/7/07

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Yes there should have been. This is why I am not down on Dr K. He has done no more than these insensitive and human hating foals did to this young lady. It was such a shame. They sent this man to prison and these uncaring dopes escaped after killing this young woman.
---Robyn on 6/2/07

I think her husband was one of the biggest creeps I've ever seen. I feel so strongly about it, I'm not leaving my blog name. I cried every night for her while they refused her water/food. It went on for two weeks. I prayed for a miracle. Nobody was able to rescue her from this man. Her family tried, they wanted her, they loved her. Her husband was not a husband. His motives were to get even with her family. He is still a creep.
---anonymous on 6/2/07

According to one of her former nurses she did have a small vocabulary at one time. She said "mommy, pain and a few other words. Her husband also ordered them not to give her therapy. One nurse said she put a washcloth in Terri's hand and he took it away complaining that was therapy. On Fox News they had a tape where her father had asked her several questions such as "does your head hurt? Does your mouth hurt etc. and you could hear her try to answer him each time. Yes, I heard there were important tests that they did not perform.
---Mary on 6/1/07

Now that all is said and done and just about every panel of experts have reviewed the autopsy results, it is clean that Michael Shiavo made the right decision and fought the the dignified death of his wife.

The autopsy revealed that Terry's cranium was in fact mostly filled with water and the actually brain was almost nonexistant. She had no capacity to feel or see or know what was going on around her. She had only the ability of involuntary motion.
---Thomas on 12/16/06

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If we assume Terry had some brain function, can you also assume the horror she felt? Being able to think and feel while being trapped inside a nonfuctioning body--unable to communicated or move.

That is not the essense of life. That is the essense of a death row sentence.
---Emily_Shaffer on 12/16/06

absolutely. but if you find out a lot of info about this, you will find that her husband was withholding treatment. he was probably concealing crimes of physical abuse.
---barb on 4/30/05

This that happened to poor Terry Shindler was an abomination. Michael Shiavo,melted down her ring and made one for himself. He then refused to allow her beloved family a lock of her hair. He had her body burned up and wouldn't give any remains to the hurting family. He is a hate filled monster from the pits of hell,as is the evil,satanic Jugdge Greer. Greer and Shiavo will face the LORD at the Great White Throne,and no place will be found for them. And all who support Greer and Shiavo are Kavorkianites
---jay on 4/29/05

Shira is right ,there's so much information from different sources ,you wonder which is honest.A doctor who had been a volunteer to the right to life for diabled organization , saw her & records,said they never gave Terri a function test.All they gave was a CT Scan which checked structure,and she needed an MRI to check function.The test she had did indicate there was still undamaged tissue in part of the brain.That doctor said he got a cognitive response from her.What?How much? Mercy killing?Who's next?Maybe one of us, would we die without it?Life support needs clearer definition.
---Darlene_1 on 4/12/05

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Yes, there definately should have been more testing done... and therapy was an obvious need. Many professionsals feel that she was not as brain-damaged as many claimed. The husband, who loves, lives with, and has fathered children through another woman, was wrongfully allowed total control, in my opinion. It seems very clear to many that he wanted her dead. Period. The courts over-stepped their bounds, too.
---Pastor_Don on 4/12/05

In cases like these, you hear a little of everything. I read she had lots of test and an eeg showed her brain to be atrophopic. I don't know what is true. God knows what is true and He will judge someday.
---shira_5965 on 4/12/05

Victoria, that whole incident was and is a tragedy. It caused the anger of the pope to be stirred against the medical community of the US and rightly so, but it was against the religious community as well. Why couldn't anybody walk to Terry and say, 'Rise and walk' and it be so? Somebody needs to let God go!
---gregg on 4/11/05

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