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Are The Spiritual Gifts For Today

The spiritual gifts, listed in 1Cor. are they for today or it was for the generation, in which the apostles lived? Are the gifts today spiritual?

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 ---Tibor on 4/11/05
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People get enough negativity.
We are generally all too aware of our failures and mistakes.

A true prophetic spirit is the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

He was clear, full of truth, and He did not always have to be talking or even have the last word.
Jesus knew who He was and what He was destined to do.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit did not cease after the Book of Acts was written. The gifts and God's Holy Spirit have remained the same.
Do not be afraid of the Holy Spirit.
---Michelle on 12/21/07

God has called every Christian to be salt and light in the world.

And they went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them and confirming the Word through the accompanying signs.

Mark 16:20
---Michelle on 12/21/07

Yes, they are very much for us today!
Though they are different, they are all
useful helping us to work together to serve
God and each other. See Rom. 12:4-5 They
are given to us by God for special assign-
ments. What are some of the gifts. See:
1 COR. 12:8-11 "the ability to give wise
advice" "the gift of studying and teaching"
"special faith/power to heal the sick"
"the power to prophecy/preach" "the ability
to easily learn a foreign language" etc.
See: EPH 4:11-13
---Pierre on 5/19/07

Tibor: It seems that the gift of the Spirit which you are refering to is 'Speaking in tongues'and you have already come on with your mind set against it. A person's opinion doesn't matter over the Word of God.-Yes, it is for today. I pray in tongues everyday and God gives me understanding. Mostly it's praise, other times guidance, other times instruction and it is a big help for me in my walk with Jesus.May God bless you and lead you to all truth.
---Eloisa on 4/22/05

As Christian, we connect to God like an internet. We draw in the Spirit of God. But God's way is different, The Spirit of God may fill you with Him to show His gifts for you. If you don't get any, don't be jealous. It is better off to believe Him even we don't have any gifts. But what is there to compare with life eternal and the privilege of being children of God?
---Pek on 4/18/05

The answer is: YES! However, instead of seeking the POWER of the gifts, we need to pursue having GODLY CHARACTER so that God will be able to TRUST us with whatever gifts He wishes to manifest through us.
---Anthony on 4/13/05

Tibor, Gifts I listed, from the Bible,it's real today. Holy Ghost gives the language and interpretation. That's what happened in the Bible.God gave languages the people knew,through the Apostles, so they could be convinced. No one understands without; Gift of Interpretation.Even when several have the Gift, when tongues are given, if they understand ,the Holy Ghost only gives one the job of interpretation.Praying in tongues and the Gift needing interpretation are two different things and have different purposes. Understanding,counsel,fortitude,piety,or fear of the Lord not the Gifts.
---Darlene_1 on 4/13/05

I would love to be like Peter, just walk by and his shadow healed people. That would be amazing. We all have these gifts in us, we just need to activate them. This is where the faith comes in.
---Rebecca_D on 4/12/05

I was watching this program on t.v. and this woman would say now repeat after me she began to pray, then she would say about now you should feel burning in your throat working its way up, now repeat after me then she began to speak in tongues. Then she stopped and said, okay that is all we have time for today. My mouth gapped open, and then it hit the floor. to me that was hogwash. If a person is a child of God they will know when one is faking it or if is from God. Speaking in tongues is a language that only God understands unless there is someone to interrupt it.
---Rebecca_D on 4/12/05

If Emcee is quoting Isaiah as "gifts of the spirit" that refers to the seven spirits of God. If the 12 fruits of the spirit are proof that we have the holy spirit, compare that list and the church - boy, does anybody have the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit comes when we accept Jesus as Lord, it's up to us whether we use it or not! It is through the Holy Spirit that we can access all the spiritual gifts listed in the Bible. Don't forget that discernment, mercy and faith are gifts of the spirit, along with the power gifts - tongues, prophecy, interpretation and healing.
---Nanci on 4/12/05

Thanks for all your answers and advices, but there is speaking in tounges, healings, prophesying future things, are all for today's church, cause I think, that tounges in the time of pentecost were real, understandable languages, people understood the gospel and received salvation
thru grace. Nowadays you can't understand a word. Why is that so? The answer from Emcee seems to me, the more accurate, I don't want to hurt anyone by saying that. I respect your beliefs and may God bless you all.
---Tibor on 4/12/05

The Bible gives, God empowered Spiritual Gifts , 1Corinthians12:1-12,especially 7-10. Gifts ;word of wisdom, word of knowledge, faith, gifts of healing,working of miracles, prophecy, discerning of spirits, divers kinds of tongues, interpretation of tongues. Those are the gifts which minister to the body of believers ,the Church. They only operate in God's people by a move of the Holy Ghost through them.They are for today,the fact they are still in operation in Churches who accept that move of God ,proves it.God uses those who submit, but He alone chooses which gifts he will bestow on each person.
---Darlene_1 on 4/12/05

Absolutely they are. Just as the word of God is relative yesterday, today and forever.
---Judith on 4/12/05

Hi. glad to inform you: they are. God gave it to all the beleivers so that we can build each other up and declare His glory throughout the world.
---Gwen_M. on 4/12/05

Tibor: These are the Gifts of the Holy spirit:-
Wisdom,Understanding,Counsel.Fortitude,Knowledge,Piety, And Fear of the Lord.=7
The Fruits of the Holy Spirit are:
Charity, Faith, Joy, Peace,Goodness,
Modesty,Continence& Chastity.=12
If you have those you have the Holy Spirit
---Emcee on 4/11/05

Yes they are still used today. The gifts today are the same ones Paul had in his time. They are just as strong. We have the spiritual gifts in us, we just need to activiate them.
---Rebecca_D on 4/11/05

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The spiritual gifts are for all generations. IMHO.
---Kathay on 4/11/05

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