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Sleep With A Pastor In November

I always sin when in its November. I am a born-again God-fearing sister but when November comes I am always falling into sin with a Pastor who lies to me and say they want to marry me. It happened twice now. Please everybody, I need your prayers.

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 ---Shanice on 4/12/05
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No, you need deliverance. Jesus did not come to set up a church full of sin, he came to do away with sin, he is coming back for a bride, without sin. Fasting is the only thing that will break this spirit off of you. Both pastors need to fast also, and quick, many people will be hurt, because of this, and the bible is clear, when it says to not do anything to cause your brother to stumble.Many will if this is not dealt with. They both need to be reported to those over them, to protect their next victim.
---Gayla on 1/20/08

So you always sin in November?

It must have something to do with your astrological sign.

Suggest that you avoid any association with the opposite gender during November, faithly pray every day and consult your horoscope before leaving the house.
---AstroBug on 1/18/08

Uh yeah. It's called a spirit of Lust.
---Mark on 1/18/08

There must be a particular reason why you get drawn into this. Do you have an inward longing to marry a pastor, perhaps, leaving you more vulnerable? I know of a girl who was in a similiar situation. I would suggest that you get close to a solid ladies ministry that you can trust and confide in. Share your concern with mature Christian ladies, and stay close to them. Be willing to let the Holy Spirit speak to you and be ready to obey. God will always answer a sincerely seeking heart. But we need to be willing to do our part, too. God bless!
---Don on 1/18/08

That is a stupid reason to marry ---Jay80108
THE so called pastor should step down for a start he is not fit to be a pastor and this woman also should stop being a stumbling block and keep away from church pastors.
---susanna on 8/1/05

Is the Pastor single? If he is he needs to marry so that his strong sexual desire is not in sin. If he is single, marry him and your own strong sexual desires will not be in sin.
---Jay80108 on 4/29/05

We know that Fornication is a Sin! What is the Root cause of Why that Sin has you Bound. I Believe the first thing to do is to Face the fact that you are in Sin, and Ask God, sincerly through the Holy Spirit to Give you the Wisdom to Overcome your Weakness. Know that the Love of God will bring that Temptation Captive in the name of Jesus. Let me Encourage YOU my Sister you have been Bought with a Price the Blood of Jesus and he Loves you more than your Weakness. Learn to overcome the Battle in your Mind and take Captive of your Thoughts in the name of Jesus. May the Peace of God be Upon U!
---Renatta on 4/23/05

Shanice lemme tell u this, your mind is a dangerous work place of evil cause its the one which you have to fight with and no you cant fight it alone you need JESUS yeah and about your november thang forget it. its you who have set your mind to sin at november and you can change that, pray to GOD to give you a clear mind. sexual sin is the last tool of the devil to bring all us CHRISTIANS to him.But JESUS wont let it happen all you gotta do is pray to HIM . me out. peace
---Richard on 4/23/05

Shanice, I would strongly recommend that you get another pastor, one who is strong in the Lord, and will not lead you astray, like this other pastor obviously does. You stay strong in the Lord. I too, have been Delivered of the Lord in this area. It still takes a lot of strength from the Lord to say NO!!! in those situations; but I know that God Knows Best, and has someone Divinely Picked out for me. God Bless you as you search for a new church.
---EJ on 4/23/05

As Emcee so rightly says, Shanice asks for our prayers.

She needs those, not our condemnation.

If she has repented, God has forgiven her ... those past sins are washed awy ... we have no right to judge her.

Just let's pray for her in the future, OK?
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/23/05

Shanice:-)I have read all the blogs in this connection. Sorry to say inspite or your open confession, which must have been extremely hard to divulge; I see people with stones in their hand, some others & I, just say be brave, say no, throw yourself at the Mercy of our Divine saviour, your perfect contrition will absolve you, if only & its you only, who has the power to say NO>Jesus said "Go & sin no more"God be with you.
---Emcee on 4/21/05

If you know this happens to you in "NOVEMBER", then lock yourself in your room and read the word without the Pastor until December comes around. I don't mean to sound sarcastic but if you know this happens around this time, run the other way and pray without ceasing. Repent and surround yourself with god fearing WOMEN whom you will be accountable to. God Bless
---girl on 4/21/05

Madison ... I think my first paragraph may explain why sexual sins are vilified more than others!!

And of course, the woman is the one who gets criticised, because they are not suppposed to "be like that" ... the old idea that women did not enjoy sex. Whereas men are natural sexual predators, and so attract less criticism.

The xtrem of that attitude remains in Islam, where the straying woman is stoned, and the man gets off scot free
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/20/05

Alan: I understand what you say about sex being a dangerous sin. Unfortunately, it is also the one that is most vilified in the church. If people gossip or swear, there is usually not a great deal of excitement amongst the body of believers, yet if someone is found out to be fornicating, then heads turn and whispers abound.
---Madison on 4/19/05


Well, Christians mostly seem to have great hang-up about sexual sins. Perhaps it is because it is the sin which gives greatest pleasure, yet is forbidden us?

But there is more to it than just being a sinful action ... it has sinful effects, as when it is clandestine, it is so often followed by desertion, or betrayal, (or unwanted offspring) and can cause great hurt and damage to at least one of the partners.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/19/05

My goodness people! She admits to giving in to temptation and is seeking your prayers and all you can offer is judgement. God see's all sin's equally , no? Then if you were to lie I could just as easily say " I doubt that you are actually God fearing as you say because you have lied" If you care for your sister you will pray not tell her that she is not a good enough christian , none of us are good enough - That's why Jesus came to earth.
---BeckyH on 4/19/05

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Shanice, contemplating to sin in November is a rather abnormal attitude by any Christian. If the desire and willingness is in existence right now, then you are guilty of sin even now.

I personally looked at your original post as either silly or a joke.
---Albert on 4/19/05

Pastors are human and we should not put totally our trust in men but always in God. No matter what men sins are. Repent and totally surrender it to God. Ask God to strengthen christians and always pray.Remember men regardless they are ordinary christians or leaders they are humans and not God.TRUST GOD AT ALL TIMES.
---maria on 4/18/05

If a man wants to marry you and he is truly a pastor (check it out) he will keep a chaste life. He would not want to open your relationship to Satan. He is endangering his pastorate. Be assertive, you deserve respect as his future wife and tell him you want to respect him as a true man of God. You need to examine your heart and start fasting and praying for strength in the face of temptation.
---Nancy on 4/18/05

Beloved bretheren, your encouragements blessed me "November sin". Rebukes are godly. Curt says I made it up. God forgive you. That's not building, it's breaking. I fear God that's why I decided to seek spiritual help publicly. Pray for us.
---Shanice on 4/15/05

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Directed to Alan-you may be right about her timing, but one has to grow in the Lord and learn to resist. Alan, the Spring is like a new beginning, all the beautiful flowers in bloom and the birds singing. Think on your wife being in those surroundings all the time in heaven! Think of her when you go outside and share a little time 'with' her. Smile when you think of all the Springs you spent together, and of your daughters and how fortunate you were to have her for as long as you did. God bless you.
---Kathay on 4/14/05

I have struggled at different times in the year because of certain traumas and losses that occurred in that particular season. As a result of therapy and hard work, I have learned to be especially on my watch, and not allow myself to fall into temptation. I strongly suggest you seek help in figuring out what is behind your November sin.
---Madison on 4/14/05

Shanice, would you please contact me personally through my profile on Christianet. My ID is linda9974 and within that profile is my personal e-mail address. I hear the cry of your heart but truly feel that any ministry to you would be more beneficial one on one and far away from any sense of condemnation and judgment against you.
---Linda_Smith on 4/14/05

Only Alan has offered you any understanding of what may take place in your life. Tho he understood you to a degree there is a large piece missing and I prefer to speak with you privately. Please contact me @ Becky5765 in C-net.
Thank you.
---Becky on 4/14/05

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Scripture explicitly instructs us to "flee fornication", As long as we try to resist in our own power we will fail. The Holy Spirit can help you to rely upon God's grace. It works! Resist temptation by submitting to God. We are tempted becasuse we are drawn away by our own lusts. Why are you spending time alone with someone who has caused you to sin in the past? You are setting your self up for moral failure. You will never get positive results by repeating negative behavior.I Seriously question the integrity of these "Pastors" who would lead a sheep astray.
---Ann_G on 4/14/05

God seeks for those that will worship Him in spirit and in truth....what's your decision after all these deceits?
there are two kinds of born again o....those who will see heaven and the others which will enter heaven. Which do you choose today?that decision will help you desist the devil and flee from him next time he comes no matter which garment he will be wearing(even the garment of a revivalist like Martin Luther)!
---eckie on 4/13/05

Shanice I do not understand what has prompted you to make a public Confession. I feel, It was true contrition. You will find your Answer in the Gospel of LukeCh7 V36 -50 God Bless You
---Emcee on 4/13/05

Well, I really don't know what to say to you, but if it was me I would take November off the calender. I would repent, And I would also stay away from any pastor I found myself being drawn to. Don't give in to any untill the Ring is on your finger.
---a_friend on 4/13/05

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Do you normally plan your sinning 7 months ahead of time? WHY do you allow this to happen? If someone loves you and wants to marry you, then they do what they say! They don't involve you in their sin. Grow up in the Lord and JUST SAY NO!
---Kathay on 4/12/05

Believe me when I say I believe this is real. You are a woman and it is not you that needs our prayers. It is the Pastors. The flock that they attend is hurt by their thoughts.
---gregg on 4/12/05

for some reason, i have the feeling that you made up that story. no offense, but it doesn't make much sense. you claim to be God-fearing, yet sleep with pastors??? i don't buy that.
---curt on 4/12/05

Don't judge this lady too harshly.

I bet there are some sins that you wish you did not commit, and still do.Takingv upon ourselves to judge and condemn others is one of them.

There may be times in the year when one's resolve is weak. I for example (having lost my wife two and a half years ago), find that it is especially in the spring that I feel so alone. I do not think that if I had the opportunity that would lead me to sleeping with someone, but I can understand the need she may feel.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/12/05

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I'm having trouble believing that you fear God and still do this. This may hurt but it sounds like your not serious with God or otherwise you wouldn't do this. You both are in the wrong in God's eyes. I would seek God's face and repent and go on with your life. You say you always sin in November? Chances are you problaly will do this again in November because you have it in your head already that you are going to.
---Rebecca_D on 4/12/05

Sorry if this hurts, but I put all the responsibility on your shoulders. We are in April and you're talking about November already. Is this some kind of a joke?
---Albert on 4/12/05

If he or they lied to you, why do you continue to see him/them?
---Albert on 4/12/05

Is this the same pastor each time?

What lie do they tell you? That it is OK to break God's commandment about keeping sexual relationships within marriage?
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/12/05

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I don't mean to be mean but your entry is a bit bizarre. You say you always sin in November. You probably sin every month too, like most of us. You say you fear God. I have some doubts about your claim. If you really feared Him you would not sleep with your pastor(s),especially not because of a promise to marry you. You need help! Confess your sin to God and ask him to forgive you. He will. Next, do not let yourself visit any pastor by yourself. Always take someone more mature with you, whether or not it is November!
---Pierre on 4/12/05

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