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Struggle to Read the Bible Daily

Does anyone find it a struggle to read and study the Bible everyday?

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 ---bethie on 4/12/05
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Sometimes you have a feast, and sometimes you only have time for a snack.The important thing is that the hunger for His word remains.I've learned to stop beating myself up over it. There is no condemnation for us. The Lord knows our frailties. He will help us .
---BG on 12/30/07

Most of us would have to admit that we struggle to read AND STUDY the Bible daily. It is fairly easy to read it daily but to study it every day is more difficult. What
helps? Try not to follow a "dry" read the Bible in one year program. Better you read and study it topically. I have even found participating in this exercise very helpful.
Pick a ques tion, study about it and send in what you believe to be a good biblical answer.
---Pierre on 12/29/07

I am trying to say this with love, read some of your last few posts I see a fire and love of and for GOD. I see alot of sarcasm and much I am not above it myself,just be careful with wording.yes some here need a swift kick but others need compassion. I know you can sense the diffrence. just a loving reminder on John 14. Gods Peace on you dear sister
---willow on 1/19/07

CATHERINE, i think that when we all get saved we are ever so willing to read and study the bible, but some times the joy we felt then wears off a little, thats when you have to get deteremind to do it, ask God to put the desire in your heart again, when it happens to me i ask God to help and to put the desire back in me, depression could also be the cause of it too, if that is what it is then you need to take a stand and just be determind and go forth....mary4964
---mary on 1/17/07

WHEN I FIRST GOT SAVED, I COULD NOT GET ENOUGH OF READING THE BIBLE. FOR about five years. NOW I only read when I am hungry. IF I TRY to study and I have no great desire to study, well, I can't. hum, could this have anything to do with the HOLY SPIRIT. HUM.
---CATHERINE on 1/17/07

i agree don't beat yourself up, it is a daily battle for me and many others as well, if you have a family and little hours in a day God will understand, during the time i don't read the Bible i talk with God and he keeps me going. and he will do the same for you as well.
---mary on 1/17/07

No Bible, No Breakfast-No Read, No Feed.
---r.w. on 8/28/06

It is a spiritual battle. Read 200 pages of a novel with no problem, but when you get into God's word, Satan will try to fight you. We war not against flesh and blood....Ephesians 6.
---wes on 12/30/05

try having a bible opened at a table always. I sometimes read a column in the bible and then sum it up at the top of the page, this is fun actually. Also I read a sentence then think on it before I go on to the next, I find I can remember it better this way too. .....Jan4876
---Jan on 4/29/05

Take a verse each day, or just praise and worship your God.You will find that God understands our needs before we tell Him.Keep fellowshiping with Him and He will make a way........
---nina on 4/23/05

Yes, Daily Bible reading does take time but see the blessing that comes from allowing God to speak to you through it is worth it. I use the new "Everyday with Jesus Bible A one year Reading Bible" ./Holman a I do this daily,have notebook and share with a study partner on Instant Message every day. It helps both of us stay focused and in His Word daily. And are Spiritually fed daily..
---Jane_Grasshoff on 4/22/05

I think anyone who says they don't struggle with this may have a sandlot in swampland to sell. It is tough to feel drawn into a personal relationship that seems to be only on paper. I like to use a little jumpstart. A good book with lots of scripture will make me dig through a concordance and my bible to get more out of out of the word. You have to talk to God when you are doing that too. use a notebook to write down things that jump out at you. and wait for Him to say something when you are reading. You will know it when you hear it. ;)
---Julie on 4/18/05

I read something everyday, even if its just a few verses, then I can meditate on those during the day. Having the bible on CD or tape is great. You can play it as you do housework or cook dinner, or during dinner, or in your car.
---Kathay on 4/14/05

It takes discipline and naturally Satan will oppose you. He knows the Word of God is powerful and it is a Sword against him and his kingdom of darkness. If you walk in the spirit and not in the flesh you are a tremendous threat to him. It is true! We do find time for what we really want to do. It is a matter of discipline and the Holy Spirit will help you. Setting aside the same time each day makes it easier. Love the Lord enough to be His set apart people.
---Ann_G on 4/14/05

Don't beat yourself up if daily Bible reading is not possible for you . It is not a law . I read much at times and have much in my heart so all of us are different . Do your best your way . Joyce
---Joyce on 4/14/05

I find that if I have my devotions at about the same time daily, that helps. i also use devotional booklets to help me stayed centered and so that I am not just picking scripture to read. hope this helps.
---shirley on 4/12/05

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I believe everyone has had trouble reading the Bible at some time in their walk with the Lord, I know I have. We must crucify the flesh and make time, because His word is our first line of defence against the enemy. I know we are all different so I believe that you don't have to read chapter after chapter every day. Ask the Holy spirit to lead you. These are evil times indeed and we need to be in His word on a regular basis. Ask Him for a hunger for His word. God bless.
---John on 4/12/05

people always find the time to do what they enjoy doing. when you learn to love the bible, you will find time for it.
---curt on 4/12/05

When I was a young wife and mother I would get up one hour earlier than I got the family up and do my Bible reading.In my older age I am not quite so eager,but I also have 45 years of study behind me.I now try to read daily,Don't always make it, but get a lot of study by looking up verses for the questions on here.Once we learn the Word the Holy Spirit will quicken us to remember it.The Bible says study to show thyself approved,learn it, and it's always with you.
---Darlene_1 on 4/12/05

Yes, but we just keep on keepin' on. It is a daily struggle to be self-disciplined, but when I am it is so rewarding! You are not alone. We can keep each other in prayer though. May your relationship with the Lord bloom and grow with each new day.
---Katie on 4/12/05

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I do try to read my bible every day. And when I don't read it , I miss it. The Lord gives me strength from reading it daily. It is our spiritual food. Even if all you can read is for 5 min. Read. It is better then none at all. It helps to know that God is looking to spend this time with you too! It is one way you are sure to be blessed!
---Linda on 4/12/05

Dear Bethie,

I also have trouble reading the Bible every day. I believe most working people do. I just can't find the time, but at my work I do have time to take the christian quize and that is helpful. Betty
---betty on 4/12/05

I am sure lots do, I know I do
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/12/05

Dear Bethie,

I also have trouble reading the Bible every day. I believe most working people do. I just can't find the time, but at my work I do have time to take the christian quiz and that is helpful. Betty
---betty on 4/12/05

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