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Christians To Stand For Jesus

How Do You Get More Christians To Stand For Jesus In The Time We Are In?

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 ---Shaun on 4/13/05
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Build then up in there faith and encourage them to know who they are in Christ!
---Linda on 7/11/08

yes its time all christians who claim to be called by his name will humble themselves and pray arise up out of your sleep for the enemy is barking at the door and you need to fight the good fight today is the day of salvation repenting is a good idea paul said i die daily
---kay on 5/15/07

You must become the example and set the standard keeping yourself humble.

Too many Christians have forgot where they came from and too many have forgot to come from where they are.
---Elder on 5/15/07

I have a little sticker behind my 4WD which says "Smile, God Loves You" it has made a lot of smiles and nods in agreemt and often shared knowlege of the truth .. thts another way of standing for can do the same...
---jana on 5/27/06

You cannot get more Christians to stand for Jesus...they must be led by the Holy spirit. I stood for Jesus and lost many lovely friends. But now God is turning things around and I have the victory..through Jesus Christ. When the Holy Spirit prompts you, just do it and see God move!!
---Jan on 4/21/05

We all, in Western society, think it such a crime that anyone would rebuff Us, just because we believe differently than they do, tsk, tsk. The kind of persecution that sets believers apart from the rest of the world is the kind where you could go to jail or be murdered for your belief. How many are going to be able to stand when this starts taking place?
---tommy3007 on 4/15/05

The only way to get more Christians to stand for Jesus is by lifting up the name of the Lord. Jesus said that "If I be lifted up, I'll drawn all men unto Me." We (steadfast believers) have to be about God's business and lift Him up whenever we are given the opportunity. We can't force people to stand for Jesus. Honestly, PEOPLE NEED THE HOLY GHOST. That's OUR HELP!!! But we as true believers can only LIVE according to His will and His way and let Him do the drawing. And when they come in, WE AS THE BELIEVERS HAVE TO ENCOURAGE AND BUILD UP IN THE FAITH IN LOVE!
---Nikki on 4/15/05

I do agree with Tommy that Christians are made to stand for Christ through persecutions.Take for example a situation at the workplace, when most of your friends (including believers) have chosen to follow the way of the world rather than God's.

When you choose to be different, you'll stick out like a sore thumb among them for they'll feel uncomfortable around you.You'll definitely be persecuted when you persist to stand by God's way.
---Teresa on 4/15/05

The quickest way to get "more" christians to stand for Jesus would be for the church to come under persecution. Then, the true christians would be known by their refusal to change their testimony to keep their life. "IF" you say you are a christian, and that you would "die" for Christ, then live like you really mean it. Walk the walk, don't just talk the talk!
---tommy3007 on 4/14/05

The only wau to make more mwn to stand for God is to tell them more about God and not only the bad things but also the good things in salvation.Dont discourage them by rebuking them immediately they do something wrong.
---angellah on 4/14/05

If you're in the Spirit it should be easy to witness to other people, but i believe that some Christians need teaching or literature on how they can evangelize or share their faith with others.
---Eloy on 4/14/05

Encourage to pray for each other, and help them to understand the unmeasurable love of GOD.!by seting yourself as a good example.
( Jeremiah 29:11, John 3:16 )
---genevim on 4/13/05

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