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There Are No Christian Men

Why is it so hard for a Christian girl to find a Christian Godly man? Am I being too choosy or what?

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 ---mary3684 on 4/13/05
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I think that men burn sexually earlier/ more intensely than woman, thus in the mid 20s? The good christian men we wanted are married.
---Sarah on 5/18/12

as someone already responded, christians shouldnt be looking for anyone. we are to seek first the kingdom of God, he knew us before we were in the womb, he has someone for us, if we are obedient to HIM, we hold things up when we are not, jobs, mates, etc
---thms on 4/22/12

Ya i tried that it didnt work. Guys dont just drop into yr life has been my experience. If i didnt go looking i wouldnt have my kids.
---mj on 3/11/12

Mary, you're welcome to visit out my profile, eloy7684
---eloy7684 on 2/29/12

Mary, I believe looking for a man, shouldn't be something Christians should do. We do, one day, want to meet someone that will be our spouse, but we should not be looking for one. I met my wife through another sister from my church. I was not looking for a wife. She told me about a sister who was so in love with Christ, who talked about Christ all the time, single and that I should write her.
One day I emailed her to make friends, and we met in person about 8 months after I first wrote. We went to the fair, had a great time talking about our lives with Christ and family, and three years later we got married. All we have to do is make friends, meet other Christians, talk about the same things. So many are in a hurry and don't make friends.
---Mark_V. on 2/29/12

mary, you are not expecting too much when you are looking for a "husband". I can say for sure many on christianet are fine people but some have sheeps clothing on and some are above others (they think) and some say they have no sin. Run quickly away from anyone displayed in what I mentioned above. Also, watch how a man treats his mother And you will see the true him.
---shira4368 on 2/29/12

Christian men are by no means hard to find. Christian women have been conditioned to believe that they are special to the point that God will provide a perfect mate for them. Anything less than perfection is now seen as not just unacceptable but rebelling against God. I feel no pity for you Christian women of this mindset, this perversion is sad and is somehow blamed on a lack of something there is plenty of supply of.
---Christian_man on 2/26/12

Good question. Let's pray for our men, pray they will live according to the Word of God and be Kingdom driven men, men go through a lot of spiritual warfare it's invisible let us pray them through
---Happieme28 on 2/25/12

You could sign up for Christian dating. At the top of this page, Click
Then click on the words: "Christian Dating", and fill out the form. I did this myself last night.
---Eloy on 2/25/12

There are as much true Christian men as much as we have true Christian women. It is not the gender that makes a person bad, it is disobedience of God's word and instructions that makes a person bad. Both male & female persons have the same type of blood and feelings, but what they yield to dictates who they are.
---Adetunji on 2/25/12

Mary, By no means are you being too choosy to expect a Christian man. GOD says HIS people are not to be unequally yoked. Christian men may be hard to find, but, trust in GOD to meet your needs. Only GOD can give you what is best for you and for a potential mate. If you settle for a man who does not put GOD first in his life, or, if you hook up with a guy of another faith/religion (esp. out of loneliness and desperation) you will only regret it. Trust and serve Almighty GOD first. HE knows how to supply you with the right mate.
---Gordon on 2/24/12

i was just thinking that alot of the times the christian men are usually working and or trying to find themselves so that they would be better able to be thier for themselves and for their partner and traditionally the family. It is common but it is just the way that it is. Having a christain man is one achievment but also having a christian man who is stable is another. if a christian women can find this, she is blessed.
---raka5050 on 2/23/12

Jezebel and Ahab ... Eve and Adam all grown up. :~)
---aka.joseph on 6/28/10

Good Francis & Aka.
If women would over come the Jezebel in them selves, ALSO, the Eve syndrome.
1st.Tim.2 v 14.
---Lawrence on 6/25/10

amen, francis.

My advice would be that women overcome the Jezebel in themselves and the men overcome the Ahab in themselves. Or, they will spend what should be many good years trying to overcome each other.
---aka.joseph on 6/25/10

There are many christian men.
Most of them are holding out for genuine vertious women, not the man eaters who work the church looking to get a ring on thier fingers. rather they are looking for women who first learn to be keepers at home.

Too many " church" women are:

1 Timothy 5:13 And withal they learn [to be] idle, wandering about from house to house, and not only idle, but tattlers also and busybodies, speaking things which they ought not.
---francis on 6/23/10

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It sure seems to be hard to find. I'm a 62 yr old Christian man looking to find a Christian Lady from the ages 58 - 63.
It's hard to find a Lady that has not wasted her sexual on other men that they have Not been married to. I've Not on other women. My sexual was only to the one I was married to for about 26 - 27 yr's., & I've still Not even today aft sep & div for about 7 - 8 yr's.
---Lawrence on 6/21/10

You don't say where you are looking.

I suffered in a Christian singles group near the world's largest submarine base for 12 years. At the worst time, the guy:girl ratio was 13:1. Several of those (few) "Christian" women WERE extremely picky, turned down many excellent Christian men, dated outside the church, got pregnant out of wedlock even, and married non-Christians.

Now, I am tempted to ask: "Where are all the Christian women?"

It is all a matter of perspective. Search hard for a good singles group. I have found them in most parts of the country and the average ratios are closer to 50:50. Use Google.
---obewan on 6/20/10

Finding a suitable, godly marriage partner is very difficult in these times and both genders complain of this. The high divorce rate amongst Christians shows how much hardness of heart there is within churches. This high divorce rate along with its child custody and property disputes scares many away from marriage. I guess this all shows there is something very wrong within churches.
---Haz27 on 6/21/10

I am a Christian man. I love our Lord and Saviour. I married someone who did not profess Christ Jesus as Lord, but someone who went to church out of a legalistic requirement. And so I loved this person and married her. I 'converted' to her church body. Almost 15 years later I found His love again and I am not letting go. My heart cries for her to know Christ. Make sure the man you marry loves God. It would be obvious in his actions.
---Rob on 6/20/10

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I feel searching on one's own for a Christian man or woman to date/marry is like being on an Israelite journey. You may find a Christian man or woman on your own but he/she may not be your God's intended life-partner, therefore will not fit you. The surest way is finding him/her through God. You will get somebody meet for you + the fact that God will help you to resolve problems that may arise between the 2 of you. If you get your spouse from God's direction you will have no hesitation to contact God when any problem arises (Psalms 127:1).
---Adetunji on 1/5/10

It pays to be waiting for God's best, the only thing worse than waiting is wishing you had!
---Teri on 1/4/10

John, I didn't try to convert him. He followed me around and I happened to be in a lively church. He was not impressed with that church. He prefers dead churches. He also thinks it possible to be a Christian and not go to Church. At one point he claimed that he is a Catholic, to be like me. I did not urge this idea at all. Now I am no longer a Catholic. He watches me study the Bible and sometimes he studies his.
---frances008 on 4/28/08

Judge not etc from Matthew 7 is often MISUSED by they who wish us to accept all things. No, we are MEANT to judge - we are supposed to judge ourselves first, and remove the problems in our lives FIRST, then we are to go on and help others, now seeing better.... goes on to talk about a good tree producing good fruit. (Judgement) It then says that we are to be discerning of false prophets. How could we do that without making some kind of judgement. The Chapter starts with HOW to become a good judge.
---frances008 on 4/28/08

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Frances be carefull. Convertion is not always a good idea. You should respect the fact that your husband is in fact leading a good life and not force him to question his beliefs. Speaking from my own experience with people trying to bring god to me, i havent had god in my life in a long time, i live a good life and i try to follow my heart and do whats right. Just be very careful with trying to convert people you truly love. Also pretty sure god said somewhere not to judge others, is that not his job?
---John on 4/28/08

Nicole, you remind me of me before I was married. I eventually found love and a man who is Christian by action, who obeys the Ten Commandments, but who was never told about Jesus. I decided, at one point, that I would prefer a genuine non-Christian, to a pretend Christian. At least there is a chance of converting a non-Christian.
---frances008 on 4/27/08

Sam, here I am. Single, never married and no kids. But, where are christian men?
People tell me that I am too picky and choosy. I say no I'm not.
I don't care how he looks like or how much money he makes.
I do care if he is godly and prays daily. How he acts day in and out shows the stated of his heart.
I don't need a perfect man because I am not perfect.
So, where are you christian men?
If I become a old maid, thats okay. I will be a happy old maid serving and loving Jesus.
---Nicole on 4/27/08

Sam ... A pity you exclude the widows
---alan_of_UK on 4/27/08

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Ummm where are the single Christian women?

When I say single I mean never married/no kids.
---Sam on 4/27/08

It should be the other way around all my godly friends are male and say there are no true women of god atleast in sacramento. I am a very handsome man and filled with god's holy ghost and I teach and preach his word. The only area sometimes I feel empty on is i can't find a woman thas is devoted to serving god as i am. I live in the sacramento area and a good woman is scarce atleast i haven't find one.
---ryan on 8/11/07

Statistically, there are about 4 single Christian women to every single Christian man at church. Fortuneatley, God is above statistics.

I'm trying to figure this one out too. When you find the answer, let me know. :)
---Tonya on 8/11/07

Why is it that Christian woman are not supposed to search for their soul-mate?

Because before a woman can become a wife she must learn pateince.
---Marcia on 7/17/07

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My son is a single Christian man aged 26 who has problems finding a single dedicated Christian girl. I believe both are few and far between. However, I do believe They are out there, One just has to pray for God to intervene. God bless!
---sheriann on 7/17/07

There are only a few places to find a good Christian man, that is in church or a church function. The more you are involved with Christian groups, the more contacts you are going to make. But remember, Christian men are not perfect! We struggle just as everyone else does! So, first pray and then get involved in doing God's work and trust his plan for you. In His time, he will answer your prayer!
---lanoball on 7/5/07

No one is a "clone" of someome else as regards belief etc .I think if you are looking for a male identical to you in all his beliefs you will be unlucky ,Obviously you must share basic core values then build on that if you are attracted to him in other ways .
---peteruk on 5/30/07

well finding a godly woman in a big city such as sacramento were i live is hard to find a true woman of god. It goes both ways all you can do is pray and ask god to reveal the other persons heart and sometimes even fast to find a good mate.
---ryan on 12/26/06

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It's not hard to meet men. You want to make sure he's compatible with you. 1st he must be a compatible christian; From there you discuss & pray about the important things you want together. As you are dating you discover the truth about each other.
---Diane on 9/18/06

Tania, I think that Christians in general are becoming a minority in the population. It can be just as difficult to find godly women in the population also.
---Casey on 9/15/06

Is it possible that the crux of the matter lies in the word "Compatible"? They say like poles repell opposites atract.Then only you get sparks.
---Emcee on 9/15/06

i have to agree with tania. these days these guys are so rare and i can't say i've even met one but i believe that if u pray and ask for guidance God wil surely show you this one guy you're looking for. have you heard orf Billy Graham's wife's story and about how she prayed?
---jojo on 9/15/06

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I understand exactly what you're saying... It is very difficult to find a Godly christian man with whom you are compatible... You're not too choosy a faithful godly man is in the minority of the population.. you are looking for a 'gem'.... seek and you shall find... never give up! (I know I won't)
---Tania on 9/3/06

Where are you looking to find these men? Are you praying that God will bring you a christian man in your life ? Are you taking the time to get to know them. What are your standards for a christin man ? Could you give more information about where you search for a Godly man . Remember , just because they are in church, doesn't make them Godly . Do you carry yourself as a true woman of God ? Wait on God's timing for you . He might want you to change something about yourself first . Pray for guidance
---benna5383 on 8/27/06

While visiting the Middle East, the Lord unfolded for me the dichotomy of Abraham's blessedness amidst barenness. He asked, "Why was Abraham considered blessed in this hot and barren land?" The answer He gave was: "Abraham had two things that made him blessed: his relationship with God, and his relationship with his godly wife."

You are in the desert. But can you endure the barrenness - withstanding the heat - to become a suitable helper to God's true man of faith?
---Mike on 8/27/06

I just saw on the news about the world's oldest man who just turned 115 years old. He never married and he never had children. :)
---Helen_5378 on 8/22/06

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What makes you think it not God's will to give her a husband
---Betty on 8/22/06

Perhaps you are not ready yet to have a Christian Godly man.
---Eloy on 8/22/06

what makes you think it's in God's plan to give you a husband? i've no wife?????...
---r.w. on 8/21/06

There are lots of Christian men, but what is your diffenition of a "Christian Man?" Even the term, "Godly" is open to debate. Some confuse "Godly" with perfection. It may be a case of attitude ajustment - instead of looking for "Mr. Perfect" maybe you should look for, "Mr. Right".
---WIVV on 7/15/06

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It's easy to find a "christian" man. Your problem is in "Godly." Holiness and self denial for Christ has gone the way of repentence and using the word of God to abstain from pre marital sex, dating, tattoos, and the other forms of sin justified today. Be choosy and God will honour it. In his time.
---Frank on 7/9/06

God timing is not always our timing. I believe that God cares about the total person. It is his will for single christain to live a God fearing life and he will give us the desires of our heart. Trust him for the love of your life. God is still able to raise up christain husbands and wives when there seems as if no-one is available.
---sandra_pugh on 7/8/06

I feel the same way. I blame myself partly. It is hard for me to talk to men I don't know well. I am afraid when we hear about my past, they will not want to anything to do with me, or they will expect me to be the way I use to be.
---Ulrika on 5/2/05

I answer yes. I'm one and single. Sometimes I speak to a lady without receiving a response. I believe this is because of their past experience. Meeting someone in public is difficult. People aren't so open and I'm not going to a bar to find a wife. In due time it will happen, but I'm waiting. In the meantime, I'm using the gifts that the Lord has blessed me with to be productive and I'm active in church and church activities. Being busy in a positive way and having a good relationship with the Lord gives us strength to sustain while we wait. John6796
---John on 5/1/05

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Dear Mary,christian men are attracted to those they perceive to be christian women.And it could be timing,do not lower your standards for anyone.have you prayed for such a man?are you aware of who God has sent?sometimes they are right there and we are looking so hard we don't see them.
---RUSSELL on 4/30/05

The answer is probably what we men sometimes run up against....dishonesty, insincerity, phoniness, selfishness and a lot more. However, if one has a close relationship with God and seeks His will, goes to the right churches and to the right places, there are good godly men and women out there. But, the real thing to watch for is their faith walk and honesty to you. You will find the right person by letting God lead and doing the right things yourself.
---Dennis_Z. on 4/25/05

Maybe you are looking for someone too specific. Christian means to me at least born again/saved. There are quite a few Christian men out there, maybe not going necessarily to your church. You should be a little more open to other denominations for your special man.
---Judith on 4/21/05

God has called the children of his to live holy, and so many christians have compromised and sold out to the ways of the world. You know, shacking up, sex before marriage. I speak from experiance, yet when you make up your mind to allow the Holy Spirit to lead you and guide you..and you wait on God to fullfill his word.. HE WILL!! We must trust and believe.
---marla on 4/20/05

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I wish I had a quick answer, only that "seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you". That is a promise from God, just trust in Him through faith. What God calls you to, will also be whom He provides, to you a help mate, to complete the task He has called both into. Remember..."not what the world has". My support in prayer for you.
---Blue on 4/14/05

If you are looking at his whole life, you are going about it right. If you are looking at how much he makes, status, externals only, you will never be satisfied. There are a LOT of good men out there, but too many women don't find them because many women are attracted to only a few men and don't look at others, no matter how Godly they may be.
---doug on 4/14/05

I met my first husband at a gas station where I was working & he was a customer, bad choice of men,too immature.We were both 20. Then after our divorce the following March,I met my current& last husband of 5 yrs & 5months,a month after my divorce(hey 6 yrs ago today!lol)anyways I met him at a gas station where he was working at..Point is I didn't know he was a godly person until a few months down the line.God has his timing.
---Candice on 4/14/05

It's hard to find one because there's only one left....just a pun.
---Eloy on 4/14/05

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It isn't hard to find good Christian and godly men if you are looking in the right spots. You wont find them at the bars, or singles clubs. You can find them at churches and active church clubs and groups. And it seems that you find them when you are least looking. God will put them in your path.
---Pat on 4/14/05

I disagree with you that it is difficult to find a godly husband. 2 years ago after my 1st godly husband died, I was determined to find a new godly mate who was the same denomination as I. I joined an internet site for singles of my denomination. I wrote to 5 men. 2 wrote back. I emailed each for 2 months then arranged to meet one of them at a singles retreat. We hit it off real well and were married 6 months later. We just celebrated our 1st anniversary and it is truely a match made in heaven. By the way, I asked God to give me a godly man that was suitable for me.
---Robin on 4/14/05

christian men say the same thing about christian women. Good things are worth the wait. Ask and patiently seek and you will find. Let God do his work in you.
---john on 4/13/05

Information here is sketchy, but what other than Christian and Godly, do you want in the man you choose? Also, too, you must put yourself "out there" to meet people. As goes the old homily, "God helps those who help themselves". Take an active roll in finding what you want. Best wishes.
---Kristine on 4/13/05

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I think that there is a certain mentality pervading the church which goes like this....if you are a faithful servant of Christ He will reward you with a partner, so ultimately your subconscience is reduced to the equation of action equals reward, ie serve the Lord and you'll get the grand prize of a spouse. This is the problem because we must serve the Lord whether we get the spouse or not. And as one already says, she's been waiting 30 years, so waiting is a waiting game. I'm thinking now you just got to put yourself out there like everyone does while praying for the right leading.
---1st_lisa on 4/13/05

When I needed a job, I looked for one.

When I wanted to buy a house, I applied for a loan.

When I needed a car, I expected to wait until I had earned enough to buy one.

Why should God not expect us to do something about finding ourselves a life partner?
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/13/05

When it comes to such an important decision in life as to who you will spend the rest of your life with, you bet it's OK to be choosy! I always express extreme care and caution in this area. Personally, I found a lot of fellowship and fun through Christian singles group at churches as well as reputable Christian singles groups on the net. Pray as you go and trust God to guide you! He loves you and cares for your deepest need!
---Pastor_Don on 4/13/05

You are never too choosy, if you are letting God lead your decision in a mate. There are Christian men out there, but I'm convinced yours won't come around until your appointed time. That is, if you are living for God, and striving for a life of righteousness, don't worry about it! It's in God's hands, and if you desire God's will for your life, then he will see to it that your needs are met, and his timing is always perfect. Be patient, and wait on him. It will happen if the Lord wills, and when it does, wow! It'll take you by storm!!
---Katie on 4/13/05

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Ann;Prov.18.22 indicates that you need to find your own mate,not waiting for God to send you one!No offence intended,your post reminds me of the song "Delta Dawn".
---1st_cliff on 4/13/05

Maybe you are...let God do the choosing, then you won't have to worry. I've been waiting over 30 years for him to bring someone into my life. After all this time I feel he must be a pretty special guy to have to wait all this
---Ann5758 on 4/13/05

If you are trying to find a man who is genuinely born again and who is trying to live his life according to Bible principles/standards - then NO, you are not being too choosy. The issue may be that you are looking/searching/hunting in the wrong place(s). Remember: the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness have no communion.
---Anthony on 4/13/05

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