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Non-Experts Paraphrase Bible

I have been working on a paraphrase of the new testament, and have finished Romans and First John. What do you think of this effort? Is it worthwhile, or best left to the "experts"?

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 ---curt on 4/14/05
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Curt. I admire your effort and would never say it was futile. Seeing this is such a huge project, don't you think it would be wise to get some more help instead of just relying on yourself? Maybe a few others may shed some light on subjects, phrases, and words that you have little knowledge in. I liken this to a person starting a church all by himself, not using other gifted people and later finding out that he would have done it much better with some help.
---john on 11/28/07

Curt, The Living Bible, from what I understand, was done by a man on his commute home on a train every day for his children so they could better understand the more difficult passages. Paraphrases miss a LOT in my opinion. Frankly I don't think any 'experts' have done paraphrasing, it could be misleading if the wrong meanings are included. Just my opinion.
---Kathay on 11/28/07

Neato, Peter, this is the one.
---Charles on 4/11/07

The curt/steve comments are very interesting.
---C.S. on 2/11/07

, Jack, i have had the pleasure of reading curt's work, and it is very good. i hope he does the entire Bible. you can see eight of the verses on this blog.
---steve on 5/31/05

Curt, why are you re-inventing the wheel? Ever hear of The Living Bible? What doyou think it is, but a paraphrase based on the ASV of 1901?
---Jack on 5/28/05

Curt ... who is your target audience? Are these Bibles intended for handing out, or use in organised worship & teaching? More people might comment if you gave us some idea of where and how you intend to use your paraphrase
---Alan_of_U.K. on 5/15/05

I would really love some more responses.
---curt on 5/12/05

those who have read my paraphrase have loved it. those who question my paraphrase are always those who have not read it, and usually have not read the bible either.
---curt on 5/6/05

I would be more concerned about what God thinks about it. 2Peter 1:20 Proverbs30:5 Psalm 33:9 Rev 22:17-19
Many people worked together for many years to translate the Bible into English.
---Ulrika on 5/2/05

Curt ... who are your target readers?

You would have to be well educated to read yuor paraphrase, and maybe it is those people you are after.

But one of your contributions indicated you were after the kids, and I think for them it needs to be simpler ... perhaps omit some of the detail? But others will say you must not do that.

Pray, and do waht God tells yuo.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 5/1/05

curt, i hope you continue this effort. i would love to see your work get published. it is really good, and i don't see anything wrong with it.
---steve on 5/1/05

well, now that eight verses of Romans are here from my paraphrase, i don't seem to have any more critics.
---curt on 4/30/05

Romans 1:5-8, Through Christ, we have received undeserved favor from God and authority to proclaim to people of all nations what God has done for them, so they will believe and obey him, bringing glory and praise to his name. this includes you, who also belong to Jesus, the Christ. dear friends in Rome, God loves you and has called you to be his own. may our Lord's grace and peace be upon you. first, i thank God for you all, as your faith is being reported throughout the Roman empire, and to the ends of the earth.
---curt on 4/30/05

my goal was to make the Bible easier to understand without compromising any of the original meaning. many are adamant about their own original versions, but have little real comprehension of what the Bible is all about.
---curt on 4/29/05

Curt ... it all depends on your target readers.

It reads to me much like a rewrite of existing translations.

To get to the kids on the street who know nothing ... I wonder whether they would undersatnd Testamnet, Gospel, the word lineage & would they recognise the significance of the reference to David?
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/28/05

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thank you, curt. those four verses show that you really are sincere about your effort. i wonder if your detractors have any comments.
---steve on 4/27/05

Just want you all to know that the Romans 1:1-4 there is not from a published Bible. it is from my paraphrase. what do you think of it?
---curt on 4/26/05

Romans 1:1-4 From Paul, a devoted servant of Jesus, the Christ, and called by God to witness, and sent out to preach his good news. this good news was promised by God through his prophets in the old testament. It's the gospel of his son, Jesus, who came into the world with his physical nature from the lineage of King David. our Lord Jesus was proven to be God's son by rising from death by the power of the Holy Spirit.
---curt on 4/24/05

Curt, i translate the Bible and i'm a preacher, you can contact me at Penpal: eloy3776, and i will give you an honest assessment.
---Eloy on 4/20/05

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when i passed out hundreds of eugene peterson's "the message" to strangers, i was often spit upon, laughed at, and cursed at, but christians praised my efforts. now i try to write a paraphrase that is closer to the original greek, and "christians" condemn me for it. the devil sure doesn't want others to read the gospel.
---curt on 4/19/05

Curt, I'm sure one of the pastors or preachers here would be happy to look over your work. Elder or Bruce would be great to make a judgement call on this. Write them at their penpal addressess and they can give you their e-mail addresses if they choose.
---NV_Barbara on 4/19/05

curt When the Bible was translated into English from Greek and Hebrew it wasn't done by just one person.
---John on 4/19/05

Curt, If you feel condemed it's not by me. Maybe it's you own conscience.
---Pete on 4/19/05

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Curt ... why not let us have an example of your paraphrase? You could take perhaps 4 posts and let us see a 400 word passage.

And if you joined the penpals section of this site, you could exchange email addresses with someone, and send them the whole thing to look at.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/19/05

hey pete, did you ever think that you wouldn't have a bible unless somebody translated it into english from the original greek and hebrew? you sound like you are condemning without looking at the facts.
---curt on 4/18/05

I guess there are just silly people (people with no wisdom) in this world and no matter how many times you warn them their gonna do what their gonna do. Although you may get some support with this, it's still the wrong advice. You have been warned.
---Pete on 4/17/05

Curt: I applaud you for your effort. It will force you to harmonize each scripture with the rest of the Bible, and will serve to solidify your own understanding of the Scriptures. Besides, you couldn't do any worse than the other paraphrased versions. I would be curious to see how you would render 2 Peter 2:9 (only the KJV gets it right).
---Jerry on 4/16/05

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curt, May the LOrd Jesus Christ enlighten your mind... dont take a risk curt, instead have a burning desire in knowing Christ through reading HIs word and always ask the Holy Spirit to guide you...then spread His word with no add no less.
---neo on 4/16/05

okay, all you who must be skeptical, tell me where to send a copy of my work so you can see for yourselves that it is not heresy. i am very sincere, and have a great amount of experience and resources, so i'm not some new kid out to "play with the bible".
---curt on 4/15/05

"Will you be 'watering/dumbing down' the Word, or encouraging others to study more by your efforts?" Once you hand something to another Believer with the intention that it help them in understanding God, you come under the same 'accountability/admonitions' as a Teacher/Pastor! You can start your work now, but if you're not yet very mature in the Faith, I think it will require many changes before you ask others to learn about God from it.
---Daniel on 4/15/05

Now that I see you intend for others to read your work, I have to ask: "Do you spend as much time (or more!) studying Scripture as a Pastor? How many times did you read through and then examine each verse in the light of all the others in the Bible before attempting to paraphrase it? Do you have a unique group of 'English' speakers in mind that you are a part of? IF not, then how much of English as a whole have you studied? What's your vocabulary like?" Those are only a few questions separating personal study and a work for others....
---Daniel on 4/15/05

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As Eloy said, if you present your work as a paraphrase, it is no different than what takes place countless time over as the word is preached.

Every time there is someone preaching a sermon, there is paraphrasing going on. Even if the verses are read from a KJV bible originaly, when the lesson of the passage is spoken of, it involves paraphrasing one way or another.

The idea of you being in "danger" for such an enterprise is nonsense. UNLESS you have an agenda to put forth a message that is unsound using the cover of scripture.
---Bruce5656 on 4/15/05

Curt, I believe that you mean well and that you want to help people understand the Bible, but if we just trust the Holy Spirit to do that, He will. Like I said before, "this is dangerous ground". Do you want to gamble with your soul and others?
---John on 4/15/05

When changing the inspired (God-breathed or God-spoken) words into uninspired (man-breathed or man-spoken) words, the truth becomes corrupted and diluted. For example, if i say, "Love your neighbor as yourself": then someone paraphrases it and says that i said, "Be good to a friend as you would to yourself." You can see the similarity, but it's not the truth anymore. You can do it, but make sure you entitle as a "Paraphrase" of the New Testament, for we already have the problem of millions of "Unholy Bibles" wrongly titled "Holy Bible".
---Eloy on 4/15/05

Curt ... it would be interesting to see an example of your work
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/15/05

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I would be very carefull with this. I would not do this with out the leading Of God. The Bible says to Not add or Take Away from His word. Be very carefull. We know you mean well, but one word incorrect of the meaning of another word can do more harm then good.
---a_friend on 4/15/05

Be careful Steve. This is the Word of God, not a screenplay. This is very dangerous ground.
---Bill on 4/14/05

this is curt. i understand your points of view, but most of you are judging too quickly. i am using several translations to put each verse into easy to understand wording. i am NOT changing the meanings of anything. i am trying to help people get what the bible says.
---curt on 4/14/05

curt, don't let these people discourage you. i am sure your effort is sincere and might help many people understand God's word better.
---steve on 4/14/05

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Curt, When I was a baby Christian I was introduced to a Paraphrased edition. Although it was very easy to understand I hardly ever read it. Maybe it was the Lord, but I just could not get into it. Now that I'm more mature in the Lord, I certainly would not read it. You are treading on dangerous ground here. Don't do it! We should not tamper with the Word of God. When the King James version or the NIV was originally put together it was done with much research, a lot of people and prayer. I would not want to be responsible for changing His Word.
---John on 4/14/05

"Experts" (more than one, that have decades of both Spiritual and Language experience/study, checking each other's work) do *translations* of Scripture. As long as it's clear about what you're doing: just paraphrasing (making 'notes' really) on how you understand what God is saying to you, I see nothing wrong with that. Commentaries are essentially the same thing, but most often done by Pastors or translators (those that get published that is).
---Daniel on 4/14/05

Down through history, people have made money with their paraphrasing the bible. They are careful not to misrepresent Jesus and his actions and words. There is probably no problem with that if you want to teach yourself. Just remember, if you start teaching someone else and your rewording is slightly incorrect, you will become the least in the Kingdom.
---gregg on 4/14/05

curt, why are you trying to rewrite what God has made perfect? If I were you, I would be afraid of God's judgement on my life. Leave the word of God alone. Why are you pursueing that anyway? Take the same time frame and study the King James Bible and it won't be a waste of your time.
---shira_5965 on 4/14/05

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