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God Will Bring My Wife To Me

Is it true that God will bring a wife to me before I get married?

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 ---uko_james on 4/14/05
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Oh wow, how reched a sinner I am. God have mercy in Jesus' Name. I went years without finding a loving woman, break ups and heart aches in broken relationships until last week I was on a dating website and I looked at this young womans profile. We instantly connected and I love her so much. She is a godly christian woman and we talked all day and for the past week. I feel like I've known her all my life. She's going to graduate next year to become a registered nurse. I love her so very much and one day in the near future I'm going to put a ring on year finger, thats if she doesn't do it before me. I thank you Jesus and Father God so very much for bringing this Ashley into my life.
---Donald on 10/7/10

//It is as simple as the peace of God ruling in the thankful receiving heart that knows and believes the love of a Father for His children. All the vain philosophy and repetitive traditional words you use to explain away a genuine vital relationship with Christ is nothing but empty religious jargon that does nothing to impart life. //
---Linda on 9/21/10

Amen to that, sister!
---JackB on 9/22/10

//Jack, why do you reject "the will of God"? // - MarkV

Because your version of the "will of God" differs from mine. My God says He loves the world and wants all men to be saved.

You remind me of a sibling who is rubbing his brothers nose in the fact that daddy doesnt love him as much as you because daddy gave you a lollipop. And all the while daddy was waiting to give your brother one as well. Brother will never come to daddy for it because NOW, even though he desires a lollipop as well, he believes dad will never give it to him.

It drives people away from Christ instead of towards Him.

He is meek and lowly, Mark

Not partial
Not haughty
---JackB on 9/21/10

And MarkV, I am very sorry you cannot seem to discern the simple will of God through His Word and His more personal will by simple prayer and seeking that receives the answer with thanksgiving. The life of a believer is not as hard as you make it appear, with all the what ifs and carnal understanding you apply to it. It is as simple as the peace of God ruling in the thankful receiving heart that knows and believes the love of a Father for His children. All the vain philosophy and repetitive traditional words you use to explain away a genuine vital relationship with Christ is nothing but empty religious jargon that does nothing to impart life.
---Linda on 9/21/10

Linda, I'm sorry you do not except the fact that it is God's will that is done for our lives and prayers, and leave you peace. thank you for your curtious advice. You have a great day yourself.
---MarkV. on 9/21/10

MarkV, "courteous" is not what I hear when everything you say is nay, nay....even to those who pray and receive the answer to their prayers, just as the Word says. You foster doubt and unbelief in the hearts of the simple and seek to negate everything that doesn't match your experience or your doctrine. I have long since stepped aside, no longer allowing you to steamroll my personal relationship with God. Jesus IS Lord. No man can say that apart from the Holy Ghost. And just as you say, many say they have the Spirit of God and aren't really saved. That seems to be your catch all phrase, but I say it is rooted in your own doubt regarding your own election. I have made mine sure.
---Linda on 9/21/10

No god will not becasue you having a wife does not affect his original will being done, literally for the linage of Jesus Christ. However it is his will that we all should be happily married if we live right according to his word.

You should be confident in the word to be able to know when attraction to another spirit led woman comes along.

However we are living in a time when you needed to be close to your own peers at the tender age of looking for a wife when it was right for you.

To go looking for a wife in late years means you will struggle with women who are far too spirited rather than humble spirit living women and women who have been around the clock( re-married a few times) with hubbies still alive an kickin.
---Carla on 9/21/10

Jack, why do you reject "the will of God"? You do in salvation, and in most of your answers. Do you think that man can pray for something and God is obligated to give it to Him? Of course many will receive what they petition, when that petition is within the will of God. It will always be the will of God. That's the reason we pray for those who are sick and ask God to intervene and help them. We don't know what His will is but we are commanded to pray for the will of God to be done in their lives. Only those from "the word of faith" teachings believe that all you do is ask and God jumps to their request.
---MarkV. on 9/21/10

Jack 2: I do believe as you do, because we are told in God's Word that if we preservere in prayer many times God will answer prayer. And I also agree with you that many times He gives us what we want to teach us a lesson to pray for His will and not ours. Whatever He teaches will make us realize we asked for the wrong thing. So in the end it is always God's will. I would hope you believed that one point. And of course anyone would be wrong to think God answers with evil. That is out of the question. We might not like what we get, but it won't be evil.
---MarkV. on 9/21/10

Linda, I was trying to be curtious to you, but that seems to not matter at all so I will say, that there is many who claim to have the Spirit of God but are not even saved. I hear many claim that, and their evidence is very poor. Saying it and having it are two different things. And even if someone has the Spirit of God and are saved, they will not get what they want just because they want it. It still has to be the will of God. Even Jesus did the will of the Father. I know this won't matter either but had to put it down from others.
---MarkV. on 9/20/10

read "i hate my wife blog". I am positive that most of those "marriages" included with marriage certificates were brought together by "God".

It is harder to get a fishing license than it is to get a marriage license. however, the fish you can throw back.

they say that the engagement ring should be two - six month of salary. divorce will cost you wwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy more than that.
---aka on 9/20/10

//Jack, you can pray all day long in the name of Jesus, that does not gurantee you will get what you want...//- MarkV

To that I would agree. But I dont think thats ALWAYS the case.

If it were then Christ wouldnt have told us the parable of the unjust judge to teach us how to be consistent in our prayer requests. (Luke 18:1)

It says to me that sometimes our perseverance in prayer will indeed get us what we desire.. even if God doesnt answer right away. Sometimes I believe He gives us what we want even if its not the best thing for us, just to teach us a lesson.

Now Im expecting someone to falsely accuse me of saying that God will give us EVIL things if we bother Him long enough about it... /rolls eyes
---JackB on 9/20/10

"Thats why we pray in the name of Jesus. Because He IS good enough"
---JackB on 9/20/10

Here in this answer is one of the great secrets of prayer. This secret has to do with the "faith of Jesus Christ".
---mima on 9/20/10

MarkV, I don't need you to explain anything to me. I have the Spirit of God in me and give no attention to naysayers.
---Linda on 9/20/10

Jack, you can pray all day long in the name of Jesus, that does not gurantee you will get what you want. It has to be the will of God. Is He good enough to answer? of course. But will He answer? If its His will to do so. That is why the petition was given so that you understand "if its God's will". Not your will.
---MarkV. on 9/20/10

//We want, not God's will for us. We might think were good enough that God should answer our prayer//- MarkV

Thats why we pray in the name of Jesus. Because He IS good enough.
---JackB on 9/20/10

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Linda, l'll explain. When we pray, if were honest, most of our prayers are selfish. We want, not God's will for us. We might think were good enough that God should answer our prayer, but God sees the heart and knows who you will become and what you will do in the future. He also sees the heart of the other person who is coming. His conduct, his faith, and his future. God looks at everything, because in His plan, it's a done deal already. He does not say,
"I will give her what she ask and see what happens" He already knows what will happen. Many think they got their spouse because of a prayer, but it is that God already knew whom to give them. Others think they got their prayer answered and find out it was the wrong guy.
---MarkV. on 9/20/10

Robyn, I totally agree with you. We can ask all day long for something, it does not mean we will get it. If it's a mate, and he is a very godly person, God will have to change you first before He permits the person to come into your life. What if the person asking God is corrupt in their believes? Would God deliver you a godly man for the purpose of the other corrupting him? I don't think so. Another thing to remember is that God is not our servant to order Him around. After all, everything is for His glory not ours. This believe that you can just ask and God jumps to respond is false. That believe comes from the Word of faith teachers. We do not know the future plans of God, He does, and everything will be as His has planned them.
---Mark_V. on 9/18/10

Well good for you Linda but I still say the same thing. And I hope you do love your mate. I love mine,too. For over 30 yrs!
---Robyn on 9/17/10

Robyn, the Word says that a man who finds a wife finds a good thing, not a woman who finds a mercedes finds a good thing. Comparing God bringing your mate to you and your waiting in your garage for a mercedes is like comparing apples and toadstools. Marriage is honorable above all and blessed by God who ordained it. A car is for transportation, not for a helpmeet.
---Linda on 9/14/10

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Robyn, God brought me my husband and you are telling ME to get real? You can't get more real than God giving you your mate...or are your efforts more real than God's heart for one of His very own daughters? I did nothing but pray. That's the posture and position I took. You get real and stop suggesting God isn't big enough without our help. Remember Abraham and Sarah? When they tried to help God out, they got Ishmael and God didn't talk to Abraham for 13 years. Go ahead. You help Him out. I love who He gave me.
---Linda on 9/14/10

Linda you need to get real. But if that worked for you fine. No problem.
I can sit in my garage all day and pray for a Mercedes. But if I don't make some kind of effort to get this car, besides pray all day. Its not going to happen. Period! You may have prayed for a husband and God does answer prayer. But you had positioned yourself for all of this to take place. Along with prayer,we have to do something also.
---Robyn on 9/14/10

Really, Robyn? That's not what I had to do. I simply prayed and my husband came to me without any effort on my part. God does do the impossible. He deals with and speaks to the heart, something man cannot do. As long as you believe God cannot or will not do the impossible, you won't see the impossible because man cannot do it.
---Linda on 8/31/10

I'm sorry, Robyn. I mis-read a part of your response. I apologize. Like I said though, my husband came to me when I simply prayed. To the one who asked the question~~whatever He says to you, do it. That is what the leading of the Holy Spirit is for. Proverbs says that a man who finds a wife finds a good thing. That does denote a seeking of sorts but not at the peril of your relationship with God. Heeding the leading is always best.
---Linda on 8/31/10

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No it is not. You have to do something in order for this to happen. God will do the impossible but we have to do the possible. The possible is: check your heart,mind and priorities. Are you right with God? What are you looking for in a woman etc...Have you prayed and asked the Lord to send you a wife? We have to make our requests and needs known unto God. Then you need to set about looking for a christian woman( if you are born again) The best place is at church but she could be anywhere. The Holy Ghost will speak to your spirit and she will know too, when you meet her. Things will move like clock-work. You will know it is the work of the Lord. Don't give up and don't seem desperate. It will happen in God's timing.
---Robyn on 8/31/10

Part 2:
My wife was ready to get married within a year, but I was not. I had to make sure she was not just putting me on. I knew if I married her and she changed her views I was going to be in big trouble. Since Christians should not devorce. I needed to make the right choice. I never saw her change how she felt about God. Her devotion was to teach at her church, and all she talked about was God.
I suggest that if you are a Christian sister, and you meet a Christian man, and you love the Lord with all of your heart and nothing else matters, to find someone just like you. Many guys are out there, but they are careful and if he is truely godly, he is looking for someone the same. Introduce youselves but keep your heart on God.
---MarkV. on 8/25/10

One thing for sure, don't rush everything. Men, don't rush women into meeting you in person after only an email or two. Even if you are past 50 and feel that you dont have much time to waste - don't rush too fast and then give up on her when the woman is not going at your speed. I give this advice to the men on this Christian Dating blog. And vice versa for the women seeking men.
---Lin on 8/25/10

After my wife passed away, I was single for five years, I went out to lunch with single groups. I found out all they wanted to talk about was themselves. I wanted to talk about God and they seemed not as interested. I didn't feel a thing for any of them. I continued with my life until one day, I took a sister out to lunch and while talking to her, she told me, "you know what, I know a sister in another town who loves to talk about the Lord all the time just like you, and never gets tired. Let me give you her email address and see if you two match the same." So we began to write each other, and after two months we met, and it was the most wonderful experience I ever had. After a couple of years we got married.
---MarkV. on 8/25/10

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I think the one that remains singles like me are God's angels. He will get jealous if we get married. Did u ever see angels in pairs?? So think of it as we are the "Chosen one" those who get special love and special treatment. As we just have to carry the duty of an angel...... to love other so that they can feel the love of God. We are angels afterall lol I think i am pretty blessed in life. Whoever do me wrong got punished pretty bad... i guess thats God's will.. lol
---Anna on 8/24/10

If you are a born again man you should have presented your needs to the Lord already. Get off your knees and start making contact with christian women. Open your mouth and invite one of them out somewhere. A nice restaurant would be good,for starters. Show yourself friendly and interested and something may develop. If not-keep praying and asking the Lord to send you a good and godly wife. Happy hunting and God bless you.
---Robyn on 8/4/10

Before I found this site, I am desperately finding the answer why I'm still single. But as I read all the posting below,I makes me feel alive because I'm not alone.
I'm 33 yrs. old and I'm not lucky enough to find the right guy in my life. Until now I constantly praying to give me perserance to wait on His time to give me a loving, gentle and responsible husband.
---Leit on 8/4/10

\\Is it true that God will bring a wife to me before I get married?\\

What would be the point in His bringing a wife to you AFTER you got married?
---Cluny on 7/7/10

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I was just sitting in front of my laptop and decided to search for "God has a wife for me." This blog came up. I hear so much hurt in many of these posts. Loneliness is such a successful tool of the devil. If God clothes the flowers, feeds the sparrows, and keeps this planet has a plan for your life. Plans to prosper you, not harm you. Don't give up or give in. Your Father loves you and also is excited for you to have His grandchildren. In time! Be steadfast. Know there are awesome men out there waiting to be your husband. I know I'm not ready and God is preparing me. I've failed numerous times due to my own doing, I know He is preparing me....just as the Bride is to be ready for the Bridegroom
---Brian on 7/7/10

It is always wise to wait on God. God is extremely big on this waiting on Him. Yes..... God is slow, requires extreme Patience. When we wait on God we are saying in essence, "I love You, and I trust You. Your timing is very important to You.... If you choose to take matters into your own hands, as many are finding out today, without consulting with God first, people are making grave mistakes by believing they have all the answers, believing that they are smart, perhaps leaning on their education, they talk real good, people listen. What about God? He's real. He is more alive than you or I will ever be on this earth. And God is so much more than mere humans. Hallelujah.
---catherine on 6/15/10

He'll send the wife of His choice if you give Him control in that area of your life. Or you can make the choice yourself - freewill and all. i know which I'd prefer. Look at the bible, traditionally it was the fathers responsibility to make such decisions on behalf of children. God is the greatest parent ever - so don't think for one second He is not desiring to do His fatherly role in your life. Don't even bother dating, you don't need to 'find' her. He'll guide you to her when you're both ready. For now, try not 2 dwell on it, as waiting becomes harder. Spend time getting to know Him better, ask Him questions and openly talk to Him. He'll prepare you for a successful marriage. I pray your journey goes well, be patiently blessed :-)
---anna on 6/15/10

This world holds no promises we are not as privileged as in the times of noah, Abraham, Jacob. We are responsible for who we marry, I know a lot of people will say this and that about God finding the their spouse but God would not find a wife for one and not a husband for another for the word declares that marriage is honourable for all... what it did not say is that all will marry.

We are living in a time where the devil has a strong hold on peoples lives yes even those who say they are saved. If you are looking for a partner if it is not going to measure up with the bible standards of marriage, better to stay single.
---Carla on 5/19/10

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I'm 43 going 44 this coming month, still single and available. B4 I keep on praying someone to be my mate for the rest of my life, but then my prayers seems to be unanswered. I thought that God never love me for not giving someone else to love me. One day in the church the Priest said, "God loves you, Jesus loves you". I feel that words run down through my veins. and that moment I ask Gods forgiveness for what I have thinking. Now I realized that God really loves me, why? because God didn't give this responsibility to someone else but, He himself directly loves me. Now, no worries, if in time, I 'll meet someone maybe that's the will of God.Alleluah!!
---myrna4933 on 5/19/10

This question was from 4/14/05. By now the person is married and might even be devorced.
He wants a wife before he gets married, what's up with that question?
---MarkV. on 5/18/10

I am 30 years already and in three months I will be 31. I am christian and have been praying for a husband for so long. All of my friends are married and have children. Sometimes I feel that God is not listening my prayers even thou he knows how lonely I feel. I wonder why God allows me to be alone if he knows how bad I want to have a family since I dindt grow up with my father.
Sometimes I even wonder if his will for me is to stay single for ever.
---Zenelia on 5/13/10

He won't place her on your doorstep,but yes he can guideboth of you together.My husband of 10 1/2 yrs now was given to me April 14,1999 when I was 7 months pregnant. A full month after my first marriage disolved in divorce from adultry my ex commited. God blessed me with this husband because the 1rst he didn't approve of,but I wasn't a baptized chrisitan then.Anyhow.. now besides my 10 1/2 yr old daughter from my ex, we have 3 boys ages 9 , 5 1/2, & 22months old. So yes he can give you your wife if you pay attention to his cue.
---candice on 5/6/10

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10+ years later our paths have now crossed again. He was somewhat upset about how are relationship turned out. I thought honest dialogue would help. Some things are better left unspoken. Now we struggle to do what is right. Everyone saw the potential in our relationship except me. I am so frustrated because I don"t understand what is going on. Sometimes I feel like I missed my chance. I prayed for closure and have even told myself things worked out like they were supposed to. I am ready for this madness to end. Please forgive the long post. Just needed to vent.
---pg1 on 5/6/10


I am also 45, but you have a few months on me. Somethings are different between you and I, but I know exactly what you are 'feeling'. The pain can sometimes be excruciating. It is hard not to envy those who are single and seem to have no problem with it.

Matt 19:10The disciples said to him, "If such is the case of a man with his wife, it is better not to marry." 11But he said to them, "Not everyone can receive this saying, but only those to whom it is given."

But, He goes on to say that some have decided to stay single (and all its implications) for the kingdom's sake. Hopefully, one day, I will be able to do this without the pain.

Take good care.
---aka_joseph on 5/6/10

I have a friend who has been in my life since we were 15. He never made his intentions known. I went off to college, he married prematurely. Our paths crossed during that time. It was then that I realized I loved him. Did not act on it because of his marriage. I just assumed feelings would go away. He divorced and is now remarried....
---pg1 on 5/5/10

I am 45,will be 46 in a few days and am still waiting. This is the hardest struggle of my adult life. Most days I believe that singleness is my lot in life. It makes me sad because I have never been married and I have the desire to share my life with someone. I had the opportunity to marry but God made it clear he was not the one. Sometimes I wish I had disobeyed. I have asked God to take away the desire. He has not.
---pg1 on 5/5/10

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patience..when you rush or force things they don't come out right. when its meant to happen it will. i rushed my first marriage and was very unhappy. i patiently waited and now im getting remarried which i thought would never happen. to a very unlikely man at a chance meeting. he compliments me in every way. sometimes we have to go thru things in order to receive something grand. when its right it will happen on its own. their is a reason for everything and we may not understand it now we will later...
---aly on 5/2/10

Darren, very good answer. I am so glad that at least you can recognize things as road blocks from God. I, on the other hand, have done everything I could to negotiate the road blocks thinking, "I can handle anything that comes my way." Suffering Jezebel because of mny "Ahabness" is not fun. Neither is being responsible for the mess I made. Thank God He made a provision to get back to Him not matter what I did in the past. God bless!
---aka_joseph on 5/2/10

I would pay any amount of money to know for sure how to find a wife. Of course I have asked God, but I think that God has put an end to every time I have pursued woman, I can assume that they were the wrong answer to my question. So by the fact that he has put some stumbling blocks in the way of women I have pursued, it is a logical inference to believe that a right answer exists. The bible says that God provides for the sparrows, so it would make sense that he would provide something like a wife?
---Darren on 5/1/10

God GAVE Eve to Adam. Unless she is a Proverbs 31 woman, get ready for Jezebel's wicked step-sister, no matter who God presents.
---aka_joseph on 4/19/10

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I have thought a lot about this question. I'm 25 and single. Most of my friends have kids now. I have prayed for a long time for a wife, but I am still waiting. I believe God is sovereign in all things, but sometimes I doubt, because I see Christians who are well into their thirties and still waiting.

I can see that God has been working on me, and I have come a long way in the last few years. I feel as though I am ready to meet someone now, but I am seeking God. I have pursued and been rejected and I think that is normal. I believe that if I keep seeking God then in his timing ill find a wife.
---Peter on 4/19/10

I completely agree with Kathr's answer. Man, even so call Christian man many times, take advantage of the struggles of the women. They see the needs women are under, and they move in when someone is vulnerable.
They move from woman to woman. And they know the amount of women out number man by a whole lot. Not all man but many are only thinking of themselves and not for the good of the other. Sorry to say that but it is true. Church women are more likely to be the choice since they are good and godly women, and not loose as many from the world who go to the bars and leave with man whenever they want. Many of those cannot be trusted to be loyal.
---MarkV. on 1/27/10

I remember once someone saying to me "Oh you're God's answer to my prayers....I replied..."But You're not God's answer to my prayers".

Be careful what you say to people. I KNEW it was a pick-up line (in church too) but I also KNOW and knew it was not God's will for me to re-marry!

This guy used this line on several woman before getting caught in a lie...he was married! (beware of NEW men and woman coming into your church too!
---kathr4453 on 1/26/10

lee, I hear what you are saying. When I was single I heard so many stories of sisters who claim to be waiting for God to bring someone, and the first guy they met, they would say, this one God brought to me. They would pick someone that look great. And later be so disappointed. Sometimes the problem is desperation, other times, its need. They take measures into their own hands. Many are not strongly mature in the Word or depended upon God but on their own feelings as to what is right. It's harder for Christian women who want so much to depend on God first but finally fail. But we are not to take lessons from animals, but from the Word of God. Be depended on Him for all things. Animals don't believe in Christ. We do.
---MarkV. on 1/26/10

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We may all be wrong with our answers.Here are the facts,believe it or not.What about all the previous christians who waited on God to find a mate for them.Sure they found a Godly mate.5 years later they are divorce, just like the secular world.Well what happened,because 52 % of christians divorce just like the non christians.The real problem is with us and them.Humans are the most selfish things on the planet.We want all our needs catered to and if not ,well we'll just find someone else who can then.Maybe we should take lessons from the lesser species, (animals) who mate for life,like the dove etc.Maybe we are too selfish to deserve a mate.The whole truth!
---lee on 1/26/10

Lewis, you are acting like Sarah. She was told she would have a son and she could not wait. God's timing is always perfect. One good thing about been a Christian is that our faith is now on Christ. And what you want to do is go back to who you were before you were saved. You want to be in charge. You stopped trusting Him. You can become a good pick-up artist if that is what you want. You want. If you think that will help you in life, then your evidence is you cannot trust God for something so small. I say small because there is greater things in life then having a women.
---MarkV. on 1/17/10

I am beginning to believe that God is going out of His way to keep me from finding a good woman. Everybody keeps saying to wait on the Lord. Well, it has been too long. So I have decided to rely solely on myself to get this done and will read books by experts to learn to be a good pick-up artist.
---Lewis on 1/16/10

God has a plan & purpose for every living being. If you trust God & depend on Him, HE will give you your own wife. Whether He will bring her to you like Adam or Isaac, or HE will make you to travel like Jacob to where she is, God is the best arranger of all good things. But you must be prepared to use what you are expecting from God only in His will.
---Adetunji on 7/5/09

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From the view point of that woman that is TRUSTING God to be found. In Proverbs 18:22NIV it says "He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD." It is up to you. I am waiting for God to send that man for me in my life. Sometimes it is hard but I will trust him. I am 34, a teacher, Worship leader, and VIRGIN! that is waiting for God's best. This has not been easy but I have prayed for my husband from the age of 16 years old.I need you to to know that you should look within yourself and and ask God what is best for you and what you want and make sure what you want before you begin to seek. I know she will be worth the wait. I know this because that is the same thing that gives me faith to wait. Trust God! PRAY!
---Marga3974 on 7/5/09

i am prayerfully seeking a catholic woman in my area -
most aspects of life are very good-sans -no female friend to court and marry
i am selective but that s ok
---jerry on 7/4/09

Erik:All it takes is endeavour the will to please, create a temperate atmosphere, agreeability, self denial,and keep a smile on Her Face. I wish you both well on the sea of Your life with God as your Guide.Not coincidence the word is Control self control with lots of love for spice.Did not God deny Himself when He sent His only begotten son to show us HIS WAY?.Blessings to you both especially when you arrive at a puddle of contention.That is when the play is in motion.
---Mic on 11/13/08

Let me tell you this-About a year and a half ago i was at a young life camp in Canada, one of our leaders was 24 at the time, single. Us campers were talking and on the subject of women and relationships, and he says "If you choose and trust God's way, God will provide a wife for you." The next day he met the woman that is his wife today....Coincidence?
---Erik on 11/12/08

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God created the First woman and inbibed a pleasing trait between the sexes .That is why we are to choose according to His views and our suitability, and level of agreement, we call compatibility.
---MIC on 9/19/08

God does choose spuouses for christians. It's a biblical principle. He may be preparing you for a particular purpose, which He will reveal.
---Monde on 9/19/08

yes he will. God has showed me my wife already. he did for me so i know its true. thank him in advance, for his choice is the best choice
---harold on 9/7/07

I disagree with Shira bout no one being able to intercede on your behalf. JESUS in the HOLY SPIRIT is our Chief and Ultimate intercessor, but we we pray for others, we are always interceding on their behalf to help uplift them in the LORD and to seek and ask what GOD will have for them at HIS appointed time and according to HIS will. We also have intercessory prayer ministries throughout the world at at different churches.
---LaShonda on 5/2/05

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Hi James,the bible says " in all things acknowledge him and he will direct your path".He won't drop her off at your doorstep but if you have asked his will on this he will in his timing provide the right person.I believe it was God himself who said it is not good that man should be alone.Pray about it,and be careful!
---RUSSELL on 4/24/05

I have to agree with gregg. First, we must seek God ... putting our trust and faith in Him alone. If we follow His commandments, He will take care of everything else, according to His will. That, however, doesn't mean we sit back and wait for the Lord to hand us everything we ask for, on a silver platter. We have to be prepared to do our part, if and when, an opportunity arises. After all, God works in mysterious ways. Good luck, James.
---Helen on 4/23/05

Mariana ... I could turn your point round.

God expects you to do things for yopuself in the less important areas of you life ... earning money, finding a job, keeping healthy, choosing a home.

So why would he not expect yuo to make some effort when it comes to the very important thing of finding a spouse?
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/16/05

I am a Christian women waiting on God to bring me my Christian, Godly man. I trust God in everything else, why not this most important venture of my life. I am a widow of 7 years and I am also ready, but not looking cuz the Lord knows what I am in need of. :}
---mariana on 4/14/05

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Proverbs 18:22 says.... "He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord". (NIV) This does not mean that you cannot receive favor from the Lord if you do not get married.
---John on 4/14/05

no. God is not in the business of bringing a wife to you. you must go find her, while praying for guidance. i waited for God to bring my wife to me, and i am still single at forty-one.
---curt on 4/14/05

Good question, and in Christ that says you need to put cart before the horse. Not good. Marrage is acommittment of life as one. An oath taken before man and God. A person you have to wake up each morning with for the rest of your life. God called you and He will call her, listen real close to God speaking.
---BLue on 4/14/05

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and the rest will be added unto you.
---gregg on 4/14/05

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James, no person can be your intercessor. Jesus is our intercessor. Others can pray for you tho.
---shira_5965 on 4/14/05

I would say that God expects us to do something about such things.

We look for jobs, we seek loans to buy our homes, we research holiday venues.

Why should God not expect us top do something about being in situations where we might see the woman we will marry?
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/14/05

Yes GOD will show your wife to you before you get married. After all you need to know who you are marrying.(Smile). I just believe that if you seek GOD and believe HIM for the type of wife you want, you sincerely continue to walk right before HIM and continue to prepare yourself as a GODLY husband, HE will give you the desires of your heart. Sometimes GOD move Quick and sometimes takes a while, but what is most important is waiting on HIM and doing the right things according to the WORD in the Meantime. I'll intercede on your behalf for GOD to grant you a GOD fearing Proverbial wife.
---LaShonda on 4/14/05

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