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Unpatriotic Male Working In Asia

I'm American, teach English in Asia. Meeting Christian women online is difficult. We write months before meeting, then everything changes. I'm truthful, but they say I'm "unpatriotic" for not working in America. I'm doing the Lord's Will in my life. Why can't they accept that?

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 ---doug on 4/15/05
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Doug, I have lived and worked in several different countries and have never felt unpatriotic. I lived is Asia for four years and am returning to the mid-east next summer for another assignment. These women have a myopic view of the world and probably think that God is an American. Bless you in your journey and stay safe.
---randy on 4/15/07

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---sarah on 7/27/06

If you are doing what you believe God would have you do, don't worry about it.

Jesus said, "My Kingdoom is NOT of this world." Our true homeland, and where our patriotism should ultimately lie, is the World to Come.
---jack on 5/29/05

I totally agree with you Madison. Doug, you are doing what God has called on you to do. Keep at it. The right woman will come. As you listened for His voice to tell you where your work is, listen for His voice to tell you who your wife will be. God bless!
---Becky_S on 4/16/05

I commend you for working in a foreign country. I guess the women you meet believe that nobody should be a foreign missionary either. There are plenty of patriotic Americans serving the Lord by working in foreign countries. You get to be a tentmaker, meeting unbelievers in a foreign land, and if the Lord gives you the opportunity to share the gospel, it is a preordained appointment.
---Madison on 4/15/05

Doug...I also commend you for following the call to minister in a foreign country. Just as he showed you your place of ministry, He too will show you the right woman to be your wife I believe that she will need to have the call too! That is a wonderful test to know that she is sent from Him! Teach3893
---Teach on 4/15/05

some people have a warped view of patriotism. what can i say?
---curt on 4/15/05

Why be discouraged Doug? When the right woman comes along she will accept and appreciate what you are doing.

Until then look at this rejection as a notice from God that these other women are not right for your ministry.
---Elder on 4/15/05

God does not recognize boundries when it comes to doing His work. The "right" woman will be provided at the "right" time. Keep looking - and - keep working. God bless you.
---Chris on 4/15/05

First of all you should be commended for following God's leading I imagine at times it must be difficult. But in the ladies defense, maybe they were just trying to find an easy way out of a relationship because they feared they too may be required to move and leave the comforts we have here.
---bethie on 4/15/05

People have to go where the best jobs lead them.I think it is foolish for anyone to judge you so harshly for something which is none of their business to start with.When they pay your bills, and you ask them to run your life then they would have a right to say how you live.Why worry about what anyone thinks when their thinking is so warped to begin with.The one who thinks you are wonderful for having such a great job,no matter where it is,is the type you want anyway.Ignore the rest.Follow how God leads.
---Darlene_1 on 4/15/05

If you are running into women that think you are unpatriotic for doing something as wonderful as teaching english in Asia, you need to keep looking. I would not want to be married to someone with that kind of mentality. Not only does it represent a prejudice, it demonstrates an ignorance as to the nature of our global economy. Too narrow minded for me.
---Bruce5656 on 4/15/05

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