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Sisters Are Playing Hard To Get

Isn't it needless & childish for Sisters to be "playing hard to get" to willing brothers? Scriptural insights if any will be appreciated..Maxwell

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 ---Maxwell on 4/15/05
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great job sister. the word of the lord tells us that we should carry our selves in a way that our goods are not evil spoken of.

then, if the sister were coming on too /strong/ hard . that would be another matter..reading...

1-corinthians 6&7 chapter will give you much meaning.


Don't just play it...Be it..

---Reiter on 11/15/06

All men and woman are different there is no "box" we all can be put in. It could just be her way- she enjoys a good chase to see if U are serious or the total opposite she may not be "strong" enough to tell U she is not interested and does it this way to not hurt your feelings,or.or or.Dont be quick to "box" up people deal with each as indivuals. If U are truly interested ask her plain and simple she will survive and so will U no matter what the answer, trust me.
---Jeanne on 11/6/06

Brother Max, sometimes it is better to meet someone from another church. I also think that from the same church the girls wonder what others will think when they go out. In the church there is many that do talk and reach conclusions. I met someone through another sister and we will be married soon. Sometimes they are childesh but look at the whole picture to make a judgement. You will find the one God has for you, Have faith my brother, the time has to be right. Patience is hard but worth the wait. Hope I have helped.
---Lupe on 5/8/05

Brother, you have to take into consideration that the women of God have different values then the world. that is why so many are single for a long time. Some do miss the right guy because they are too careful. I believe they have a different pressure when meeting someone. Just remember, God will do the right thing for you. Don't spend time wondering whey they are the way they are, but walk the path and God will put someone that is right for you and also for her.
---Lupe on 5/8/05

Maybe the woman is not interested in you. Is good to find that out before your heart gets broken or before you are married. Maybe she saw a behavior in you she did not like. Or maybe she is very shy.
---Ulrik on 5/3/05

Yes, sisters are playing hard to get. Woman's progative. More it is our training. But in our short life, who are we tell someone how to live? Paul felt everyone should stay single like him and to serve the Lord with undivided devotion. But that is not what most women intend. Do you want a sister who will not want you?
---migue on 5/2/05

Unless you like these games they are playing move on to someone more mature.
---RUSSELL on 4/25/05

i played hard to get, and i'm still single. i guess i asked for it. (sigh)
---steve on 4/24/05

Chris ...
Of course the commitment to God must be there first but if there are several similarly suitable women, how is a man to chose? I suggest the one whom he likes most, & who likes him. That initial spark will show which it is.

Incidentally, are you married?

Oh, by the way, may I refer you to Genesis Chapter 29, verse 18?
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/24/05

I'm hearing too much about feelings, and fancying, or "falling" in love. What happened in the Old Testament? People of faith had similar commitments to the LORD. Some marriages were arranged. They either agreed to it or not. With similar faith and values, they chose to commit. In the working out of their faith and life, they learn to love one another. The feelings, whatever they were, came after as a result of commitment and sacrificial love. Not because they fell in love or had a special kind of feeling.
---Chris on 4/23/05

Let's be honest, you are talking about men and women ... considering a partner for life, with ALL that that entails.

Both are looking (and God would approve this) for more than just a brother-to-sister relationship.

So do not look just at the specification of the potential mate ... see if you really like her, could fall in love, ... that is not wrong, sex is something that will be there in a marriage, and has to be part of your feelings for each other.

God gave yuo the capacity to fall in love and fancy the person.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/18/05

Cautious...or manipulative? I'm tired of some women saying one thing and then doing another and it does hurt men. Sometimes I think guys need to take more of a stand with the ladies and tell them how badly some of their reactions have hurt them. HONEST communication is needed!
---ed on 4/18/05

Are they "playing hard to get" or just being cautious? Maybe past experiences have made them wary and they are allowing themselves time to guage the "brother's" true intentions.
---JR on 4/16/05

Just because the brothers are 'willing' doesn't mean that the sisters are. Why do you think they are playing hard to get? Couldn't it be that they are just not interested?
---F.F. on 4/15/05

Christians are to be honest at all times. anyone who claims to be a follower of Jesus must always live as he did; complete honesty, no games, always reflecting God's will.
---curt on 4/15/05

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I've never played 'hard to get', but I am careful and pray about anyone I go out with. Sometimes God just leads me to a friendship, rather than husband material. I'd LOVE a partner in life, but at 37 there has been no one so far that seemed to have the same goals and spirituality that I seek. I'm open to new friendships, I never know where they may lead!
---Kathay on 4/15/05

You can go back to Genesis 6:1-4 where it speaks of sons of Gods and daughters of men. Go forward to the new tesament where it speaks of Noah's time when the people were marrying and being given in marriage until the flood. It is that way now, but God will not destroy mankind again by flood. Are they playing or are they scared?
---gregg on 4/15/05

I believed that when you as a sister prays to God and He gives you the go ahead to marry a brother , its not worth it by 'playing hard to get' ,act on Gods leading and you will be at peace always
---shalom on 4/15/05

It's best people just be honest. Some women would perform the "dance of Salome" and then play hard to get. Others appear to be just cold. If it's a game or the way these women actually are, neither is good. Honesty and straightforwardness is best. God wouldn't want any of us to be or act in a dishonest fashion. Anyone who plays such games is asking to lose out on a good potential life partner. Why anybody who has an interest in someone would act the opposite, is a mystery to me. Don't send double messages.
---Kristine on 4/15/05

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