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Will Crazy People Be In Heaven

Can a real child of God be crazy? Again, where will crazy people go when they die...Heaven or Hell fire?

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 ---okey_okpara on 4/15/05
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hello,Mary yes,about my have cancer it's hereditary,real mother (related) also,had cancer family believe that one did not believe 'n doctors,the sister who raised me as "my mother"(never knew while,they both alive but,found out,it all added up!) genetic..yatta!(bad to lie & keep family secrets!) anyway everyone but 2 had cancer my family.Love of Jesus!
---ELENA on 4/30/12

Hi Elena, not sure why some of us get cancer but mine was hormonal-based and estrogen is my enemy! I do know, however, that my late brother and I got real close after I got sick and I am forever grateful for the memories since he died in the middle of my treatment. I wish I could answer your question though--sorry hon, God bless, hugs, Mary
---Mary on 4/29/12

hello,bro.juan, God bless you as I read your post 4/27/12(think got it right) it came to my mind 'bout Job,he was a upright man 'n sight of God. His faith I believe was being tested to limits beyond... He lost his health,family,home,land,cattle..could it be like my situation cancer,other illnesses...heredity..Are these generational curses???Or test of my faith?? I hold no ill will or anger becuz of these illness...Thankyou anyone who wish to respond.Love of Jesus!
---ELENA on 4/28/12

hello,bro.Sag,got my huge letters KJB vs.job1:7,8,9,10,11,12. where Satan talks with God concern' Job.Ch.2Job.vs2,3,6. So,here Satan was allowed to do just about everything but,destroy Job. He was out to destroy Job's faith, KJB uses the word(integrity).Vs.3
---ELENA on 4/28/12

I believe that sickness is not of God..we make mistakes and we pay the consequences but repentness is there and we must do it whole hearted..Ask yourself if it was god's will for you to be sick why would you be taking medicine wouldnt that be considered going against god's will? so no being crazy is a mind game relax and ask jesus to make you whole again...
---juan on 4/27/12

Can a real child of God be crazy? Again, where will crazy people go when they die...Heaven or Hell fire?
---okey_okpara on 4/15/05
Some in hell becvause they had the chance to accept Jesus before they went crazy and rejected him

Some in heaven beacuse they do not know what they do:
Acts 17:30 And the times of this ignorance God winked at,
---francis on 4/27/12

Hello,Thanks aka and Mary,bless your heart.. I am sorry you both suffer so,much.Mary I think everyone at sometime 'n life goin'to exp.depression.Tell your husband there's room at the cross! lay all his worries and fears at the Master's feet...It took over 10 years find out I was bipolar,also like you suffer panic attacks! when crowds of people. I don't go anywhere now - visual impairment. Church helps, so,busy :)I am glad went back! Love of Jesus!
---ELENA on 4/27/12

hello, elena. may God have mercy on us all especially the ones who think they understand.
---aka on 4/26/12

Hi Elena, I didn't know you are also bi-polar--so am I. :) But it's my panic attacks that get to me the most, I can get really sick when my husband gets in his depressed moods 'cause I panic and get sick from it! Anyway, God bless you dear sister. :) Hugs, Mary
---Mary on 4/26/12

Hello,AKA.. Read your post! here..remind' me when a teenager once city dwn town we used to run into this old homeless lady,she wore lots old clothes but,papers wrap plasticon her feet(winter & summer) she would give our "us a track!"...Get this "when we give her a tract!" people look' made jokes.. I never forget the look on her face! Such beauty 'calm & she would smile..Walk away! Nev'r beg money..Just food!pastor said "I know God walks with that woman!" nobody bothers her!
---ELENA on 4/26/12

Hello,be carefull (smiles) if you don't love us "crazies" down here !?? how you think we goin' see you 'n heaven?? I hold no grudges,no malice,have been blessed! I am bipolar. Not ashamed. I paid my dues! bipolar :) has taKen me out of my shell.. I was so shy,could not open my mouth to ask even to go get a drink water! sat suffer' robbed,hit 'n head,etc..1yr. in hospital..God save me out of coma! we love you so,don't worry bout "crazies" Christ loves us... God is everything! none of us are worthy truth be known. Trust in Him. john6:40 For my Father's will that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in him shall have eternal life,and I will raise him up at the last day".
---ELENA on 4/25/12

did you ever think that us "sane" folks might be the crazy ones?

i do not what the motive of this question is, but you must be crazy by asking this question.

God is merciful and you never know who is really an angel of God.

May God have mercy.
---aka on 4/3/11

Christians can have mental illness, just like they can have lung cancer, kidney failure or a multitude of other organ diseases. Mental illness is not due to demonic possession, but some often think so because it manifests itself in "other-than-acceptable" behaviors.

Being mentally-ill (a disorder that involves the brain) is not a sin, no more than diabetes, scoliosis or an ingrown toenail. Heaven is a promise for those who believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior. This requirement is not negated by being ill.
---BiPolarPastor on 4/3/11

REVELATION 21:4 And GOD will wipe away every tear from their eyes, there shall be no more death, nor cry , there shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away,

( If you ever been to a mental ward, the thing you would notice that there are some people walking around with Bibles, more than you will see out on the street.)
---RICHARDC on 3/6/11

MarkV-- I agree that a Christian cannot be "demon possessed." A Christian is possessed by the Holy Spirit, Who is far too powerful to let Satan take what is His.
But it's possible for us to misjudge a person's spiritual state. And I believe demons can harass a Christian with a barrage of lies and cause them great misery. Either way, a spiritual intervention is called for.
---Donna66 on 3/6/11

As a crazy person myself, I want to tell you that people that have this kind of disorder can be saved. I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. I really think the term "mental illness" is a misnomer. When I am off medication, I feel physically different every minute or two. I go from hungry, to sad, to happy, to whatever, in addition to having psychosis. At any rate, it has nothing to do with my spirit, because I believe in Jesus. In fact, if you are a Christian, you can help yourself with mental illness by living out of your spirit instead of your mind. God is slowly healing me.
---Carrie on 3/5/11

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Blogger, I agree with your answer more then any other. If they are of the elect, they will be in heaven. Our God does not make mistakes.
Donna66, I believe you are right also that even Christians hurt others. Their flesh has not been redeemed yet, so they fail many times. Demon possession is something that no one can really explain clearly. It's easy to just say a person is demon possessed, but what does that matter anyway, for genuine believers cannot be demon possess. If someone is demon possessed, they are not children of God and are lost anyway. Mental illness is something that even doctors have not been able to really understand. There is many kinds of mental disorders. Many are born that way, others become mental later in life.
---Mark_V. on 3/3/11

Bill_willa6989 What makes you assume that mentally ill people hurt others? A few do.
Most do not. A few mentally healthy people also hurt others...even Christians.

Sounds like maybe you are the one with "fear".
---Donna66 on 2/27/11

"for God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." (2 Timothy 1:7) So, our *spiritual* mind is sound, if we are living in God's love, I would say.

If a "mental illness" is purely physical, then . . . deeper . . . we will be sound if we are living in God's love. And that purely physical brain disorder can't make us do anything to harm ourselves or others, because "love does no harm to a neighbor," we have guaranteed in Romans 13:10, and we have God's almighty "power" to keep any wrong force from making us act to hurt anyone (1 Corinthians 6:12).
---Bill_willa6989 on 2/25/11

shira3877-- I don't disagree with anything you say. It's not exactly clear-cut ( and 125 words is so inadequate). A lot of the behavior you describe is not "typical" of major mental illnesses. But who is to say that mental illness and demon possession can't both occur together in one person?
There's no acid test...except,
maybe, whether one is improved with treatment/medication or delivered by the casting out of demons.
---Donna66 on 2/25/11

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Mental illness doesn't equal demon possession. My cousin developed schizophrenia in his early 20s. He's nearly 40 now. He has a chemical imbalance in his brain. Medication helps, but he does not take it all the time. If it were demon possession, would a pill make it go away?

This is no different than a person having another physical affliction like cancer or diabetes. When things go wrong elsewhere in the body, we see certain traits and when they go wrong in the brain, we also see traits such as behavioral changes. My cousin is not evil, he doesn't harm anyone and he's not mean-spirited. He's simply sick. He's done nothing to deserve his condition and I don't believe that our loving Father will discard him to hell simply because of it.
---AlwaysOn on 2/25/11

Donna66, I don't know if I agree with you or not. I think people who have bizzare behavior are demon posessed. Also, there is a trend among teens who cut themselves(severly). There are also people who are so mean to others then there are ones who kill, abuse children, sexual abusers. They are not of sound mind. God gave me a sound mind when He saved me. I could go on and on. Demon posession is far more rampant than we believe.
---shira3877 on 2/25/11

"what is the difference between crazy and demon possession?"
Mental illness is a sickness/malfunction/injury that deals with the human mind.
To become demon possessed one must open their heart and mind, by an act of their will, to the satanic influence of the Devil.
---Elder on 2/25/11

mary -- I love that scripture, too. I don't think He expects us to all have the same abilities.And HE understands our difficulties better than any human can.
---Donna66 on 2/25/11

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shira3877-- I wish I knew the answer to your question about the difference between mental illness and demon possession. It's a good one.

Mental illnesses have typical behaviors which provide the basis for their diagnosis. Some have delusions of persecution (the FBI is after me) or grandeur (I am Jesus Christ reincarnated) or hear voices. Some have cycles of extreme high and low moods (or just extreme lows). Some can talk a great deal, sound reasonable, but nobody can tell just what they are trying to say.

If a person has occasional bizarre behavior that doesn't fit diagnostic guidelines, I'd suspect demon possession. Demons can sometimes be discerned spiritually.
---Donna66 on 2/24/11

As a person who has some degree of mental illness myself (panic disorder), I can totally appreciate the words of Isaiah 42:3, where God says He will not not break a bruised reed nor put out a flickering lamp. God loves and understands the "crazy" of the world too. :)
---Mary on 2/24/11

Thanks for your answer Cluny.
That makes sense to me as well.
---John on 2/24/11

People with mental illness may be in heaven if God chose them to be among his elect prior to the creation of the universe billions of years ado. After the resurrection of the dead and they have a new resurrection body they will no longer have any mental or physical illness or amputations but totally restored to wholeness. and only after that has happens will they or any other human being ever be in heaven
---Blogger9211 on 2/24/11

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A person in a state of demon possession is not responsible spiritually or morally for acts committed in this state, as his will is suspended and overcome.

There is a certain type of Eastern Orthodox saint called the Fool-for-Christ's-sake.

Some deliberately hid their holiness by feigning mental illness and adopting bizarre behavior.

Others clearly didn't have their full quota of IQ points, or were indeed mentally ill--but that didn't stop these people from literally loving Jesus to death.

There were others who suffered from clinical depression, yet this did not get between them and the Lord.
---Cluny on 2/23/11

The forgiven will be in heaven and no, you won't be crazy you will be healed.
---larry on 2/23/11

What if they are demon possessed?

Scripture does differentiate between the mentally ill and the demon possessed.

Something that is not acknowledged is this politically correct world of ours.
---John on 2/23/11

Sarah_Angel-- I know you were kidding. But the life of a psychotic person is far from HAPPY.
Mental illness can strike Christians as well as non-Christians. Whether they go to Heaven or Hell depends on their faith. (Which is perhaps harder to ascertain in the mentally ill) They are not necessarily worse sinners than those who are mentally healthy.
---Donna66 on 2/23/11

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what is the difference between crazy and demon posession? I am not talking about disabilities or someone who has brain damage. People have to be "crazy" to do some of the things that are going on today. I really wonder about that.
---shira3877 on 2/23/11

well from an insightful or maybe a crazy mind, a crazy person has already found heaven long before death takes them!!
---sarah_angel on 2/22/11

In heaven all will ne perfect physically and mentally.God does not hold a mentally ill or retarded person to the same standards.God is perfectly just and merciful.
---shirley on 12/19/07

It has been said that when we're raised up again, it will be with our bodies perfect and whole.

Since our brains are part of our bodies, they'll be perfect and whole too.

So craziness is really a moot point. (I'm sure that anyone who was incapable of understanding in this life will be given a pass, or at least an explanation and choice, in the next.)
---Nancy on 12/19/07

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Julie I just had a good friend of mine's father commit suicide and the pastor said Yes suicide is a sin and WE ARE ALL SINNERS. God is of all things merciful - if He wants us all to be as little children then the "crazies" are closer then the Saneezes.

Good point Oscar. You might not be welcomed in some churches but then neither would I -if they could see my insanity. Be blessed.
---Andrea on 8/11/07

I don't think anyone considers those disorders to be crazy.
I am talking neurotic crazy, like we see here, every day.
---Produce on 8/11/07

I agree with Joy. When I first read this blog the thing they came to my mind was discrimination against the those with mental disabilities (Austsm, Downs Syndrome, etc.). If this is what you are referring to you should be a shamed of yourself.

If not, disregard my post.
---Marcia on 8/11/07

Crazy? What do you mean by crazy? What determines or makes a person crazy? I think you might need to choose a better word. Some word that does not have so many negative connatations. Maybe, mentally ill might be a better choice.
---joy9988 on 8/10/07

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Yes, they can be crazy. We see crazy on these blogs each and every day. Some are so crazy, that after reading all of their answers, you begin to wonder if you're crazy, too. Some of the most popular are crazy and they are leading all of the normal bloggers into crazy. Some are ultra prophetically crazy.
So yes, many crazy people will be in heaven.
Some are just plain nuts.
---Produce on 8/9/07

It really is a matter of what you are calling crazy, I am considered crazy by a lot of people because I talk to a God they cannot see, and operate in Miracles and the Power of God, I tell people things that God says to me and they don't like me or my message. Like judgement is coming on this country, I have videos on youtube about it. I might be crazy
but I'm not stupid, cause I believe in Jesus.
---exzucuh on 8/2/07

Okey; The question's a little crazy. People with mental disorders have a medical condition. Will God penalize them for this? It's His judgement call!
---1st_cliff on 8/2/07

Written in an insane assylum solitary confinement room: If every quill [blade of grass, pine needle] were a pen and the oceans were ink we would run the oceans dry trying to write of the love of God.

What's normal
---MARK on 3/21/07

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Well i'm pretty crazy and i'm going to heaven :)
---mark on 3/20/07

Now the world may think you are, but no true child of God is crazy. When Jesus saves you He gives you a sound mind. When you die, if you belong to God, to Heaven you will go.
---catherine on 3/20/07

Are you kidding yourself that you've been set free from your old man? When Jesus sets you free, you're free.
I'm totally 'delivered' drug message, is a psychological message in my book. "I need mind altering drugs but I'm free".
---North_Pole on 3/20/07

Even tho my son is mentally handicapped, he still puts his hands together and asks mom to pray, loves to go to church and I believe he has accepted Christ in HIS own way. Mentally he is about 4 years old and yet almost 21 years old. For those so severly handicapped, I believe God will accept them into the Kingdom.
---Sherrie on 3/20/07

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Many mental illnesses are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain that can be corrected by medications and if they are saved, they go to heaven. Mentally retarded may have relationships with Jesus that they cannot articulate. The Bible states that God will use the week to confound the wise. Then there some 'crazy'people who are clearly deamon possessed and unless exorcised and saved, will go to hell. Some Christians believe that all illness is caused by demons. I don't Jody
---Jody on 3/19/07

No crazy, no lazy, no hazy in heaven. I don't know about the daisy.

There will be crazy where's it's hot and blazey.
---Cocoa on 3/19/07

No crazy people in heaven, all suffering and mental illness will be healed.
Psychology will not be needed in heaven, nor will all the psychological drugs that people are doped up on be needed in heaven.
Valium, methadone, all the drugs of choice that people rely on to get through their day, along with Jesus. Jesus and drugs. It is a testimony. Would you have Jesus if you took away your mind altering drugs?
---North_Pole on 3/19/07

Here's my point. Anna N. was doped up, or medicated as some would prefer. Her thinking was not particularly clear. So if you're doped up 24/7, how clear is your thinking, really? Are the drugs speaking, masking mental illness? How do you filter Jesus Christ through psychological drugs - is that really logical? Or are you kidding yourself that you've been set free from your old man? When Jesus sets you free, you're free. A 'delivered' drug message is a psychological message in my book.
---North_Pole on 3/19/07

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What if you're not crazy all of the time?

I'm cuckoo for cocoa puffs.
---Cocoa on 3/12/07

The ONLY thing that qualifies you for Heaven is accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior. If you do that, you WILL go to Heaven. Note: My nickname is Shorty Loca - because I'm short and crazy for Jesus Christ.
---Leslie on 12/31/06

Whatever our natural bodies are here on earth, our spiritual body will be perfect..who defines crazy, anyway..some crazy's are fun, some are bad, those "sane" are the same..good and bad..some "crazy" are the BEST people to have as they are not selfcentred.. we all need to be a little "crazy"..enjoy life, God and each other."Crazy" here is a loose term.I dont want to be with criminally, crazy,deranged in heaven, and I dont expect them to be there.
---karin on 2/24/06

Thank you, Rex. Osca, I'm sorry if my response came across sounding scolding; i'm physically disabled and a lot of people automatically assume I have mental problems, too, so I'm pretty sensitive to terms that are often used to do nothing more than insult someone.
---Heather on 7/12/05

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Hi Heather

I checked the Australian Oxford Pocket Dictionary

Many use Crazy as a term of endearment for an extroverted, loud, funny and fun loving person. It may also be used to describe someone who is insane.

Both will be in heaven, the former purified and still extroverted, loud, funny and fun loving. The latter will be healed!

For the record I am mentally ill with ADD, Depression and Anxiety.

May the Lord bless you
---Oscar on 7/12/05

I really am sorry if I hurt anyone.

---Oscar on 7/12/05

Awesome! response heather. I've also been reading some of your other responses such as the question about virginity. I love the ensight with which you speak. I like to pay compliments when they're due and you have this one coming.
---rex5764 on 7/8/05

Oscar, speaking as a counselor in training, you're walking a fine line with the qualification you made about "crazy." Crazy is one of the many words in the English language that serves no good purpose except to stereotype and, often, insult.
---Heather on 7/8/05

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Of course crazy people will be accepted into heaven!

I assume you mean mentally ill, mentally retarded or mentally disabled.

However, they are not accepted into our local churches, after all they might upset our respectable middle class conservative church activities and we wouldnt want that would we?

---Oscar on 7/7/05

I hope crazy people will go to heaven, if not, I won't stand a chance :))
---Albert on 4/26/05

I'm a sinner with a certain amount of crazy. One of my hopes in God is His mercy. ...mercy triumphs over judgement. James 2:13. If your mind, emotions, and spirit are broke or ill, remember -->Blessed are the poor in spirit, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Mtt 5:3 Though sometimes I weary of waiting, it's worth the wait, to be totally healed one day, no more tears or illnesses, as my home is heaven. Crazy people will be in heaven cause He is a loving, compassionate, and good God. He knows and gives Truth.
---laura on 4/24/05

100 words now that is crazy to try to give a answer but in knowing my wife has dealt with this for over 30 years and now God has healed her. I would have to say by God desine all are created towards His glory and each person before God will have there voice in that day. but I would be careful to say what God cant do as some have illuded to as He said Himself "Jacob have I Loved and Esau have I hated" and this was said of them while both were in the womb of there mother before any good or bad thing was done from either of them.
---kirk on 4/24/05

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I had a step-dad who was paranoid Schizophrenic. When he killed himself a couple of years ago, his daughter who is my half sister and I talked about this. I hope that the teaching he recieved in church and from his godly mother as a child took. And we chose to believe that he is now whole and in heaven. Won't know for sure til we get there.
---Julie on 4/18/05

I wonder Gregg what Jesus would say?

he might say this is a good idea, because it help both those who can buy things at a reasonable price, and the charity (naybe it s the church) for whom funds are being raised.

I think it is different from the moneychangers in the temple ... they were trading for their own profit
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/16/05

By 'crazy' you mean brain dysfunction that they have no control over? God cannot hold sins against them if they don't even know what they are doing! Retardation involving the brain keeps the person from even knowing right from wrong. Of course they will be in heaven, they cannot sin!
---NV_Barbara on 4/16/05

Let's not forget that it is only through Christ that we are saved, if we don't reject. When we are in Christ, we are made whole and have a sound mind, a mind that is totally governed by God,is not a sick mind, but one which is continually seeking God.
---Barbara on 4/16/05

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If the crazy person died in sins then they go to hell, but if the crazy person died without sin they go to heaven. Most real children of God will have their minds tempted by Satan, even Jesus was not exempt. But the Lord scolds the enemy and will deliver his children from every affliction. He commands the storm, and gives the perfect peace which passes all understanding.
---Eloy on 4/15/05

I was told today that there are churches that have jewelry and childrens toys and household items and clothes for sale right there when you walk in the building, I think they called it the Christian Mission. I asked them the question, now what would Jesus do? I think he would just blow up and make the people running it feel 2" tall for the rest of their life. Would that be crazy?
---gregg on 4/15/05

I cannot believe this question. Can a child of God have a chemical imbalance that causes delusion? Yes, of course. Can a child of God be bipolar? Yes, of course. I know some people who are schizophrenic and bipolar who are believers.
---Madison on 4/15/05

I don't like the word "crazy". Mental illness is sickness. Wouldn't diabetics go to heaven? Why not those who have chemical imbalance of the brain? Because one may be mentally ill, it doesn't mean they are evil, though there are those who are. No space here to go into it in depth.
---Kristine on 4/15/05

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i think they called Jesus crazy and a lunatic <><
---monique on 4/15/05

What is crazy?

There will not be any mentally ill people in Heaven. Not because they don't belong there but because they will be healed and complete in a perfect place.

Maybe when you and I get there God will do something with our minds also. I hope so don't you?
---Elder on 4/15/05

2Timothy1:7 For God hath not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love,and of a sound mind.According to this, living by the Word of God ,in His will,and keeping our minds stayed on Christ, our peace,God gives with His love, and power a sound mind.Then no child of God can be crazy.Crazy being madness,deranged,insane.Thats a complete break with reality.It doesn't include chemical imblances(physical),depression,alzheimers(physical degeneration of brain), etc..Can someone who doesn't know the difference in sin and righteousness,and can't repent, be judged like a sinner?
---Darlene_1 on 4/15/05

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