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Spiritual House Cleaning Occuring

Has anyone done a spiritual cleaning in their house? Like Spring Cleaning lol. I removed some pictures, gave to friends etc.. that I know might be idol things that God is against. Example: cherub angels, pictures of mother Mary on a clock, etc..

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 ---Candice on 4/15/05
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How does one know for sure that the house has been cleansed? Last night,felt pure evil in my house.Felt something try to hold me down paralyze my voice so I couldn't say "Jesus."Finally I was able to say "Jesus" and it left. Then the TV downstairs turned on by itself full volume up. My door bell rang only it's impossible cause the screen door was locked.Cat went nuts this morning,hissing and staring in the direction where a box of books lay.Inthe box,bok on Tarot belonging to new roommate.Felt pure evil surge over my flesh!Could feel the energy as I held it. I threw it out in the trash.Oddly, my house became warmer and the overall feeling of normalacy and peace came back. Any words of Biblical Wisdom? Help!
---melissa on 10/28/09

My wife and I had bought some things for our boys' bathroom and had them sitting on the back of the toilet. The Holy Spirit brought it to our attention that these things weren't right. We took them and threw them away, prayed over the restroom, and our 6 yr. old's bed wetting problems stopped. Praise God!!
---Mitch on 6/12/08

You can own things that you enjoy and still be a christian. I think some of you are letting it get WAAAAY too out of hand...
---Jorge on 11/18/07

I heard playing cards and unicorns were Satanic, ever heard of that anyone?
---MichelleS on 10/31/07

I think if you were heavy into the occult then yes, definately go through your house and get rid of everything that even has a connection to the occult. satanic books, tarrot cards, crystals, wizard stuff, ect..
I think with the other stuff you need to see how the Holy Ghost leads you. I heard playing cards were satanic once, I still have them. I don't believe some of the stuff people come up with.
---MichelleS on 10/31/07

Deuteronomy 7:25-26 Each person might take it differently. It has spoken to me about tattoos, piercings, cds, movies, tv, and other objects that I own. I don't bow down to anything that I own, but there are things that God has told me to get rid of. Would God be proud of you for owning it? If Jesus were on earth, would He own it? Is it Godly? Does it hinder your walk with God? Just ask God. If you question something, take it to Him. Just say "God, should I keep it, sell it, or throw it out?"
---Trish on 10/30/07

Yeah. It really does wonders for spiritual warfare. There is a wonderful book called Spiritual House Cleaning, it helps. I got rid of movies, toys (you would be surprised at the meaning behind kids toys) and lots of other things. This is something that every Christian should be focusing on doing. It is amazing at what a difference it makes. , )!
---Krystle_Jones on 10/11/07

If you ask the Holy Spirit to open your spiritual eyes and show you the things that you need to discard, He will do it. Just be ready, because it may be many sentimental things, but trust me, it's the best thing. I did it, and felt like a brand new wind had rushed through my house, and I could actually breathe, leaving a spirit of peace. Refer to Exodus 20:4,5!
---Peaches on 3/9/07

Donna; there isn't anything wrong with it. I have a small navity sceen I keep up all year round. Some think it is worldly to put or have such things. It isn't like we bow to it.
---Rebecca_D on 3/9/07

Someone mentioned throwing away their Nativity Scene. What's wrong with having a Nativity scene if you don't worship it? In other words, I don't put up a Christmas Tree, no lights, but I do put out a Nativity Scene because I like to be reminded of the Son of Man who had to be born in a stable and had no place to lay his Head. Yet He was provided for. What's wrong with having a Nativity scene if you don't worship it?
---donna6598 on 3/9/07

I sure have .. old worldly records, videos,audio tapes of Michael Jackson,Elvis,and a lot of mixed artists all from b4 I bcame a Christian. Old wooden statues I collected flew out the door into the rubbish bin, jewellery, expensive labelled clothing etc. I live simple now and loving the simple things in life and my Lord. Am so glad to know n follow Him.I dont have special dishes etc 4 visitors only anymore. They get what I have use now.
---jana on 3/9/07

RebeccaD - What I did was spiritual. I refuse to have anything to do with my past, so everything went. Once I was born-again, the desire for my worldly music went and I had only the desire for things of God. I bought Christian CDs with the money. I don't understand Christians who listen to worldly music. (continued...)
---Helen_5378 on 3/9/07

2/... The statues were and still are demonic to me. They are used in RCC worship, and I will have nothing to do with them. I was brought up RC. The Lord brought me out of it long ago, and I refuse to look back. Everything died when I died with Christ.
---Helen_5378 on 3/9/07

Helen; what does breaking your nativity sets have to do with cleaning one's house? What did you do with the money you got from selling your music? Why did you sell them? Why did you burn photos? None of this has nothing to do with cleaning your "spiritual house". You just done some spring cleaning in your home.
---Rebecca_D on 3/8/07

When I got saved I immediately sold all my worldly music. Got a very good price for it too. Also smashed up RC figurines and nativity sets; interesting that the heads of the baby Jesus flew off them! Burnt photos. Threw out statues that had belonged to a witchcraft person. Threw out some stolen stuff too that had been given to me. Cleaned out the whole lot. My eyes were truly opened to evil.
---Helen_5378 on 3/7/07

It is important to do a spiritual house-cleaning from time to time, but it is the things that distract you from God that must be removed. This might also include horoscopes and good luck charms.
---lorra8574 on 3/7/07

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When I was first saved, I was so tuned into God, that I felt led to clean my house (the house I lived in) I scrubed the the floors they were so clean you could eat off them, everything was in perfect order, later on I found out that it was a Spiritual house cleaing..Never heard of it till then, yeah I have been through that and am still going through it...mary4964 it was kinda funny afterwards too, lol
---mary4964 on 3/7/07

Yes I have done this type of cleaning. From items purchased in the US or from any other country. As well as praying through house to clean them of demonic spirits and counsel the owners on how to do this and stand firm in the authority they were given through Christ. It's always nice to have a peaceful home that reflects Christ in all manners.
---Kristina on 1/12/07

lol..I agree..favourite pictures etc can become idols to us..had a statue of an ancient God once and it quickly became offensive when I became christian and tossed it out quickly...we do have many idols around us which we dont realise that we have...
---jana on 6/5/06

I've done spiritual springcleaning after being prompted by the Lord.The stuff that I've destroyed are materials on astrology.When the tsunami struck last year,God challenged me to give away my clothes to the victims.It was because during that period, I was getting materialistic and too attached to my belongings.Another activity is casting away familiar and evil spirits from my house and, in turn, invite God's presence to dwell in it.
I feel so much closer to God after that because I've obeyed Him and consequently the bondages holding me have been broken.It was really worth the effort!
---teresa on 4/17/05

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The devil can't read our minds, but he can surely see what we place around us, and watch on movies or TV, and the words we say. That's how he finds our weaknesses and knows where to 'strike.' Anything that would not be pleasing to God, shouldn't be in our homes.
---NV_Barbara on 4/17/05

Why throw away pictures or statues of Angels if these are used for decoration? We find in the Bible that God order cherubins to be built on the ark.
---Albert on 4/16/05

I think one can only do spiritual housecleaning if and when prompted by the Holy Spirit. Years ago I had a big bonfire: all kinds of reference books on the occult, acquired over the years... If they're no good for me they're no good for anyone. That's why I chose to destroy rather than give away to someone who is interested in them. Now I have a used books store and every so often something in that category comes in. If I recognize it as such: it goes in the garbage; not in a way that someone can retrieve it: I destroy it. I cannot censor everything.
---Hanny on 4/16/05

yep! and i burned them. oh well, live and learn in Jesus, candice. <><
---monique on 4/16/05

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Candice if you feel that you have to get rid of something because 'God might be against it' shouldn't you have totally destoyed it rather than pass it on to someone else? As for spiritual cleaning of my house - I've always understood that to mean cleaning out the thing that houses my soul (my body) and get rid of all the things I've been doing but should not be doing. That is what I think most people mean by a spiritual house clean but maybe others will think differently.
---Xanthi on 4/16/05

Alan of UK that's kinda funny 'cause that was my first thought as well.
---bethie on 4/16/05

Has anyone, ever allowed Jesus, to clean house? The grace of God, working in you will cause you to get rid of stuff that is not good for you. All that the Lord cleaned up, ended up,in the garbage.
---Barbara on 4/16/05

yes, over the years things that are nonChristian or secular can accumulate in our houses. And it's good to get rid of them. Once the Holy Spirit woke me up and told me to get rid of every bit of my music CDs that were nonChristian. i had some Soft Rock; easy listening; classical; and even some secular Jewish CDs. He said, "All of it. i want it all gone." So into a bag and out into the dumpster it went- hundreds of dollars, but the price of God's Presence is well worth it.
---Eloy on 4/15/05

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Well as stated the angels matched my friends other picture, so why throw it out? we do not know what angels/cherubs really look like so imo why have pictures that mislead us, that goes for Jesus oto, we only know somewhat of his description of what the bible says,but not a true picture so why mislead others? As far as throwing them out that's between the new owners.. i recycle unless it's broke& nonusable.
---candice on 4/15/05

I never heard of pictures of angels being idols.
---Madison on 4/15/05

Candice ... If you thought those things to be wrong and anti-Christian, should you really have given them to friends?
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/15/05

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