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Expect Too Much From People

Doesn't it seem like some folks expect too much from their relationships? People shouldn't expect a mate to be their everything. Be your own best friend, first, be interesting and interested and realistic.

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 ---Kristine on 4/15/05
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I used to think that way too, but I am learning that it was wishful-thinking. We would all like to be the way, but we do not live in that kind of world yet. It is the grace of God that enables man to live the Way God wants us to please Him.
---Barbara on 9/15/07

I don't expect any more from other people than what I am willing to give. If I am honest, I expect honesty. If I am compassionate, I expect compassion. I have been told that I expect too much of other people. I just think that is being fair.
---Mary on 3/29/07

I would give anything to have her back. I would take her no matter what she had. People that are married don't realize what they have many times until they lose them. I know because I am a witness to that. Sometimes the things that we though were so important are really not.
---Lupe2618 on 5/27/05

I began to see also her struggles and not just mine. I expected so much before where now I didn't expect anything, because of the love I now had was really true love. It was about her now. I didn't see the faults in her anymore and in return she just loved me more. She came back and she lived eight years more until she died in 1998.
---Lupe2618 on 5/27/05

that you cannot make someone see what you see, feel what you feel, or even someone to love you. I wanted my wife to see what I saw and felt inside and she just wouldn't. I didn't understand until she left me. I realized later that she was her own person. I didn't own her, she was sharing her life with me and was giving of herself as much as I was. Sure when you are young sex is so important but as you get older you realize it is about sharing a life together.
---Lupe2618 on 5/27/05

Sister, when two people marry, they make a commitment, not just to the other but to God. Two people marry willing to share their lives together. the two are so different in thinking but never the less they are now one. Now married you find out there is so much difference between other, and you began to struggle. It depends what the other has gone through in life. Many times they have secrets that are still there. Sometimes they have weakeness in thier bodies. What I am trying to say is
---Lupe2618 on 5/27/05

We are helpers of one another, and should speak the truth in love. Let me say also, that i don't believe that christians should smoke, with the main reason being is, it is not a good witness. When we tell non-believers that Jesus lives in us, and that we have the "power" of the Holy spirit dwelling in us who gives us power, and that we can do all things through Christ who "strenthens" us....They would have to doubt that, and wonder since we have all of this power, why can't it keep us from the habit of smoking? and it is bad for health reasons as well.
---barbara on 4/30/05

Absolutely, one should not leave and pray on it, but after a many years, who knows, it is sometimes better for one's sanity and spirituality to leave the relationship, especially if the "offending" mate doesn't live in a Christian manner. Life's too short to waste on someone who's essentially a moral, ethical sloth.
---Kristine on 4/26/05

p.s. then you pray that you will have the strength in Jesus to endure from the weaker. <><
---monique on 4/21/05

ok, so what do you do leave the person, not according to Jesus and 1corinthians 13. there may be plenty of reasons a person may feel or get that way ie. betrayal with another person, no commitment, wanted to be of their self and not one, or no spiritual life. you pray that the person will know who they are in Christ and encourage in Christ. <><
---monique on 4/21/05

I need to clarify here. I meant when one person in either a marriage or relationship of any sort is overly dependent on the other. Cloying, and losing their own identity sort of thing. There's dependence and interdependence. One being unhealthy and the other being healthy. The partner has to constantly fulfill needs and entertain the other. I see alot of that, and no, I'm older,alone,and happy.
---Kristine on 4/20/05

sure david, Jesus is to be our everything and first love. and if He is then you would do as He says...wife and husband are ONE=you do not have separate lives, you are not your own person. if a husband is to love his wife as Christ loves the Church, seems like everything to me, and a wife is to respect and love her husband...a setting apart from others. marriage is not a light thing. commitment, effort and unconditional love.
---michaelw on 4/16/05

I believe that Jesus is the only one you can completely trust, everybody is human and will let you down at some point. If I place expect too much from anyone including myself I will just be let down. Jesus is my everything, and my best friend!
---David5083 on 4/16/05

actually kristine are you married? there is a difference between relationship and marriage. It is our Heavenly Father that requested spouses to be one, so you cant be separate from your spouse as in "your on best friend". although we love Jesus first there are roles/priorities in marriage. securing, trusting, and unconditional love. so that is the realistic view.
---michael on 4/16/05

Expect nothing, and appreciate everything: for loneliness makes a sad companion.
---Eloy on 4/16/05

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