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Spiritual Housecleaning Good

To believe in a spiritual housecleaning is a good thing. I have felt compelled by the Spirt to throw out every DVD showing unmarried people in bed. I cannot in good concience have such on screen with teens around. This has corrupted our nation immeasurably.

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 ---Janet on 4/16/05
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Bad not only for our children, and our nation but for all ages and peoples. Purity, Holiness a (clean House)or temple is acceptable to the Lord. We would not live in a dirty house ourselves.
---Barbara on 3/9/07


The images of their gods you are to burn in the fire. Do not covet the silver and gold on them, and do not take it for yourselves, or you will be ensnared by it, for it is detestable to the LORD your God. Deut. 7:25. I wasnt overly thrilled at the time, but the pot went to its destruction. Immediately there was a curious absence in the house. Everything just felt cleaner and freer. Spiritual housecleaning is a necessity. I have no regrets.
---CarolT on 4/20/05


God bless you janet for listening to the prompting of the Spirit. Many things can pollute our homes spiritually and we can be unaware of it. I had an old Chinese teapot that had belonged to my mother. It was rather garish, but it sat in the china cabinet for years. One day the Lord told me to get rid of it. Immediately I thought, well I can sell it. That thought barely got processed before the Spirit intervened.
---CarolT on 4/20/05

Many things in our world today ,that are not morally good ,have become so common and excepted by our culture that our children do not even recognize it as being wrong. We need to clean house and put desency back in our lives. Porn and adaultry are common on soap operas now. Our kids question if they're gay or strait and even go to the extent to experiment with both. It's always some one elses fault why they are so confused or voilent. We all need to take responsibility for our own house, country and government. Stand up for GOD!!! It starts in the heart and whats good in Gods eyes not ours.
---diane on 4/18/05

I say well done! It is truly a blessing to know that you feel so strong about your Spiritual Growth and living holy for GOD as the Bible says, that you would get rid the things that are unlike HIM. More Christians should do the same.
---LaShonda on 4/17/05

I threw out some of my DVD's that were not scriptual,but as far as my husbnads DVDs I cannot touch his stuff or he'll scream at me,even if taking them to a pawn shop& get $ we need,so we made a compremise,since our children are ages5& under he watches his movies while they are sleeping or I am with them on an errand therefor they can't see what he watches.I leave the rest up to God.
---Candice on 4/17/05

It is true that porn has invaded and intruded minds that were headed in some other direction, primarily by the inventions of man, such as, the computer, cameras, CDs, DVDs, etc. If you admit to possessing these things and say you cannot have these on screen with teens around, is good, but 'every other sin a man commits is without the body, but fornication is against your own body.'
---gregg on 4/16/05

janet, I commend you for throwing away porn dvd's. A spiritual housecleaning is when you kill the spider that makes the cob webs in your heart. Your throwing away of the dvd's is an outward measure of spiritual housecleaning.
---shira_5965 on 4/16/05

I totally agree with you. Awhile back I bought "Practical Magic" (I think I only bought it because it was on sale) Anyway, I was unpacking the shopping bags when I got home and I thought I would sit down and watch it. I unwrapped it, opened the DVD player, put it in, felt the Holy Spirit saying "what do you think YOU are doing?". So, I don't think I even got thru the previews. I took it out and threw it away. My kids were flabbergasted. (at the loss of money, not the loss of the movie) They said "What are you doing?????" I said, "The right thing."
---Becky_S on 4/16/05

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