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Mentally Sick Go to Heaven

If a person is mentally ill, accepted Christ as a child, but has become so ill, he refuses treatment and he's walked away and is questioning God. Will he still go to heaven? I believe once saved, always saved. What do you think?

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 ---Becky_S on 4/16/05
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I believe that if they are mentallly ill they will go to heaven. Though I don't believe once saved always saved, mentally ill...its an illiness. God understands. After all He let them that way for a reason. Some people might be more mentally ill then others. So they might not understand accepting Jesus as their personal savior. But we are not the judge. God is only the judge.
---carea6568 on 4/18/06

God sees our heart. He knows our mind. He has every hair on our head counted. He understands mental illnesses.
---barb on 4/30/05

Once a person has received Jesus as thier savior they enternal life. John 6:47, Romans 10:9,10. The person who refuses treatment and is questioning God may be delusional. This does not mean he is not saved. I have had the same problem. I do love the Lord and have received him as my Savior. I do not loose my salvation every time I have a mental relaps. When a person has a physical illness we do not doubt whether he is saved.
---Ulrika on 4/23/05

I do not believe that God would punish someone that is mentally ill and has a problem comprehending things but..."once saved always saved" is a false statement.
---DeeDee on 4/21/05

I know I can't judge no one but maybe he really didn't get saved to begin with when he was a child. How old was he? Because the bible says unless the spirit draws you, you can't be saved. We can't get saved anytime we want to. Maybe he has been sick for so long, he thinks God don't care. like I said, I don't mean to judge but maybe he never had Jesus in him in the beginning. Because I know people who got saved while in the right mind, then they got sick and forgot almost everything but Jesus and what all he has done for him.
---Rebecca_D on 4/17/05

I think it's okay to question God. Sometimes we dont have all the answers but I beleive that if this person has their roots planted in the Word of God, he will be saved Pray for this person.
---sues on 4/16/05

Becky ... one thing you say "... he has walked away and is questioning God"

Do you think that "questioning God" is necessarily bad?

Perhaps the questioning is a seeking for reassurance. Asking you to say something to make that faith real once more.

I remebr on a sales course I was told ... Welcome questions, because they are good buying signals ... the person just wants to be convinced
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/16/05

Becky ... you know my view about mental illness.

It is not a sin to be mentally ill

To be mentally ill changes your whole brain and you cannot think straight.

When you are in this state you KNOW there is nothing that can help you ... so refusing treatment is logical.

I won't say more ... I know there are others who will disagree.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/16/05

There is ample evidence from scripture that one can backslide and end up lost. However, in the case of the person you speak of, only God knows the degree to which he is responsible for himself. IF her were a Christian and became mentaly unstable to the extent that he was no longer responsible for his choices, I do not thing that God would abandon him any more than He would a child who is too young to know right from wrong.
---Bruce5656 on 4/16/05

Becky, I'm not sure that I agree with "once saved always saved" but I do believe that God would not punish some one with eternal fire for something that person could not help. It is the same for children who die before they were able to profess Jesus as their savior; they are in heaven!
---Adam on 4/16/05

I believe that there is no doubt that you son will go to be with God when he dies. He accepted Christ whilst his mind was normal. God knows what the circumstances are now and that your son is ill. If he died right now he would be safe in the arms of Jesus. This is why we should accept Christ when we can because we do not know if we will be in a position to do so tomorrow.
---F.F. on 4/16/05

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