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It's been said that everybody is given a 'special' gift from God. I can't figure out what mine is. I've prayed but still dont know. I'm getting old and feel I should be using this gift before my time is up. The tests are no help.

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 ---sue on 4/16/05
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Consider that Solomon's gift was wisdom but it wasn't given to him until he asked for it. When I became painfully aware of my lack of love and compassion for my fellowman, I asked God for this gift. Although I can still see some evidence of this defect of character in me. Many people have told me that I am a very loving and compassionate person. This amazes me. God be praised!
---Robin on 11/28/07

Yes maam, there are many gifts and many members of the body to give gifts to. But remember, the gifts will pass. Three things remain: faith, hope, and charity. 'Follow after charity and desire spiritual things, but rather that ye may prophesy.' I Cor 14:1 When you prophesy, you edify because you know what comes next.
---gregg on 4/23/07

Blue, Pauls letter to the Corinthian church states he spoke in tongues,1Corinthians 14:18 I thank my God ,I speak with tongues more than ye all.Note;I never understood why there is so much fear of and opposition to a gift Jesus prayed His Father God to give us.I would think everyone would want to have all God has for us.Jesus thought it important enough to pray for and God thought it important enough to give believers in Acts,which was his choosen way of giving the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.Acts19:2- Have ye received the HG since ye believed? shows you don't get HG with Salvation/believing.
---Darlene_1 on 5/7/05

With in our life time we exercise many of the gifts mentioned in the New Testament. Paul said that the least of these gifts was the speaking in tongues, but never mentioned if he experienced what a lot of the churches require as evidence of the filling of the Holy Spirit. I would asume if it were important Paul would have mentioned the improtance of this ritual if it were of importance. We are asked to live by faith, through Jesus Christ, by the Holy Spirit, to God our Father. Nothing more or noting less, Only by faith. My prayer of support as you seek these answers.
---Blue on 5/1/05

I beleive that the test are pretty true! I have had friends that took the test that I know and what has came out of the test fit them. You know one of the greatest gifts God gave us is Love! I'm in a study group and we are to find out our gift's, such as love for one another, mercy, giver, exhortation, teacher and servant/helps ect. Then what we don't have pray in the Holy Spirit and turn it over to God! It will come!
---penny on 4/19/05

sue, one of the greatest gifts that the Lord has given toeach of us is the power to pray for the needs of others, stay close to him in prayer and he shall reveal anything you ask. judy
---Judy on 4/17/05

Sue you probably are using your gift and just haven't recognized it as such. Many gifts that people have are not big showy gifts. Like quietly encouraging others, helping others when you see aneed. God loves you and I have no doubt He is using you and working through you right now.
---bethie on 4/17/05

one possible reason is that God wants us to give our lives to his service, and not be just helping us. too many christians want God to do for them instead of letting him do through them.
---curt on 4/17/05

Sue in reply, ask yourself what is your forte what do you excel in, after you have decided what it is, use it to your advantage for the greater glory of God,it could be singing, talking, convincing, something simple these are your talents.Its the simple things of life that bring Joy & love & fulfilment.God bless& be with you.
---Emcee on 4/17/05

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