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Should We Vote For Christians

In just over 3 weeks there will be a Uk General election, for members of Parliament (MPs). The leader of the political party with the largest number of MPs will be asked by the Queen to form a Government. Should we as Christians, only vote, for other Christians irrespective of their party policies?

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 ---peteruk on 4/18/05
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Read the question - In theory, the answer is obviously YES. But these are politicians. How do you know if their claims to be Christians are valid and not political posturing? It's an inexact science.
---Greyrider on 12/14/07

Too often in politics, politicians use religion rather than practice it. I wouldn't give a whole lot of emphasis to what someone says they are. In America, the founding fathers were a mixture of christians, diests and even a few agnostics. What is important is proper motives, strong talent and good thinking. We need able men with good understanding and good hearts no matter whether they are Jews, Christians or just men of character.
---casey on 12/12/07

I feel,Peteruk. that we should vote according to the policies of the party not the views of individuals .In the UK 2001 census 24% of the population were non Christian ie other religions or no religion so in a multi faith Society we need to involve people of all beliefs and none
---Victoria on 11/30/07

If you know for certain that the person is a christian and walking in the christian way, with the desire to do right, I would recommend it. Don't listen to just what they say about themselves, though, check their public record if they have been in public office, or their business record, see how they have acted in the past.
---tommy3007 on 3/29/07

Give high priortity to the Christian who is in politics, but vote who will do the best job. Just because he's a Christian, doesn't mean he's good in politics.
---WIVV on 5/18/06

Jimmy Carter was a devout Christian--but he wasn't a good president.

If God is the ruler of the universe, His purposes will NOT be stopped by those mortals who weild earthly power. "The powers that be are ordained of God" Paul said in the days of the pagan Roman empire.
---Jack on 5/30/05

I have found the replies to my original question intersting .Here in the UK there are thre emain political parties with a chance of forming a Government .Two are lead by practisng Christiams the third by an Orthodox Jew ,Christians belong to all parties we we have to think out our voting decisions for our self not toe a Christian party line .I go for the best person for the job unless they are immoral .At a local city council level I have voted for a well respected Hindu who was far superior to the other candidates
---peteruk on 4/23/05

I have one reply to this question of voting for other Christians. First go to other Christians when you are in need. The Bible says where two or three are gathered together there am I in the mist of them. Also if you are wronged and this is by another Christian you go to two or three others first to try to get them to mend their sinfull ways and then you go to the congregation of believers via authoritizes like the elders. We are to obey those put in authority over us. As the Bible says, give unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's Sincerely, Audrey
---Audrey on 4/22/05

If I know that the born again politician is hopeless in government, I will not vote for him. I would not have voted for Pat Robertson if I lived in the U.S.
---Albert on 4/18/05

I cannot seperate my faith with who I am as a person. My values affect the way I vote. As it does with everything else in my life.
---Cam on 4/18/05

In the UK General election, there are 10 political parties represented. I do not know if all MPs will be replaced in each party, but I do know the Queen was put into power by God. Individual Christians do not control the power, God does. God will form the government, irrespective of policy.
---gregg on 4/18/05

On UK voting forms only name ,address and political party is shown though in the election literature issued by candidates they can say more about their beliefs .Here Christians vote for all political parties ,There is not a Christian right
---peteruk on 4/18/05

I DO mix religion with politics. If there were a born-again Christian standing for whatever party I'd vote for him/her. However, it is probably not politically correct to state words like 'Born-again Christian' on election leaflets so, unless we know a candidate personally, we are unlikely to know their beliefs anyway. We need God-fearing people in Government - people we know will pray for wisdom and guidance in their work, not people opposed to Christainity, who will outlaw it given a chance.
---Xanthi on 4/18/05

As long as they don't break Christian laws, I would not hesitate voting for a non Christian candidate. I don't mix religion with politics.
---Albert on 4/18/05

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