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Looking For A Guy God Wants

I am currently looking for the guy that God wants me to be with the rest of my life. I'm starting to get discouraged, I'm in my second year of college and haven't dated yet. How do you know when God has that special person for you? How do you know if it's someone that your around alot of the time?

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 ---Katherine on 4/18/05
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Hold on and don't let go. It matters not what your faith are,or what your size is.
If you have not been there yet,its worth the wait.You will have more to look forward to.The times will be special,and the moments everlating.You will know when you
look in the mirrow and see someone else.
---Jack_8773 on 1/6/08

i am also confused and since all of you guys have great answers to this question. I was wondering...what if you have the perfect guy who follows God and is everything you have always wanted...How then do you know if this is the right one that God intended you to be with?? I dont want to read into it wrong and make a mistake. We've been dating for a while and i feel like i should just know what God wants for me...i still dont. So then what should i do?
---Shannon on 1/3/08

First of all don't look. ask God For the Guy to say certain things to you that only you and God know. then when he says them ask God for other things for him to say. don't let your emotions rule you. let the spirit. This worked for me. I am blessed with the man that loves me as Christ Loves the Church. Write to your future husband like you would if you were dating him.
---denise on 9/19/07

I know what you are going through because i am in in same position. I am 24 yrs old a college graduate and have lived a celibate life. I am trusting the lord with all my heart that what He wants for me will come my way. Let us pray for one another and hold on to his unchanging hands.Remember he said we should seek Him first and all other things will be added unto us .That verse has carrying me and is still carrying through.It has not been easy,but God is good and what he says, He will do.
God bless
---Lyonel on 9/19/07

To look for the guy that God wants for you is not difficult. God acts in men. Don't wait for a miracle or something special. Just love and pray, and God will do something for you. But as God's will is not ours, it is possible you to refuse the man that God wants. That's why I can tell you the man that God wants for you is the man you will be able to love and he is the man. So make your choice. Sometime God chooses thru you. Is'nt it?
Armel, from Congo Brazzaville.
---Armel on 4/22/05

Ok I am older than you and happly married but I met a lot of women in a profeesional capacity through my work(I am a teacher)So I would say to you get out and about to meet lots of people men and women .You WILL know if you meet the one God has intended for you .It would be an error to sit and wait for someone to come knocking on your door You need to help yourself ,It is good to have friends of both sexes without always thinking about dating
---peteruk on 4/20/05

I think one of the wisest sayings I've ever heard from a minister was this. Marriage isn't as much about "finding" the right person as it is about "being" the right person. Study proverbs 31, embed it in your heart, become her before marriage, and Be the right person. Someone brought up earlier that scripture says a widow can marry who she chooses as long as he is in the Lord. When you become the right person it is easier to choose the right person
---Tami on 4/20/05

If you are looking for love without luck, perhaps you've been looking in all the wrong places. Or maybe, you simply have to stop looking to find it. Believe me, I am in the same situation as you are right now. Before, I used to worry. My goal was to marry at age 25. And know what, next month, I'll be turning 26 and still single. But now, I no longer worry. I lifted everything to God. I am praying in faith that God would write for me a beautiful ove story. It's in His hands - not mine. And I feel hopeful. Just keep on praying.And wait. In God's perfect time. God bless you.
---Rhyanne on 4/20/05

This is for all single women looking for a husband. Let God bring you to the man. He knows exactly whom you should marry. When we choose an man out of our own fleshly desires instead of allowing God to pick your mate, we have our own set of rules and standards. Because God knows you very well, let him choose. Live your life now. Get prepared and deal with your own issues, so that when the right time comes (notice I didn't say the right man) you will be ready for the one that God sends. At this time, let Christ fill your voids and be all the man that you need.
---karen on 4/19/05

Hi Sister l have not been on this bloggs thing before although the President has reminded me about it! Just like a man slow to respond,eh! May l ask you a question,please. Do you have an occupation a trade or a professional qualification? If no get trained,you may need it later.
Try not to focus all your attention on this problem,seek the Lord first Matt 6 v 33. Perhaps the Lord wants to work on you first before He brings you into a permanent relationship. Will pray for you. Hank
---Hank on 4/19/05

spend your time getting to know God better, so when the right man comes along, you will be so tuned in to God, that you will know him when he comes.
---curt on 4/18/05

I think you will know when God has that special someone for you when you stop seeking and hoping and focussing on it. Let it all go, seek first the kingdom and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. And I'm not so sure that there is that special one anymore. I think now that there could be many special ones, you just need to get out there and live your life and stop obsessing over it.
---lisa on 4/18/05

Let me know when and if you get your answer. I prayed for a husband when I was 19. I waited for a long time and only recently feel I have recieved word that the wait is nearly over. I am now 40.
---Julie on 4/18/05

hi katherine I love your name I hope you keep praying to the Lord Jesus for He saves us and guides us keep your faith and trust in Him for He loves you so much He shed His precious blood so you could be forgiven and receieve eternal life there is no greater love thank you Lord Jesus for saving me and please help young katherine to find good purpose in life as she gives her life to Thee dear Lord blessings to you brother tom
---tom on 4/18/05

It is easy to say to pray and be devoted until Mr Right comes along. Plus, you keep your eye on Jesus. I will go on an alternative route....get to know the Holy Spirit. Take time to get to know your Comforter and Adviser. When God is ready to give you MR. Right....the Holy Spirt (be open and senitive to HIm) will point him out. Remember...Holy Spirit takes directions from the Father. When you feel like wondering where is Mr. Right...let the Comforter comfort you...God style.
---Michael on 4/18/05

I reckon God sometimes just lets you feel attracted to the other person ... so ytou get chatting ... then you can find out his faith and attributes & decide betweeh you whether the friendship will develop further.

Don't expect God to just send you the guy first off. Get used to chatting to men, then yoy will be able to understand their thought processes.

Its the same for men, we find we have to get to understand how womeen think!! They do not always behave how they mean!
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/18/05

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