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Marry Man With The Best Future

I am been proposed to by two men which I see a great future with one, but have concern for the ohter one also. Who should I marry?

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 ---QUEEN on 4/18/05
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it is good that you shared, it is good to look for advice, it is good that you know you need only one, I suggest that you look at your weakneses both spiritually,physically, phsycologically, socially and choose the one who can cover your weakness and same to you that you can cover his,then reject all guys first, take time to pray for Gods assurance and then go for mr right.If he comes back to you he is the one, the basic principle is that a man for you must be Godly man, a believer.
---Abel on 10/5/05

Only our Lord God can give you a good future. Put all your trust in the Lord, and He will lead you to your good future.
---abba7475 on 5/2/05

If you are on both relationship forget about the two.If either one is really for you God will bring him back to you.You ask God to bring the person in your life whom God he has chosen for you. Pray.
---Maria on 4/27/05

The only man with the best future is a man who is truly in Christ; never a pretender. Remember that we are not to have a marriage relationship with unbelievers. Beyond knowing God, ask God for wisdom and let Him choose for you.

The summary is to let the Holy Spirit guide you and to be willing to accept whatever He says. Please know that a man's life is independent of the abundance of his possession.
---Emmanuel on 4/23/05

I agree with Barbara, how come you have maintained both relationships at the same time?Do seek Gods wisdom,Marriage is God given and should be according to His will.
---Emma on 4/21/05

First things, first. You need to answer these questions:

1. How well do you know these guys?
2. Their proposing marriage? On the grounds of what?
3. Beyond them loving you, do you love any one of them?
4. If so, how come you are able to maintain two "relationships" at the same time?
5. Who do you think is God's will for you? COuld it be them? Or someone else.

Girl, I'm not saying what you feel is wrong. Just pray for wisdom from God. Let Him choose for you. =) God bless you.
---Rhyanne on 4/20/05

Since you can't see the future I would suggest that you marry neither of them.

Your hope for a great future may not meet your expectations and probably no where near the Lords for your life.

What will bring you closer to the Lord? You can't answer that as long as you are seeking a life of ease and not the will of the Father.
---Elder on 4/19/05

How did you get so deeply involved with 2 men at the same time that both are proposing marriage? This is the root of your problem, how could you love them both to be considering marriage to either based on the criteria you give? Do they know about each other? I think you have some growing to do. Make God the center of your attention and HE will lead the right man to you, most likely not either one of the ones you are seeing now. IMHO
---NV_Barbara on 4/19/05

Which one (if either)draws you closer to Jesus? Does one try to pull you away? There's usually "the real" and then there's the "counterfeit".When you marry,be sure he's good for your "spirtiual life".Blessings..
---lovable_linda on 4/19/05

You need to check in with God. Imposters are out there. Break away from both men for a time until God shows you whom you should marry. Never be pressed to get married, lest you end up with the wrong one.
---karen on 4/19/05

Why would you ask that question? Its like, who has the stronger spirit?
---gregg on 4/18/05

it seems strange that you are proposed to by two men. usually, a person who is proposed to is in an exclusive relationship. exclusive means "not another guy also proposing". also, what do you mean by "great future"? i think you need to take more time thinking about this.
---curt on 4/18/05

Queenh ... you seem curiously practical about this.

Do you actually like or love either of them? I suspect not. If you loved either of them you would know it, and know which one your heart, not your brain, told yuo to marry.

I don't think you are ready to marry either of them.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/18/05

You never can tell, for example, my mother had the same predicament and she chose the one that she thought would have a great future with because he was an up and coming architect and came from a good family whose father was an architect and religious and "well to do" as they say. But their marriage was a disaster. So its not really what we can "see" I guess. It's who in your heart will make the best husband for you and who will search God like you do. You need to be equally yoked spiritually I reakon.
---lisa on 4/18/05

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