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Let Guys Take Advantage Of Me

How do I get and keep the right guy in my life, only the guys I don't love ask my hand in marriage but the ones I love never do, they try to take advantage of me. What do I do? Can I give it a try, letting them take advantage of me? Please tell me what to do now. Can God send me a helping hand?

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 ---EUGENE_TESSY_ADANNA on 4/18/05
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You say the ones you love try to take advantage of yuo. ONES ?? !!

How many of these guys do you love?

No, do not let any of them take advantage of yuo ... Would the first one to bed you then want to marry you? No way, he would know you were cheap. Nor would the next, nor the next.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 3/22/08

I think you need to develop some self esteem and self worth and forget about guys for now. Try enroling yourself into some courses that you have an interest in. Not only will you feel good about yourself for achieving things and doing things you enjoy but chances are (and its a bonus not a focus) you might meet nice nice guys that have things in common with you. Guys that are doing things in life are much more interesting than guys who want to take advantage of gals.
---lisa on 4/27/07

you may already was given the right man and you rebuked him...we dont always get what we want dear, perhpas if you pray more and give your heart to God then you will get your answer...I have learned that attractive men are not always the good type...try looking at the mans heart and where it lies..not his looks and his wallet..that dont always work...
---jana on 8/26/06

simple, pray first, make sure the man is a Christian like myself. Make sure he is willing to go to church with you pray with you read the bible with you, like myself. Test the spirit. Confront him with the scriptures if God is not first in his life then there is no life to be had with him
---robert on 4/27/06

God, present help in time of need.Call upon him. Negative self image may cause putting out the wrong impression . You are choosing the wrong type of men. Ask the Lord to help you see your self as he see's you. Read the Bible and see what he says about you. In confident way,not prideful way. Ask him to help you make right choices. You know what you want, he knows what you need. You are only used if you allow yourself to be used. Say "no" don't allow any man to disrespect you. you are a creation of God and deserve (by his grace) his very best. Settle for nothing less.
---ann_G on 4/29/05

Welcome to reality,it works that way for men too.Are you being attracted to Godly men?if they take advantage of you and don't cherish you then they don't love you.Please do not fall for the wrong man out of lonel iness ,Will God help you?He would love for you to ask him too.If you have accepted Christ,( his son)then you are his child,he wants the best for you.May you seek and receive his will.
---RUSSELL on 4/24/05

Don't be a doormat and let anyone take advantage of you! Afterall, you are trying to gain respect, aren't you? First, respect yourself - a good man will appreciate that quality. Then, you will have a greater chance of him respecting you.
---Heidi on 4/24/05

You are a Lady seeking a knight in shining armour,Right-- with love comes RESPECT, dont shortchange yourself for a wolf in sheeps clothing if you give him an inch & he attempts to take a yard, show him the door.Emotions run high but the Ball is always in your control SAY NO, not sayonara!! When you win you will feel uplifted & you will be glad you saved yourself for that one who waited & respected you.God will reward you ;hedid me for 54years
---Emcee on 4/19/05

If they only want to take advantage of you, for whatever reason, they are not worth your love. So save your love for the one who gave everything for you in the first place. A man who loves God first will put you second, not a bad place to be and won't try to pull anything over on you, except maybe his cloak of protection (read Ruth). That will be the one worth loving and keeping.
---Julie on 4/19/05

There is an old story about God sending help. Each time the help was sent, it was refused because it did not come the expected way. Finally, God himself came and asked, 'Why did you not take the help I sent?'
---gregg on 4/19/05

Hi, i would suggest you pray with both eyes closed & and not one eye open. Let the Lord direct you to the right partner and dont give him orders. You still need to choose the one with a good character, take time to know them.
---Shava on 4/19/05

you sound like one of those people who is only interested in those who are not serious. you need to focus your attention on the ones with good character and values. it will be worth it.
---curt on 4/18/05

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