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Pope Has Place Of Jesus On Earth

It was stated in an interview from Vatican Square that "The Pope holds the place of Jesus Christ on Earth." Does that statement hold true according to scripture?

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 ---reader on 4/19/05
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Jesus,being the Word of God,manifested in Flesh...
Immanuel,God with us...

Matt 28:18-20
All Power is given unto ME IN HEAVEN AND IN EARTH....
...AND lo...

He is with us ALWAYS....
no need for a man to REPLACE the SON OF MAN who is STILL WITH US.

What comes after the WORD OF GOD,Bread of life that is SPIRIT AND LIFE WE LIVE BY?...
John 6
Luke 4:4

...The HOLY SPIRIT,Our Teacher who testifies...
1Cor 2

This is why Jesus taught to PRAY TO OUR FATHER...
Matt 6:9-15

Here's the Math...
The Father and I are ONE.

God's Peace...
---char on 11/7/08


read what I typed again...

(No MAN can replace JESUS CHRIST).

You changed these words...However...they are typed as such.

Word made Flesh...(this is not Peter).

Immanuel-GOD with US...Born of a Virgin...
(This is not Peter)
Matt 1:21-25

He is not...
1.the word made flesh
2.Born of a Virgin
3.Immanuel-God with us.
4.Our Savior
I follow...
IS 17:10

God' Peace.

---char on 11/7/08

Mic, good point. Why don't you follow Christ instead of the Pope?

Christ has the preeminence.
Col1:18 And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in all things he might have the preeminence.

The Pope acts as the go-between for Catholics and God, but the scriptures say:
1Tim2:5 For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus,

Just something to think about.
---trey on 11/7/08

....He appointed and entrusted Peter with the authority of administrator of HIS CHURCH.Would you deny YOUR God that privelege?

Whose "god"? True Christians understand Gods Truth contained in Holy Bible which does not support this fantasy that Christ "gave" Peter anything have been led away by another spirit

True Christians OBEY God in TRUTH that is OUR privelege which HE DOES NOT DENY those who OBEY HIM

your system missed part where Christ REBUKED Peter huh? The ROCK is Christ HIS church is SPIRITUAL ...not a building ...not possible to comprehend this if one submits mind and will to another flesh and blood man as mind becomes prisoner to a religious system
---Rhonda on 11/7/08

Char:Are you saying man cannot replace Man?this is what Jesus The Incarnate GOD did as a man. He appointed and entrusted Peter with the authority of administrator of HIS CHURCH.Would you deny YOUR God that privelege?Then you insult God by offering Him HIS peace, while telling Him by your statement "YOU CANNOT DO THIS"I know you mean well, but do you have to be a follower of OTHERS, why not God who said "Follow me.TRUST ME, You are my sheep I am your shepherd"
---Mic on 11/7/08

No man can replace Jesus Christ.

God's Peace.
---char on 11/7/08

Jesus is God's partner in the implemntatio of the "plan of salvaton" not the Pope!
Eph.1:9-10: And he made known to us his will
according to his good pleasure,purposed in Christ, to be put ineffect when the times ill have reached their fulfillment-to bring all things in heaven and on earth together under one head, EVEN CHRIST!."
The plan of salvationn is centerd on the person and work of Jesus Chist. God hs determined that we humans are forgiven and restaured to permenant and eternal fellowship through te work and person of Jesus Christ ONLY!.
---Pierre on 10/24/08

Just so you know i have gmail and my name for it is mysticalhermit so i look forward to hearing about your time as a Bride of Christ.---wayne

What is gmail?
Is it on this website? I am having trouble finding the mail part?

Mother Teresa of Calcutta,whom I had the priveledge of meeting in a personal way in our life .I for one fully understand that burning desire to serve.But permit me to add God has placed you in the right position as you are a mountain of Information which I also use by your awareness.---Mic

I wish I could have meet Blessed Mother Teresa. You are blessed.
Yes, God has me in the place He wishes to place me.
I am grateful that He gave me 6 years as a Bride of Christ.
Thanks for the kind words.
---Nicole on 10/24/08

No, I reject the Protestant interpretation of Matt 23:9.
In your circles you call some Teachers, Preachers and Pastors.
These are titles that causes some to boast as well.

Trey, I gather you havn't socialized or being around Priests much?
No glory.
Did you know they have to wear there collars when going out in public? Many don't.
Only Nuns are treated fairly. Even in the Bible belt. Not Priest.
They think they are having relations with the Nuns.
Impossible for them to be celibate.
But, they believe all Nuns are virgins.
How that adds up, I have no idea?
Many are suspicious of Priests.
No honor in the Priesthood in many people's eyes.

I pray for them often.
---Nicole on 10/24/08

part 1
mic, you, I and everyone else here knows that over half of the NT is not literal. It is Spiritual.
It will be the Spirit that goes back to God not our flesh.
Jesus says he must be worshiped "in Spirit and in truth".
The parables, Jesus did not always tell us when He was speaking in parables.
I apologize for the comment. That is what literally eating the flesh and drinking the blood is cannibalism.
Jesus did not mean for us to do this literally.
To eat means to take into ones body.
Jesus says I will hide my Words in your heart.- eat his flesh- what he says.
---ginger on 10/24/08

Ginger Dear lady:It is a common mistake to spew the words of other misinformed disenchanted people without analasying the word.God offers you His B & B as a gift but yet you know, like the Holy Spirit He is the same, so how would you attribute the word Cannibilism.This is the same with the Rosary Mary and many things in the RCC which is "GIVEN BY GOD"for our benifit.It is unfortunate, that those who are on the outside looking in do not understand.In order to be in CONTACT withthe intimate Contact of Faith one Has to "Taste and see the goodnes of the Lord".This is the heart of the matter where Jesus dwells.Inside each ones heart. I am no scholar but can only define my experiences.
---Mic on 10/24/08

Nicole:I read with Interest your journey into the life as a nun.A very commendable service,and as the saying goes you have to walk in the moccassins to realise the Joyfullness and Zeal one gets .I grew up with Nuns all my life and had many contacts as a boy choir monitor,later with my Girls educations as they attended Convents,and last but Not Least Mother Teresa of Calcutta,whom I had the priveledge of meeting in a personal way in our life .I for one fully understand that burning desire to serve.But permit me to add God has placed you in the right position as you are a mountain of Information which I also use by your awareness.God Bless you Sister.:-)
---Mic on 10/24/08

Nicole, I pray you are well today and iam looking forward to hearing from you. Just so you know i have gmail and my name for it is mysticalhermit so i look forward to hearing about your time as a Bride of Christ. God bless you
---wayne on 10/24/08

Galatians cannot separate the Holy Spirit from the crucified Jesus.
---larry on 10/23/08
You are correct. That's why we say Mary is the mother of God. Because as a Baby, Jesus is still God.

So, in verse22, Paul was merely describing how Timothy served with him in the propagation of the gospel. Unlike the others who according to Paul "...all seek their own, not the things of Jesus Christ."(Phil.2:21) Timothy was obedient to the word of God.
Hope that helps.
---manny on 10/23/08

Yes, an answer is still better than none.
But, why do you permit Paul is calling himself Father but no other.
1Cor 4:15 can you explain this as well?
Priests are fathers to us in Christ.
---Nicole on 10/24/08

Wayne, who is taking advantage of whom?
As you know, there is no higher prayer than the Divine Liturgy.

I entered the Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne, sister of the cancerous poors. They care for them free of charge.

The Sister do the actually care of women and only hire help to care the men with supervision of the sisters.
But, the Sisters take care of the lady patients. Pain control, bath and all.

This community excited me because they work for free.
Live together as the early Church in the Letters.
No other way do we earn income for ourselves or our patients.
We trust Jesus in finding the $ to care for all of us. We depend on the public.
---Nicole on 10/24/08

I have MCTD a form of Lupus-like disease that made my dream break.
The sisters only have one day off a month.
They modified the schedule for me, but I still continued to decline in health. My physican and Spiritual director helped me realize that for now it wasn't God's will for me.
I left 9 months before my final vows.
Dispense of Poverty and Obedience to my local Bishop. Of course I could not date any man until after the 9 months.
Which was okay with me. I was too mad at God to be thinking about dating.

God in His goodness, overlook my sinful anger, and sealed my broken heart out here in this wilderness.
If a cure develops or my disease becomes manageable, I would run not walk and beg to re-enter the Community.
---Nicole on 10/24/08

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You would understand, but some can't.
They only can go by the movies they have seen, and conclude that being a nun is a depressing life.

If you are called to the Religious life, they don't understand the out of control fire burning in one's soul.
Only God can lights these fires.
It is gift and grace from God to some to fulfill His tasks.

I heard G.K. Chesterton say something that speaks volume in my heart.
Most think the RCC tells us how to think.
No, the RCC shows us how to think.
A difference.

When others say they walk and live being a Christian.
I can't explain how my is slightly different.
I breathe being a Christian.
And the RCC are my Lungs.
Jesus is the Oxygen!
---Nicole on 10/24/08

By Scripture that is to govern all true belief. The Pope is not the Vicar of Christ or JESUS CHRIST on earth.

For the RCC hold that extremly wicked men can hold that postition no matter what they do. Including killing the previous Pope to get it.

The HOLY SPIRIT hold the place of JESUS CHRIST on earth.

Remeber the Isralites went to an earthly king so the Early church made the same mistake.
---Samuel on 10/24/08

You actually believe Jesus wants you to commit cannibalism? Because that is what eating the flesh and drinking the blood literally means.
That is so sinful. You said you "want Jesus in the Eucharist." Sister, it is not about what you want. It is about what Jesus wants.
God says to lean Not to your own understanding.
I don't take that passage about calling anyone father literally.
I don't believe in any other authority than the Bible. The Bible is God's word and no other book is God's Word.
If you follow other doctrine(books) then that is against God, sister. Jesus is the only way and His word was only given to the Apostles, no one else. Anything written more than a 100 years after His death is not factual.
---ginger on 10/24/08

Hi Nicole, If I may answer your question regarding Phil2:22.

Lets start from verse19. In this verses (19-21) apostle Paul was telling the brethren in Philippi that he will send Timothy to them personally. Why Timothy? Because he has proven his worth - that he served with Paul like a child serveth a father.

Biblically, how should a child serve his father - in obedience. "Children, obey your parents in all things..."(Col.3:20)

So, in verse22, Paul was merely describing how Timothy served with him in the propagation of the gospel. Unlike the others who according to Paul "...all seek their own, not the things of Jesus Christ."(Phil.2:21) Timothy was obedient to the word of God.

Hope that helps.
---manny on 10/23/08

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If I may I also have asked the moderator to give you my email. But until then, may I ask, what order did you belong to. Im excited to speak with an actual Sister! Im honored! Oh my goodness I really am honored! Tell me what you can, Im speechless to be honest. God bless you Nicole, I hope you will not mind if I mention you during the Divine Liturgy, not to convert you or anything such as that, but that you will be protected and blessed. I wont if you do not wish me to.
---wayne on 10/23/08

Wayne, I gave the Moderator permission to give you my e-mail.

I don't know if they can.
If we must use the e-mails on this Website, I will do so.
I just need someone to tell me how.
---Nicole on 10/23/08

Reading word-eating Commune with Holy Spirit-drinking--Ginger

Please read my posts. I know the gate is Jesus. I never said the gate was the Church.
I said the GATEKEEPER was Peter.
Please go back and read all posts between Lee and I.

As for eating and drinking by reading and speaking with God is not the same as the EUCHRIST.

That is like telling the Army man in Iraq that when kissing his wife's letters it is the same as when He is kissing her back home.

No, Ginger.

"Sister God says He is all you need.--ginger

Yes, Jesus said to have eternal life you must consume Him. John 6:54

So, I take Him at His Words and I want Him in the Holy Euchrist, not just in the Bible.
---Nicole on 10/23/08

Does Jesus mean to literally pick up a cross and follow or is Jesus speaking a mystery?
Answer: Jesus is speaking a mystery , a parable. He means for us to deny ourselves and what we want and follow what GOD wants.

Yes, so why do must Protestants run with Matt 23:9 in calling no man father, when even Paul knows Jesus wasn't speaking literally?

Paul calls himself FATHER to other Christians Phil 2:22, 1Cor 4:15.
Is Paul against Jesus? No. Jesus wasn't speaking literally in Matt 23:9 to me.---Nicole on 10/23/08

This is my question? It truly puzzles me.
No one will answer me.
Do you know why Paul calls himself father to other Christians, but we can't call others father?
---Nicole on 10/23/08

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Nicole, the Holy Spirit is the spirit of God and his son and is the representative of Jesus. The secret of our faith is that Jesus is still with us, not in body, but in the person of the Holy Sprit.
Paul used the "spirit of God", " spirit of Christ", and "Christ" interchangebly.
Galatians cannot separate the Holy Spirit from the crucified Jesus.
---larry on 10/23/08

Hey Nicole,

Thanks for the blog. It was very though provoking. Here is my response:

1. Yes, I was baptized by an elder of the church, who preached the gospel. The gospel, however, does not bring life. My desire to join the church and be baptized came from God the Father. The gospel only sheds light on what Christ has done for us. -2nd Tim 1:10.

2. Yes, I was baptized into Christ by the Spirit of God. Spiritual baptism is far more important that physical baptism. - Rom 6:3, Gal 3:27.

Physical baptism does not put away the filth of the flesh - 1 Pet 3:21. The filth of the flesh is only put away by the shed blood of Christ - Rev 1:5.
---trey on 10/23/08

Hey Nicole, (continued)

Concerning Matt 23:9 - We must rightly interpret what Christ is saying. (To me it looks more like you reject Matt 23:9.)

In Matt 23:9 Christ is not forbidding us from applying the title of father to our real fathers. (As you noted in Mat 15:4-6,19,29, 21:31, or John 8:56. And yes you are correct concerning Paul stating that he acted as a father in the ministry to Timothy, and to Titus, and to the churches.
---trey on 10/23/08

Hey Nicole, (concluded)

The question then becomes: What did Christ mean in Matt 23:9. The Jews loved titles. They loved to be called Father, Rabbi, Master, etc. They sought such titles. This same theme can just as easily be applied to men who want to be called Reverend, Right Reverend, Lord Bishop, etc. The lord was speaking against placing such titles on men thus elevating them to the level of authority that Christ holds. I believe he was also speaking against seaking such titiles.

Note the biblical example:
Paul calls himself - Paul, an apostle - Gal 1:1.
Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ - Phil.1:1
Paul - no title given - 1st Thes 1:1.

Paul did not refer to himself as Father Paul.

In Christian Love,
---trey on 10/23/08

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Ginger:Dear lady,In your illustration of your explaination Re Matt16-24you understand the word "denial"which is the KEY but see when He says that after giving Peter the Authority.In 13-19. He is predicting His death and tells us that as His followers we should shoulder the crosses in our lives which come our way.Reason being as In Verse26.IF wwe have Faith we follow as His sheep His Children without explaination "For this is what heaven is made of" Not rebellious interfereing dominant people, who need answers like the Scribes & Pharises.
---Mic on 10/23/08

Nicole, I would love it if you would email me, I would love to hear more of your time as a Nun. What order did you belong to, what made you wish to be a Bride of Christ? Things of this nature Mr or Mrs moderator is there a way I can get my email to Nicole.
---wayne on 10/23/08

Nicole, no one is rejecting any of the Bible.
The truth is that some of the Bible is ment to be taken literally. Others are metaphors. They are mysteries and parables to be showed to you by the Holy Spirit.
Example of a mystery- Matthew 16:24
24)Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.
Does Jesus mean to literally pick up a cross and follow or is Jesus speaking a mystery?
Answer: Jesus is speaking a mystery , a parable. He means for us to deny ourselves and what we want and follow what GOD wants.
This is a less complex mystery than others but still a mystery.
---ginger on 10/23/08

hey nicole!!
Sister, I know you read your Bible daily, right?
I also now you commune with the Spirit daily, too.

Do you know that by doing this, you are eating and drinking Christ, everyday?
Reading word- eating
Commune with Holy Spirit- drinking
Sister God says He is all you need.
Don't let these outward things keep you from growing in Christ.
And the gate.. sister the gate is Christ not the church. Jesus is the only way to heaven.
I don't want to hurt you by what I am saying.
If you still need the eucharist to stand, then that is fine because I know you are a true Christian. But in time, we all must grow and learn to stand for God on our own without man's traditions.
God bless you sis!!!
---ginger on 10/23/08

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I too have great admiration for Nicole's zeal and determination. However regardless of how much you believe and how determined you are that you are going to go to New Orleans from Memphis you cannot get to New Orleans by traveling north on the Mississippi River from Memphis.
There is no correctness in sincere, determination or zeal.
And for that reason I pray that Nicole will have her eyes by her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
---mima on 10/23/08

Hi, Trey, a Priest of the RCC baptized me.
Some man in your Church either baptized you or preached to you to come to Christ.
God the Father did not personally baptized you. He spoke through someone in calling you to Him as He did for me.

Your nonbelief in the Euchrist doesn't not offend me. It saddens me.
I believe you are lacking in the Fullness of what Jesus is offering you when you reject the literal meaning of the Euchrist.
You take Matt 23:9 literally, but reject John 6. This puzzles me.

What about Mt15:4-6, 19:5,19,29, 21:31, Jn8:56?
Jesus uses the word Father.
Paul calls himself FATHER to other Christians Phil 2:22, 1Cor 4:15.
Is Paul against Jesus? No. Jesus wasn't speaking literally in Matt 23:9 to me.
---Nicole on 10/23/08

Larry, I don't think Wayne disagrees with you.
It is I who disgrees about the representive of Jesus.
The Holy Spirit is the 3rd Person of the Trinity. The Advocate.
He is not representing Jesus.
He, Jesus and God the Father are One.

You can be right about the Pope not being any more holier or closer to God than Billy Graham or an unknown missionary.

But, who is speaking about who is most pius?
We are speaking on who has the Keys!

Jesus gave the Keys to Peter.
Personally, I think John the beloved Disciple was closer to Jesus then Peter.
But, I am not Jesus. Jesus give the Keys to Peter not John.
Our ways or thoughts are not God's.
---Nicole on 10/23/08

Manny:-Your agreement with Char led me to believe that you did agree with the authority feature of GOD the Father to Son.But since your withdrawal from this statement by your clarification of your stand BY YOUR 'own Belief' VS the RCC and its authenticity.You put yourself in contention with God's Word Matt16:13-19. Therefore Your arguement is as you say not with Me But with the word of God. My concept at this point is You have excercised Your Vote, God will give you His answer, Not Me.Let me remind you the RCC is NOT a dead church,But a living breathing ongoing viabrant Church alive and well without penetration from The POH.It is as solid as Peter's Rock of Truth handed down through the ages.,By the son of God.
---Mic on 10/23/08

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Hi Nicole,

First of all I have to commend you on your zeal. I do believe you love the Lord. I believe your love for him is an evidence that you are one of his children.

I myself am a Baptist, and came not to Christ by the RCC, but by my heavenly Father which drew me to Christ - John 6:44, & 65, Jer 31:3.

Now, concerning the Pope. Christ tells us we are to call no man father, except our heavenly father - Matt 23:9. (Pope means "Pappa" or "Father".)

Please do not be offended, but I do not believe in the Euchrist. When Christ was speaking of eating his flesh and drinking his blood, he was speaking from a spritual standpoint not physically eating and drinking of him.
---trey on 10/22/08

Yes, Wayne! Lets us both follow Jesus and follow Him NO MATTER WHERE HE LEADS US.

I do not think the RCC is PERFERT.
I believe She is Divine and Human at the same time.
The Human part is the part that has wounded the Church.

It is the Divine part that holds me to Jesus.
Because I trust Jesus' promise not any man's promise.
I take Jesus at His Words in Matthew 16:18
"..The gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it."

This tellS me that Satan will not leave His Church alone.
I believe Jesus' Church is the RCC.
Satan will get to some Pope and others in the Church.
But, the Satan will not take down the RCC!
---Nicole on 10/22/08

Nicole, See how you change when faced with things you do not want to hear. Well i gave you the link, its alot of study but you will find out alot. Im sorry you think of me as being misinformed, only if your eyes were opened dear one.The church has done a number on you. Nicole if you wish to understand your saviour and the scriptures you say you believe, you must understand them in a jewish context. Then you will see the real meaning of the Eucharist , Look deep into what Yeshua says in the gospels and see the revealing of the Mysteries of Heaven.
---wayne on 10/22/08

Wayne, just to put everyone at ease. The representative of Jesus on earth is the Holy Spirit.
It is sinful and dangerous to suggest anything else.
The Pope is no holier or closer to God than Billy Graham or some unknown missionary in the jungles of Brazil.
---larry on 10/22/08

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Wayne, we both have some things in common.
I was a nun for 6 years, and left before my final vows due to health reasons.

I have seen as well the inside of the RCC, that others don't even know about.

Living in the South, I saw so many different ways people Worship God.
At 18 years I prayed to God to please tell me which Church He started.
I knew that everyone couldn't be right.
I prayed that heartfelt prayer that I will follow Him no matter where and in what Church.
God is wonderful, and answered my prayer.

If God tells me tomorrow to leave the RCC. I will leave. I would have no shame in telling anyone including everyone on this website.
I am living my life for Jesus.
I obey Him no matter what.
---Nicole on 10/22/08

Wayne, you believe that Vicar is taking Jesus' place as the Savior.
I don't.
You seem to think that I have to change my belief because you are misinformed.
Ginger is right.

Questions here are about my Church.
I answer them and defend my Church.
Now, you judged me by the only responses you have seen.

Jesus is my whole life.
Being Catholic isn't a one day event.
Being Catholic teaches me and helps me to LOVE JESUS EVERY MOMENT OF MY LIFE.
I receive the FULLNESS OF JESUS as a Catholic.
What other Church has the Euchrist?
Only the Eastern ones.
I can love Jesus as a Protestant.
But, I am missing Him in the Euchrist.
---Nicole on 10/22/08

Nicole I will make sure I send you all of the info and the catholic sources for you. Your a good woman Nicole and I do care about you, please know this. Vicar means in place of, you and I both know the pope is not Yeshua, but this title given to all roman pontiffs means he is in the place of Christ. Nicole I know the church of rome has produced some very Holy people, such as St. Teressa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, both of whom I love, but the church has gone far away from the truth, all churches have, not just rome. I wish I could actually know you, you seem to be a very good woman and very devout.
---wayne on 10/22/08

Nicole, we are both looking for the truth, lets research these topics together and maybe we both will be surprised at what we find. I grew up roman catholic before becoming coptic and then becoming a priest. There are alot of things I have found out in the course of being a priest in which I tell no one. The church has changed over the centuries and we both no this. Lets help eachother find the truth. What do you say?
---wayne on 10/22/08

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Wayne, Vicar does not mean the Pope is Jesus! The Pope is the representive of Jesus.
A big difference!

Let say you voted for a Congress Man, and he helped passed a bill that you didn't agree with.
A man who didn't vote for him, threatens to beat you up.
You ask why? He tells you because you voted for him and he represents you.
Does that make any sense to you?

The Congress man is your representive. He made a decision on on YOUR BEHALF! But, IS HE YOU? Or does he just representive your vote in his vote?
But when all is finished. His vote is still law! Even if you didn't care for the vote.
The Pope isn't Jesus. But, the Pope has power given by Jesus as His Vicar!
The same with the power you gave your Congressman.
---Nicole on 10/22/08

Wayne, thank you for your two sources you gave me. But, please help me find the sources you gave. I am not asking for sources just to see if you got them from somewhere. I ask so that I can see the whole document.
This source I still can't verify: Decret. par. Distinct 96 ch. 7 edit. Lugo 1661

You can not leave off the number after the Pope.
Once a Pope uses a Name, no other Pope can use the same name. The Pope today is Benedict XVI. You can't just say Benedict. Because he died centuries ago. He was the first Pope to use the name.
Do you know how many Nicholas there is?
I even tried the Nicholas with the year you gave.
Please give me the title of the document or more information, so I can read the WHOLE DOCUMENT OR LETTER.
---Nicole on 10/22/08

wayne, I completely agree with you on all of it. I claim no denomination.
I am just saying that we shall be judged as we judged others. I see good devout Christians in every religion.
I comply with what is said in Romans chapter 14 about the week and the strong. God has yet to reveal the Truth because they are not ready for it. Trust me I have tried and so have others. I have simply agreed to disagree and bless them as Jesus would have me to do, brother.
Besides, denial or silence does not speak what is truly in someones heart now does it?
God bless you brother.
---ginger on 10/22/08

Mic, regarding your reply (10/19/08) I ask you now, where in my post did I say "Jesus didn't have the authority to appoint Peter?" Let me clarify my stand on the Pope and the RCC so that you'll know where Im coming from.

I don't believe that the RCC is the true church in the bible. Why? because RCC have doctrines that aren't in the bible or against the bible. I don't wish to go into each one now because it takes us far from the original question posted in this blog. But let me clarify, I don't have anything against the person of the pope nor the members of the RCC.

My point only: because I don't believe in the RCC as the true church it follows that I don't believe the pope is Jesus' representative on earth. (continued)
---manny on 10/22/08

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Ginger, Once again I will say, where is the zeal for God and His Honor! This attitude of live and let live is beyond me. Who cares if someone calls themselves God on earth and people blindly follow. I love Nicole, I believe she and other rccs here are good devout people, just as you more then likely are. This is why I am giving them proof. Do I wish to convert them to be a I do not. Iam neither rcc or protestant. I just want christains to love God and defend His honor, and to stop with these man made doctrines and learn to be as the Apostles are. I have a long way to go myself, but I am starting to see the errors of modern christianity.
---wayne on 10/21/08

Ginger....Until the institutional church was established the christains kept the original Sabbath, they kept the law of Moses. But the institutional church changed everything, and the protestants have carried alot of it with them even though they say they have left the rcc behind them. History shows all of this, even doctrines of the rapture which wasnt known until the 1830's is now considered doctrine. All of these changes in God's word which most Bibles have in there notes show how things have been added or taken out. And still people believe in these things, why?
---wayne on 10/21/08

Paul says we are to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling, but christains say Yeshua did it for us. Then why did Paul say this? We have a responsability to keep God's law, scripture teaches that there is one law for both Jew and Gentile. But we say were not Jewish so we dont have to follow the law. Yet Yeshua says we do. So as I said where is the zeal for God?
---wayne on 10/21/08

Ginger, Does it matter if modern day catholics believe it, and I havent seen any enciclical from any of the modern popes refute these issue and titles. Pope Benedict still calls himself the Vicar of Christ. And if modern day catholics dont believe these things then why be catholic and defend a church in open rebellion against God. Would you belong to an org. you dont believe in? Would you defend an org. who is in open rebellion against God? The rcc believers wanted proof, so I provided it from the rccs own teachings and leaders. If they remain with it, then they are just as wrong as the rcc for teaching this.
---wayne on 10/21/08

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wayne, I am only speaking of what I have seen in recent times. Has the new Pope said this of himself?
And what of the people who are catholic who do not believe this?
I see him as he is. The leader of the rcc. That is it. Besides, this is the reason I don't have a "denomination". I can remain unbiased and non judgemental Like Jesus says we are suppose to do. I have never heard the new Pope say he has taken Christ place. Aren't we as Christians suppose to be a representation of Christ? Have you thought that that is the context others are talking about. Brother, you are only one voice in this matter and you can't speak for everyone else.
---ginger on 10/21/08

I just wish to say to all of you here, this is the problem with christianity, everyone defends His or Her church, but never do they stand for thier God. Im not speaking of everyone but alot of you here do this. Never have I said my church to be right, but I will defend the God who created me! I was once told by an old monk from Mount Athos that Yeshua died for us, so that we could live for Him. And yet all I see anymore is people living for themselves and for thier traditions, and it doesnt matter if God approves of the tradition or not, people do what they want. Where is the fear of the Lord, its gone!
---wayne on 10/21/08

(1) "But did Jesus speak in Spanish or Aramic?" Cmon Mic... is this really a question or are you saying it just to say something? Nevertheless, let me add yet another point to my previous post. The RCCs belief is that the apostle Peter was the first pope. Now, granting (without accepting) that this is true, therefore the position of the apostles then as overseer of the flock (Acts20:20) is also the position that the pope now holds. How do the RCC sometime address the pope? They use "most reverend father" or "his Holiness" ...correct? Titles which the apostles would never let themselves be called because Jesus had commanded them against it (read Matthew 23:8-10).
---manny on 10/21/08

I have given the proof from the catholic church, and then you justify it by saying that the people might not believe it. If you belong to a church whos leaders state they are God on earth and you continue to defend it then your just as guilty! Truth doesnt matter to you, you just dont want to be proven wrong, well guess what....I proved the rcc wrong as well as all of you here who defend the rcc. Every time in these posts when I have given proof from the rcc's own teachings, all of a sudden no one wants to answer the proof, I pray that your eyes will be openned soon.
---wayne on 10/20/08

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Heres another bit of proof. Mary appeared in La Salette France, and this appearence was approved by the church for the faithful. In this message of Mary, she stated that the church of rome would fall from the faith and become the seat of the antichrist. All of you who defend the rcc say you want truth, I have given nothing but truth. Look into these things, but you wont, because the truth seems to hurt way to much. Once again I pray your eyes will be openned.
---wayne on 10/20/08

I have a question ..... Why are some of you here more zealous for your traditions then you are for the God who created you and sustains you? I cannot believe some of you here, you align yourselves with a church whos leaders claim to be God on earth which is in direct opposition to God Himself. You defend doctrines the Apostles never taught, because Yeshua never taught them. You claim to follow Yeshua and yet believe and practice out right defiance to the one you claim to follow. Why? What does that say about you as christains? I feel sorry for you who do this, God comes first, not the so called churches, no matter if catholic, orthodox or protestant. Praise be our God!
---wayne on 10/21/08

Manny:- Excellent reasoning You are a class student.But did Jesus speak in Spanish or Aramic."If a child or Bro asks for something to eat will you hand him a snake"?
---Mic on 10/20/08

The rcc may say what they feel the Pope is, but does the Pope feel he is Jesus's replacement? I doubt it.
Also, many true Chrsitians in the RCC may not feel this way either.
I have seen many of Nicole's post and I know she doesn't feel this way. So how can you say that all of the Rcc feels about the Pope like that? You can't see into men(women)s hearts and know, only God can. A statement cannot cover the whole masses.
That is like saying all Baptist think alike or that all Protestants think alike.
The whole "one apple spoils the bunch" is just not true.
---ginger on 10/20/08

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nicole, you are welcome.
The word says that we are not suppose to do things like condemning and pointing the finger.
A man of God is a man of God.
The Pope is a man of God. Any Pastor, or Priest is a man of God.
Jesus says he will put people in place to lead His "flock".
Unless anyone here has spoken with the Pope and knows through the revelation of God that He is not a Godly man, how can they judge?
It just isn't right.
Would they have said this Of the Apostles?
We know for a fact that Jesus sent out the Apostles to spread the Gospel of Him. The Pope and other men of God are just obeying our Father in Heaven. They are spreading the Gospel.
---ginger on 10/20/08

#1 Nicole, what do you think vicar means? It comes from the Latin vicarious which means a substitute, in the place of. The catholic Encyclopedia states the pope to be the successer of Peter and the Vicar ( in place of) Jesus Christ. This means the pope has the authority to not only remove Bishops but kings as well. In a 1949 address to pope pius xii the pope is told that he has been given power of the body of Christ, and also has become the mediator between God and man.
---wayne on 10/20/08

#3The Lateran Council addressing Pope Julius II in an oration delivered by Marcellus said: "Take care that we lose not that salvation, that life and breath which thou hast given us, for thou art our shepherd, thou art our physician, thou art our governor, thou art our husbandman, thou art finally another God on earth." (Council Edition. Colm. Agrip. 1618)
---wayne on 10/20/08

Pope Nicholas said of himself: "I am in all and above all, so that God Himself and I, the vicar of God, hath both one consistory, and I am able to do almost all that God can dowherefore, if those things that I do be said not to be done of man, but of God, what do you make of me but God? Again, if prelates of the Church be called of Constantine for gods, I then being above all prelates, seem by this reason to be above all gods. Wherefore, no marvel, if it be in my power to dispense with all things, yea with the precepts of Christ." (Decret. par. Distinct 96 ch. 7 edit. Lugo 1661)
---wayne on 10/20/08

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The RC New York catechism states: "The Pope takes the place of Jesus Christ on earthby divine right the Pope has supreme and full power in faith, in morals over each and every pastor and his flock. He is the true vicar, the head of the entire church, the father and teacher of all Christians. He is the infallible ruler, the founder of dogmas, the author of and the judge of councils, the universal ruler of truth, the arbiter of the world, the supreme judge of heaven and earth, the judge of all, being judged by no one, God himself on earth."
---wayne on 10/20/08

Nicole, I have now given you the proof I had hoped you would look into. Its from your own churches teachings. This is from the RCCs own documents. Are you going to say its a lie, I left the proof of where I got them from so you can look them up. This is catholic teachings, the popes say they are god on earth! I once told you that you didnt know as much about your church as you thought, if you know these doctrines then your going against God Himself. If you didnt know these then now that you do, I think you now have alot to truely think about when it comes to your church. You cannot rightly argue with me on this now, I have given the proof.
---wayne on 10/20/08

I don't believe this!!
The Pope does not claim to take Christ place.
He is a sanctified man of GOD. He is a shepherd leading his flock for Jesus.
Has anyone ever spoken to The Pope and asked him if that is what he thinks he is doing?
Stop throwing around opinions, accusations and judging.
As for Peter, He was not the only shepherd of Jesus's flock, so were the other desciples.
They were each given the same responsibility as any Pastor, Priest, or the Pope. To guide and lead Jesus flock until He returns.
God Bless you all!!
---ginger on 10/15/08

Thank you Ginger.
They know there isn't one doctrine that states a Pope claims to be Jesus.
Thank you for acknowledging this fact.
---Nicole on 10/19/08

Manny:- So you think Jesus as Representative of His Father did "not" have the Authority to appoint Peter as stated In His word Matt16:13-19.Yet He emphatically states "The Father and I are ONE"and the Father says "This is My Beloved son in whom I am well pleased hear Him" Why then do you not listen?Besides The Father appoints PeterMatt16:17
---Mic on 10/19/08

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God Bless you.

Our God and Father Knows His Word.
There are different Bibles and translations but One GOD and Father who spoke.

We can study Hebrew,Greek,Aramaic...Theology etc...a great study ,VERY helpful...

The final confirmation of Truth comes from the One who spoke it.

I am just human as you,these words are mine.

But here are Fathers Words you can read in many different translations,He will testify to what is true.

Holy Spirit as teacher...1Cor 2(Read All)

The Father testifies of his Son.
1John 5 (Read All)

His Son(Jesus) Word made Flesh.
John 1:1-15

The NAME...
(I AM) come in my Father's NAME...
John 5:39-47 (read All)

God's Peace.
---char on 10/18/08

I agree with you Char, the word "pope" is not in the scriptures and further i say that it is un-biblical. "Pope" is translated in other language as "papa" or the spanish for "father"... but the bible says " no man your father for you have but one father, that which is in heaven... and you are all brothers" So when it comes to faith and spirituality we should not call anyone "father", for we are all brothers... brothers of one father -- God who is in heaven. Amen?
---manny on 10/16/08

Char* Bless-U,ruben,
I can not speak for Everyone,However,at one point,
The Bible is what we use to learn God's Word by His Spirit, regardless of denomination.

But what happens when God's words are interpret different then ours, why is yours interpretation of scripture correct?

I stand on Romans 10:9-11...
For the scripture saith,



Scripture also tell us not everyone who says Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of Heaven.God Bless you too!
---Ruben on 10/15/08


I agree Bible or Trinity are not in scripture.

I can not speak for Everyone,However,at one point,
The Bible is what we use to learn God's Word by His Spirit, regardless of denomination.

Matt 16:16-28
The Word "Pope" still isn't there.

I stand on Romans 10:9-11...
That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus,and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead,thou shalt be SAVED.
For with the HEART man believeth unto righteouness:and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
For the scripture saith,



God Bless...Brother.
---char on 10/15/08

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I don't believe this!!
The Pope does not claim to take Christ place.
He is a sanctified man of GOD. He is a shepherd leading his flock for Jesus.
Has anyone ever spoken to The Pope and asked him if that is what he thinks he is doing?
Stop throwing around opinions, accusations and judging.
As for Peter, He was not the only shepherd of Jesus's flock, so were the other desciples.
They were each given the same responsibility as any Pastor, Priest, or the Pope. To guide and lead Jesus flock until He returns.
God Bless you all!!
---ginger on 10/15/08

There is only One Jesus Christ, and he has not reliinquished his exclusive Most High position to any sinful clay that he has made.
---Eloy on 10/14/08

Now who's playing with words?
Rhonda, you are the queen of word play.


YOU USE NO SCRIPTURE to support your wild opinions and YOUR Laurel and Hardy whose on first rendition with your babbling and I'm the one who has word play??

that really is comical

the "word play" is Gods Truth Nicole

the "word play" I USED was scripture aka Gods Word
---Rhonda on 10/14/08

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