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Find A Good Wife Without Prayer

Is it possible to find a good wife when you don't pray at all about it and want to know whether a lady can receive a man.

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 ---lasun on 4/22/05
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Brian:: while praying for a wife there are rules which one must ensure for Compatability.1 Examine the heart not the Body.2,see that words and Thoughts are in sync.3,It must be understood a contract is Binding on all Parties NO dissolution For whatever reason.4.Open mind is an open heart.5 The contract "with love till Death do us Part is "a MUST be agreed upon no return tickets on this one.You made your bed of Thorns LIE IN IT-Roses are the better choice"6Love Honour and RESPECT. 0bedience applicable to both Parties.7Making up is Bliss dont let the sun set on your anger.TIMHO.Happy TRAILS
---Emcee on 7/2/08

I prayed and still got a messed up marriage. It's more then likely all my fault though. I can never seem to do any thing right. Stay married to the Lord, it's the safest thing one can do. You can serve God with no distractions.
---Brian on 6/30/08

Any man who will not pray for something as important as his life partner will get the same type of person that he is.

What a mix that will be. That is why the Divorce lawyers make so much money and the rate of divorce is so high.

Please tell me why a person would not want to pray for a mate?
---Elder on 6/29/08

Do you read the bible with no book in front of you, do you brush your hair with no brush. do you bathe with no water. the most important decision in life is marriage. why not ask the one person that knows both hearts intimately and can say yes marry them or NO, run away quickly from them. people pray for everything except the one thing that lasts a lifetime. Many then wonder why divorce, abuse, and misery fill the homes of 56 percent of christian homes. no faith, alcoholics, abuse drugs or have affairs.
---ashley on 6/13/07

Well, I pray about IF God wants me to get married or if He wants me celibate.

And with each lady who is good for me, I check her out with Him. And whether we marry or not, she is my Christian sister; so I want to trust God to develop and guide how I relate with her lovingly, whether we marry or not.

This is very fulfilling, to see how God does things with me in my relating with women I appreciate.
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/13/07

Anything is possible honey. God blesses who he wants to bless. But the best blessings are reserved for His obedient and faithful children. God blessed me with a very good husband but he won't step foot inside a church unless it is Easter, Mothers Day or some holiday. That's about it. He says a quick "Jesus wept" at the dinner table. That's the extent of his relationship with God. I would rather do things God's way. It pays off in the end. Our way is never the best way.
---Robyn on 6/13/07

Yes it is possible, because of grace (The unmerited love and favor of God in Christ; hence, free gift). But why would want to take chances yet the bible says "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you", this includes a good wife.
---Shamiso on 6/13/07

I am not sure that I understand your question but-All things are possible with God. His plans for us are good plans. He loves us and wants us to be happy. It is good advice to pray about everything. God blesses un more than we can imagine and feel like we deserve. God is so good.
---Eloisa on 3/13/07

Helen, it is possible that God cast His eyes on someone like He cast on me. He blessed me without a beautiful, super good, sweet, wife. She is helping me to get closer to Him and we're doing that without superstitions and fanaticism.
---Albert on 5/2/05

Helen, i was reading some of your suggestions to ppl who are looking for very difficult answers. While i was reading some of your replies, If i was scared of the wrath of God before, now you scared me even more. Not everyone applies their faith the same way.
---clara on 5/2/05

What is wrong with asking the Lord to help you find a mate? wouldnt he know what is best for you since he created you? the waiting is long but he is making a way to give you the best he has, pray and wait and in the mean ye first( Matthew 6:33)ALL ELSE WILL BE ADDED. he said it and I believe it....Jan4876
---Jan on 4/29/05

Why would you not want Gods will on such an important matter?
---RUSSELL on 4/24/05

You are seeking a blessed marriage, not a miserable one, aren't you? Then I can tell you: it's impossible without prayer. I divorced 2 years ago and now feel my life is not complete. I am sure God has someone out there for me, as He knows it's not good to be alone.
---Helen on 4/24/05

I wasn't praying for a wife, in fact, I didn't even care anymore about re marrying until I found one Lady on this forum. Just before I sent her my first message I said a short prayer: "God send her my way" ... and He did and she's now my wife and she just brought me a cup of coffee :))
---Albert on 4/24/05

If you are looking for a wife you definitely should pray. Pray that it's God's will for you and that you meet the right one. I believe that sometimes God can bring the right person in you life, even if your not looking or praying about it. If you suspect that the one you meet unexpectedly could be the one, still pray.
---John on 4/23/05

We may know what we want. but God knows what we need. He knows us better than we know ourselves.
---Gina on 4/23/05

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Why leave anything to chance when it is very wise to seek God in such an important matter? I did this once and it turned out to be a terrible disaster. One that to this day i regret. The reaping of making bad choices has very far reaching consequences.
---ann_G on 4/23/05

yes, a good wife could cross your path eventhough you didn't pray for one, simply because there are good wives. But a wise person would pray if they were seeking for one.
---Eloy on 4/22/05


Why would you NOT pray about it?
---Bruce5656 on 4/22/05

I do not know, but I know that I prayed about a husband and I have been married twice and widowed. I had two wonderful marriages, and I know that both of us prayed before me decided to get married and them the Lord blessed both marriages. Yes, it pays to pray for a good husband or wife and the Lord honors our prayers.
---Betty on 4/22/05

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I am not sure what is meant by "can a woman receive a man". But, the first part of the question, is a good one. I think that anything is possible. But to pray and let God be the supplier and director in the situation would lead to a more successful and fulfilling relationship or marriage. I prayed for 14 1/2 years and although I had a few short relationships, continually praying for God's leading and direction, lead me to the woman of His choice.
---Dennis on 4/22/05

Sometimes,especially during stressful times, praying without actual words uttered, or even formulated,is heard by God, because He knows our needs even before we even ask or think. So, it's possible for God to put someone in your life without direstly asking. However,not asking for His guidance through prayer and reading His Word, would be similar to driving down a strange road without a map to a specific destination. Why wouldn't you consult the Master Planner?
---gai on 4/22/05

I believe that God has a mate for everyone. I believe He gives us the choice of whether we choose that person or not. My prayer is that His will be done, not mine. I seem to mess it up if I get in His way. I pray daily for a Godly man and I believe He will provide that just like all my other needs as He has always done.
---Angie on 4/22/05

Marriage is first and foremost a "spiritual union" where two become one. As such, knowing God's "perfect will" for a mate is confirmed through prayer. Prayer exposes any deception in believing someone is our mate who looks like the "right" person. Our fleshly and soulish desires are exposed in prayer. The Holy Spirit through prayer leads us and guides us into "all Truth" - including the choice of a mate. He sees through the eyes of God and through Eternity.
---Debra on 4/22/05

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God is great and loving!That's why when non believers win their deals they think everything is possible.Some winnings are just sattanic temptations to get you out of the way.A woman was created out of a man's rib,therefore every man has his GOD'S chosen wife.
---james on 4/22/05

It is possible then again it is best advise to both men and women to pray and seek the Lord cos' whatever He gave is permanent. Anything fr the worldly world is not to take for granted. Look around us divorces rates kept rising it is not of good sign.

Alice , Singapore 23/4/05
---alice on 4/22/05

In a way it depends what you mean by praying.

You do not need to go into a church to pray, you do not need to kneel down, you do not have to speak out loud, or be alone.

And praying is not only talking to God, or asking Him for things ... it is also listening to Him. You need to be careful, there, because God seldom talks out loud to you, and often uses other people, or events, or circumstances, to show you His will.

Take care that you do not confuse wishful thinking with God talking to you.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/22/05

God wrote the story of your life before you where born. He wants you to ask him for the best in your life. If you're faithful to him he'll give you what you desire and what he thinks is best for your life to glorify him. So ask God for his very best choice as your mate so your wife and you can become one in God. Marriage is a triangle with God at the top then man and woman at the sides. Always put God first. Happy Praying!
---Becca on 4/22/05

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It is possible to do anything you want without prayer. The results are what will be affected. If you are a believer why would you do anything without the Father's guidance though???
---becky on 4/22/05

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