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Having An Affair I Can't Stop

How does one get out of an adulteress relationship with a man who is prone to suicide?

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 ---liz on 4/23/05
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You are being manipulated first hand. I quess that is what happens when you deal and share in sin. If you really want to correct your life and make right with God, this relationship needs to end. Break it off and cut all connections, he is responsible for his own life and decissions.
---Junia on 3/18/07

Phone up the local mental health folks and tell them that this man is suicidal. Give your man the phone number for the suicide hot line and RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN.

FYI, this advice would be good even if you were both single. Do not date suicidal men (or women).
---lorra8574 on 3/17/07

Neil, that blog is two years old.
---Caring on 3/17/07

Are you sure it is not emotional blackmail via suicide because he does not want you to get out of this relationship.
---Neil on 3/17/07

First, you have to want to get out of this relationship. Two, you have to stop believing this person will commit suicide. (Us men are great "salesmen" in conviencing people when it comes to things we want-especially sex. We will try anything that works. If threating suicide works, that's what he'll try and convience you he will do.)
---WIVV on 4/18/06

Liz, There is never any excuse for the act of adultery. It is an abomination to God. If this man wants to commit suicide, no one can stop him. The bottom line is that we are not responsible for another's actions, only your own. However, state your case, wish him well and leave the situation. You must be clean before the Lord. Never, never do this again! Are you a Christian? If not, you will never have the answers to life's greatest problems. Ask the Lord to come into your life. His Holy Spirit will guide you into doing life His way, not yours. God bless you.
---Elsie on 5/1/05

Who is married? You or him or both!? If you are married.... confess to your husband and seek his forgiveness and help!... I have an x-fiance who threatened the same thing. He is still alive today- but I wasted 2 more years of my life, because I was afraid to leave him!
---Kat on 5/1/05

This man has done this with the girl before you .. Today he is still alive..Most likely it could be you that don't want to walk away..
---silva on 4/30/05

This guy is cornering you, playing and using you for a fool.

Tell him to go ahead and commit suicide because that will solve all your problems with him. Or tell him you are going to pray that God kills him so he doesn't have to do it himself.

I'll bet the farm you will see him with another victim before the week is out.

Or you can keep playing his silly game.
---Elder on 4/29/05

Liz, i am a counseler and i am telling you that you need to leave the situation, God is the giver and taker of life, if you are concerned then get you some intercessers and bind the suicide spirit off him, ask God to cover your sin with the blood of Jesus and start praying that GOD will give you peace, he says we have not because we ask not, i will keep you and this young man in my prayers.
---sara on 4/27/05

Dear Liz,Cathy was right on target.My daughter went through this a few months back,unfortunatly she did not call 911,he was 24 and had everything to live for,she is still dealing with this,it is NOT YOUR FAULT no matter what happens.Give it to God through prayer,help where you can,be true to yourself and the Lord,and be at peace.God bless you.
---RUSSELL on 4/26/05

You know what? A guy once threatened me with suicide if I did not sleep with him by his birthday. I never did and guess what? He's still alive! If that guy threatens you to kill himself, call 911 and they will take care of it. God bless! xox
---Cathy on 4/26/05

You should stop it now. You know it is wrong. You are not only hurting yourself but all who are involed. Tell him to get conseling...and leave. You don't want to be on the wrong side with God do you?
---Linda2tk on 4/26/05

Walk away and save your life. You do not play with sin no matter how right and reasonable you think it is.Let hell be let lose but you will ever be happy you did the right thing.I actualy think the suicide stuff is a threat.Be wiser.
---ThankGod on 4/26/05

Walk away Liz, you are dooming YOUR eternal life because of what some guy says? You are not responsible for his threats, whether carried out or not. This guy is controlling you. Get back to God and BEG forgiveness and never put yourself in this position again.
---NV_Barbara on 4/24/05

I always taught my children to do what you know to be right and leave the consequences in God's hands. Any other course of action is selfserving and sinful.
---Bruce5656 on 4/23/05

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I understand that this will be hard to hear, but you are not powerful enough to save this guy's life. If you are being convicted of your sin with this man, pack your bags, tell him good-bye and get out. If he decides to do himself harm, this will not be your fault, responsibility or guilt to carry. He is grown and is accountable for his actions. If he has not tried to do anything harmful to himself before, chances are he is holding this threat over your head to keep you in the mud with him. Save yourself and get yourself clean. Leave and ask Jesus to forgive and heal, and sin no more.
---Julie on 4/23/05

Firstly, which of you is married, you, or him, or both?

Secondly, do either, or both of claim to be Christians?

Thirdly, what makes you think that ceasing the affair will lead him to suicide? He may be making this up to stop yuo breaking with him
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/23/05

Get on your knees before God and ask Him to help you get away from this situation, then leave. Let God worry about whether this man will commit suicide, or not. I think he is just using this as an excuse to keep you tied to him in this affair, don't let it continue any longer. His life is in his and God's hands, you cannot be his saviour! Be strong and God will provide comfort.
---tommy3007 on 4/23/05

If he is threatening that he'd commit suicide if you don't submit to him he's either bluffing and using you and he may even mean it. Whatever reason, he's committing a grave disrespect towards you.

Seek professional advice.
---Albert on 4/23/05

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First understand you aren't responsible for another person's actions.A person decides what they will and will not do,and it has nothing to do with what someone else does.It reflects what is happening in that person's own mind.Sometimes they use the threat of suicide as a lever,manipulation, to keep someone where they want them.Don't be fooled ,he is the only one to blame if he takes his life.You must take care of you.Sin's gutter is a bad place to live.Sin sends you to hell.Stop the affair,and make things right with God.Whatever the man does is between him and God,not you and him.
---Darlene_1 on 4/23/05

You stop calling or accepting his calls. If he threatens suicide to you on your voice mail, call the police. Do not make contact with him under any circumstances.

You are not responsible of what he does or does not do as a result of you breaking off the relationship. He is. If he threatens to kill himself because you break it off, he is being manipulative.
---Madison on 4/23/05

First, fear God more than man and get out of the relationship in order to obey your Lord and Redeemer. Then refer him for counseling; inform his relatives or anyone who can minister to him. Of course, the obvious Pray, and Trust God.
---Eloisa on 4/23/05

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