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Marriage The Perfect Will Of God

If marriage is the perfect will of God, then how come I can't find a marriage partner?

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 ---Fekadu on 4/23/05
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You could date. When you see someone interesting, invite them to join you for a cup of cocoa or a luncheon.
---Eloy on 10/20/09

I truly believe,simply put as it may be, that if you believe in God you would know...
EVERYTHING happens only in God's time. So just rest in God like myself.
---Lauren on 10/18/09

marriage is not God's will for every person on earth, just most people. also, God often takes much time in having his will come to be.
---curt on 2/21/08

Get out there and go to activities that have potential partners. First find a friend. Surely you can do that. The Bible says be friendly, and you will get friends. After you have friends then pay some extra attention to one that you are attracted to. They mostly don't just pop into your life. You need to put a bit of effort into this. Without going overboard, make yourself as physically presentable as possible.
---john on 5/6/07

The million dollar question.
Who know's? I wish I did, then perhaps I would be married.
I know there is something missing in this equation. There are so many who are not married and wish to be. What is the problem? What are we missing, not doing, doing, not hearing.
I've never wanted to be alone, and I am. It saddens me to think I may never marry.
I don't eat sleep and drink these thoughts, but they are there, and I'm honest about them.
---lynet on 5/5/07

2. I don't allow those who question others relationship with God, or say don't dwell on getting married etc, to get me going because I know where I am in Christ, and don't judge others.
God is not my husband, He is my Lord and Savior, and first in my life.
He never meant to take the place of a mate in our lives. If He did He would never have made Eve for Adam. I choose to trust God, and keep being the best Christian, and person I can be, and stil pray for a Godly mate:)
---lynet on 5/5/07

if you prayed to God who is love your prayer is already accepted and listened by Him but time doesn't depend on us but on God. So it is a matter of time but your partner it on the wy. remember it is better to wait and be patience than marry someone and regret shortly after you said "yes"
---kasia on 5/5/07

I have the same question......
---rev on 5/5/07

I did not say that it is a sin to be single Matthew, I just stated that it is a choice and singleness is not forced upon us by God, as some people seem to imply and that we must accept it.
It is simply not possible for some of us to remain single read 1 corinthians7v2 There is nothing in the scriptures to say God wants SOME people to remain single.
---susanna on 8/10/05

Singleness is also the perfect will of God. "His disciples said to him, If the result of a man with a wife is so, it easier not to be married. At that he said to them, Not all take this word, but to whom it is given. For there solitaries, which thus born from the mother's womb; and there singles, that made by mankind; and there singles, that have abstained themself for the realm of heaven: he that may take, take he." Matthew 19:10-12.
---Eloy on 8/1/05

Well maybe if you have all your faults fixed, maybe your future spouse has stuff to fix yet.
---lauren on 7/31/05

I apologize for suzanna. but the bible says he who is single should worry about being single and he who is married should worry about being married it is not a sin to marry nor is it a sin to be single but he who finds a wife finds a good thing and favor with God, but originally yes god said it is not right for man to be alone but for the both of you a special work is being done, you need to keep praying and depending on God more than you need to be married.
---matthew on 7/31/05

it is false doctrine to say that God calls some people to be single, people choose to be single if God will alow them if is never forced upon them. a lifetime of celebacy is a terrible thing for anybody to endure, they may as well be castrated, in fact it would be better.No wander there is so much perversion in the church if people believe they cannot get married.
---susanna on 7/31/05

I do not agree with you Nigar. Ok so how do we know in your opinion if it is not Gods will for somebody to marry? i want to know.Does the person search for a partner year after year in vein? only to of waisted his/her life and time? or does God come down from heaven with trumpets and anounce to the person to be single???????????
---susanna on 7/31/05

What if God has heard you and is working on that speical person right now. To make them all that God requires to meet your needs? What if God is working on you, for His speical child. God knows what He is doing. Seek God and find out what you can do to make things move along. Maybe he is working on you. It will be worth the wait if it is from God!
---Linda2tk on 4/27/05

There are several things to keep in mind. Be available. Be open. Pray daily. Do some things yourself by taking some initiative. Look in the right places....not bars etc.. Keep your relationship with God as best as humanly possible and you will meet someone, I am sure.
---Dennis_Z. on 4/25/05

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As I have told other people in the past if you will begin to train yourself to be the best marriage partner you can be and let God prepare you will find that mate.

Stop being in such a hurry to find someone to marry. Be in much haste to become someone that someone would want to marry.

You will be surprised.
---Elder on 4/23/05

You have not tried hard enough with deligent prayer and trust in God. Some one may be just by the next door also looking for some one like you. Pray about it. Trust and have faith in Him.
---Jimmy on 4/23/05

I have asked myself the same question and some would say to wait on the Lord and I agree.I recieved my answer through an email that was sent to me. It asked me to stop looking and prepare myself. Cause until we are exclusively involved with our Heaavenly Father and love him completely we are not capable to really love others. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousnesss and all other things will be added unto you. Nothing happens before its time if you are walking in His (God's) plan for your life.
---Natheria on 4/23/05

marriage is the perfect will of God but not for everyone. Of you know that God called you to marriage he will provide the partner if you wait from Him. There also such a thing as God's Pefect timing. You want to wait for that!!!
---nigar on 4/23/05

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I believe everything in life is related to timing and awareness. Everything doe not have to be treated with a sense of urgency, marriage being one. Haste makes waste as evidence in part to the high divorce rate. Commit to commit daily and remove time limits it only adds pressure to respond. God must be our foundation, become solid in Him seek His will and recognize He may send a partner in a different or unfamiliar package such as age, race height, occupation, distance from where we live that might mean we need to relocate from a familiar place. Focus on the person not the package.
---CaSandra on 4/23/05

First, you are too anchous. You need to pray to God exactly what you are looking for in a man and then leave it in His hands. It might take a year or 5 years. What God is doing is perfecting this person for you. Remember we are not perfect and so in my view and experience God has to mold this person. In the mean while you need to love yourself and everything will fall into place. Pray and have just a little faith.
---Vivienne on 4/23/05

We are learning in my singles sunday school class that the reason many people have a hard time finding a mate is that they are spending too much time looking. In Genesis, God "brought Eve to Adam". He did not go out looking for her. As singles, we have the opportunity to give our undivided attention to the Lord and can more freely give of ourselves for His service. Therefore, we need to seek after the Lord and let the Lord seek after our mate!
---Barbra on 4/23/05

Well, marriage isn't God's will for everyone. Some people are called to be single. Give God a chance...He's molding you and your future mate. For some reason He doesn't have you together right now.
---Jennifer on 4/23/05

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