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Are We Living In Sin Together

May a young woman live with a young man and not be married to each other be considered "living in sin", and not be saved?

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 ---arnold on 4/23/05
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Arnold :Have you been watching too many re runs of Jack Tripper's episodes "Three is a company"- & are trying to improve on it? Marry the gal make her honest & that way 2 can still live cheaper than one.
---Emcee on 7/17/07

Arnold, All of these bloggers have given you the same advice. You knew the answer before you wrote the question. Right? Advice is cheap and people will do what they will. The question is are you ready to do Gods WILL.This behavior leads straight to hell.The Lords Grace and Mercy period could come to a hault at any time, without notice. Anyone of us can be turned over to the world or cut off just as we were grafted in.Seek God while He may be found. He is loving and forgiving but do not test Him.
---jody on 7/17/07

Beloved, If you are living with a woman whom you have affections for, yes this is living in sin- the fact that you are asking the quetion shows that the Holy Spirit is at work in you by conviction. You must completly surrender your will to Christ, however it does not mean you are not saved, if just means that you are on the wrong road and your blessing are on the other road. God wants to bless you but first you must yeild in faith to his will.
---Marcia on 7/17/07

Yes, it is living in sin. And whether or not you are saved you probably aren't. God would punish.
---catherine on 7/17/07

I lived w/a man & repented as I knew it was wrong (stopped sleeping w/him. even if you aren't sleeping with him, the temptation is there and it looks bad to other people --see a comment further below and they are correct--) There are awful consequences. I had a son out of it (after I stopped--stopped just too late)and the father wasn't for me, didn't really love me because it wasn't ok with him that we stopped--even though he claimed to be a christian! Don't do it!
---mistysppl on 7/17/07

In Christian marriage, you are with all the others who are your Christian family, and you all have understanding together that you belong together, THEN, when you are ready and confirmed in this by the others, you get pronounced.

You do NOT just go off by yourselves and do it without the others knowing and approving, first . . . not if your relationship is a Christian family thing.
---Bill_bila5659 on 7/17/07

Everyone who is not guilty according to the words spoken by Jesus in Matthew 55:27 "Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery:" And5:28
"But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart." Please take your picture and put it on the wall. Because you are truly one of a kind!!
---Mima on 7/17/07

If they have separate bedrooms and no physical intimacy, like roommates who live together just to split the cost of rent or something similar, then it is not sin.
---Eloy on 7/17/07

It's too late, arnold, they have already constipated their marriage vows.
Fornication is sin. It surely is.
Salvation is in question, they wouldn't want to die that way. You better witness, arnold.
---Brad on 7/16/07

Yes. I am sorry to say, that I feel that individuals should wait to consumate their relationship after marriage. Are you saved? Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord of your life and that he died on the cross for your sins? Than you are saved. Not too late to ask for forgivness, get an efficiency and wait until marriage.
---patty on 7/16/07

When i was in my twenty's yes I lived with a man, and if I knew back than what I know today I would have not done that.I knew that is was a sin, but you really don't realize how HORRIBLE of a sin it is until you get into your fortys and learning so much about the word of God..Eddie just be patient.It will happen..Silva8589
---silva on 5/1/05

God's word is clear, this is sin. People lie and say living together is the best of both worlds. It's really the WORST of both worlds. The lie is you have security. The truth is there's no security, either one can leave. The lie is you'll be able to see if you want to marry. The truth is if things get hard, you'll bail out even if you could've settled things. Commitment = love. If there's no commitment, there's no love. Jesus loves us and He committed His life to us. He didn't say, "Well, hang me on the cross for just a moment to see if I'll like it." Sex outside marriage is sin.
---Dawn on 5/1/05

in 1 thessalonians it the bible clearly states abstain from all appearances of evil there is also a verse not sure where but in the NT that says not to be a stumbling block to others the reason i am reffering to this is because when you are living with one in which you are not married to people will think that you are sinning and if someone who is young in the Lord or even older see that they may think well it is okay for them then i can do it and they will stumble even though you amy not be sleeping to gether i dont know if you are or not it still gives a bad appearance
---aw5962 on 4/27/05

To the original poster: if you are truly in love, why not get married?
---Albert on 4/25/05

Some christians who accept the Lord; but do not renew their minds with the Word, fall into this type of confusion. A born again believer acquaintance(active in the church)
asked me "Do you think that God is pleased with me living with Joe?" I was so surprised that she actually didn't know. I gave her a few scriptures and looked her in the and told her,"I can safely say that He is not pleased" She stared for a moment until it sunk in then she says,"You know I had a feeling that He wasn't pleased" Search the Word and your heart.
---Eloisa on 4/24/05

Yes it is sin, the bible makes that clear. Unfortunately the devil is deceiving many young Christians into thinking that the world and its values have changed, therefore, if society generally thinks its O.K., then it IS O.K. Well it isn't. Society might change its values but God's values have not changed. What was sin when the bible was written is still sin. Sadly many people take comfort from deceiving themselves. If they say to themselves often enough that it isn't wrong then they feel O.K. about it.
---Paul_James on 4/24/05

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Since you became aware of the knowledge, yes it is wrong.
---Rebecca_D on 4/23/05

May a young woman live with a young man and not be married to each other be considered "living in sin", and not be saved? ---arnold on 4/23/05

Yes, absolutely it is a.... SIN (shacking up) in other's a sin & the Bible is clear on that very subject!!!!!!!!!!!!
---Jeff on 4/23/05

The Bible says that no fornicators will make it into the kingdom of heaven. If you are a believer, and know that premarital sex is wrong in God's eyes, but choose to do it anyways, it is like slapping him in the face. It is like saying, "Lord - I know you tell us not to do this, but I'm going to do it anyway." The best option, in this situation, is to get on your knees and ask God for forgiveness and do your very BEST to remove yourself from this situation. The Lord will bless your intimate life together SO much more if you honor him and wait!
---Ryan on 4/23/05

i consider d question above to be a sin and as christains we should not live under d lust of d flesh but jesus is ever willing to forgive us if we come to him with a genuine heart of repentance and we should fellow ship with other brethren to encourage you.
---mercy on 4/23/05

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I hope it is in order tolighten the discussion a bit. I am sure you did not mean exactly this James "they must not do anything married couple does together"

What, not go shopping, or for a walk in the countryside, or going to the theatre ???

But I think we know what you mean ... sex.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/23/05

If JESUS is beside you would u be comfortable at what are you doin? will you continue to do what you were doin?
---Richard on 4/23/05

it is living in sin!marriage is appointed from God, so we get God's blessing for it.yOu can still be saved.Christ died for our sins before we were saved.He wants you to be saved.If you live with your future spouse before marriage, it will not be the same after you get married.It is harder on woman that a man.Her unconcious mind will be desturbed and she will react emotionally to certain things in marriage.For men it is not as hard.It is good to wait until you are married.God is all mercyfull and will forgive any sin,if you already live in it, but why look for trouble.God bless.
---nigar on 4/23/05

a couple shouldn't stay together unless they are married read your Bible it will explain it to you....
---Debra on 4/23/05

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Living together is a sin according to scripture. You might be saved, having accepted Christ into your life, but that would be walking completely away from everything He has Done for you. Are you a new Christian? See I Corinthians 10:13. God always Makes a way of escape for us, from temptation.
---EJ on 4/23/05

Yes, I think you are living in sin. Moreover from I was I little girl that's what I did not want; and one is not to live with a man unless he marries me. That to me is using each other for whatever is missing in your lives. If you have high self esteem you will concider not to make such move. Self respect, self control, high self esteem are very important in order to get the good things in life.
Short in finance, can let two people live togather in sin. Ask yourself, how important are these things to you!!! Stand on your own two feet pray and ask God to send you the right partner.
---Vivienne on 4/23/05

When I first got saved we had a couple in our church who loved the Lord and served the Lord,and lived together, even though they said they were not intimate. I believed them, but they came under conviction from the Holy Spirit. They read in the Word that we should abstain from all apearance of sin. They decided not to live together anymore, which was the right thing to do. Although they no longer had a financial advantage by living together, they were an example to other young Christians.
---John on 4/23/05

The question that you should ask is sex outside marriage a sin. The Bible is very clear on this. Do you want to fall under God's judgement? If you do not, then stay clear from living together ourside marriage.
---Neil on 4/23/05

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Is there such a thing with God as a plutonic relationship? Consider two things, the spirit and the flesh. 'For this is the will of God, even your sanctification, that you should abstain from fornication (porn): That every one of you should know how to possess his vessel in sanctification and honor; not in the lust of concupiscence (amazement, bewitchment), even as the Gentiles which know not God.'I Thess. 4:3-5 It goes on further to say that we are not supposed to judge these things.
---gregg on 4/23/05

It is important for us to know as a christian that we are absolutely living a life that is different from that of ordinary man and that christ is the head of that life.It depends on what brougth them together and what they are doing together.We can not be wiser than God, if God rejects something, I we should also reject that same thing as his son.I believe according to God's word in book of corinthians that except they agree to marry, they must not do anything married couple does together, if they do,then they are living in sin and should be adviced to repent befor gething too late.
---james on 4/23/05

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