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Honest And Decent Men Around

What ever happened to one man and one woman, truly committed relationships ... honest, decent and faithful? Isn't that what God ordained? These days, it seems most people are looking for something "easy" and, not necessarily Godly.

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 ---Helen on 4/23/05
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The children of Israel were warned to abstain from marriages, idols and lifestyles of nations cast out from before them.
Christianity should have heeded the warning.
Dating is not the Spirit of God bringing the woman of God's choice to the man.
Be not conformed to this world but renewed by the transforming of your mind. Bring every thought to the captivity of Christ and be not a part of this present evil world.
Thank God for the few who still obey God's holy word.
---Frank on 12/1/07

Helen, my parents fit the godly description of marriage; though not all years were happy and trouble-free for their relationship. They were def. blessed by God though, since neither spent much time truly looking for God in the other's life! Many women have confessed to me that they never wanted to go thru counseling or sought advice on whom they married; and most are now divorced. Emotions were allowed to rule over God's wisdom.
---danie9374 on 11/30/07

I don't know what it is. Maybe they just want the fun and not the commitment. They just don't realize they are truly shorting themselves for what could be.
---kathy on 3/10/07

Karin I cannot tell why married men contact you. I am a widower, and I can tell you that married women contact me, and also men.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/24/06

Do not include all in the "most people" box..I seek Godly people..and that is the hard part..but why do married men contact me?? because I am a widow?( My "one man" is now with the Lord)..and I will continue to be Godly..believing in marriage until death do us part..that's why we need to choose our life partners so carefully.
---karin on 2/24/06

Thank you for your apology, Alan. It says alot about you. I just don't want anyone to think "badly" of me. I'm here for the same reason everyone else is ... to meet other people and hopefully learn something from them. Believe me, I am always ready to listen and learn.
---Helen on 5/2/05

Helen ... I am so sorry, and Sara you are right to chastise me. There is nothing in Helen's question to suggest she is in any way self-righteous.

I don't remember exactly what prompted me to say thst, but I think is was something in another blog, where someone was finding wrong in something very innocent.

But, you know there are honest decent & faithful men out here.. Trouble is you cannot take our word for it, because there are fakes
---Alan_of_U.K. on 5/2/05

i belive that we need to seek God for wisdom on everything we are going to do first, wether it is as small as going to the store or buying a car and above all getting married. god has a soulmate for each of us and the problem is we don't wait up on the lord, amen? and helen i agree that alan fromuk was out of line in his remark to you just pray for him dear. sara
---sara on 4/27/05

You asked a very good question. I think that there is an all out attack on the family unit. With no fault divorce, homosexuality, mid life crisis and the worlds obsession with sex, its had a major impact on the family Even the christain community hasnt been excaped this problem.
I believe that people of faith need to stand strong and work to change the laws to strenghten the family
---Randy_G on 4/25/05

Kathy's reply was correct,people short change themselve's when they seek only a good time outside of the will of God,the problem might be that we don't understand faithful unconditional love between a man and a woman.Anything less is not real love.
---RUSSELL on 4/24/05

With the exception of one reply, the majority of you seem to know exactly what I was referring to. And, it isn't just men who often forget their spiritual values when seeking a long-term relationship. Women can be just as guilty. I guess the "acceptance" of certain things in modern-day society is to blame for many of the changes in people's behavior. BUT, just for the record, Alan of U.K., I am neither self-righteous, nor do I spend my time looking for "evil" in others. Quite the contrary - I always look for something "GOOD" in everyone.
---Helen on 4/24/05

DoryLory, what you said is partial reason for divorce. There are other reasons like lack of compatibility. In a relationship we have spirituality, physical and psychological issues that are all very important to nurture.
---Albert on 4/24/05

If your was wondering about a righteous man and finding one. well looking at what soloman found with all his wisdom and searching of things good and bad he said he found one righteous man out of a thousand so with that do the math and hope you can find one and if you do hold fast.
---kirk on 4/23/05

Jesus said divorce happens because of selfishness. I've been a Christian for over 20 years and I've seen a definite change taking place in our western world culture. People are stressed to the max and greed and selfishness are rampant. Without the Lord, people are hardly able to deal with all of the stressful issues life throws at them, and rather than fight for what's right, or put forth the effort to work at a relationship, they want to give up. Many, many times they are beat-up, worn-out and plain old just don't have what it takes to make it happen anymore.
---DoryLory on 4/23/05

Do you really want an academic answer? It can't be done in 100 words, but there is a great deal of evidence to support tradition and too many options in prosperous societies. These factors are destroying this country just as it has others. Destroying the traditions of a nation is an age old method of destroying a nation and leaving their populace vulnerable to oppression. Judaism's and Christianity's survival has depended on their traditions, but as these have been compromised they have been weakened, particularly in this country. Christianity is strongest in third world nations.
---Frank_M. on 4/23/05

I can't even say that I am honest, decent and especially faithful, only in Christ do I have that ability to do what is expected of me, not of myself. If you are truly seeking God in your life, then as you seek a mate, you should seek a man that seeks the same God in his life as you. Then both can truly grow in the Lord to gether. Without that there is no relationship for commitment.
---Blue on 4/23/05

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Where do you live then?

I see lots of honest decent faithful men & women. Many more than there are who are looking for something "easy" by which I suppose yuo mean a bit on the side.

The self-righteous often look for evil in others, and are so busy looking for that , that hey do not see the good people.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/23/05

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