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Pope Received Standing Ovation

The new pope just received a standing ovation from the media. If Jesus was walking on this earth today, would He receive the same reception?

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 ---John on 4/23/05
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No! And we need some people in government who can listen and hear from God, too. Obama is going to make things much worse. This country cannot stand worse. If Jesus were here He would be murdered by wicked men in POWER....I may not have the last word, but God will. You just wait and SEE. Cowards....Hypocrites. yuk!
---catherine on 8/24/09

Some political leaders & other as such are even looking to a man leader. Seemingly people lose their faith in looking for Jesus. The pope getting a standing ovation is leading the way to the anti-christ. The pope is a type of the anti-christ that is take stage. Bible prophecy with the pope is Rev. 17 v's 4-6.
---Lawrence on 8/20/09

On the contrary!Every knee will bow down to the Lord when he returns!
Philippians 2:10
that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth,
Isaiah says:
22 "Turn to me and be saved,
all you ends of the earth, for I am God, and there is no other.23 By myself I have sworn,my mouth has uttered in all integrity a word that will not be revoked:
Before me every knee will bow,by me every tongue will swear

Romans 14:11
It is written: " 'As surely as I live,' says the Lord, 'every knee will bow before me, every tongue will confess to God.'
---paul on 2/4/09

** The New Orleans hurricane Katrina debacle is just a foretaste, a practice run of the New World Order.**

I thought you said you were leaving, frances008.

May I remind you it's a sin to break your promises.
---katavasia on 1/12/09

The New Orleans hurricane Katrina debacle is just a foretaste, a practice run of the New World Order. You won't be allowed to help yourself and your loved ones. They will control everything - using mind control on the masses. Did not Dictator Blair take over the BBC after the suspicious death of Dr David Kelly, and then did not they release the Food and Mouth virus from one of their labs (it was eventually found) having already got hundreds of thousands of sheep killed for no reason other than to show you that they can force you to do what they want. Were not many scientists especially microbiologists 'disappeared' in suspicious 'suicides' and 'accidents'? They already have started the genocide.
---frances008 on 1/11/09

Rhonda, God Bless you for coming down on the correct side of the fence. Death to the New World Order. Even if they are going to win it is our DUTY to fight against it. The only thing they fear is outspoken people who have courage to say the truth. With the passage of the coming Hate Crimes Bill in the USA, the only people saying the truth about sin, the preachers in the open air, are going to be forced into silence like in Canada. Free speech will be a thing of the past. Also as some people are now in jail in Europe for having written history books that are claimed to be 'anti-semitic' 20 years ago and more, they already will be able to round up people who have 'sinned' in the past.
---frances008 on 1/11/09

just this past week Henry Kissinger was practically giddy talking about the NEW WORLD ORDER

a new world order would be IMPOSSIBLE if their were not a religious system that backed this

pope is nothing more than a puppet for SYSTEMS a religious figure is needed to bring about a new world order

a new world order is NOT ABOUT PEACE it will bring about most terrifying acts of atrocities this world has ever seen ...Hitler and Mussolini will look like angels in comparison to horror that is just around the corner

all these things MUST pass for Christ to return as Lord of Lord and King of Kings ruling Gods Government on earth MATT 6:13
---Rhonda on 1/11/09

Yes Frances is correct

...illuminati are the power behind the destruction that will soon fall on the US and world ...a year ago I started blogging here ...already heard through friends about illuminati but Frances said many things that got me researching this

...over past year I have validated the horrors of this evil group

...the research on illuminati lead me to the Patriot Act ...and although it is not currently in force IT SOON WILL BE
---Rhonda on 1/11/09

...Patriot Act will bring slavery to US

...majority in US LIVE BY every word FROM the media ...unable to see lies incessantly and never-ending shoved down their throats everyday choosing lies now NUMB and BLIND to truth

...freedom DOES NOT EXIST IN US ANYMORE it is an illusion

martial law once enacted via Patriot Act will make NULL and VOID ALL freedoms in US

...just ask ANY minisiter/pastor/priest in ANY church in US how they are being trained to HELP law authorities and US military when martial law begins in US their body language because their mouths will be lying to you claiming they don't know what you are talking about

this is reality
---Rhonda on 1/11/09

...although I disagree stock piling food etc is useless to this powerful military machine that will use its own men who "serve and protect" to turn on its own here in US

pope received a standing ovation because many OUTSIDE have begun to EMBRACE this beast SYSTEM

pope once head of Holy Inquisition office that STILL exists today office prior to 1600 a killing machine slaughtering millions in "name" of Christ

extent of brainwashing on rcc is horrifying and more evident today's the KEY when martial law is enacted here in US because the brainwashed will willingly follow ...illuminati are the cement to Patriot Act Martial Law and a soon to be United Europe MERGED with Vatican City
---Rhonda on 1/11/09

I just heard one guy on youtube saying to buy powdered milk, cans, oats, rice. He says if you are able to grow stuff, now you should be buying seeds so that when you need them you can have them by you. We need to considered both long and short term survival at the same time. The Rothschilds are saying buy gold so that they can make money. You cannot eat gold, you cannot eat money. Soon all money will be worthless.
---frances008 on 1/8/09

Mima:The converstion in Gen3:15 is by God to satan:Your introduction of an 'IT' is false.God is not an 'IT'.Genesis 3:15 does not belong in this post.What ever is your object is best known to yourself.Gen3:15-"I will put enmity between thee and 'the woman',thy seed and Her seed.She shall crush thy head and you shall lie in wait For HER HEEL"DR version. so in actuality it is your attempt to denigrate the mother of God created by Him and this identifies YOU as part of 'thy seed'as stated in the prophecy.You may continue to do so which will,result in the fate created for those who disbelieve, as per the prophecy.
---Mic on 1/8/09

Wayne and Anne, some people on one blog, believe that I am a. crazy or b. part of the illuminati (!!!??). They ignore c. that I am well-informed and listen to God. I have had a prophetic vision. Christians will be hunted down, detained and probably tortured. I don't know when it is going to happen. Throughout human history true Christians have been and are hunted and to this day the Karin tribe in Burma are hunted. Now the illuminati are making the Israeli government do bad things, this is like Hitler with the Jews. It is to prepare for their destruction like Germany was destroyed. Neither Israel nor Palestine are guilty but the wolves in sheep's clothing pretending to be Christians. After the Muslims and Jews it will be us.
---frances008 on 1/8/09

As I see it, some of us will have no choice but to fight them from our home-bases. Others will be able to join the 'unorganized' militia (in the USA). Then (after the war) there will be in the final days people who will escape the microchipping (or tattooing) and will be homeless itinerant travellers who will forage for food and hope to be taken care of by kind citizens, in secret. We must learn now to give to the homeless. One day it may be us who are the homeless ones. Stop giving to churches which have apostacized. If they are not against the NWO and speaking out, then they are for it.
---frances008 on 1/8/09

Frances, thank you sister for your advice. I grew up in Iowa and know how to hunt and fish. Im sorry I ever came to California. I do agree with you on all of what you have said. I love the fact you know of the illuminati, alot of people call me crazy when I mention them, I am very happy to know a dear sister like you who know these things. But I did want your advice and I agree with it. May Yeshua bless you and your family and keep you safe dear one, and may we meet in that Paradise with you and all on this forum no matter if all of us agree or not. Thank you Frances, I hope to speak with you soon.
---wayne on 1/8/09

Wayne, thanks again. I believe that the illuminati are planning a world famine leading to riots and martial law.. In three days people die without water. Store water and food. I advise you to study the food sources of plants. Grow herbs for health. Think about fishing, hunting, buying land with woods and lake if possible. Getting an arsenal and training the family on weapons and self defense. Get onto youtube and subscribe to some good informationists. Get candles, oil, torches, batteries, fire extinguishers, tools, fire flints, matches, first aid. Warm clothes that dry quickly. Train yourself in every area from navigation using the sun and stars, to first aid including stitching up people. Prepare for dire emergencies of all kinds.
---frances008 on 1/8/09

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Anne, I am not here to exchange courtesies and small talk while the world goes down the drain. Time is very short. Yes, I too laughed out loud at some of what I read when I first got into seeking the truth, I don't mind telling you. Then I suddenly realized these people were serious and also truth tellers - we have been conditioned to only accept triviality as the currrency when it comes to communication. Anything serious is considered 'rude' 'hazardous' and 'undesirable'. Only things that tickle our ears is considered acceptable. Like the junk food they give us and we pay extortionate prices for it, when what weeds we have in our garden are more nutritious.
---frances008 on 1/8/09

Anne, there is a story that the German and English soldiers at the front lines of battle in WW2 stopped fighting on Christmas Eve, to have a game of football. I don't play ball with the enemy because this enemy is the Jesuits and equal to the devil. This is information war. This is a war without a front line, it is a hellish war, to quote one famous resister. These enemies are never off duty. They sit in wait for you to make a mistake, they track you by collecting information about your movements. They follow you around the globe. I am sorry to be so intense, but I don't think you could understand unless you were a former Catholic. They have there excellent info gathering techniques.
---frances008 on 1/8/09

I kinda doubt it. Nothing has changed since He was here, my friend. Infact it has gotten worse. Jesus made Himself of no reputation. God should always get ALL the glory and praise, or no name should even be mentioned. Strong feelings on this one, my friend.
---catherine on 1/8/09

Frances~ I get kind of a laugh out of when I read some of your 'New Year greetings.' But actually you make a lot of good points, and you're not blind to what's going on around you. There are a lot of intensely disturbing things going on in the world today, and you're right, it does not hurt to try and get prepared to some extent. My husband checks out some survival blogs, and yes I believe it is a good idea to stock up on extra food and supplies. It's a crazy world, and it doesn't hurt to try and prepare for 'who know what lies ahead' in the future.

I know God is ultimately in control, but He also gave us a brain to be able to know to make some common sense preparations for when the world does not look too stable.
---Anne on 1/8/09

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Genesis 3:15 ,"And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed, it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. "
The "it" in this verse refers to the Lord Jesus Christ the woman's seed and not to the woman. Are we adding words when we say," she will crush his head"?
In actuality this is just another attempt to glorify Mary Mother of baby Jesus.
---mima on 1/8/09

Frances, Im so happy to hear from you!!!!! How bad do you see things getting? I think it will be very bad, but I would love to have your honest opinion, and two heads are better then one ya know. I live in so california and jobs and everything else are horrible. So please, what do you think we should do? Thank you dear sister for all of your advice. Its so good to hear from you!
---wayne on 1/7/09

Hi, Wayne. I hope your holidays were blessed too. I also hope you are stocking up on food, fuel, etc. because when the shhh hits the fan, there is going to be a major emergency. I also hope you have a weapon for protecting yourself and your things.
---frances008 on 1/7/09

Dear Frances:- To your post I can only say inspite of all the craft evil,oily, slithering, attributes which is entertained by the DECEIVER is "and the Gates of hell shall NOT, REPEAT shall NOT prevail against it."God's truth will Triumph. Matt16:13-19.He cannot hide from the Divine Master. even if he were a needle in a hay stack!!Every minute that passes is nearer to the Time of the prophecy"She will crush His Head"
---Mic on 1/7/09

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MIC, the devil is very very sly. Where do you think he is hiding. In the atheist's camp? Richard Dawkins maybe, or Christopher Hichens. No, the Art of War tells us that they infiltrate and take over the leading position of the enemy. They take the colours from the general, or they make sure the general was always one of theirs from the beginning. The happy sheep, trustingly follow their general over the cliff (yes, the general is so brainwashed). Why did two popes in a row get poisoned (JP1) and shot (JP2)? It was to bring them to the 'correct' way of thinking. Then JP2 caught a modern 'disease' Parkinson's. It is called induced Parkinson's and effectively puts you out of the running.
---frances008 on 1/7/09

Frances:-How do you explain Deceived Catholics in relation to-'when they wake up they are in for a big shock,as they will see How deceived they were".Apparantly you have been there and returned to tell the TRUTH or is it Innuendo based on your philosophical theories from the far out far east, out field.Smoke and mirrors do not work Here only TRUTH.
---Mic on 1/7/09

Frances:-How do you explain Deceived Catholics in relation to-'when they wake up they are in for a big shock,as they will see How deceived they were".Apparantly you have been there and returned to tell the TRUTH or is it Innuendo based on your philosophical theories from the far out far east, out field.Smoke and mirrors do not work Here only TRUTH.
---Mic on 1/7/09

Hi Nicole!!!!!!!!!!! I miss speaking with you and hope your holidays were blessed and happy. And I wish to say hi to you also Frances!!!!!!!!! And wish the same for yoy
---wayne on 1/7/09

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The Pope is Pro- life- Pro Marriage for Man and woman-and Pro Jesus.
any ovation that goes to the Pope is for Jesus.

any Catholic that accepts the Lord Jesus as his personal savior, believes that Christ came in the flesh and died to save us from out sins is saved and will go to heaven.

anyone of you who says different is a hypocrite.
forgive me for learning- hearing the word of God - the gospel message in a Catholic church- getting baptized an getting saved..but there are many of us who are.

Some of you need to wake up too.
---paul on 1/7/09

Only from those who know him.
---char on 1/6/09

of course! Jesus is the reason we have a Pope.
---pau on 12/2/08

The Pope does remind me of the fact that Jesus is coming back to overthrow him and all his worldly alliances and the SMOM, red masses etc. All freemasonry will be destroyed in the twinkling of an eye and all those poor souls will be lost for eternity. I just hope that some of the deceived Catholics wake up because they are in for a big shock when they die and see how deceived they were. But I am sure their souls will be saved because they believed in Jesus Christ - some members did, anyway.
---frances008 on 9/1/08

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Which media are you speaking of and when?
The Catholic media, yes.
The Conservative Protestant media, yes.
Even Fox News, yes.

But, CNN, and 3 major networks, No!

They are mad that this Pope isn't any different than John Paul II.

In fact they think Benedict XVI is more conservative than JPII.

So, as for Jesus, He would get the same treatment. Those who are His own sheep would gave a standing ovation.

Those who hate Him, will curse Him.
---Nicole on 9/1/08

This is a hypo. question difficult to answer but I would hope that the answer could be yes! This would be my expectation if He suddenly appeared for a visit BUT when He comes next time the response will be mixed. The saints will welcome Him while the lost will quake in their boots and ask that the mountain bury them so they do not have to face Him. In summary: if He comes as your Saviour you will give Him a standing ovation, if He comes as your judge, you will dread His return.Your choice!
---Pierre on 9/1/08

you will all be glad to know that every service in our church and i suspect all our fellowship Jesus Christ gets a standing ovation!
as far as catholic leadership goes Jesus commanded in Matt 23:9
'Do not call anyone on earth your father, for One is your Father, He who is in heaven.'
but thats the least of their non biblical worries.
---kraus on 9/20/07

the pope who works for God in peoples eyes is the rep of God. When they stand up for the Pope, they are ultimately honoring him because of his leadership under Christ.
He speaks and stands up for God..and people respect that...that's why he is applauded.
People wish Christ was back and the Pope is a reminder that Christ is coming back soon.
---Lisa on 9/9/07

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No, the LORD Jesus (YAHUSHUA) would NOT have received the same response as the Pope did. And that is part of my point when I quoted a Scripture Verse on another blog that says in essence "Woe be unto you when all men speak well of you". When the world at large adores you then something is wrong, because the world's value system is against GOD. With GOD the majority does not win. "He who is friends with the world is an enemy of GOD." says the Bible.
---Gordon on 8/22/07

Jesus is walking on this earth today. He gets no recognition. He gets no thanks, He gets no appreciation, He gets no adoration, He gets His Ten Commandments thrown out the windows. His laws noone honours and obeys. He should be placed way up on a pedestal, Instead man has put Him down and man has placed man up there where only God should be. His people gets locked up, beaten up and killed. Yes, Jesus has risen from the dead and Jesus lives. In heaven and on this earth. Praise God.
---catherine on 8/4/07

It is not surprising that the pope would recieve the accolades of men. He recently said that there is no problem with the RC and evolution so I guess compromise is good even with the scriptures. Jesus will be recieved this time but if He came as man again the church would have Him crucified again.
---Andrea on 8/4/07

The bible tells us the heart is wicked and evil above all else. People do evil things. They crucified Christ and never even acknowledge Him as God but they worship the ground the Pope and preachers walk on. A disgrace and an abomination.
---Robyn on 8/4/07

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Helen::Don't you know he is not a papadue to his office but he is everybodys papa go to Italy & you will discover the greetings he gets Viva le papa.Oh Hellin, but you live down under,Right?
---Emcee on 8/4/07

"but very sadly Jesus has never really been applauded nor will He ever be.
---Helen_5378 on 8/21/06 "

Now that's one statement I can't let fly by me. I don't agree with that at all.

Romans 11:4
But what saith the answer of God unto him? I have reserved to myself seven thousand men, who have not bowed the knee to the image of Baal.
---Bob on 8/4/07

We remember Elijah and the prophets of Baal, also found in 1 Kings Chapter eighteen. Elijah thought he was all alone in his faith in God, but God said, no, I have 7,000 men who have not bowed their knees to Baal.

God has thousands that have not bowed their knees to Baal and thousands that bow their knee for Jesus Christ and thousands that applaud Him.

When you think you're the only one, remember Elijah.
---Bob on 8/4/07

Jesus is Lord of course. And the Pope confesses this as the Bible says!
Isaiah 45:23
That unto me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear.
Not stand...No! stand will not happen!
Romans 14:11
For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.
Philippians 2:10
That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth,
---Lisa on 8/4/07

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I've seen soloists, choirs, and even preachers given standing ovations in pop-evangelical churches.

Are you saying it's ok in this context?
---Jack on 8/4/07

I don't think He would want it or even hear it if it took place. He doesn't seek the praise of man. God inhabits the praises of HIS people.
---Linda_Smith on 8/4/07

IMHOJesus got many a standing ovation not in the way you expect but history proclaims that where ever he went Throngs followed him He had compassion on them & fed thousands On several occassions (at least3) the only thing missing was the MEDIA,so who did not read their Bible History.
---Emcee on 8/21/06

The Pope is not anyone's papa. Or is he?
---Helen_5378 on 8/21/06

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Jesus did not get a standing ovation when He was on earth -- they put Him on a Cross. Man will always applaud man, whether it be the pope or a footballer, but very sadly Jesus has never really been applauded nor will He ever be.
---Helen_5378 on 8/21/06

Amen Sam...well put...and absolutely...knees will bow and toungues confess that Jesus Christ is Lord Amen...
---jana on 8/21/06

Never feel ashamed of something that your not quilty of. I'm sorry if I came off as someone that is uncaring, it's just that I used to be catholic and I know that God loves all catholics, but it's all the formalities, vain reps, prayers to Mary and the saints, physical idols, etc. that take glory away from the Father and his son Jesus.
I'm sorry that you don't get this yet, but I pray you will. Yes I love catholics too, and God bless you.
---Paul on 4/29/05

Sadly Albert, there are those who revile the RCC, and will not accept that it is a Christian Church.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/29/05

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Paul, and if Judi sounds like a Catholic, is she supposed to feel ashamed?
---Albert on 4/29/05

Judi,The Apostle Paul did not have a pope in mind. You sound catholic.
---Paul on 4/28/05

The popes not my papa.
---Peter on 4/28/05

The reason the Pope received a standing ovation is because he represents all that Catholic Christians know and love, most especially Holy Eucharist, which is Christ Himself, with us, as close to us as our daily food and drink. The crowds gave him honor for taking up his cross and following Jesus in a very difficult role. Honor must never be confused with lust for power and the praise of men, as many people sometimes confuse it to be. "Pope" simply means "papa," a term of endearment taken from Paul the Apostle's name for himself as Timothy's "Father in faith."
---Judi on 4/28/05

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If it was like Jesus was on this earth, I presume, than I don't think He would receive the same reception as the pope. If it was in His glorified state, than He would, of course.
---Jay on 4/27/05

When Jesus comes again, forget the standing ovations,every knee will bend and every tongue will confess.
When the King comes back to take his position EVERYONE will fall flat on their faces.
---sam on 4/27/05

I believe the media is a good indicator of the world view, most of the time. No, I don't think He would be accepted by most of the media.
---Terry on 4/26/05

Albert. I don't believe Jesus would receive a standing Ovation today. Just as the masses of religious people of His day screamed "Crucify Him!" Human nature has not changed. Even the religious people wanted their religion, their idea of a jesus...but not the LORD JESUS CHRIST. He goes against the nature of the masses. Even when he comes again and people see Him...they will not welcome him....according to prophecy.
---Eloia on 4/25/05

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I don't know about the standing ovation, but I do know that when Jesus returns..."every knee shall bow"...and "every tounge will confess", that JESUS IS LORD, rather they want to or not won't even be an issue. Isa. 45:23
---Barbara on 4/24/05

I don't think Jesus would receive the standing O.
---Russ on 4/24/05

I wonder if Jesus didn't reveal who He was, would still receive a recption. I think that the faux christians would be revealed. I believe there are a lot of these so called christians around, way more than we could imagine. The road is narrow.
---Peter on 4/24/05

I believe there would not be an ovation, too common. I think that the saved would be in awe and just bow their heads and murmer 'holy, holy, holy.' Disbelievers would doubt at first I think, then try to hide from the One they rejected, they would know their fate is sealed.
---NV_Barbara on 4/24/05

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Since there are millions of Christian around the world, Jesus would definitely receive a standing ovation, why not?
---Albert on 4/24/05

I don't think that Jesus would be received by the media very well. The media kind of goes with the flow and Jesus was not a man pleaser.
---Francis on 4/23/05

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